The city centre seemed to be the only place Aisling found fun in, when she wasn't teaching, the young Fae spend her time going to the hottest clubs, and showing off her dance skills; not that she wanted the attention that came with it, but dancing was a passion of hers, that she had lately feared she was losing interest in. So, tonight.. Aisling was going to confront the issue, and see just how much she had lost interest.

Wandering off to the bathroom, she quickly took a shower and hopped out, wrapping a towel around her toned; athletic frame and walked into her bedroom, rummaging through her clothes,. tossing them everywhere as she attempted to find an attire for tonight. After realizing the daylight had disappeared, Aisling hurried and threw some clothes on.

Tonight wasnt going to be an ordinary one. Aisling had been seeking a bouncer for her  newest club 'Ministry Of Sound' .. it hadn't been long since she had put it together, her dream of having her very own club had finally came true, of course that was after she realized that having a job as a teacher wasn't enough for the queen of rebellion. And, while she knew the money wou;ld be way better, Aisling was in it for the passion of dance and music. She even had a room closed off upstairs in the club, to train those who shared the same passion as her for dance.

Aisling left her house in a hurry, she needed to meet wih the bouncer that caught her interest. Dominic had called about the job nearly a week ago, and after speaking with him, Aisling was intrigued and felt that hed be a perfect  bouncer, that hed be able to keep people in check. With a club as big as this one, it was necessary. Having her foot slammed into the gas pedal, it didnt take the young Fae no time to arrive.. the dj's already had the music pumping, the club was full and her only two bartenders were there serving drinks like pro's.

Aisling smiled as she walked inside, right away noticing the well built man standing beside of the door. Her eyes widened and her mouth nearly fell open. "Dominic?": she called out, trying to yell over the music, but gestured fir him to walk upstairs with her, where she would be able to talk to him properly. True, she'd already put in mind she was hiring him, but she had to meet him first.

Taking a seat at a smll round glass table that had multi colored lights in it, she gestured for the husky man to sit with her., "So, have you ever had a job like this?" she questioned, making sure he'd be  able to handle it. "Ive searched for weeks, and trust me there were plenty who wanted the job, but none stood out like you did. I'm glad you made it" she stated with a smirk, realizing her eyes betrayed her as she found herself glancing at every inch of him.

Clearing her throat and trying to hide the fact that she was blushing, Aisling regained her composure and gazed up, looking into his eyes. "I dont think ive ever seen you, have you always lived in the city?" she then asked, hushing herself so he could speak. Meanwhile, with the SONG that had just came on, Aisling began humming, she was utterly happy with her club and its turn out, the icing to the cake would be Dominic himself, and being a part of her club.

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Dominic shrugged on his leather jacket and put a hand through his hair as he looked at himself quickly in the mirror of his bedroom before heading for the front door. Tonight he had an interview with a club promoter that was opening up a new place in the center of the city. If it would be like anything he expected, the place was going to do well because of its prime location. Whoever was opening the place had done their homework well. He stepped out of his cabin after grabbing his keys and threw a leg over one of his bikes, straddling it before putting on his helmet and starting up the machine. As it roared to life, he backed down the dirt road and made his way towards Nephilim territory.

The town was already coming to life as the sun was setting and swarms of people were filling the streets as they always did downtown. He was able to find a decent spot by the new club and parked the bike, taking his helmet off and immediately hearing the music already bumping inside. There were a few people on the staff running around to make sure everything was in order and when he tried to stop one, he instructed him to wait by the entrance. Dominic leaned against the doorway that lead further into where people would have paid to get in and put his head against the wood, closing his eyes. Another place he would be getting into fights, drinking, and meeting women. Rinse, wash, repeat. 

His eyes suddenly opened at the sound of his name and he looked over to see a young woman who was gesturing him to follow. Dominic assumed she must be another one of the owner's workers and went along with her to the upstairs section of the club, sitting across from her. When she had asked if he had ever had a job like this before, he grinned and leaned forward over the table so she could hear him better over the music. "Yea, I actually work as a bouncer in a few of the clubs around the area." Dom couldn't help, but notice how her smile lit up her whole face. He was in here for ten minutes and already was interested in getting to know her better. "Been doing it for a while now and have never gotten any complaints. I know how to handle people," he said with a smirk as he looked into her eyes which he could see were speckled with purple as the lights of the club flashed around. 

