In some ways, life was really good for him and in others, it was complicated. Jae knew that was just a part of how things went, there were good days and bad days. He and Han had been doing everything they could to make what they had work and it was, they were there for one another through the good and the bad times. They worked through Han’s problem with painting and now he was back to making works of art on a daily basis again, they spent the evenings watching movies and chatting about their day, Jae spent more time at Han’s home than he did at his dorm now and in so many ways he was blissfully happy.

But ever since that day when Jae had come home early only to find out that Han had met someone new, things were different. That wasn’t him being some jealous boyfriend because the star was convinced the male he met was his twin brother. But he could tell whoever this guy was leaving had definitely hurt Han more than he let on. The Celestial was out of the house all the time, searching areas he thought he might be able to find Sunmin and Jae had offered to help too, even though he’d never seen this guy or had any proof he existed. But it was starting to exhaust him, looking for someone who was essentially a ghost and knowing Han wouldn’t rest properly until he found his answers.

So Jae had called Daehuyn and asked to meet, really he just needed someone to talk to that might understand his frustrations, plus Dae was master at finding people who didn’t want to be found so he figured the elder male might have some suggestions. There was a small cafe on the other side of town which he usually met the Niveis whenever he wanted to chat, they whiled away hours there usually and the owner never seemed to mind too much because they were always ordering more coffee. It didn’t take too long for Jae to get to the subway station and make his way over there. He didn’t explain to Dae what he wanted to talk about over the phone because it was a lot but he was glad when the other male agreed to meet him.

Heading up the stairs of the exit station he swiped his pass before heading out onto the streets, entering the little cafe the two of them had claimed as their place and waving hello to the owner before asking for the usual. Iced Americano for Dae and Latte with caramel syrup for him. He took a seat at the table before pulling the painting Han had painted of Sunmin and placing it face up. He figured he may as well ask around if anyone had seen him around this part of the city but after doing a lap of the cafe he was left with the usual story. Nothing. He settled himself back in his seat just in time for a familiar white-haired male to walk through the door, Jae waved slightly to his friend before sliding his coffee over the table towards him with a smile "Feels like a long time since we last got coffee" he mused gently as he waited for Dae to get settled. 

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He wanted to take things off his mind, he really did. Seeing Jae being so upset didn't bode well with the Niveis, why the hell would he want to see his best friend being such a Debbie Downer anyway? Jae was supposed to be the other half that spent 90% of his time convincing Dae not to choke people, so it was weird. "I did not rush over here for you to be such a Debbie Downer" he stared pointedly and shook his head. That was not going to happen."So you and I, we're going to turn this around. It won't solve shit sure… but I hate to break it to you Jae… I am not sticking around for this depressive mood. It sucks the fun out of things and even I can't tolerate it." Coming from someone who finds sleeping as mankind's best redeeming quality? It says a lot. "But hey, you shouldn't feel sorry for being touchy either. You feel what you feel man… if you bottle it up and keep it there for god knows how long, one day you're gonna explode and I don't think you wanna do that in front of Han, of all people either… do you?" Logically speaking, even Dae wouldn't wanna be on the receiving end of that

Jae's sweet but it was clear that the dhampir also had quite the temper to boot. "You hate the power he has over him huh?" he mused softly, Sunmin seemed like he had a high possibility of being Han's brother and as someone with a younger sibling, he knew what Han might be feeling. Especially when the Celestial spent his entire life not knowing that he had someone else. "Shush" he scowled when Jae exposed him like that, god how much he hated when someone has that kind of upper hand on him. Thank god it's only been with a selective few like Jae and Yeon. Yeah, he could tolerate them, for sure. "I'm not about to lie and say I can last in half a year or a year… because that's gonna be the biggest lie ever." He wasn't a relationship kind of guy, he concluded that some time ago. Being attached is already too much of a fuss, he couldn't find himself tying down the knot he didn't even think he had. It sounded absurd to the elder Stormwind. 

"Take pleasure in that" he advised, "on being the strong one. It just means that you are in more control of your life. Maybe today you can be the strongest and maybe in the future, he could do the same for a change. You're still young, Jae. Explore and figure out what you want, there's always room for mistakes too… don't shy away from being young. Youth is not gonna last long, most immortals don't really know how to experience their youth again even if they're eternally a teenager then." Honestly, if Han didn't already swopped for Jae and if the dhampir wasn't so deeply in love with the Celestial, he might even give this notion a try but Jae's always going to be that best friend. He couldn't see past it because he cared about the latter's feelings too much.

