The sound of gentle rain echoed throughout the castle. It was quiet, not something the star was used to since there was usually the sounds of laughter and other Celestials chattering or doing other things. The quiet made her feel like something was up, and she wasn't quite sure how she should feel about that since she didn't like suspense. It was almost like all the others had left the castle and left her here all by herself. Adelaide was grateful that she lived with Shinwon in an apartment that was safe from danger.

The quiet still bothered her, so she peeked out of her room, that was there just in case she needed it. Tiptoeing out of the room she made a break for the door diagonal across from hers and knocked. It opened with a whoosh and she saw her friend Yugyeom standing there. "What is it?" He asked, voice quiet enough for her to hear and her only. "It's too quiet. Was there an event that I didn't know about?" She asked, raising a brow. Yugyeom only laughed and shook his head. "No. The rest of us are probably sleeping or out doing Christmas shopping." 

Scrunching her nose at the younger Celestial, she bounced off down the hallway, her red hair bouncing against her back. She was still wary of the quiet, but she did understand that the others had jobs or were sleeping since it was a rainy day. She was about to head to the kitchen when she saw a blonde head peep out from behind one of the pillars holding the ceiling in the hallway up. Her motherly senses were tingling since the boy only looked like he was in his tweens and he was a bit ruffled.

Curiously tilting her head, she stepped towards him and peeked around the pillar. There he was, but he wasn't familiar in face to her at all. Maybe he was one of the curious humans that found themselves in the Celestial territory and in the castle. Kneeling down next to him, she held out her hand and looked at him softly. "Are you lost, honey? This isn't somewhere you should be." She asked, her bright eyes twinkling. She was worried though. Did he need food or clothes? What was he doing here, all by himself?

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Sunmin had been watching the Celestial castle for many weeks now, he usually just stayed from a distance and watched the place, arguing with himself in his mind about what was stopping him from going up there and getting all the answers he wanted. But there was always this wall he hit that stopped him as he saw people come and go with smiles on their face, friends passing by in the window and the likes. It reminded Sunmin often that while he may technically be one of them he would never really be one of them. So he would always stay in there in the cold, wondering what it would be like to know them.

Until today that was. He was doing his usual thing, sitting on a bench not to far from the castle and just studying the people that came and went, he had always enjoyed people watching but there was something even more significant about knowing these people were the same as him, that they had stories which were likely similar to his. He wished he was brave enough just to walk in there but that wasn’t who he was. But he did notice today that most of the stars had left, to where he had no idea but he saw it as his opportunity to learn more, if he could get in the castle maybe he could find a book or something to answer his questions about them.

He had quietly made his way to the door before pushing it open, as he suspected they didn’t lock the massive entrance to the castle and he slipped inside. His eyes darted around as he wondered where to explore first, really he wanted to find some sort of library where there might be any more information on the stars and their lives. He was just rounding one of the corners when he heard someone coming. He quickly leaned back to tuck himself behind one of the pillows and held his breath for a moment but before long he realized that the girl had seen him.

If there was one thing Sunmin had learned in his life, however, it was how to adapt to a situation around him and not get into trouble, he was an excellent liar and it seemed he would need those skills today “Oh...hey” he greeted the girl with a somewhat sheepish grin “I guess I am a little lost, I heard that the castle was doing tours and I was hoping to find out more information on how I get to attend” he pressed his lips together “Or I can come back another time, there wasn’t a lot of information on how this was supposed to work so I figured why not come look” he held her gaze as he talked wondering how she would respond to his request, thankfully he had done his research before coming here.

"A little lost? You look like you're a lot lost, honey." Adelaide said and gave him a worried look. What was he doing in the castle? Did he belong here? Or was he a new Celestial that needed a home? She looked over at him and immediately disagreed with herself. He didn't glow, and he certainly didn't carry himself as a Celestial would. The star was worried about the boy's safety and almost leaned over to hug him before he stated why he was there. "Ah yes. The tours. We usually do those on weekends when everyone is out and about, but if you really want..." She trailed off and thanked the Lord that Yugyeom and Seungcheol were the only Celestials in the castle. 

If you'll follow me. I'll show you around the castle. Jimin is usually the one who leads these, but I know enough to start one." Adelaide replied and held out a hand towards him. She hoped that he would trust her enough, so she could help him find out what he wanted to find out. The star knew that it was strange, but she had a natural motherly instinct so she wanted to fuel his curious nature with the information he wanted to know. Addie often led the tours when Jimin wasn't there, so she hadn't been lying on the topic that she knew how to start the tour and end it. Of course, she wasn't going to show him the secret things, but it would be okay if she showed him the library. 