"And no, I haven't lived in the city." Dominic replied with a smile as he kept her gaze. "I prefer the woods, honestly." From her scent, he could tell she was a Diviner and that made his life easier when it came to explaining things. "Being a Lycan and all, Therian territory is more my speed." A shot girl came by and put down too glasses that glowed in the lights filled with liquid. He downed the shot and smiled as he looked around the establishment. "This place is pretty nice. Who's the owner anyway? And more importantly, what's your name?"

Aisling glanced over to him from across the table, still analyzing how well built he was, which meant he'd be the perfect bouncer and keep this place in check. Upon hearing him say he worked for a few different clubs around the area as a bouncer relieved her. "Good to know, because ive found that hiring newbies, doesn't work at all, they normally get beat up and sent on their way" she chuckled at him, and grabbed two neo-shock drinks from the glowing tray that was being passed around by the woman waitresses. Sliding one to him, she nodded and held her glass up to him, "here's to a new bouncer, and proper protection for my club. Thank you for coming through Dominic. I only have a few basic questions for you" she stated before knocking her drink back.

Aisling then nodded, smiling even more brightly. "Do you know, okay... so what would you do if a fight breaks out, or if someone comes in with a gun, which will probably only have one intention" she asked, "so I do require my bouncers to have a piece of their own by their sides. Tazers are fine to, ive already signed the necessary contracts for my bouncers to have such things while working here. This is a huge club, you'll need those things, though im sure your muscles are all you need" she chuckled teasing lightly.

Aisling turned her face, the tint of purple have covered her eyes and she was very discrete about her kind when she was at work but unfortuantely, Dominic had noticed. She shrugged however and was ready to get down to business. Something about him made her feel like he wanted to know more about her, and as work partners ... that would come. She then nodded as he said he didn't live in the city, he preferred the woods. "I can understand why, the city offers plenty of drama, as to where the woods offer serenity, peace and comfort, even in the darkest depths of the woods"

Aisling watched as he downed his drink, and with that she called the waitress who rolled by on skates, just another cool addition to the club, and grabbed them both another shot from her tray, "I understand, I really wish I knew what my speed was, I dont fit in anywhere except for here, because im a dancer, i do r&B freestyle .. ill show you soon enough" she said smiling "SO I guess this is more my speed then, the club life"

Aisling peered up at him and smiled some as he asked who the owners was. "well this is my club and of course i have people working under me, but everything goes through me here. So, anythng you need, let me know, ill make sure your comfortable with your job here" she stated, smiling once more. "Id like to get to know you also" she stated .. he seemd to be a nice guy, and Aisling needed friends. Just as a song came on, Aisling gestured for them to go to the dancefloor, it didn't have to be romantic .. or any kind of lines getting crossed, because beyond this, there was KAi, who she couldn't disrespect.

However Aisling changed the song and led him out to the dance floor "work will come shortly, just want you to unwind and become comfortable  before you start the harder stuff. Aisling walked to the DJ and requested the song that they could unwind to. As the DJ started spinning a song Vanze x Balco x Fransis Derelle - All I Need

gesturing for him to followe her, Aisling began dancing to the music, not particualrly with Dominic it was more of people joining them and just having fun. Aisling was happy with how her grand openng was. Glancing to Dominic, she smiled, noticing he had females flocking all around him, it was a nice sight to see, to see him welcomed here and to be included in even the fun parts. But, Aisling couldn't help but pull her epic dance moves out, the whole time looking back at Dominic, wondering just what it was he wanted to get to know about her, either way though, she began dancing and hearing the crowd arounf her cheer loudly.

Glancing to Dom, she smiled. "So tell me about yourself Dom, Id like to know you better" she yelled over the music but never missin a beat. She herself wanted to know him better as well.

