"Ughhh.. Not right now…"  Laine pulled the comforter over her head as she rolled over in her bed, yawning softly. She was up all night, writing little notes beside a notebook which was given to her forty years ago from the man who took them in,  Kinzle. It had been his cookbook of all the things he would make the girls when they were younger. The easiest meal he wrote had been spaghetti and meatballs but Laine wanted to nair something special. She needed her sister to like her. The silence was deafening and she felt alone and unsure about everything. /Was it good idea to move in with Charlie?/ Another voice in her head would chime in with a 'Yes!' before she could even have a thought in her head. Charlie was all she knew and she was her older sister after all.

The familiar sound of the alarm clock ringing to life. She lifted her arm and pressed the 'snooze' button before falling back to sleep. "Just a few more minutes.."  The opened window in her room. blew the purple curtains forwards, giving off a bit of light through the satin curtains, the sun's ray blinding her eyes. Grabbing the pillow from the other side of her queen sized bed, she covered her face with it. She just wanted a few more minutes to sleep. Not like she had a job or anything. It isn't like she wasn't trying to find a job, one just wasn't found. 

She just wanted to stay home and spend as much time, she could with her sister, Charlie but lately she has been busy with work and hasn't had any sisterly time. They weren't close or anything, Laine just always thought she could change their relationship. Ever since she was little, she knew there was a strain on their relationship. She knew her sister blamed her for their mother's demise but never knew if the feeling was still there. Or did she finally get over it. All Laine wanted to do was speak to her about their mother but Charlie never wanted to talk about her. 

The second alarm chimes twenty minutes later, the clock read '6:25am'. Awakening the beast from her slumber,  ( or what she calls herself, lol ), she groaned as it was almost time to catch Charlie before she was off to work. Laine had spent the whole night, looking for recipes she could make that Kinzle taught her how to cook so they could possibly have the sisterly bond she had always wanted. Of stuffing their faces and watching movies. The question was, would Charlie agree to it? Only time would tell. She shoved and kicked the tangled blankets as she tried to rise from her bed. Which caused her to fall, hit the back of her head and onto the floor with a loud thud, her legs being caught in the air as her body was entangled by the blanket. "REALLY?!" She flipped over and wiggled herself out of the blanket, loosing her pajamas pants in the process and got up. Wearing only her light purple pajamas top and her undies, her dark brunette hair looking like a big puffball upon her head. 

With another groan, she walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Placing her hand upon the knob, she turned on the water then stepped back to remove all her clothing before entering into the tub. Licking at her dried lips, she entered inside the warm shower. The water hitting her neck and rolled down her back. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head as if she was in heaven with a soft moan leaving her lips. Within a few more minutes, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. Staring at herself in the mirror, she leaned over the counter to grab her toothpaste and toothbrush from the white marble ledge. Screwing the top of the toothpaste open, she squeezed the blue, red and white substance onto the toothbrush and turned the sinks knob to turn on the water to run the toothbrush under it, wetting it quickly. She then brought it to her mouth and shoved it inside, brushing over all her teeth and her tongue several times before spitting out the white spit. She cupped her hand under the running faucet, the hole filling up with water which she brought into her mouth. She swished the water around inside before spitting it into the seat. Repeating it two more times then washed her spit from the sink.

Glancing at herself the mirror once again, she took the hair from the cabinet in the bathroom for it to brush down the lion's mane she called hair, brushing quickly through the knots and stepped back to smile at herself. She stared at herself in the mirror as she felt like she finally looked normal. She walked back into her room to get dressed. Stepping into her closet, she began to dress into her attire. Dropping the towel to the floor, she stepped onto the carpeted floor, pulling a red shirt and black pants from their hangers and quickly pulled them on then grabbed a white and black stripped headband from the top shelf inside her closet with two choker necklaces and a pair of dangling earrings. Eyes glanced at the clock. it now read '6:45am', knowing Charlie was almost due for work. Walking quickly out of her room and stepped down the stairs to the kitchen. She entered into the room with her book full of notes, in her handwriting and in someone else's.