She was about to move but heard footsteps. It seemed as if the two boys were going to go out as well. Yelping quietly, she slid into the space beside the boy and waited for Yugyeom and Seungcheol to leave. "Do you know where Miyoung went? I can't seem to find her." Yugyeom's voice rang out through the quiet hallway. "Miyoung? No, I haven't seen her. But don't worry. She'll show up. Let's go or we'll be late." Seungcheol said and she heard his footsteps recede.

As soon as she heard the front door close, she tumbled out of the space and sat up, brushing her hair out of her eyes. Adelaide hoped that she hadn't scared the poor boy by crawling into the space beside him. That would be horrible and she really didn't want to lose her chance to teach someone something. She had always wanted to teach others more about the Celestial species since she was the fourth oldest. So she got to her feet and held out her hand again, hoping that he would take it and follow her. 

He shifted a little on the spot almost caught off guard by the way she was so friendly towards a complete stranger because it wasn’t something he was used to and it set him on edge a little. He was doing his best to play the role of the clueless human, which thankfully until a few weeks ago, he was, so all he needed to do was try and forget about everything he learned from Hanseol and he would be fine. “I heard a lot of things about this castle, that it was rumored to be the center of magic for Evermore city, not that I’m saying magic is real but if it was this would be the place to go right?” yes he was going to play the line of being an enthusiast to see if he could learn more about his people’s history.

Besides it wasn’t like he could just back out now that she offered to take him on a tour of the castle and he didn’t want to draw any suspicion to himself “Oh if you don’t have one scheduled I can always come back another time” he spoke softly shaking his head a little, he definitely wanted to see more of this place but he had kinda originally been hoping he could do it slyly on his own and be out before anyone noticed him. Not the case, but at least barely anyone seemed to be here so the chances of him running into Hanseol were low. “So the rumors are that angels used to reside in this castle” in old lore the castle was originally said to be the resting place of the angels which is why it was such an attraction for tourists and had so many stone carvings of angels in the walls, it was really beautifully decorated and clearly more than just an empty building made of stone.

He was surprised the moment she stepped in front of him as he heard voices from down the hall and he froze on the spot, confused about what was happening for a moment before he realized she was shielding him from being spotted by the others which made him wonder for a moment if she suspected that he wasn’t being truthful about wanting a tour. He was dressed in clothes which might give the impression he needed shelter after all so maybe she was helping him? Sunmin wasn’t used to others helping him and certainly not without asking for something in return so he furrowed his brow a little before he finally sidestepped once the voices had headed out of the door.

He cleared his throat, playing off the slightly awkward situation they’d just been in, he pulled at his sleeve while he shuffled towards her to let her lead the way on the ‘tour’ they were going through “Do many people here?” he asked softly curious just how many people were actually living here and what kept them together. Hearing one person’s perspective on the Celestial species could be very different to another, after all. He just couldn’t risk giving away what he was in case they tried to convince him to stay.

Adelaide nodded at the boy and almost panicked before answering him. "I would think so yes. The history of this castle is very rich in that culture. I don't actually know if magic is real, so I can't help you there, sweetheart. But, yes this is the place to be if you want to learn about it." She said delicately and hoped in her head that she didn't just spill that she knew about magic. Yugyeom would probably go nuts if he figured out she had spilled that knowledge to some random human that she had found hiding in the castle and he would probably kill her too. So she kept her mouth shut. Adelaide wondered if the boy was here to find out about the castle or about Celestial's themselves. If it was the latter, she would have to keep her mouth shut on certain things.

"No, it's okay, honey. I can show you around. It's not like I have anything better to do." She replied and gave him a small smile. It was true. She really didn't have anything to do since she had closed her bar for today to come visit Yugyeom and Shinwon was out with Cai, doing groceries and getting Christmas presents. So she wouldn't be doing anything all day unless you counted furiously cleaning the castle until it shone. She had been planning on doing that, but with the boy here, she couldn't. "Angels, darling?" She asked and raised a red brow at him. She had to make it seem like she was confused and didn't know anything or he would catch on. "Yes. In the lore, it was written that angels lived here, but that is only lore, honey. There are no angels living in the castle." She said and gave him a look. He really was a curious boy, and the only angels she knew were Nephilim and they lived way far from the castle. She didn't consider herself an angel and she was sure the other stars didn't as well. They were fallen stars, not fallen angels. They didn't have wings and they certainly weren't all perfect. 

When she looked at the male's face, she groaned internally. It looked like she had scared the hell out of him when she had moved in front of him. Of course, she had to be the one to scare someone, even though she didn't even have a scary face. The only reason why she had stepped in front of the boy was to shield him from being seen by Yugyeom and Seungcheol because if they saw him, they would eat him alive. Not literally, but they wouldn't be happy that he was there.