Dominic nodded to the waitress as he took the next shot and finished it quickly, giving the glass back to her and watching her skate away. He'd worked in a lot of clubs, but he hadn't seen any of the girls on skates before and he thought that was a nice novelty to add to the club. Every place had its gimmicks and he knew this place probably had a few more surprises to be seen. His eyes went back to the Diviner in front of him as she explained his responsibilities, but when she mentioned that she was in fact the owner of the place, he almost had to ask for her to repeat herself. Dominic's hazel eyes widened a bit and he grinned at this new information. He definitely was not expecting that at all. She was young, gorgeous, and already an entrepreneur. You didn't see many women who owned clubs either. Recalling the flyer he'd seen about hiring for here, he remembered the owner's name finally. Her name was Aisling. 

When she pretty much confirmed he'd be hired on the spot, Dominic smiled and pulled a beer off the tray of one of the passing girls. "I have no problem carrying. I do in all the other places I work at. I haven't had to use it before, thankfully, but I'm trained if the need should ever arise." Not that he could really tell Aisling the training had mostly come from being an Ailward Guard. That was something that tended to be a need-to-know basis and as of now it wasn't necessary to divulge in that information. Regardless, he'd been shooting guns for more than two decades. Another thing he didn't really want to dive too much into was his criminal history. As a convicted felon, he wasn't supposed to have any weapons, but that wasn't going to stop him and his employers never cared after he'd told them later on when he was given a chance to show them how good of an asset he was. 

Aisling suddenly stood and began walking towards the dance floor, beckoning him to follow. He was absolutely not a dancer, but had no problem watching her move as he removed his jacket and proceeded after her. It was clear she was an excellent dancer; probably even professional at one point. He caught himself staring more than he should as her body swayed to the beat. His gaze was broken as a few women came over to dance with him, but he put a hand up in refusal and smirked, twirling one of them. "Sorry, ladies, I'm working." Working on not trying to flirt with the boss. It wouldn't be the first time he and his supervisor became more than coworkers...

As he put the beer bottle to his lips, Aisling came back over and inquired about his personal life. Smiling, he took a sip and shrugged. "Not much to say. Grew up in the state of Washington and came here some years ago. Been living in Therian woods since. If I'm not working here or at another bar, I work at a garage on the border of the territory. Me and cars... we have our own language." He took another gulp as he watched her dance, speaking loudly above the music. "Other than that, I like any kind of outdoor activity. Swimming, hiking, climbing... What about you? I can see you love to dance and you're damn good at it. Were you a dancer before all this?" Dominic asked, gesturing around at the club.

"Cassidy... I don't need strumpets skating around my club, please go do your job" she snapped at one of her waitresses as she nearly plowed into Aisling to get a glance at Dominic, true, he was gorgeous, but her club meant everything to her, which meant she took it very serious. Her heart was in it for the music, Aisling loved to dance. After gesturing Cassidy away with the gesture of her hand, she turned her gaze back to Dominic "Sorry, im sure you'll get that a lot, being you and all" she said grinning. Noticing that he too had a grin adorning his features "What, didn't think a woman could hold a club down like this?" she asked, having to shout over the music. The current dj spinning the tunes was really at his best, but even being upstairs with Dom, the music was loud.

Aisling listened., happy to hear that he had training before coming here, she didn't even care to ask him and dig into his life, it wasn't her thing to dig and pry. "Good, because that's exactly what I need here, as you see, it's a huge club... people lash out here a lot, to many different vibes in a place like this... don't need no blood shed here, unless you have to use your piece" she whispered the last part, if it came down to it, she didn't care if he would have to resort to using a gun... she would protect her club, at any cost. As the next song (SILENCE) began to play, Aisling continued, using her hips to bump the females away from him, smirking, and continued dancing with her professional moves. She loved the song currently playing, still trying to compel him to the dance floor with her.

