Lachlan rubbed his tired eyes slowly as he pulled back from the screen, he has spent the whole night blocking hacks from someone who was in fact pretty skilled, he would be overly impressed if he wasn’t as annoyed as he was in the moment. He stood up and dragged himself to the shower as the program ran on its own to block the hacker before he started tracking the code and arresting the person trying to obtain files that were not open to the public and it was for good reason. Living in a town with supernatural roam freely there were things that happened that could not be easily explained to the masses.

Showering quickly he was slightly annoyed he couldn’t go for a run he need to get in and get his team and track this hacker. He dried off and was getting dressed when the files were becoming hacked even quicker “Son of a bitch.” he groaned as he slide into his seat half dressed and typing quickly talking out “Call White.”  his system replying back to him ‘Calling Ms. White.’ He moved his fingers quickly and when the female voice answered the phone sleepily. “Diana I need you to get the team and pick me up in Lola. We have someone trying to find out about the strange murders in town and while this person is an amazing hacker they are not covering their IP.”

Diana hung up without another word and he knew she would be here in no time, Diana was someone he could always count on. He pulled on his clothes between clothing and then when the van pulled up he bound down the steps naturally balanced as he bound down the stairs sliding his feet in his shoes. He was in the back of the van as he hooked up his laptop and continued coding. “Looks like this person is in a diner, on tenth and cross way.” he said to Diana who nodded and began to take off.

In no time they pulled up in the all black van and he looked to his team with a nod he was out of the back with his trusted friend behind him. He pulled open the door to the diner and looked around only one computer around and a blonde was sitting behind it. He moved over to her and shot the computer down “Come with us Miss...quietly.” He said as he flashed his badge and then placed his hand under her arm pulling her out of the booth. “Grab the evidence.” he said to his partner before moving Tatiana out of the Diner.

Once outside he made her face the van “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court. With these rights in mind, are you still willing to talk with me about the charges against you?” He asked as he helped her inside of the back of the van and sat her down. Once all of the team were back in the van they started to drive towards the station.

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It had been awhile since her and her cousin Valentine had truly worked on something together. One or the other was always busy with work, but now.. They finally got paired on something together. Tatiana couldn’t have been more happier to work with someone she enjoyed with. It made the job hundred percent better than having to be annoyed with someone tagging along, knowing she could easily do the job herself just fine, even better possibly. They had found themselves at a local diner to do the job they needed. For basic reason, they were hungry and Valentine wanted to go out, due to something wrong with her computers back at the manor. Tatiana didn’t understand, she went all tech language and blanked out. This hack was going to set her on the right track for this missions. All the leads that she had ended up being a flop. So why not bring someone in who could possibly help?

Come here.’ Valentine said as she scooted herself out of the booth. ‘All you need to do is watch the screen and if anything happens, just press enter then shift. I need to use the ladies room really quick.’

If she was honest, Tatiana admired people who can do this type of thing; Such as Sariah who was now a good friend of hers. The guard probably would have never understood this type of thing, but it was a skill that sure did come in handy in the long run. It was one of those things that Tatiana probably would never be smart enough for when she was more suited for combat action. Scooting herself in the booth as she crossed her leg over the other. Pressing a few buttons shouldn’t be too hard, right? Those optic blue hues gazed at the screen with confusion as the screen was nothing but black with green numbers and letters running across the screen.

Smash! -- away her fingers suddenly went as they got stuck under the screen. “Oww--oh shit.” blue hues widen at the sign of the badge. Feeling the roughness of the grasp under her arm as she was being pulled away from the booth. Her mind racing at this rate as her head whipped around to the bathroom doors. Hoping Valentine would come out, in a way to save her or at least go tell her mother what was going down but then again; if her cousin was here, she probably would have been arrested too. In the back of her mind, she was lowkey freaking out. Tatiana had never been on the other end of the arrest. It didn’t feel the best in the world. The guard felt like a criminal in a way. The laptop they were working on was being taken away. There were things on there they couldn’t see, Supernatural things and confidential things from the Aspects that could ruin everything.

What was she supposed to do now? She needed to find a way out of this. Following the man with embarrassment outside of the diner as he began to speak the normal Miranda rights. Tatiana was going to regret the head she had going in her head, but being arrested was something she couldn’t afford along with risking them finding things on the laptop. “I’m really sorry.” sighing as she arched her head back quickly before whipping it forehead, connecting with the man of color’s forehead, creating a harsh head butt -- wack! Now latching both of her hands to his head in order to send his head crashing into the window of the vehicle, glass shattering into pieces as she then snatched the laptop from the other man’s hands before running off down the side-walking, hoping Valentine wouldn’t miss her laptop for too long as she rounded into a back alley, scaling over the fence, throwing the laptop onto what seemed like a full trash bag, enough with cushion to where it wouldn't hurt the laptop. Allowing it to sit there till she was fully over the fence. Tatiana had never pictured hurting a law officer, in fact she respected them more than people knew. Often, she was using the hand cuffs in more ways than one but as of right now; she needs to get away from here as far as possible. Valentine could easily handle her own.

As soon as Lachlan heard the woman say she was sorry he could tell she was about to resist and as her head connected with his she was ready to fight him. As her head connected with his, causing his forehead to split open and yet his hands locked tighter around  her wrist but it became clear to him that the woman wasn’t human when she was able to break the grasp and take hold of his head and smashed it into the window of the van. He pulled his head from the glass purely pissed off now and looking to the window he groaned out “Oh no Louise!” He looked at his partner making sure he was okay before taking off after Tatiana.

Her scent was locked into his nostrils at that point she wasn’t going to make it far if he had his way. He couldn’t risk shifting though as it was broad daylight. He was thankful he worked out a lot it made his human side stronger. His feet picked up speed and soon he was there behind her hopping over the fence. He landed too his feet smoothly as if even in his human form his catlike agility was there, he knew that was the case but it was rather fascinating to him. He growled softly as he forced the anger aside to do what need to be done. He slowly rose to his feet and looked to her.

“How about you stop running and then you won’t get hurt little girl.” He said as he shook out his fist. Honestly she had just pissed him off enough to make him want to fight her. He was bleeding badly from his head, glass was embedded there in the cut. “There is no point in running I will find you. So make it easy on yourself and come with me.” He said as he moved quickly tackling her to the ground, taking her hands and pinning them above her head. “Where is the laptop?” he asked harshly.

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