 "Chicken and beer is always good" he scoffed and noticed Jae texting on his phone, "telling Snowball not to wait up on you? You sure he's not about to come barging through my door to make sure I'm not doing anything inappropriate to you?" Sounds extra but if there was anything he learned in their weird circle of friends, Han can be quite unpredictable. "God that possibility is like a 70% knowing him."

Jae scrunched his nose when Dae called him a pessimist and shook his head slightly “You know something must really be wrong if Daehyun Stormwind is telling me off for being pessimistic” he commented with a shake of his head though, Dae wasn’t wrong though, getting caught up in the worrying and the wondering if he was good enough wasn’t healthy and only made him feel miserable. The young dhampir wasn’t exactly versed with relationships considering this was his first and he was still trying to figure out all his feelings when it came to things like feeling pushed aside. “I hate being mad at him” he murmured under his breath in agreement with what Dae said, he didn’t want to end up exploding in front of Han, the star was already going through so much and Jae felt like he needed to be the supportive one, but it was harder than it sounded

He nodded when Dae asked about the power Sunmin held over Han “I guess it kinda reminds me of my father, knowing that I might never be good enough in his eyes and yet I will keep chasing for it over and over again, even though I know it will only hurt more in the end” he pressed his lips together and sighed, no one should have to feel the way he did about his father and he hated that Sunmin made Han feel like he didn’t matter like that. Jae lifted his gaze and grinned when Dae tried to shush him because he rightfully pointed out that the niveis and relationships didn’t really get along with one another “I mean if we really want to get down to it, you’d never cross the line into that territory in the first place” which was true, Dae had said himself he had no interest in dating.

Jae nodded slightly, being strong could be a good thing, but feigning strength because you were worried if someone else might fall apart if you didn’t was less so “Sometimes I just want a break from being strong” he confessed in a softer voice, it felt like if let go then everything might explode and he had no idea where that would leave him. Besides, he wasn’t strong when it came to his own truths, hell he was even afraid to tell his sister he had a boyfriend. “I feel guilty because it’s not Han’s fault he is what he is” he commented in a soft voice “But everything about him triggers this constant protectiveness in me and sometimes I just….don’t know how to shut it off” honestly he did feel better just saying this stuff and having it out there in the open, it was therapeutic.

“Beer always tastes so bitter to me” he grumbled under his breath, shaking his head slightly, he never understood why people loved drinking it so much when it tasted so horrible “You’d think the thing everyone looks forward to having on a Friday night would actually taste good” he mused before looking up from his texting “Honestly I’m not even sure he’ll read the message before he crashes after searching all evening but” he shrugged “Better to be safe right” he did chuckle at Dae’s teasing about Han though “Besides, you know better than to try and do something inappropriate” he jested nudging Dae before getting down off the stool he was sitting on “Chicken and alcohol it is then” he nodded, fun evening was what he needed.

A scoff escaped him when Jae expressed his surprise over him calling him a pessimist, especially coming from him, a whole known natural pessimist in the flesh. "Exactly, something must be wrong if I'm calling you one, so take notes Jaesung Moon" he rolled his eyes and shook his head, he loves his friend but sometimes even the Niveis wanted to put the two in one room and leave them to sort things out. "One of these days I'm gonna lock you two in a room and then let you talk it out… or fuck it out, whichever comes first, until I let you out." Knowing Daehyun, that's not impossible. He patted his shoulder and sighed, there was nothing much he could do in this situation, "I can't give you any advice anymore, friend, I'm your friend who has no experience in relationships to start with, not a love expert. But there is something I can do as a friend" he shrugged casually, he could be there as his friend if Jae wanted to whine or even fight. He could do that much.