"Many people work here, sweetie." She replied and gave him a smile. Some people did work there and others lived there, but she couldn't exactly tell him that. The star didn't know what it was like to live at the castle since she didn't live there and she knew that Elias, Willow, and Hanseol didn't either. Joshua and his siblings lived in the castle but they had never told her what it was like to live there. Hearing his footsteps behind her, she walked in the direction of the castle's library, where in there the boy would be able to find more information. "I'm Adelaide by the way. What's your name, honey?" 

Sunmin was good at reading people so he noticed the way she seemed to be skirting over topics she didn’t think she could share with a random human, supernatural secret and all it had taken him years to find him someone willing to tell him the truth on the subject. But then he supposed that is what kept them safe, from seeing how intolerant people could be to even humans who were different he couldn’t see the general population just being okay with such information, especially if it was true that some species fed on their blood to survive. He didn’t really know what was true and what wasn’t but he was certain of one thing, Celestials existed and he might be one of them “I kinda like the idea of magic being real, Harry Potter was one of my favorite fictional universes” he chuckled slightly hoping his words would fit in with the theme of linking castles and magic.

He shuffled slightly on the spot when she insisted she was okay to lead him on a tour “Well that’s why Evermore is called the Eternal City right, all the legends of the angels and demons that once walked the earth and supposedly lived in castles like this one” he shrugged slightly “Of course I don’t expect actual angels to be living here now, that would be crazy” he scoffed slightly and shook his head slightly “But it’s like with the greek gods and all the talk of the things they did before our time, it’s nice to use your imagination a little” truth be told he wouldn’t be surprised if the legend was true and angels really did live here a millennium ago, seemed as believable as anything else you heard after you settled for the fact that fallen stars with real human forms was an actual thing.

He wasn’t so much scared, it took a lot to scare someone who had lived through barely making it the past 21 years of his life. But he was definitely not expecting the things that this girl seemed to do and it had him on edge a little, honestly, it made him wonder if these people had to more to hide than he originally thought. He had managed to learn some things about his kind but it was all pieces right now. But there were some things he was already sure of, they glowed, he could see the very faint hint of light coming from her which you wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t looking for it.

He followed behind her, eyes moving in different directions to take in everything around them “Must get really busy” he commented softly, not the kind of place he personally saw himself if he was honest, he didn’t really do well around others and honestly, it was a wonder he was still here following her for this ‘tour’ rather than retreating back out of the castle and calling it a bad idea gone too far. “Sunmin” he responded to her question about his name, he never gave out his real surname though, mostly because until a few weeks ago he didn’t even know what it was, but after meeting Hanseol he now knew it was Park. “This place is really huge” he commented almost in amazement seeing how big each of the halls they passed through were and each one branched off to many rooms, some he was almost certain had to be unused.

Adelaide could tell that the boy was curious as to what went on in the castle. She had to admit she would be too, if she were in his position. The star was a little bit suspicious of him since he didn't really say where he had come from or what he was doing at the castle and she sure as hell didn't know what species he was. He appeared human, but so did some of the other species in Evermore, like Valkyrs and Dhampirs. She could automatically tell he wasn't one of them since his features weren't sharp, they were more soft and sweet. Adelaide wanted to give the boy shelter at the castle, but she couldn't due to the fact that she didn't know if he was a Celestial or not. He could be that one random human that was really interested in castles and couldn't be bothered with knowing what was actually going on. "Ah, Harry Potter. That does seem to spark one's interest in castles and magic. If magic were real, we could do a lot more things than we thought we could." She replied and gave him a soft smile.

Noticing his shuffle, she smiled again at him and motioned for him to not be scared. "Yes. That's why this city is called the Eternal City. I'm not to sure about the angels and demons part, but it could be true. If they lived in castles, that surprising. I've never heard of it before." She replied and then cleared her throat. "That would be crazy." She laughed and in the back of her mind thought of the half-angel Nephilim. "The Greek gods did have an interesting culture. It's nice to be able to know about it." She told him, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her shoulder.

He didn't seem to be scared by the information she was sharing with him, and that led her to believe he already knew some of it. There was definitely something off about him, and she really wanted to know what species he was, mostly because he seemed so young and his clothes were all dirty. Maybe he truly was a human and she was just assuming things. She did that quite often and that aggravated Shinwon to no end.

"It does sometimes. Cleaning crew and things. But most of the time, it's quiet." She replied, and that was true. It did get quiet after some time. It was never that loud unless Joshua and his siblings were messing about, but as far as she knew, Joshua was out teaching and his siblings were out shopping or something. The star walked around the corner and continued to lead him towards the library which she knew was at the back of the castle. "Sunmin." She repeated, rolling the foreign name in her mouth. "No offense, but are you Korean? It sounds like a very Korean name." She asked, turning around to give him an eyebrow raise, walking backward. She laughed at his comment and then nodded. She knew how big it was since Josh and Jimin had taken her on a tour of it once. That's how she knew where the library was. "It is a really big castle. I know."

