The summer air was warm as Sapphire was out walking in the city just to shop around since she was off duty for the day. It was relaxing to her as she looked through some of the stores but buying anything. A sigh escaped her lips as she continued to walk around enjoying the summer weather. The phoenix continued walking as she glanced up at the sky as it was starting to darken, “Oh I hope it doesn’t storm, its been suck a nice day.” She said to herself as she continued to walk.  Before she knew it, rain started to pour. Sapphire watched people run to seek shelter as she sighed and looked at the sky and let the rain pour.

The phoenix soon went to take cover, only to trip over something and fell onto the ground, “Ouch.” She said as she got up and went to a store that looked empty of people. She tilted her head as she looked through the isles as her wounds started to heal up on their own and her clothes slowly starting to dry from her heat of her powers. The store was full of books and other things for animals. “Why haven’t I seen this store before?” She mumbled as she looked at the horses’ section and smiled as she glided her fingers over the edges of the books and looked at some of the things for horses. Not noticing, Sapphire bumped into someone. She quickly looked at him and blushed as she started talk. “I-I am so sorry I should have watched where I was going.” She siad as she rubbed the back of her neck nervously.

Her blue eyes looked at the man as she smiled. “I-I am Sapphire Rizzoli.” She said softly as she held out her hand.  Waiting for the man to shake her hand, Sapphire continued look at him as she took in the details of his face. The phoenix normally took in details of every person she met since she had an eye in her art of video game designing.

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Over the last few weeks, the ranch hands had given Eli a list of items that the horses needed. New Feed buckets, Bits, Bridles, Tacks, Reins, Saddles, Saddle Pads, Stirrups. Eli also knew he needed to get some more Leg wraps for the horses, and well as stock up on the Grooming supplies. Eli had placed the order a few days ago and had gotten the call 20 minutes prior to telling him his order was ready to be picked up. When it came to his horses Eli never cheaped out he always got the very best and made sure they were well stocked in case there came a time where he may not have the funding to pick up a shipment.

Eli was the kind of man who insisted on supporting Local shops he wanted to make sure that the money he spent went into places he knew and trusted. Eli walked outside to where his large Black Dodge Ram was parked moving to the rear he hooked up the trailer before getting in and turning on the ignition. Driving into the city where the shop was parking the truck and getting out he looked up at the sky it looked like a storm was rolling in. Hopefully, he would be able to load the supplies into the hardtop trailer and get home before it hit.

Hurrying into the store Elias walked back and forth until the trailer was fully loaded, he stopped to talk to the shop owner for a few moments. A few horse books caught his eye as he was about to walk out figuring it would be some great material to leave in the guest houses. The Celestial had loaded up his arms with a few books when someone bumped into him. “It is alright.” the male commented to her apology. As she held out her hand he shook it firmly “Elias Braelynd” He offered his name to her. He noted the books she had been looking at “Interest in Horses?” He smiled.

Sapphire smiled as he shook her hand. "Yes I am, I have a friend who is helping me get a couple of horses." She said as she smiled softly. Noticing the books in his arms as a few were on the floor, Sapphire smiled and bend down to pick them up. "I am guessing you are interested in horses too?" She asked as she handed him the books.  "I have always been interested in horses when I lived in Italy. I used to ride on the beach with them when I was younger." She said as she glanced at him. Taking in the details from the color of his hair to what he was wearing. A loud clap of thunder could be heard causing Sapphire to jump a little. "Wow its really pouring down out there?" She said as she looked behind him at the window. 

The phoenix turned her attention back to the man in front of her. "So what bring you here at this little shop? Besides getting books on horses." She said as she smiled at him. Her blue eyes looked at him as she smiled. Sapphire turned her head to look at the books as she waited on an answer, picking up books about certain breeds like the Friesan and the normal thoroughbred. Sapphire didnt know what breed of horses she would want but she wanted to get research on all of them since she was going to help around Tia's farm since her horses would be staying there. She even grabbed some books about medicine for horses so she could be knowing of what to give horses for certain conditions.

“Yes I own a horse Ranch.” Elias chuckled “I buy these types of books for guests.” He watched as she jumped a bit from the thunder “Take it you are not a fan of thunder and lightning?” Elias felt at ease when it rained, he felt closer to the sky somehow. “It sure is, I don’t mind it though, Rain can be rather calming.” The male reached over plucking a few more books off of the shelf beside her adding them to the collection in his hands, stepping around her he kept his body language open so she didn’t think he was trying to ignore her.