"He'll figure it out soon, Jae. I think this time we need to give him the space he needs to grow. He had to go through this one way or another. We could only do so much anyway" he would behave as a friend and Jae would behave as his partner. But Dae sincerely believed that Han needed to do this on his own. "Leaving him right now doesn't mean you're abandoning so don't worry. What we're gonna do now is drop this issue and spend the day nicely. I did not get out of bed and go here just to hear you whine" he narrowed his dark hues playfully towards the dhampir, "I expect to enjoy it. Even 1% of it. Not that you're not a good company but Jae, if you don't bring me chicken then you aren't." It was a given that the Niveis was a sucker for chicken and it's the easiest way to his heart. Or nearby anyway. "You're absolutely on point with that, relationships are a no no for me. Sorry." He wouldn't want to even scrape the surface of it. It was too much effort and it wasn't appealing to him. 

"Then take a break Jae… keeping up to people's expectations suck you know…" he was probably speaking out of experience but he didn't like seeing his best friend upset like this. "You're allowed to feel whatever it is you do… you're still human. Half but who the fuck cares…" Though he wasn't the type to stick around and hear people talk about this to him, there were certain exceptions he had given to the people in his life. Jae is definitely one of them. So he just gave him a soft look while he expressed his difficulty. "Did that make you feel better? Saying it out loud? It better because I'm still here." He teased as an attempt to cheer the dhampir up. He wasn't good with feelings or at least he didn't like to cross that area that much. "I don't like it as much. I just do when I eat chicken for some reason. It's the only thing I approve from these… modern trends people do. If you want, we'll replace beer with something else. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage? Take your pick" he chuckled. They got up from their seats and he stretched out his arms, "Man I miss chicken…" He probably just had them a few days ago but knowing the Niveis, he can crave that any day. "Do you known any place that serves good ones?"

Jae sighed, Dae was right, if he kept hanging around the negative notes then he was never going to figure this out with Han and he wanted to because he hated being mad at him. Jae wasn’t even good at being mad at him because the moment the star showed him interest again he knew he would come running for him “You wouldn’t do that” Jae responded though his voice made it sound more like a question than a statement because honestly, Dae probably would do that “Is your solution to everything just to fuck it out?” he questioned raising his brow towards Dae, because he sure did suggest it a lot. Jae chuckled under his breath when Dae said he wasn’t an expert in relationships “You are an expert in making me feel better though” he responded with a sheepish smile, while Dae might not have the answers, he was always hear just to listen and that mattered.

Jae naturally whined a little when Dae said they were going to move on from this topic and stop complaining about it, he was right honestly, what Jae probably needed right now was to stop obsessing over every little thing and realize there was more going on in life than the strains of his relationship. It was okay to forget about it for a little while and just to enjoy his time with his friend. Dae and him didn’t seem to get enough time together, Jae was always busy with studying and the niveis was often out of town chasing some outlaw down that he needed to bring to justice. “You act so cold but we both know you’d be lost without me” he proclaimed with a pointed look in the niveis’ direction. When Jae first met Dae he had been quite secluded, kept to himself mostly but now he was much more open, friendly, he had become someone Jae could rely on.

Jae took a long deep breath and then nodded “I know…I’ve just been trained what people think” he was sure Dae could understand that, he’d talked about his past a few times and while details were scarce, he was essentially forced to do as he was told and like it. Jae pressed his lips together when Dae asked if it made him feel better “It did” he responded with a chuckled and nodded. He just needed to bring it up with someone and have it feel like someone was on his side, because people were rarely on Jae’s side. Jae chuckled and grinned “I wanna get one of those milkshakes with whiskey in it” he spoke with a wry smile “Whenever I have a milkshake Han wants to steal some” he pouted, he sometimes wanted something all to himself. Before long they were walking on the sidewalk “I know a pretty good chicken place, though their queues for tables are usually long so we might need to get take out” he nodded slightly “This way” he instructed before dragging Dae’s arm in the right direction.

When Jae said he wouldn't do that, the niveis couldn't help but scoff and narrowed his dark hues at the dhampir sitting across him, eyeing him like he was really about to judge his entire existence, "Shut up…" he grumbled dismissively and crossed his arms in retaliation. It really does make him look somewhat tame, like a house cat who just got annoyed and frustrated over his owner's foolish antics. Was his solution to fuck it out and hope it would be settled just like that? No. Dae wasn't that insensitive, to say the least. "No. But… sometimes the best way is to avoid wanting to take your responsibilities… let's be real, sometimes we wanna run away from it and replacing it with another thing in your mind works almost all the time." 

