Edward looked down at the paperwork as he jotted down any particular differences between the several murders that happen throughout the day as one took particular interest to him as he took s note down as he read the type of death the victim as he read it as matched a death that himself and Damien had been investigating as he took a photo with his phone. before  rising to his feet he walked towards  his coat hanger  picking up his  jacket before  heading out the back door  into the cold wet night 

The rain was heavy like the raining seasons in Malta it felt good against his skin as he made his way down the path from the manor as he walked onto the street it was quiet than normal must of the been the rain as he pulled his collar up he made his way towards the Police Department as he looked around the street as he made his way towards the big building with officers walking in and out of the precinct as he made his way up the steps the water splashed against the wall he was close to as he slides through the doors.

Edward made his way towards the officer’s steps only as he looked and nodded towards an officer that recognised him from   past crime scenes  as he looked  at the walls  it directed him  towards the CSI Labs as  the rooms were colder and more sterile as he looked around

As he moved towards the  door that says computer room he raised his hand knocking on the door  before stepping inside “ Hello I was told to look for  you  im here to take you to a crime scene “
 Edward looked around the room as  documents  flickered in front of his eyes as he ran his hands over   the paperwork  waiting for a response  he stopped as he looked up “ hello 

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KG was occupied in the lab. Striding to and fro throughout the large sanitary space. In the spinner was a vial processing to separate the plasma from he white blood cells. It was the blood of a nephilim creature. Eri's form was slightly vibrating in excitement. It was such a poetic view that they were gifted with. The recent case involved two nephilim and a valkyr. The valkyr in question was currently in custody refusing to speak. One nephilim fled the scene gravely injured, and the last- well- Eri leaned forward as the spinner came to a stop. Looking at the beautifully separated blood- that's who was left behind. "Christmas red and white- it all makes sense. White snow and blood of Christ. Blood snow is red, but when separated- looks like you," KG pulled the glass tube from the machine and pranced back to their desk. Sitting down, they worked on the labels for the tubes as required for coding, processing, and storage. But before putting it away, KG used a small glass dropper to pull some of the plasma from the tube and then resealed it.

Looking at it beneath the scope, KG tucked their hands between their thighs and observed the cells scurrying around. "But a matter of time til your untimely demise. Cease separation and become still as photograph. Pulling away from the specimen, the young scientist spun 180 degrees in their spinning chair and started typing notes on their computer. Their eyes glancing from photo to photo for references and pure infatuation. The white colored wings of the nephilim were placed perfectly center of a sacrificial circle. The crimson blood stained the elegant feathers, and it gave Eri a chill down the left side of their neck. The wings had been cut fresh from a living body given the ragged cutting along the base of the wings. Had the body been dead, the cut could have produced much sleeker. And the blood cells would have been 1/10th their normal speed of a living body, or completely still all together.

"O pain and sorrow. Mournful are those of loss. Flightless soul still takes flight. Doth underworld chains sully your heavenly name? Buried deep in hells frozen grasp. Or did heaven's gate open to you? Flutter and arise to the gods from wence you were born."

Eri's fingers halted their motions over the computer keys when the lab door opened, allowing outside light to seep in. Turning towards the man standing in the doorway, Eri sighed. They'd all but forgotten about his particular case. It as presented poorly and fled Eri's interest. Though an uninterested mind does not free one from occupational obligations. "Okay, yeah, sure." Eri stood and pulled on their jacket. Following up, they draped their lanyard around their neck and put their phone and specimen slides in their pant pockets.

Eri walked past the gentlemen and waved at Stella who was busy pretending to talk on the phone just so she could stare from her desk without being completely obvious. It was still obvious to Eri however. Pausing outdoors, Eri leaned their head back and inhaled. They may need to pursue a well deserved vacation. A few days off from their 6 days a week, averaging easily 70 or more hours of work. Binging personal interest through the disguise of work is what has assisted Eri in becoming highly requested for cases. Turning around to look at the man named Edward that was sent as their chauffer and 'partner,' KG grinned. "Lead the way devourer of blood."

Edward raised an eyebrow as he followed the tongue man through the precinct the looks from some of the officers didn’t bother him as such but no doubt his encounter with law enforcement was most likely mentioned as he was found with a body at his feet but it was clear he had no involvement with the killing and was cleared as they passed the main door before heading to the precinct parking lot  “ this way “ he tapped the kid’s shoulder as he walked out of the main doors into the night rain as he looked down the steps he noticed a shiny black Mercedes as he thought to himself this must be one of these magnificent steeds he overheard another guard mention.