He chuckled under his breath, if there was one thing that living on the streets and always feeling a little lost when it came to his identity gave him, it was this ability to lie his ass off, he could spin pretty much any story the way he wanted to and very rarely got caught out. Though he never did it for malicious reasons, he was always just protecting himself, making sure that people didn’t figure who he was, that he didn’t age, it was an art at this point and sometimes it felt kinda mechanical, it made him wonder if he would ever want to cross that line and actually connect with people “I’d want a flying broom for sure, then I could go any place I wanted without having to pay for a plane ticket” he chuckled softly, well he could dream right? Maybe then instead of getting a bus to the next city on the map he could fly to somewhere new next time. But alas, he was not a wizard.

He had done his research on the lore of this castle and the city, of course it was all wrapped up in myth and magic but if fallen stars were a real thing then who was to say that angels and demons were fake right? Sunmin had no idea what other species there were around him other than the fact that the other fallen stars lived here in the castle and then there was Baptiste, he was a Valkyr, he recalled him saying and Sunmin was sure there are more of those. “Yeah, I liked how the lore always told of each god being responsible for different things, it kinda explains why nature seems to have different personalities to me” if it was real that is, for example, storms were powerful and deadly, you were supposed to fear them, much like people were supposed to fear Zeus.

He continued following her, eyes trailing on the different things around them and taking them in, he had a pretty good memory actually, not quite photographic but if he closed his eyes later on then he could remember the scene pretty well. Sometimes he used that skill to help with his artwork when he wanted to base it on real things, though most of his work tended to be more expressive and based upon animated art styles. “I guess it’s just kinda crazy for me to imagine how people lived here, like this would have been their actual home” he explained with a slight shake of his head in disbelief, there was more space here in this hallway alone than he’d ever owned as a home for himself.

“Quiet is good, I get peaceful vibes from this place somehow” he commented thoughtfully, like this feeling of comfort in his chest which almost felt strange considering he was in a place he’d never been before. Perhaps this was what Hanseol had meant when he said Celestials were stronger in numbers. He looked up when she asked him if his name was Korea “Ah, yes, my parents were Korean but I spent most of my life in America, I don’t remember much about it if I’m honest” half a lie and half true, he didn’t have parents of course, but he did only spend about a month in Korea before he ended up here “Why do you ask?” he returned the curiosity wondering if there was something significant about a Korean heritage considering she looked east Asian herself.

Adelaide raised a red eyebrow at the chuckle but didn't say anything. The teenager himself was confusing. There was something about him that was making her suspicious about what he was saying. There wasn't a glow around him, but she couldn't tell what he was and that was frustrating. He didn't act like a human so she was wary of that. Addie side-eyed the boy and surveyed the mussed up fluffy blonde hair, the somewhat ripped clothes, and his bright eyes. He looked like a child, but she could tell that he wasn't. He was too tall to be a child and his eyes held more than a little boy's eyes would. Maybe he was at least 18 or 19. "That would be nice to have a flying broom around. I could go back and forth between my house and here." She responded with a small smile. It would've been nice if they could have flying broomsticks or teleportation for all species. Addie knew that Valkyrs had it.

Some had said that the castle had a richer history then she had thought it had. She had been alive a while, but even she didn't know what the castle held in its walls. If there had been angels and demons in the castle, she wouldn't of known. She hadn't been in the castle in a while and there were some things that the Celestials in the castle hid. "The different gods were all supposed to be in control of something, so I can understand why it seems like they have personalities," Adelaide responded with a small smile. It was true that all storms were almost always deadly and scary, with cracks of thunder every now and then.

The star watched as the boy took in all of the photographs on the wall, and seemed very interested in the art that was there and seemed to be surveying the scene like he was trying to memorize it. He probably was, since it was very pretty artwork. "Sometimes it is amazing to imagine that all of them would live here and do things here that we would do." She replied and watched with a sweet smile as he looked around the hallway. It was probably bigger than he had ever seen, and she was endeared by the fascination he showed while he looked at the art and other decorations on the walls. The celestial would be fascinated as well with how big the castle was. 

"It gets dead silent sometimes. But it can be peaceful." She replied and gave him a sweet smile. He was sweet looking when he was thinking, she thought. If only she could be that fascinated with things. Adelaide had been around a while, so nothing really surprised her anymore. But the pure wonder on the boy's face was making her change that. It was so surprising to see that. "Oh that's okay. I understand if you don't remember much about your childhood. I don't either." The star replied and gave him another smile. She didn't have parents, unless you counted Yanan's parents that had taken her in, or her parents in law. "I'm from China! Then I moved to Korea. It's complicated, becuase I don't really know much about it." She replied and shook her head. Part of being a Celestial was that everything about your backstory was fuzzy and often confusing to explain. 

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