He clicked his tongue and shook his head at him playfully as if he was disappointed by his assumption, "I'm not that insensitive, Jae. I'm just unbothered." He couldn't help but think it was the best for him most of the time. There was no point to get yourself so involved in it. He did smile upon hearing he made the dhampir feel somewhat better, that was nice to hear. "That's the reason why I'm still here talking to you and not wringing you across the town square, tiger" he retorted haughtily.  He likes being a good friend to Jae, he was one of the only people who ever bothered to stick out and see what's in his heart. Someone precious indeed. He gave Jae a warning look that told him to shut it and insist they move past the topic when he heard him whine, he didn't wish to talk about it any longer. The pale haired male wanted to get his mind off this issue. 

"Don't rub it in, tiger, someone will hear and then they'll know you're one of my weaknesses and use you against me" he joked, "What if someone comes after you because of me hm? You know me and my… affinity with making friends" And by that, of course he meant his really good friends that wanted nothing more but to Bury him 6 feet under if they could. He led a risky life, enemies were everywhere but the small part that he could enjoy at being normal, like having good friends such as Jae, that part makes him want to revel in it a while longer. "Well I should train you not to care what people think then" Daehyun was a master at concealing his own emotions in front of people. He looks like a blank or grumpy person most of the time for a reason. 

Dae raised his eyebrows skeptically the moment he heard what came out of his mouth, and if he was drinking he would've choked on them, "Say what now? Milkshakes with whiskey huh? You sure do like to kick things up a notch and surprise me sometimes. Last time I tried to convince you to try the Irish Bomb, you flat out said I ruined your taste buds" he teased cheekily, he could recall that day very clearly. "Take out is fine, we wanna head back to my place anyway, you know how I am with humans anyway" there was an ongoing inside joke where Dae didn't like crowded places, which they Niveis really doesn't, unless he was really feeling it. "Ugh it's been forever since we had time to ourselves…" They have been so busy it was almost impossible to meet.

Jae laughed under his breath when Dae told him to shut up, before narrowing his gaze as though to question the other male “Running away doesn’t work forever, sooner or later things get real and then you’re stuck in the middle of it” the pointed look Jae gave Dae said more than he needed to say because it was evident the younger male was implying that one day someone was going to come along and make Dae wanna get serious. “So your go-to distraction is sex and if that doesn’t work you go chase down some criminals huh?” Dae was pretty much king of avoiding reality.

The dhampir had a wry smile on his lips when Dae said he wasn’t insensitive “You could make anyone else believe you were” he commented rather bluntly, Dae could be direct, especially when he didn’t like someone. “I’m too cute for you to attack” he commented and raised his brows towards the Niveis, the other male had a soft spot for Jae and he knew it and used it to his own advantage most of the time. “They wouldn’t dare, no one sane gets on your bad side” he commented shaking his head slightly in amusement, Dae might not be the tallest or biggest guy but one glare from him and people almost immediately backed down. The niveis had a scary temper and wasn’t afraid to show it.

“You do realize I can hold my own too right?” he raised his brows “Just because I’m not up for picking a fight every time someone makes a bad comment doesn’t mean I can’t win” after all, him and Dae were much more evenly matched when they sparred nowadays and Jae had been working hard on getting stronger. Jae scoffed a little when Dae said he should train the dhampir not to care so much “Good luck with that, my entire upbringing revolved around caring what everyone thought...constantly” he sighed under his breath, he wished he could let it go but there would always be a part of him. The important thing was no longer allowing it to rule his life.

Jae laughed, blushing slightly when Dae called out that Jae wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of alcohol “Hey alcohol in Korea is literally designed to make it so you can barely taste it, not all of us can handle the liquor” he shook his head slightly, soju was much easier to drink because it just tasted fruity and sweet, though it was dangerous because you could easily drink too much. “Only humans?” he teased playfully as they talked along, before long they were coming up to the takeout window of the restaurant, the queue didn’t take too long “Doesn’t help that you’re always out hunting” he commented with a wry smile “Or preoccupied with Yeon” when they got to the window Jae picked out his favorite fried chicken meal and ordered it.