Edward made his way to the vehicle as he noticed a plastic wallet with a key and a note saying “ you forgot your horse “ he chuckled as he knew exactly who sent him the note and the car as he took the key out he pressed the thob and the orange lights blinked to say the car was unlocked as he walked around to the boot he opened it up revealing several silver cases and a package for his self he turned to his guest “I presume that is the kit you require “ he walked to the driver’s door opening it as he got in swiftly closing the door before opening the package a  standard Glock handgun in a holster fell on his lap and an address which he knew of already as he had been there earlier.

Edwar placed the key in the ignition as he turned to bring the vehicle to life as he waited for his passenger to get in before he set off down the street “ Im Richard and as far as im aware you have the information on why I have picked you up tonight I am here to maintain your safety while there do you have any questions “ he took a sharp turn right as he continued to travel the route he was instructed “I have  3 things  1. if I tell you to silence your tongue you do it  2. If I tell you to get down do it and 3 at some point we are getting drive through if you don’t follow the first two I have a lot of scribing todo “ he slowed the car down as they arrived at an abandoned warehouse “ there is a body inside I found it earlier tonight you are needed to do your thing “  Edward quickly got out of the driver’s side looking around the environment as he placed the gun holster on his belt before covering it with his jacket.


Eri followed closely behind Edward. Their hands tucked away in their pockets and their breathing steady. Their eyes observed the man walk around the black Mercedes and KG cleared their throat while waiting.  Looking over the kits, KG nodded their head and got into the car. It would probably be in their best interest to purchase a vehicle. It was convenient and refreshing to walk or to have the luxury to just pay for a car ride. But during times like these, Eri sometimes preferred to drive to the scene alone. They’ve done so before whenever they were without a partner. They’d use a work car to get to and from.

Biting on their right thumbnail, Eri listened to what the man had to say. They smirked and chuckled faintly. “Yeah.” It wasn’t the first time someone has barked orders at them. Nor would it be the last. The first rule was easy. Eri doesn’t normally talk during work anyway unless it’s work related or Stella. This man seemed to be under the impression that it would be a hostile situation. But he also seemed to think of Eri as being helpless. Contrary to their appearance, they were anything but helpless.

Once they finally arrived, Eri nodded and got out of the passenger seat. They shut the car door behind them and pulled on a pair of gloves. From what Eri was briefed on, it was a single female body, recently used but run-down drug house, and some shots fired but there were no bullet wounds on the woman. They were never shown any images as there weren’t any to show at the time of the call. They assumed it would interest KG the most, but KG didn’t understand how a drugged-out woman was up their ally to “stomach.” At least not until they stepped inside.

Looking down at the body, KG’s mouth curved into a smile. She was like a disassembled puzzle, but they couldn’t say that out loud for others to hear. This was getting interesting. They first pulled out their camera and started snapping a multitude of photos of the crime scene. The outside was worn down, but it appeared as though it was just a cover up for those passing by to not think twice about the facility being in use. The inside however, was very clean, sterile, and very little blood to be found with the naked eyes. It was contained beneath the body which rested on a sheet of plastic. They left her here to be found. As a warning, as bait…?

Kneeling next to the body bits, Eri took notice of how each cut came after the joint like an amputation. They started following the cuts with their right index finger: the neck, base of the shoulders, below the elbow, below the wrist, below the knees, and below the ankles. There was a deep cut at the base of the stomach, but it didn’t separate the upper and lower body. “Why not finish the cut here?” Leaning closer, Eri started prying slightly through the cut. Feeling the soft tissue, the layer of fat, muscle- “Wait…” fishing around a bit more, Eri stood and took a step back. “Her uterus is gone…” this wasn’t a normal killing. Not only by the clean cuts, but even the clean removal of the uterus takes knowledge, practice, and patience. They kneeled down again and reached back inside. It was almost as if they scraped excess away to make the inside smooth but then Eri felt something almost cardboard. Pulling it out, it was an envelope wrapped tightly in plastic with something stiff inside. Instead of opening it now, Eri put it in an examination bag and sealed it.

A ghostly whisper caught Eri’s attention. They shook their head and blinked slowly. The psychic realm is so broad that there’s no telling how much one can achieve, but Eri had already gotten the hang of numerous abilities. Unfortunately, by mistake, entering the medium category was something they’d come to master. Normally they block that ability but by being so fascinated by the puzzle before them, they’d let their psychic blocks down. The whisper continued but it was saying nothing concrete. Instead, it started fading away by distance. “Stay here,” Eri pointed to Edward. Curious, Eri followed the noise to a steel door with a thick glass window. It was frosted and they knitted their brows together. The whispers got louder and louder but disappeared when Eri opened the refrigerator door. They stepped inside to see the side walls were lined with large 4x4 metal drawer doors. The back wall had a desk, chair, science equipment such as a microscope, and the wall above it was a corkboard with photos pinned to it. The center of the room had a metal table and a body bag that seemed to have a body in it.

