To say she was playing with fire would be an understatement.

First with the detective Grayson and now with this FBI, Lex found herself coming under the radar of not one but two law enforcements- both who simply could not be bribed. There was nothing that annoyed her more than a rigid moralist. All her life, she had experienced how everything and everyone had a price and when these two didn't exactly follow the norm, Lex knew she had to be devious in her schemes.

She now had Gray's phone data to hack and that task had gone without a hitch. But Marcos proved to be more difficult. He had incriminating papers, not exactly against her but against her gang and when her gramps had called her to get it from him, she had told him it would be a piece of cake.

Lex was now mincing her words. The con wasn't itself hard, they had done much much worse but the socialising part was grating on her nerves. She didn't do friends and wasn't, in reality, a very friendly person. But like with everything else, she successfully played the part.

It was why, instead of relaxing with Netflix, Alexa was now sitting in the restaurant, sipping on her oreo milkshake, waiting for her FBI 'friend' to show up. Not many knew that the Diviner had a wretched sweet tooth and a penchant for eating candies. None would associate her profession with such a habit and if her gang were to figure it out, there would be no end to the teasing she'd have to endure. 

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Lately, that’s how the Nephilim’s cases had felt like. Marcos had been in the FBI business, for a long while now; and nothing proved as hard and as challenging, as missions that led to a dead end; where the evidence didn’t point to a clear suspect. He had re-opened up an older case; that one seemed to be solved a few years back. When more evidence seemed to pop up, relating to the said case; Marcos had begun to dig in. He wouldn’t let it rest. It wasn’t like him to let things go so easily. Especially not with his job.

Today, he was meeting up with an old ‘friend.’ Whom just happened to be the con-artist and person in question, whom he was trying to find out. With Alexa’s skills; that information was not yet revealed to the Nephilim.

After driving to the restaurant; where they had agreed to meet up. Marcos parked his car, in one of the free parking spaces nearby. It was still early in the day; so luckily it wasn’t overly packed with people. Seeing the familiar brunette, at a table, when he walked inside. Marco headed in her direction. “I see you already beat me here.” he chuckled. “Been waiting long?” Hopefully, he wasn’t too late. Unless, she was just early.

She couldn't understand why she hadn't left Evermore yet. Usually, their gang had a policy of leaving the town after a few successful cons. While they were exceptionally good at what they did, they weren't invincible and hence, they did not often tempt fate in that manner.

Unlike her. 

None of them fraternised with the enemy or cooly sit having coffee with them. But here she was, playing the innocent friend of the freaking FBI. 

"Nah. I'd have annoyed you over text if that had been the case. I just got here myself and decided to order. These are very good!" Lifting up her milkshake in his direction. "So what's been up with you? Got some good stories for me?"

It was incredibly tempting for her to ask him if he knew anything about Graydon but decided to play that card later. She wanted to appear like the friendly inquisitive type, someone who had seen far too many FBI movies and now had notes and hyptheticals to compare.

The Nephilim chuckled, shaking his head. Yep, That was Alexa for you. “Mhh, charming. You could have just called me none-stop, sure the repetitive ring-tone; would have given me the message.” he teased, as he sat down. Shrugging off his jacket, to set it on the back of his chair. He had been feeling a little hot, from his car and the inside of the cafe felt rather warm. Not wanting to be more suffocated from the incoming heat. 

It didn’t surprise him, that Alexa had already ordered something without him being present. “Mhh, might try that and see if it’s for my liking.” Waving the waitress over. The Italian-English Nephilim ordered himself a milkshake aswell; trying a different flavor than Alexa’s. Going for Chocolate with a hint of mint. “Well if you call me trying to impress a girl, with my lack of cooking my sister would call it, something interesting...than yes.” Marcos joked. It’s not that he couldn’t cook. Most of the time he could cook...but the mess he caused when cooking, was something else. Which is why his baby sister resorted to being the one in the kitchen, in fear that one day he’d cause something to blow up...or just burry the entire kitchen under the pile of mess, he was causing. It caused some humorous sibling arguments between the pair, more often than not.

When the waitress brought over his drink. The Nephilim flashed a smile her way, thanking her.

“Would you like the food menu’s now?” she asked. With the pair of them being there now. The waitress wondered if she could be of more service to the pair of them.

Sitting opposite him, she couldn't help by marvel at how different their lives really were. The concept of family was foreign to her, the luxury of relaxing and meeting friends at coffee shops, something out of the norm, heck the concept of friend itself had been strange to her. Her musings, however, wasn't nostalgic. She didn't long for the things she never had but rather seeked to better those she possessed now. 

Her limited experience of FBI had generated an idea of tough, ruthless law enforcers, but the man in front of her seemed neither ruthless nor tough. If anything, he just seemed like a nice guy trying to make things better. A nice, innocent guy but not harmless. It made Alexa wonder if he ever broke the rules if indeed, he could ever be tempted to break the rules.

"Marcos, älskling, there are degrees of annoying people. If you would have been 5 minutes late, it would be texts. At 15, it would be your calls and at 30..." she sported an impish smile, "at 30...well let's hope you never find out what would happen to you if you keep me waiting for half an hour

Slipping her shake, Lex smiled at his easy manners, her grin widening at his confession. "That was a smart move. I bet your girl went all-soft eyed, melting at your failed attempts while shaking her head at the notion of men and kitchen not mixing. Is that what happened? I bet you got your reward all right" With a playful wink to insinuate the not-so-innocent meaning of reward, Lex returned to playing with the straw. 

A devious idea was forming in her head, and she was phrasing words to make her statements convincing. "When are you going to let me sample your Italian cooking? Don't tell me that is one skill reserved just for your girl, and not your friends. I will be so disappointed" She threw in a pout for good measure, her eyes taking on a chastising look. If he would invite her back to his place, it would make a perfect opportunity to scan his house. Maybe, she could even ply him some extra alcohol to make it easy to snoop. Although his major case files would be at the FBI centre, his laptop and other things could be around. That would certainly make a great start. 

As their waitress came around to take their order, Lexi ordered a grilled cheese sandwich for herself. As Marcos spoke his order, she began thinking of turning the conversation more towards his career. Taking on the tone of a curious friend, she placed her chin in her hands, giving him a friendly smile. "I was watching a movie last night, and I can't even begin to understand how difficult your job must really be. Why did you do it though? Why become an FBI?"

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