Jae kept giving him points that he couldn't even deny. Damn him for being perceptive and smart like that. So all the niveis could do is narrow his gaze at the male and grumble, "As long as I think I can still run away then I'll do exactly that" Daehyun is a stubborn person and he knows the dhampir understood that persistent part of him. It annoys him too but it's also a habit. He felt like Jae just called him out on his lifestyle choices which sounded a bit bleh now that he listed it out, "One, I feel attacked. Two, what's wrong with sex and… chasing down outlaws who deserve it? And not to mention, you get paid for hunting those scums. What a better place this world would be" he huffed, admittedly he did get some sort of gratification by hunting said people down. 

His poker face and emotionless self might fool others into thinking he didn't care about a lot of things but Jae and very few others would know he's far from that. When Jae said he was too cute to be attacked, he scoffed and pinched the dhampir's cheeks just for the sake of teasing him. "Damn right nobody's sane enough to get on my bad side" Dae really made sure to show that he's not all talk either. He ruffled Jae's hair and squeezed his shoulder playfully, "You know what I mean, besides… why get your hands dirty when someone else can do it for you" he winked and chuckled, he may not say it out loud but he was willing to do a lot for Jae. "And you are strong, last time when I told you not to dial down your punches, you landed a clean hook…" he could feel it that day, Jae ended up apologising but was also chuckling. Suffice to say, he was very proud to see the dhampir improving. 

"I would say to stop caring but since that's not gonna work because you're you, we'll just have to toughen this shell" he pat his back and wrapped one arm around him, Dae had a smaller build but his shoulders and chest were pretty broad for someone like him since he works out despite his lazy self. Even then, it was clear who's the bigger one out for the two, even when he's with Han, Jae looked bigger even when they knew the celestial works out the most out of the four of them. He saw a sign that highlighted the place's name he thought to be the chicken place Jae was raving about, "I'm giving myself 10 minutes maximum being surrounded by those people before I go crazy" he said and peeked in to see the amount of people sitting at their tables. "Thank god we're only getting takeout… how do you even handle this kind of crowd?"

Jae gave a slightly sad smile at the prospect of Dae always running away whenever he could, sometimes he saw this look in Dae’s eyes that spoke about wanting to stay, wanting to matter but it was fleeting before he brushed it off and pretended like it never happened. He chuckled when the niveis commented that he felt attacked by his suggestion that he solved all his problems with the same two things “I never said there was anything wrong with it” he responded and shrugged his shoulders slightly “Though I’m sure there are more things you could add to the list if you looked for them” he suggested before shrugging his shoulders slightly “Your job does sound kinda fun though” he commented with a grin.

Jae shook his head playfully when Dae smugly spoke about people not being sane enough to get on his bad side “True that, I swear you have a look in your eyes like you’re about to plan a 5 generation murder sometimes” he didn’t think he’d actually go through with it but the thought was definitely there. The dhampir nudged the niveis a little with his shoulder when he mentioned how you could get someone else to take care of your fights for you “I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt because of me” he commented, nibbling on his bottom lip as he thought about it “I’ve been practicing a lot...I never want to feel weak again...I want to be sure I can do something when it comes down to protecting those I love” protecting Han he meant really.

Jae rolled his eyes slightly and shrugged “Caring isn’t a complete sin you know, at least it means I have a good heart” even if it could be a little fragile it meant he cherished those who meant something to them and was empathetic to their struggles. Before long they had made it to the restaurant “And yet you make the time to hang out with me” he commented with a wry smile, he did feel special to know he meant something to the other male, he still wasn’t really sure what he did to earn that spot. “You just have to ignore them” he commented and shrugged “No one really cares you’re there after all” before long they had a brown paper bag filled with the food and were on their way towards Dae’s place. “You wanna watch a movie tonight?” he questioned curiously.

He saw the smile he gave him and chose to ignore the feelings inside him. He didn't always want to run, but it was just something he was too used to doing because what else is there to tie him down to stay? Nothing. He didn't like being pitiful and being sympathized by someone else, especially his best friend, is even worse. But somehow, he didn't mind this time. "My job is fun" he scoffed, being a bounty hunter is not a job anyone else would take without thinking twice about it but Dae did. "I can't believe I spent years not knowing hunting humans could be so fun…" he especially kept a track record of his time just to see if he could beat his personal best every once in a while. It was a challenge that kept the adrenaline going. "My job gives me a good reputation among my clients though" they know he could get it done and wouldn't allow any personal attachments get in the way of it. 