The lights flickered as Eri drew closer to the bag. The hairs on the back of their neck no standing, and chills coursing down their forearms. Their fingers gripped the zipper and as they unzipped it, the lights flickered more. Once the face was revealed of another woman, the lights shut off the door slammed shut. I fucking hate paranormal journeys. A small yellow light lit behind them and Eri turned around to see two men bantering back and forth.

Man 1: I told you she’s not the right specimen!

Man 2: She’s the best we could find. We can’t get higher quality right now with investigators on our asses! Why don’t you get that, Rob? You’re obsessed! You either try again with the diviner we captured or not at all.

Both men were wearing white lab cloaks and glasses. The darkness obscuring Eri’s view of their faces. The second man phased right through Eri and disappeared. Eri watched them walk off and then turned to the doors that busted open with two more men entering, dragging a red-haired lass between them. She was screaming as they handled her roughly and threw her down onto the table. Eri watched in a state void of emotion or thought. The men were shouting and the light over the table became a bright spotlight, and everything surrounding was pitch black. The room started getting colder and Eri breathed out a frosted breath. Their eyes locked with the woman’s and she scowled with wide eyes, almost crazed in expression.

“Who are you?! What do you want with me?! What do you want?!” The woman shouted at Eri and they stood frozen with their heartbeat speeding up. A large figure stepped trough Eri, giving them a wave of chills. The woman’s gaze followed the large figure holding a scalpel and they started carving into her uterus. Eri held their breath as they watched the blood seep from the wound. The woman’s back arches as her soul shattering screams filled the room. For the first time in a long time, Eri felt a twinge in their being. Suddenly the room went completely dark and the lights flickered back on. Looking around the empty room, Eri realized the vision ended. Turning back to the table, the woman’s eyes opened. She sat up and grabbed Eri’s throat with her icy hands and screamed “I hate you!” Eri stumbled back until their back hit the metal drawers. They screamed and fell onto the floor covering their ears. They gasped as the vision truly ended and the body was still lying on the metal table dead and close eyed. “Fuck…” Eri leaned their head back and closed their eyes to catch their breath. This is why they prefer to avoid using psychic abilities during a case.

Edward nodded as he respected his counterparts choice as he nodded moving to a room he had not cleared earlier as he moved silently into the room it looked lived in but he wasn’t sure who as he moved over to a desk as he ran his fingers over the papers and receipts spewed across the table as he looked at the receipt he noted there were two of everything and uncertain if the body was one of them as he placed the receipt down his hearing picked what sounded to him was a  struggle.

Edward  moved   using his  enhanced speed  arriving  in the room  before where he heard  the disturbance as much as he wanted to use his abilities training he knew he couldn’t reveal himself    unnecessarily  as he reached for the holstered guns at his belt he lowered it into a ready position  as  he entered  the  kid Eri “ you alright   what happened “ he quickly  cleared the two other doorways before replacing his  the gun in its holder  his mind   stating “I would have preferred my axe or broadsword right now “ he walked  back to eri “ are we alright or do we need  paramedic “ he dusted  Eri  as he walked back to the chair he witnessed  as he came in “  there’s a few tents and files  in the back room you may need them “

Edward mind went back to the pray he would use after every  instant he had to draw a weapon “ I walk through the valley of death i  fear no evil”” from now on we stay in the same room” he  pilled out a receipt” there is two of everything “ he placed it on a metal table as  he sat watching the room

KG was in a state of physical shock as the chills slowly subsided. Looking up to Edward, they seemed aggravated. Looking away with a sigh, Eri laned forward with their arms over their knees. “There’s no immediate danger. Just shitty visions. But there will be danger if we linger much longer.” They stood and zipped back up the bag. Now they were rudely aware of the supernatural thickness surrounding this place and couldn’t turn it off. Tapping into their power, Eri calmed themselves enough to coexist with the disintegrated vail. There were shadows lurking about and wandering the premises. Whenever one got too close, the hairs on Eri’s body would start standing.

KG nodded at Edward and made their way to the back room they had yet to investigate. Shaking their head as shadows followed and reached out towards them, Eri finally entered the room. It seemed to be an office space, but more minimalistic and organized. Fingering through the files, Eri decided to pack them away for later decoding. Just as they were putting them away, they heard mumbled deep voices coming from out back. “Fuck,” they whispered. It was clear to assume they were going to make their way inside, but the entire building had yet to be cleared. So which entry the men would take, Eri couldn’t accurately guess. Closing their eyes, Eri entered a brief state of meditation and watched two men approach from a side door to their right and head directly for the room Eri was in. There was a single man with a tied down woman with a bag over her head getting out of a vehicle and coming in from the front door. “35 seconds,” Eri whispered as they opened their eyes. They rushed out of the room to find Edward.