“I buy my supplies here for my horses, it is the best shop for miles in my very biased opinion.” He joked. “If you ever want to come by and check out some of the horses I have on hand I am sure that you may be able to figure out which breed of horse suits you. I have a few horses, and well I know several horse breeders, I could likely offer some insight if need be. As she picked up a book about medicine for the horse “There is a great book here somewhere on some natural remedies for horses I use most if not all of them with mine” Elias began to look through the shelves his fingers roaming over the backs of them until he found the one he was looking for. “AH HA!” He said and pulled it out handing it over to her.

“Any other information on horses and medicine I could give you the number for an amazing Veterinary Technician  here in town.” Looking down at his now rather large stack of books he headed towards the clerk, laying down the books for the man to tally up his total. “How is your wife?” He asked the man behind the counter, Eli came here often enough that he knew the couple rather well.

Sapphire looked at him and smiled. "Really? That is cool." She said as she then blushed and nodded. "Yea I am not a big fan of thunder and Lightning." She said as she giggled and looked at him as she glanced back outside as she then watched him pick up some more books. Sapphire looked at him as he spoke as she nodded. "Well I now know where I will be getting some supplies when I get my horses." She said with a giggle. When Elias talked about coming to his ranch, Sapphire smiled and looked at him. "Really? You wouldnt mind if I came to look at the horses? Well it would be easier to find out what horses will be suited for me. Is it ok if I come to the ranch today?" She said with a smile as she grabbed a few more books before following him to the front. 

"That would be nice.Thank you." She said as he told her that he could give her a number for a vet Tech. She smiled as she held her books in her hands while Elias and the man talked about life as Sapphire smiled alittle as she could tell that Eli was a normal customer here. The phoenix hoped that she could be like this when she continues to come and get supplies. Waiting on Eli, Sapphire looked outside as she watched the rain. 'Wow I wonder when its going to lighten up?' she thought to herself as she then looked at the man and Eli talk, waiting for her turn.

After a few more minutes of talking Elias stepped aside to let the smaller woman purchase her items. “As for minding, not at all people come by all the time. The horses are quite used to it.” He chuckled. “Always happy to help a fellow Horse lover.” Which was true, though if Elias knew what she did he may have rethought the invitation; due to his history with the guards. “If you can handle the thunder a while longer, I’m headed to the ranch now, you can catch a ride with me if you like. Or follow along in your own vehicle.” He looked at his watch just to remind himself of the current time, nodding to himself.

“I imagine the rain will let up in under an hour or so, call it a hunch.” Elias spent most of his time outside and he had gotten fairly good at reading the clouds and knowing what they may or may not do. Walking towards the front door he stopped to look back at Sapphire, and the man behind the counter. “See you soon.” He waved and stepped out into the rain making his way over to his truck opening the back door placing the bag on the backseat. Shutting the door he opened the driver's side and climbed in, shaking his head to flick his hair out of his face. Turning on the truck he looked at the shop waiting to see what Sapphire would do.

Sapphire smiled, " I would love a ride. Man I wished I brought my car though." She said with a smile as she went to pay for her things in her hands.  Once she finished, Sapphire looked out at the rain as she sighed and made her way to to his truck quickly as she smiled. Climbing in with her bag, Sapphire looked at him and smiled softly as she placed her bag between her legs in the floor of the truck and buckled up. "Thanks again for the ride." She said as she brushed her hair back alittle out of her face. The phoenix smiled alittle as she used some of her heating abilities to dry her clothes and to warm herself up from the rain. 

"So what got you into owning a ranch?" She asked as the truck moved forward. Sapphire was curious about ranch owners let alone being curious in general. "Was it a family thing or just loved being out with horses?" She asked as she smiled alittle as she looked at him only to glance out the window a few times as the rain poured down on the truck as he drove. 

“Not a problem.” Eli reached over and turned on the heat turning it up to a comfortable level, backing out of the store carefully he began to drive towards his home. “Comfortable?” He asked wanting to be sure she was warm enough. “I can’t help but help people it’s what I do.” He teased as they drove along the rain-soaked roads. “Oh goodness, what got me into Ranching.” 

Elias thought about it for a while, what had driven him to buy the ranch. “Well, I have always worked with horses, making the shoes they wear, grooming them, they are such majestic creatures and smart. I’ve always felt safest when around horses, they also help others. Kids with special needs, people who have been through traumatic experiences…” he paused. After everything Eli had been through in life and then the Isle he needed help and his own horse had helped him, maybe that was why he bought the ranch; he had wanted to help others the way he had been helped.

“What about you little lady? What got you interested in wanting to get a horse?” He smiled. Turning down the street that his Ranch was on. “Have you always wanted a horse? Or just been watching some TV shows with them in it? Owning a Horse is not as easy as some people think.”