"Though I'll be honest, I'm not sure how long I'll be doing this job" at one point, he had to stop, right? "5 generations is excessive, please. Bold of you to assume I would allow their line to stretch that far to 5 generations…" he mumbled and shook his head, it was a joke of course. He may dirty his hand but he could never dare kill an innocent. It was against his code of ethics, and the niveis believed every man should have one to keep themselves afloat and not lose themselves along the way. So far, it has kept him up pretty well. His eyes softened considerably when he heard Jae express how he didn't want to be a burden to anyone else and didn't wish to be weak anymore. "You've improved quite well, Jae. Before long, they're gonna have their asses handed over them by you." He knew having a Celestial boyfriend could not have been easy, Han would be in constant danger somehow and that is a threat to the couple. 

He wasn't a dhampir instructor so he couldn't possibly know their techniques but he's a niveis who served as a one of the personal guards to a tyrant who had a cold heart. And he wasn't all clean either. "Having a good heart and being too caring could be two different things, don't you know that" he rolled his eyes at his admittance and grumbled, "You can be a decent person and just mind your own business. It's called being smart. You should take a few classes on self-preservation." He pursed his lips and bit them absentmindedly, "I'm not telling you to stop caring but maybe don't let it overpower you next time. Learn to control what you can do and make use of it, be your own strength." But Jae is a really good person so Dae could see how that could prove to be hard for the dhampir. "Don’t push it" he narrowed his dark hues onto the other male and scowled playfully. 

"It's easier said than done" he mumbled, he hated crowded spaces because there was bound to be someone who would end up brushing against him and Dae had a respect for personal space when it matters to him. He hates it when people touch him without his permission. "Horror. I called it. I want to watch something scary… suggestions, go" Dae was testing his knowledge on any good horror movies as they make their way back.

Jae shared a bond with Dae by now and that meant he cared what the niveis was going through and he hoped that things had changed for him, that he knew there were people here who cared about him and wanted him to stay “So much travelling though, you must be exhausted basically all of the time” he commented shaking his head slightly, even wings couldn’t make needing to get out and chase someone at the drop of a hat easy, he was sure of that much. “A reputation huh? Who knew you needed more of one” he commented and raised his brows playfully, Dae confident after all, he definitely commanded his own presence.

“What will you do instead?” Jae asked curiously, the role seemed to fit Dae but the dhampir had to be honest, he couldn’t think of a hobby Dae had which he could turn into a different career and the niveis certainly didn’t seem like the type to want to work a job that didn’t interest him. “Oh no you’d let them live 5 generations just to take it all away” he commented with a coy smile, Dae was cunning like that, it could be pretty scary sometimes if you were ever on the wrong side of it. “I hope so...when it comes to my own safety it’ know...but when someone needed me and I couldn’t be of any help...that was hard” watching someone you care about get hurt was quite literally one of the scariest things in the world to him.

He shrugged slightly “I think they’re pretty linked if you ask me...most people care Dae, but not everyone is able to show it the same way” despite the fact the icy male acted nonchalant, the dhampir knew how he took care of those that mattered to him, in a way more dedicated than a lot of people he knew. He got the feeling he could always rely on him to be there no matter what “Self-preservation isn’t my strongsuit...other people matter too much to me and you know how I can get when it comes down to the wire” Jae was the type of person to dive bravely headfirst into things and then worry about the consequences later. Their methods were different but their goals were the same in the end “You let me push it” he jested back and poked out his tongue playfully in response to his scowl.

“Well at least we don’t have to stay for long huh?” he chuckled before grabbing the food from the window and thanking the clerk before falling into step alongside the niveis, he quite enjoyed talking walks in the city and watching the world rush by. Jae sighed when Dae called for them to watch a horror movie, he always got spooked by them while the niveis was laughing, he chewed his lip as he considered it “I heard a quiet place was supposed to be good?” he raised his brows questioningly.