“We need to find a back exit or an easy to pry window. 3 men, 1 female hostage, 20 seconds, front and side entry. Let’s move.” Eri decided to move towards the back of the building. Worst case, they could use their ability to hide efficiently and move around the group. But Eri preferred to rely on a support system of their critical thinking. Visions always left room for error depending on the actions they themselves took. KG found a small room and led Edward into it just as the side door opened and the voices grew in volume.

Edward  hid with  Eri as the voices walked past as he  moved to the edge of the room  as he looked at the  route they were taking as he slides his hand  into his pocket  feeling his baton  and loose coins  taking both out before turning to Eri “ when I say go you understand or get to the car and call for PD support  understood “ he turned his head as  he flicked open the baton it weighed as much as a sword but less the deadly aa he swapped hands with the coins he  threw a coin at the  air vent leading it into the other room  he watched as they followed the noise “ go-go “Edward grabbed Eri by his arm as he quickly moved into  the room behind

Edward reached into his pocket as he handed over his car keys “  get to the car ill lead them the secondary route I will meet you at the car he stopped as his mind went to the hostage as he sighed  “ look kid my creed I can’t leave someone helpless you can either head to the car or help me it is up to you “  Edwardbegan making his way back towards the office carefully watching the side halls stopping just outside the room noticing one of the men had returned. 

Edward watched  as the guy paced back and forth  as Edward watched his motions as he took a deep breath as he followed  in after the guard’s 3rd rotation quickly smacking  the of the guard’s legs then striking his stomach   the guard landed   groaning as he rolled about  growing  quickly  Edward scanned the room  making sure no one else was coming 

Eri leaned against the wall nearest them and sighed softly. It was credible that this was indeed an interesting case. However, the circumstances as to how the case was handled thus far was questionable. They were in the process of depicting the quickest and most secure route for escape. The whispers of Edward distracted Eri from their train of thought and they looked over to them in the dimly lit room. Knitting their brows together, Eri watched them as if they were a different shape of psychotic. Wouldn’t it be wisest to both leave, regroup, and call in for back up? Or if they were to surmise a plan, to do so together before executing? Given the reality that they had the opportunity to at the very least do the latter option.

Perhaps it would not be pleasing for Eri to return to the station alone. Left with no other choice, they shrugged and looked around the room. Finding, behind a large bookshelf, a high up and narrow rectangular window. Eri stepped up onto a dusty desk and looked out the window. Down the road and tucked on the right-hand side behind some trees was where they parked. About 50 meters. After fishing around the perimeter of the opening, Eri realized there was no opening. It was sealed shut with cement. They rolled their eyes. This was the most ideal route. None of those in need of escape were too wide to fit through. It was an opening of about 4ft. x 3 ft.

Keeping an ear out for traffic, Eri continued searching the room which, the more they searched, seemed to be like a storage unit with a laundry sink. Maybe this used to be a laundry room? Moving a heavy fire blanket, they found canisters of laughing gas. They sighed again and rolled their eyes. That would knock everyone out but then what? “Come on,” Eri whispered. Next, they found bottles of alcohol, steel rods, an axe, needles, bandages, rags and towels, matches, duct tape- “What, no gun?” Eri paused as an idea struck. They grabbed five bottles of alcohol and opened them. Slowly opening the door, they poured the clear fluid out into the hallway. They soaked a few rags and softly tossed them further down the hall. Thoroughly cutting off any escape or entry from the supply room. They closed the room door and soaked a bunch of towels with water before stuffing them against the base of the door. Using the duct tape, they sealed the rest of the door with thick layers and then searched for something heavy enough to break the window. They returned to the ax and decided that would be their weapon for escape. Leaning against the door, Eri focused on a skill they were still becoming accustomed to, telepathy.

Moments of silence pass and Eri locked onto the energy and wavelength they determined was Edward, hopefully, and relayed to him their plan. “Bring the girl back through the vent with you. We’ll escape through a window. I’m starting a fire in 5 minutes.” They relaxed and rested their arm and head against the wall near the window. Now all they can do is wait. “Beautiful bodies- forgive me for not having the time to tend to you accordingly,” they whispered; thinking about how many bodies were in the surgery room that they could’ve collected evidence from. Perhaps the individuals responsible for the carnage will be able to put the flames to rest before too much damage has been done.

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