Whether or not he'd dance, him taking off his jacket attracted more women, she nodded at him, smirking. "IT doesn't have to be all work and no play... fun is required as part of your job too" she said, winking at him. With as serious as she was about her club, she also enjoyed letting loose and having fun. Aisling pointed to the DJ mixing the tunes, and grinned at him, he was doing excellent. She was in her vibe until a drunken asshole knocked her to her feet, "You think youve got it all, I despise rich bitch's like you" he said to Aisling, and reach down, grabbing her up by her throat. God how she wanted to use her powers against him, but she couldn't in a place like this. As she choked, her gaze turned to Dom, she felt.... helpless for once in her fearless life. "LEt...go...." she choked out the words, ready to do whatever she had to... but hoped Dom would save the day. It was just unfortunate that he had to start his job the very night he walked into the door. The man who had gabbed Aisling up, was one who came in regularly starting crap with her, obsessed with her, it was safe to say that, and the moment she turned him down, things got bad between the two... but she couldn't have this in her club.

Dominic chuckled at her remark of fun being required in the job. Fun wasn't exactly something he found in a nightclub unless it was a beautiful woman and a lot of alcohol. Neither of those things was something he could concentrate on when he was working if she wanted a proficient bouncer. Every detail of every single person in the place was something he would take note of. The way someone even smelled from their chemical output was what his Therian senses noticed and would send red flags up to him if someone was angry or scared. It could mean the difference between a life and death situation. He took his work seriously and there was fun in that. The mass amounts of liquor and girls was just a bonus of the job during after hours. 

Finishing off the bottle, he walked over to the nearest bar and nodded to the girl for another. When he popped the top, he took a swig of the cold drink and leaned on the countertop. It was good he was getting another gig. Despite the obvious money purposes, it would keep him out of the house and brooding too much which seemed to be his pastime as of late. A sudden gasp from the bartender made him look up at her. She was staring out passed him and he turned around to see a man holding Aisling by the throat. Placing the beer down, Dominic stalked in a beeline toward them, pushing people aside. With a swift kick to the side of the man's knee, he released Aisling and cried out to which Dom quickly wrapped him up in a rear naked choke. He squeezed until he could feel the weight of the man starting to give as he was losing consciousness and let go, dropping him to all fours. The man began sputtering and gasping for breath, but Dominic looked to Aisling first. He gave her a once over and gently pushed her hair aside to check her neck, finding her frightened gaze. "Are you okay?" The man began to try and stand, but Dominic quickly dropped a knee into his back and yanked him backwards by the hair to speak into his ear. "I suggest you get the fuck out and never come back." He stood and put himself between Aisling and the assailant, waiting for him to heed his warning.  

Aisling grinned as she noticed him taking in everything around him, could it be a Therian thing? She wasn't sure, but she was sure of the fact that Dominic was a very detailed man. Their job came with enough complications, and she knew before fun, he would take it all serious. But one of the complications was the two of them working together period, without slipping into what they called a casual relationship. She enjoyed Dominic very much though, the best friend a girl could have, the best lover behind closed doors, and at work, he did everything by the books.

Aisling analyzed those who worked on skates, she had always paid attention to them more than the rest of the staff. This reason being because the girls working in Ministry all looked like models, so if it wasn't for them being stopped by various men, it was Aisling making sure they weren't drinking, knowing all to well that them drinking plus roller skating their way through the job all night long could end in disaster. To work in a place like this and be told they couldn't drink didn't sit well with even Aisling, she was sure some of her girls wanted drinks to ease their shift, but she was strict when she placed rules .. people followed them, if not, Aisling's bitch mode got activated. That had never worked out well for anyone.

As her and Dom had parted ways for the moment so he could get himself a drink at the bar, she'd been caught by this crazed idiot holding her by  the throat. Aisling couldn't even comprehend how Dominic got to her as quickly as he did. IT was like all of his senses had kicked in all at once, and she seen his eyes shift to another color almost. It'd been ages since she seen him this angry... he wasn't angry, he was enraged, and as she watched from the floor where her knees landed after he let go of his grip around her throat, Ais gasped and choked out a little. But, the sight before her now, nearly brought a smirk to her face. He was something else when he was defending her, this was perhaps because of the friendship between them, or maybe even the casual ordeal that they had been trying to keep on the low.