It was hard to tell Dae to change his mind about something because when the niveis has his head set on something, he rarely changes it. But that was before he found people who actually wanted him to stay and care for him. Unfortunately, to the pale-haired male, it was simply not enough of a compelling reason to get to stay. Perhaps in another lifetime, who knows? "You get used to it, my job requires me to fly around frequently anyway… clients everywhere in the world, man. They keep running with their… tiny little feet." Sometimes it amuses him greatly how they still tried to run away from him. He would let them go for a while just to make things more interesting and spicier, though they do end up being in his grasp by the end of the day. There's a reason why Daehyun never had an empty record in the archives. "Oh I like my reputation when it matters, Jae." Good or bad, he didn't care about that. 

As long as people don't mess with him and pick unnecessary fights with him, he'll be fine. They'll be fine. When asked what he would be doing, Dae pursed his lips and shrugged absentmindedly, "Who knows, maybe I'll pick up some woodwork." He is skillful with his hands after all. In more ways than one. He is always fixing the things Yeon and he broke when they get passionate in their humble abode. It was almost a routine. And to be honest, the niveis enjoyed putting his mind and time to do that. He even watched a video of people knitting because it looked promising but knew he would be impatient if he messes up. "See, you're spot on, you know me Jae, I'll do that" he actually would. His attitude does give off the kind of vibe that Daehyun Stormwind is. He doesn't give a damn now nor will he ever. And if you piss him off, he would have a fun time making you apologize for it. "One day you'll be a real someone in someone's situation and realize how stupid this conversation is when you look back at it" he exclaimed bluntly, he was just putting it out there. 

"No point in worrying over something you can't control, you're gonna be great Jae." Training would only make him even more relentless. Not to mention, the dhampir had a temper to him. He scoffed when he heard him say people do care, "they sure have a suckish way of showing it, you're right. People are so fucking complicated." That's where Jae and Dae were different, the niveis was good at self-preservation, it's literally the basis of how he managed to survive this long despite his rebellious tendencies and sharp tongue. But he couldn't ask Jae to just do the same either, his big heart is what makes him so different. "You're so caring" he muttered under his breath, as if voicing his disbelief, he could never understand it. "I can't believe I'm letting someone stick their tongue out to me and it's not down my throat" he grumbled and shook his head. The things he wouldn't do to a friend like that. "Thank god…" he waited for him to get the food and as soon as they were able to get away, Dae was the first to exit the place. "I've seen the preview, they said it packs up a good deal, let's watch that and find out if it was worth the hype. You're gonna end up sleeping hugging me because you're afraid the monster will get you and I get to tell you I told you so." 

He nodded slightly when Dae said you got used to the routine of needing to chase people down “I’m sure it pays well enough to convince you to get out of bed anyway” he commented with a chuckle, if Dae enjoyed the work and it kept him occupied that seemed like a win considering Dae could be especially cranky when he was bored. Jae raised his brows when Dae bragged a little about his own reputation “That seems more like Yeon’s domain” the valkyr had to keep face after all and he was a public figure in his company and yet he seemed to have this reputation which lifted him over everyone.

“Woodwork sounds fun” he commented in a curious manner because he didn’t know Dae was good at something like that “What would you make though? A birdhouse seems a little on the nose” considering Han always teased the niveis and called him an icy bird to piss him off. If Jae was going to make something he thought he’d make a really comfortable chair that could be used for many years, that seemed like a good investment of time at least. Jae rolled his eyes playfully when Dae praised him for knowing him well “I swear you and Yeon could team up and plan an entire scheme to take over the world and it’d actually work” they were both sneaky and focused around their own wants, if they teamed up they’d be unstoppable.

Jae grumbled a little under his breath when Dae pointed out this whole conversation could end up being completely pointless because he thought the dhampir would be good at protecting others “You never experienced getting stabbed by a bunch of masked kidnappers” he mumbled under his breath, it was still sore in his mind and he never wanted to feel like that again. “You like that about me” Jae pointed out when Dae said he was too caring “You needed someone to stick around and give a crap about you” he commented and shook his head slightly, he knew deep down that Dae couldn’t be content with being alone all the time. Jae smirked when Dae spoke about letting someone get away with being rude and rolled his eyes “You’re so hard done by” he teased playfully.

He nodded when they agreed on a movie, keeping up with the niveis as they walked towards Dae’s place, Jae liked going there when he needed to let off steam because it was always just Dae there, no one else to worry about overhearing “You said we had to watch a horror” he commented and pouted when Dae pointed out he was a scaredy-cat.

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