She was nervous for some reason as her hands were shaking and she didn't even know why. As she could hear her footsteps coming from the stairs, Charlie was bound to pop her head into the kitchen before she was off to work, filling up her tall and blue coffee thermos cup. Her older sister finally entered into the kitchen, wearing her coat on already and walked to the counter. From the night before, Charlie had put coffee grinds into the machine so all she had to do was press the button when she woke up. Charlie unscrewed the lid and quickly poured the coffee into the cup then screwed it back on.   

"Morning!!" She chimed with a smile, Charlie just turned and repeated the saying. "Would you like to have dinner and watch a movie with me? You know, that thing they call 'sister time's, yeah? I'll make dinner. What do you think I should make?" She stepped over to the counter she stood beside and opened the book of recipes. "We can quickly choose something and then meet up later." She couldn't help but keep the smile on her face, yet it didn't meet her cheeks. She wanted them to put their differences aside and try to be civil. She knew everyone they loved would have wanted it that way. She was excited to have the possibility of spending time with her sister and at the same time, hoped Charlie felt the same way. She stood there, her head tilted to the side. 

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It felt as if she hardly got any sleep throughout the night. It was something that had been happening lately. Being restless and always tossing and turning. However, work kept her awake enough throughout the day. Although, she had wished sometimes during her breaks she was able to take naps. A ten minute power nap would do, but her luck. Something major would happen or someone would need her. The day had been going by awful fast, which meant Charlie was able to go home sooner. Which was something she didn’t want to do as she wanted to avoid her sister. Laine had offered to cook dinner and a movie. It was something she didn’t want to happen. Every time she thought about her sister or Laine. A sense of anger would rush over her mind. They were in such a rough patch that she didn’t know it was something they could get through this time. It was something that she didn’t even want to think about.

Time had flown to the point where it was time to get off work. With a soft sigh, Charlie glanced at her phone. ‘Don’t forget dinner!’ The thought lingered her mind to be late and just say she had lost track of time. If it wanted to set an image for her sister, being late and lying wasn’t the best way to go about things. Debating as her digits tapped against the counter. It only took a few moments before she grabbed her purse and jacket along with her phone to head home. It was time to stop avoiding her sister and what was going on between the two. She needed to put her foot down to her sister. Be stern, be smart and don’t give in. As much as she loved her sister. Things needed to change even though her sister did make a first attempt by getting a job, which Charlie didn’t even think she could properly land. 

It only took a few minutes to get her home. Keys jingling the knob as it opened. The creaking as she opened it. “Laine, are you home?” whatever she was cooking. It smelled amazing. She’d give her that. It wasn’t often they had a home cook meal, but when cooking was being done. It was often her sister. For whatever reason, she had an eye for cooking. Allowing the jacket to creep off her shoulders as she hung it up on the wall, the purse being placed down on the small end table near the door. It was time to have this dreaded talk. If she was honest, she didn’t know how well her sister would take this conversation. The house wasn’t too big as she was able to walk from the living room into the dinning room within a matter of seconds as she had found her sister slaving away over the stove.

Clearing her throat as she offered the younger woman a smile. “Hey Laine.” entering the kitchen as she was now standing next to her sister, leaning over Laine’s shoulder in order to see what was being made. “Kinzle’s pasta! My favorite.” this was going to be harder than she thought. Charlie could see all the time and effort her sister had put into this. “You even added the right kind of cheese.” Charlie wasn’t a big fan of cheese. There was only a certain kind and it seemed Laine went out of her way to get it. “ I hate to uh-” adjusting her stance to lean against the kitchen counter. Lips shifted from a smile into a fine line. Blue optics glanced down at the floor. “you know what..” chickening out of the conversation. “Nevermind..” her heart stepped in, feeling some-what bad. The conversation that needed to be held was about how she was acting most times, stealing money that wasn’t hers; but then, there are moments like this where she could see her sister actually trying.

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