For a moment, the Diviner was afraid for the man that dangled in Dominic's grasp, but Aisling knew better than to tell him to stop or get in his way with a situation like this. The man had became weightless almost, and just as she parted her lips to speak out, Dom dropped him, a loud thud against the floor as his body collided with it roughly. This wasn;t the way Aisling had ever wanted to make sure Dominic could protect her at this job, but he damn sure didn't fail the task. A secure feeling consumed her as she continued staring at Dom, almost in shock because of the male who now laid in the floor, who had his grubby hands around her neck. But the comfort of Dominic's hand near her neck brought her back to him, and out of the shocked state she was in. "I think so" she spoke in a shaky tone, still coughing, but appreciated his hand on the side of her neck, their gaze now locked with one anothers as he made sure she was okay.

Her eyes widened, and she jumped back a little as Dominic had to once more put the idiot down. "You're really going to keep trying him? You should walk away, like he asked you to..unless you want him to destroy you.. piece of shit" she muttered out her own set of words, gazing to Dominic's piece that the other guy clearly didn't realize he had, or maybe he had seen it and he was to stupid to just walk away.  She knew Dom would use his gun if he had to. Sighing deeply, she watched over Dominics shoulder as the dumb ass walked backward, watching Dom, limping and choking out curse words at her and Dominic both, she'd only hope now that he would make his way out of the door this time. Aisling wiped a tear away that had rolled down her cheek. She knew this came with the job she and Dom has, but it didn't make it any better when these situations did occur.

Tugging at Dominic's hand, Aisling signaled to the DJ to play a song, her gaze travelling between the door and back to Dom making sure he left and that her Alpha didn't follow him out. An attempt to calm him down, she'd try to get him to the dance floor as the song Incubus - Dig began to play, and her arms snaking around his neck, hoping he'd trail off with her a little and try to forget what just happened. "I'm fine Alpha, I promise. Are you okay though?" she asked, as her hand rested on the side of his face, gazing into his eyes for a moment "you just saved my life.." she stated, smiling warmly at him, trying to calm down herself as her heart rate continued going at a rapid speed. Letting her head rest on his shoulder for a second, she inhaled, taking in his scent. She wasn't much for details unless it came to Dominic himself, but she didn't want other staff members realizing that Dom and Aisling has something much different than a work relationship.

But, to appreciate him and the fact that he had once again saved her life, was necessary. If people started asking questions within work, she'd just put them in their place. She didn't usually show affection for the Therian among public eyes like this, only within those cabin walls did she do things the way causal lovers would. Aisling played with his long hair as she waited for him to catch up, calm down and speak to her. She could see how pissed he was, but if she'd been honest to herself? it only made him more attractive.

Watching the asshole that attacked Aisling back out of the bar, he took his hand away from the gun that rested in the back of his pants. He turned to face her once more and let out a breath of air to relax his adrenaline. It was doing little to calm his nerves. Sure there were fights in the bars and clubs he worked at all the time, but it was different when the person you were trying to subdue had just hurt someone you cared about. Dominic looked down into her eyes once more and could see she was still a little shaken up. He wanted to wrap her up in his arms, but he knew he couldn't with the dozens of people watching them. Sometimes keeping this secret was annoying.

He let her guide them to the dance floor where he closed his eyes and attempted to relax. If it were up to him, he'd walk outside and find that guy, drag him into a dark alley, and teach him some respect. As Aisling's arms went around his neck, he opened his eyes and lifted his head up to look at her. When she asked if he was okay, he couldn't help but smirk. "Am I okay? You're the one that gets attacked by a fucking lunatic and you're asking if I'm okay." Dominic wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. With all the people in the club, they could steal a few moments together without the employees seeing them.

He leaned into her hand as she placed it on his face. "You just saved my life," she'd said.