Sapphire nodded as she smiled when he started to talk about what got him into ranching. The phoenix felt her heart swell as she smiled as he talked about how ranching helped him and with others. When he asked about her she then chuckled alittle. "Hmm what made me want a horse? Well when I lived in Italy, I had a few horses growing up and i would ride them on the beaches of Italy and along the  valleys near my house. Plus I have always loved horses my whole life and I had also let some kids around Italy come and ride some times when I lived there. Horses kinda remind me of home so that's why i want a few horses." She said as she glanced at him before looking at the rode that they were driving down. 

The phoenix looked out the window as they grew closer to the ranch. She smiled alittle as she could see the fields as she knew the horses wouldn't be out in the rain.

“A reminder of home is never a bad thing.” He grinned happily Elias loved where he had fallen and it wasn’t until recently that he realized how much he had missed what he once called home. Now Evermore was home and his heart belonged here. He was glad that she wasn’t getting into it for the sake of a flighty passing, that she was genuinely interested. “You seemed devoted to this choice which is a good thing.” When he parked the truck and climbed out her rounded around to her side to open the door for her. “You can head into the barn it’s dry in there.” He pointed in the direction of the main barn.

Gathering his box of things Eli followed behind her into the barn he shook his head his red hair sticking to his skin as he opened the door to his office setting the box down on the large messy desk. Elias was more occupied with tending his horses then keeping his paperwork clean and tidy.

“Alright let’s go meet my babies.” He chuckled as he shut the door behind him heading over to the many stalls. “Here we have Belladonna” He smiled and reached in patting the pure white horse “She mostly prefers being called Bells.” He chuckled “Dont’cha girl?” He asked her with a bright smile.

“Over there is Spartan, Thunder, Spirit, Clover and the newest guy Randy Boy better known as Rando” He chuckled “They each have their own personalities.” Elias’ features lit up as he introduced her to his babies. “If it wasn’t raining I’d be letting them out into the yard for their daily run. Isn’t that right Bells” Elias and Bells had a very deep bond she nuzzled herself against Eli.

“Feel free to visit them all, they are quite friendly, they work with special needs children and sense who is friend or foe.” Little did Eli know the woman he had invited into his home was a guard, she seemed very much so like a friend but if he knew her job he would surely react differently.

Sapphire smiled softly as she got out of the truck when he parked. Once she was in the barn, she noticed his messy desk as she chuckled. When he came in from the rain, Sapphire looked at him as he showed his horses to her. The Phoenix smiled as she lifted her hand to Bells nose so she didnt startle her since that is one thing Sapphire knew that she wanted the horse to know she isn't a threat to any of them. Once she felt calm enough, Sapphrie gently stroked her nose with a smile. "What a beautiful girl you are." She said to Bells. Sapphire continued to visit the horses as she listened to him. "I have met a few special needs children a few times, they are big sweet hearts." She says as she smiled more as she let every horse know she was a friend and also gently rubbed their noses as she enjoyed being around the horses.

“Horses also know who is friend or foe, they know who they need to be extra gentle with, and they are magnificent creatures they really are. Smart, gentle, yet strong.” Elias walked back over to Bells who was nipping at his arm to pull him closer causing the man to chuckle. “Daddy’s girl aren’t you.” He said and rubbed her down. “The storm will pass soon.” He whispered to her. “What line of work are in you in, if you don’t mind me asking.” Elias turned his attention back to the woman he had brought into his home. That was the type of person he was, kind loving and always willing to lend a hand no questions a head of time. “Raising a horse is far from cheap that is for sure.” He chuckled as he looked around the barn had some new and old parts, but most if not all of the work was done by Elias himself.

Sapphire listened to him as she smiled. "Yea I agree on that part." She said as she smiled and looked at him as she smiled. Th phoenix giggled softly as she noticed Bells wanting Elias's attention. Sapphire's eyes glanced over by the doors and noticed the rain continued to pour as she smiled, listening to Elias talk to Bells. When he asked her a question she smiled. "Well I am in the video game business, I own my father's company after he passed." she said as she smiled at him. "I also am a private bodyguard." She said softly as she looked at the horses before looking back at Elias to see his reaction as she didnt want to make him angry or upset with her. Sapphire only wanted to make friends with everyone she meets, including the guards enemies since she didnt see them as a threat as she was already starting to fall for a certain Celestial. Sapphire looked at him and nodded. "I understand, so thats why I have been saving up some of my money to buy at least two horses and keep them at my friend's barn." She said softly.

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