Dominic smile and gave a small laugh. "Well, that is what you hired me for, isn't it?" He could tell the tears that had once began to pool in her eyes were now fading. It helped to calm down his rage a bit. He hated to see her upset and wanted to do anything he could to make her feel better. When Aisling placed her head on his shoulder, he lowered his own and kissed the top of her hair as he kept her against him. "I can't let anything happen to you." Dom lifted his head and pulled her back slightly. His gaze fell on hers and all he wanted to do was kiss her which inevitably would've led to more, but here they were, in the middle of the dance floor. 

A sudden and familiar frantic voice came barreling towards them and he quickly pulled away from Aisling as Janet came rushing over to them. "OH MY GOD, AIS, are you okay?!?! What happened?" Dominic let his gaze fall from the Diviner's and smirked as Janet was having a full blown moment by them. "Some guy tried to kill you?!"

Dom had watched him until he backed completely out of the club. That fiery look his eyes held on the man until the entrance was clear of the maniac, sent chills along Aislings spine. Aisling held his gaze, especially as it fell back onto her, still seeing fury in his eyes, she inhaled deeply. She knew Dom could hold his own with any of these people that came in and out of the club. But, it never startled her any less when she seen him in a situation like this, if he'd ever have gotten hurt in front of her... No. She stopped herself right there, that  thought was forbidden from her mind. She watched until his gaze softened, he now looked at her in another way, she too wanted him to wrap her up in his arms, but this damn secret.

Rolling her chocolate optics, she found her way back to her feet by pulling herself up, using his strong arm to do so. She chuckled out with him though, as he teased her for asking if he was okay. "It's just been forever since ive seen you that angry" she admitted, a flashback causing time to stop as if she was reliving it all over again. It wasn't long after her and Dominic had became casual lovers, even exceeded that, that he had to save her life from an angry ex. But, it made her smile, she realized he would always keeo her safe, it didn't matter if they were in this club, the middle of the streets, or in the middle of a warzone, she knew she'd walk away without a scratch because of the love they shared for one another.

Aisling had been stuck in thought as the song played out, and they glided along the dance floor effortlessly, blissfully even. While they were dancing it was as if they were the only two there, everyone else seemed to have drifted away, and with that came a bright grin to Aislings face. As he leaned into her hand, she was no longer distraught by the ordeal that had only happened moments ago. Aisling enjoyed these moments at work, those where her and Dom were allowed privacy, and time to appreciate each other, even if those moments were merely seconds. Often she'd steal a kiss, or two... but his smile was the key to everything, she could spend her every waking second just looking at him smile. Right now, if it were up to her, she would have closed down the club, and just the two of them would be there. "there's a thought" she grumbled to herself, Severely lacking time with Dom... as the two of them lately had only been throwing themselves into work, getting no time for nothing else.

The song had came to an end, of course followed by another by the DJ was on a role tonight, he was the only one in the club who knew of Dom and Aisling's personal relationship beyond their job, that being because of him being a Therian and knowing Dom outside of the club. The DJ smirked, laying down another slow tune SO FAR AWAY ..this time it was more of a club song, but so relevant that it sent chills along her caramel skin. She chuckled, and eyed Dominic "you know he's doing that on purpose right?" she asked, and pressed her forehead to his, still feeling as if it was just the two of them on the dance floor.

"Tell me there's a river I can swim that will bring you back to me

'Cause I don't know how to love someone else

I don't know how to forget your face"

She hummed the words to the song, softly, smiling at him as she placed her forehead against his, her heart was about to betray what they were both trying to avoid, being out here in the middle of the dance floor, before nearly jumping out of her own skin. "Wow Janet... thank you for that, perfect timing love" Aisling replied to Janet before parting her lips to answer, and give a short play-by-play of what had just happened. "A blast from the past tried to get rough with me, Dominic put him to the ground and got him out of here. I'm fine Janet" she stated, giving  Dom a certain type of look. "Soon enough, we'll be off work" she stated, as to give off any hint of wanting to spend time with him in a not so public setting. She gazed from Dominic to Janet, back and fourth a few times, while Janet thanked Dom for keeping the place held down, and safe and secure for those who worked in it. Aislings face heated up, as her cheeks blushed. She hated when Janet gave her and Dom that 'all-knowing' type of look.

Shaking her head, she just smirked at Dom. "Walk with me, to the vip section please." she then said to him, before giving Janet one last glance. "I have to discuss business with Dom, thanks for checking on me /janet, you're a doll" she stated, making sure Dom was behind her, taking hold of his hand to push through the crowd, and not be trampled by them. Since Janet had ruined a perfectly good moment, at least in the VIP section, they'd get privacy, and she wanted Dominic to be the co-owner, because if she was honest about it, he had attracted a lot of people to this club, and it now stayed packed. Before hiring him, people left as quickly as they came, but now Ministry was one of the most popular clubs in the city. She only had him to thank for that, and frankly, she didn't want to run it by herself, it wouldn't be much if he wasn't there with her, plus she liked co-operations with him, no matter what they consisted of.

Several months later...

Dominic stood outside to the door of MoS and was looking over the VIP guest list for the night. It was a busy Saturday and he knew it was going to be packed inside for the 'Free Drinks Before 11' they were offering to patrons that night. He sat on his usual stool as his crew worked around him, making sure to properly screen all the people coming inside so that everyone would be able to have a safe and fun night. As his eyes glanced over the paper, the familiar beep of a scanner went off and his eyes looked up to see one of the guys trying to get in was causing the alarm to sound. Dom waved the young man over and lifted his phone up to sweep over his body, quickly seeing the knife in his back pocket. The Therian gave the human an annoyed look and reached for the weapon. "Really?"

"I forgot it was in there," the human replied as his voice shook with nervousness. 

Dominic tossed the knife in the bin they kept close by for all the items people couldn't bring into the club that they seemed to have 'forgotten' was on them. "Sure you did. Have a good night." He nodded for the man to go inside and let his eyes fall back on the paper until his notification ringtone went off, causing him to look at his phone once more. It was Siobhan and she was going to bring him his dinner which he'd completely forgotten on the table before leaving for work in such a rush. He smirked and put the phone back in his pocket, continuing to screen the people in the queuing. Thank goodness someone was always looking out for his stomach because lately he'd been so busy that eating was a luxury.

It wasn't long before she was pulling up in his truck and he hopped off the stool. An instant smile spread across his face as he walked over to the passenger side window after she parked in front of the club. "Hey, Love. Thanks for bringing me this. I'm a complete idiot." They spoke for a few minutes before Dominic leaned into the car to kiss her for a long moment and grabbed his food. "I'll see you at home. It's gonna be a late night, so don't wait up." He winked at her and watched as she drove off before turning around and having to hear the whistles, teasing, and jeers from his security staff. He mouthed the words 'fuck you' with a smirk and headed back towards the stool until his gaze fell upon Aisling which made him pause momentarily.

His stomach instantly turned to knots. The two had a tension between them that was making things awkward whenever they saw one another at work. It wasn't like they could avoid each other either, especially after she'd made him co-owner of MoS months beforehand. Dominic knew she must've come out of the door at some point when he'd walked over to meet up with Siobhan and he was feeling guilty that she had seen what just happened. Ever since they'd slept together one last time a few months ago, Dominic had made it clear that even then it was a mistake after they'd both gotten reckless and drunk. It was something he wished he could take back. The guilt was eating him alive for what happened as well as doing it just before Siobhan and he had gotten serious. But what was done was done and they needed to move passed it one way or another. Aisling was still one of his closest friends and he missed that friendship above all. The problem was he didn't know how to move their relationship forward.

He swallowed the building lump in his throat and sat down on the stool again which she was standing next to. "Hey," he said simply. The change in her emotions was sending her normal scent into a swirl and Dominic knew she was upset. It didn't take his Therian abilities to know that. He tried to ignore it and kept the conversation casual. "It's gonna be packed in here tonight. Might have to call in extra people. I'm sure the bartenders will thank you for it." His gaze finally found hers and he could see something brewing behind it, causing her normal hues to darken. Her behavior was getting more and more unusual, though it could be because of their past. Dom couldn't tell anymore now that they were so strained.

Tonight unlike most nights, Aisling had been pacing the floors. She walked around in her office looking as if she was lost. She knew Dom had sensed the darkness that began taking over what used to be light for her. She'd always felt empty as a light Diviner, her mind though, had became consumed with malicious, evil intentions. It wouldn't take much more for the Diviner to snap. The music from outside the office blarred through, causing the walls in the office to vibrate. Aisling's glass full of whiskey shaking against the desk, causing it to slosh out. "Damn it" she grumbled before grabbing her drink and cleaning up what had spilled.

She knew she couldn't hoard herself up in the office away from Dom much longer. He had plain out told her sleeping with her had been a huge mistake which made the Diviner feel worthless, and further made up her mind that the only way to fill all the holes she was left with, was to become dark. Her mind was already there, her actions soon to follow. Making her way back out into the club, letting the office door slam behind her, Ais sighed. She didn't want to be around Dom.. because every instinct within her was telling her to approach him about their last time together. How could he say it was a mistake? Betrayal is what she felt.

Looking over to the Therian with a look that said more than words could, she shook her head. Walking out was the worse thing the Diviner could have done. It was then that she knew what he called them and what they'd done a mistake. The blonde pulling away in Dom's truck had caused Aisling's eyes to turn a darker shade than her normal chocolate optics. Rage had consumed her just then, surely he didn't call her a mistake.. for ... that. Seeing how Dom reacted to what she'd just seen, made her realize that it wasn't meant to harm her further, but the point is, it did hurt. Her arms crossed, she glared down to him, it was probably all to clear that she was pissed. "Hey..." she said, a shaken tone echoing from her mouth.

When he said that it would be packed tonight and the bartenders would thank her for calling in more people, she let her gaze drop to the ground. "Yeah.. Ill let you make that call. Not sure if i'm staying, Alpha.." she then muttered. It was no surprise that she found this hard to deal with, Dom and Aisling had both made it a point to move on with their new lovers, but due to the fact that they had drug a few things from their past, to the present with them, and hearing him say it was a mistake, made her bitter. "Drunk or not.. what happened between us, was no mistake, but, you bringing her here, was exactly that.. a mistake". Aisling had never been that  blunt with Dom, she never had to before now. But, for as long as they had known each other, bumping heads would be expected, it just sucked a little more than she expected it too.

"I'm sorry.. didn't mean to go there." she then said, knowing she had Niram in her life, but unfortunately he hadn't visited the club yet. She couldn't help but wonder if it'd feel awkward for Dom to see exactly the same, or if he even cared enough that it would bother him how it just bothered her, to finally see the face of the one who made Dom feel that what they'd done, was a mistake. Her eyes still held a shade of darkness that they never had before as she continued gazing down to him. She could tell he felt bad, but that wasn't enough for her. And, while their friendship meant the world to Aisling, only wanting to move past the negativity just like he did, she still didn't appreciate being exposed to that... he could have been more discreet. Dropping her head once more, she avoided eye contact, tears falling down her cheeks which caused her to walk off.

Storming off to her office, Aisling shut the door behind her, leaning against it, sliding down to the floor, bringing her knees to her chin and curling her arms around the back of her legs. She began rocking back and fourth. Feeling someone trying to press the door open. Figuring it was Dom with the strength used to scoot her as the door pushed open even with her against it. "Dom what is it? seriously.. I can't deal right now" she stated, not wanting this to esculate. She only wanted her friendship back with him. So tonight would either make or break them. But, knowing how close they'd been before tonight, she had no fear that they wouldn't go back to being the best of friends .. with any outcome at the end of the night.

Now having no choice but to stand to her feet, she walked to the opposite side of the office, which still wasn't far from him, the office was rather small. Clutching the handle of her glass, she chugged her drink, one after another as she waited for him to speak. She certainly wasn't drunk enough for this. The gaze she held with him still a dark one and the smile on her face, anything but innocent.

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