Lachlan sat at the massive computer setup he manage to convince the police commissioner to provide him, he slowly was coding a new program for the department to help find missing people around Evermore while using the FBI missing people/wanted people database. He looked at the code tilting his head slightly as he then click the run button to test it out. He leaned back knowing it could take a while looking around to his team as one of them worked on filling out paperwork from their last mission out, the other working on links for a current case.

The ding ding from his computer drew his attention back to the program and he gasped softly as it looked like it had already worked on finding someone who was placed in the system as a missing person, considered to be held captive against her will. The photo of an ATM camera that caught the woman, he studied her face before printing out the photo with the info of the missing woman. He pulled his jacket from the chair “I will be back.” he said to his team. He wanted to see if he could find the woman alone. He would call for backup if it was needed.

Lachlan found himself wandering the streets along where the ATM had been that caught her. He walked the direction he saw her walk off for a moment smelling the air in hopes something would stick out to him. He paused slightly in his search as the scent that caught him was strange. The scent was a mixture of many things there was a spark, but also coldness, along with Metallicness, then there was a lightness but it came with a heaviness to it, lastly there was a sickeningly sweet smell of knowledge that leaked into the air. He was so caught off by the scent he began to follow it.

Most species have a specific scent to them and he could tell what most people were by their scent especially since he worked with many different kinds of species and yet this, this was something he had never smelled and if it wasn’t i the middle of the city he would have shifted to follow it. He moved to the apartments then drew closer to the scent and he noticed the scent was coming from the woman he was looking for anyways, he drew closer and before he had a moment to think the words left his mouth as if he had no control over himself “What are you?” he asked the woman, whose photo was in his hand as he stared to her.

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So far the Privus had done a pretty good job at staying in the shadows, they were careful about who they communicated with and who they revealed their powers to, if they did at all reveal their identity. Most of them, much like Rosalyn, liked to pretend to be normal untapped Initia's, the Radix kind, so people wouldn't question if they did happen to be encounter a supernatural.

However, one thing the female was unable to erase was her face from the police database. Back when she went missing from New York, her parents had done the least that was expected of them - file a missing report, and that was the limit to their worries. However, for some reason she was unable to hack into the FBI database and erase herself and she was too stubborn to ask Rowan for help.

Slipping out of the ATM booth, Rosalyn pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her dark brown locks, slipping the amount of cash that may or may not belong to her into the baggy pockets of her pants before she started walking in the direction of the penthouse. It was a long route away from home but Rosalyn enjoyed the walk around the city at this time of the night, it gave her some peace and quiet and time to think.

Soon however she felt a presence behind her. At first the Privus Magister shook it off as paranoia, but as she rounded a turn into an alley, the female could distinctively sense the aura of another following her. She walked from one alley to another, trying to lose his trail but realising that an empty street late at night wasn't exactly the best way to get rid of a stalker, the female stopped in her tracks and turned around on her heels.

The man's voice was mixed with confusion and unlike what she had been expecting. Raising an eyebrow, Rosalyn tilted her head to the side, "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" She queried, taking a step in his direction, "Since you're the one stalking me." Closing her eyes for a moment just to make sure she could sense no other auras, the female then continued, "By the way, it's incredibly rude to follow a woman alone at night."

Lachlan stared at her for a long moment, She was rather beautiful, he would be a blind man not to see the beauty she held. But with that beauty there was a lot of hurt behind those oceanic eyes.  Yet the dark tone Therian found himself in pause as she turned around in her tracks leveling her gaze to him and for once the man didn’t have a witty comeback but rather he looked at her completely dumbfound.

It took the Therian a moment to let the words to process and it caused him to raise his brow in return to her “I am not stalking you… per say.” He said as he reached into his shoulder bag pulling out his tablet and with a swipe of his finger he pulled p the missing person photo. “Your image was picked up by a ATM camera and pinged Evermore Police department saying  you reselmed a missing child that was taken twenty years back from the FBI database.”

He took a step closer “I didn’t mean to scare you darlin’ I just figured if there was a chance you were this missing person and you were being held captive that maybe I could intervene.” He said feeling foolish all of a sudden, with the killer loose in Evermore Lachlan need some kind of control once again. It was a feeble attempt.  He looked down to the computer generated image “I must ask though, what your name is? So I can confirm that this isn’t you.” He was careful not to show her the name of the missing person report.

He was still just looking at her in small increments. “I am special agent Lachlan, I work on a special team with Evermore PD. please feel free to call me Lock.” he flashed her his badge so that she knew he was a legitimate officer of the law “I am sorry if you felt uncomfortable… I ah got side tracked to be honest and just followed the scent, that is confusing my sense.” He tried to focus on her again and once again uttered lowly “What are you?” He shook his head focusing back on the tablet as he tuned into his supernatural hearing to notice if any part of her fluttered telling him a lie. “If you will kindly tell me your name and then you can be on your way for the evening."

It wasn't the first time Rosalyn had attracted attention with her looks. She was not a stranger to men, and sometimes women, fumbling with words in her presence. Davis would often tease her about her looks back when they were young, saying that she could get anything done by a simple batting of her eyes. And that is exactly what Rosalyn thought of her beauty as. She didn't strut around, claiming to win beauty pageants but used her looks as a weapon to lure anyone in.

She waited as the male tried to justify his actions, with a simple raise of her thin brows, pursing her lips into a thin line as she listened to him. "What kidnapped person in their right mind would go to an ATM the first thing they escape?" The Privus Magister questioned, shaking her head. Taking a step in the male's direction, she reduced the distance between them.

"Sorry to disappoint, love." The female chuckled dryly, rolling her shoulders back. She was almost worried the man knew who she was until he mentioned that the victim was kidnapped 20 years ago. "Clearly not a missing person." She clarified, gesturing to herself. "Though I'm sure the nation appreciates your efforts."

As the man began to speak about how he was an officer of the law, Rosalyn eased her brows back with a hint of a boredom. "If you said 'special' one more time, I would have pretended to be the missing kid just to make you stop." She sighed with a shake of her head. However, she bit back her tongue when he mentioned following her scent. So he was either a vampire or a lycan, she concluded to herself and weighing the options in her mind, chose to make light of his question instead of answering what species she was. "Most people ask me that in a different context, but I guess this works too."

Without skipping a beat, she folded her arms across her chest and told him her name. "Rosa." She paused, her gaze moving from the tablet to his rugged features, "Rosa Sterling." With that, the Privus Magister took a step back, "Is that all, Special Agent Lachlan?" She queried, however a part of her was suddenly invested in finding out who this missing girl was. She hadn't been familiar with this feeling of selflessness in a long time and Rosalyn tried her best to push it away and stand in front of the male, ready to walk away as soon as he gave her the thumbs up.

“Some kidnappers use their victims for thing like getting cash under different names in times of desperation, or the captive themselves will do it as a hell mary in order to get the attention of  law enforcement.” He said as his eyes held her gaze for a long moment his noses and sense still going crazy at her scent, it was drawing him in more than her looks. While yes she was a beautiful woman it was never something that drove him before.

He was still paused where he stood when she took a step closer his mind working a mile a minute trying to place all the scents that radiate through her. It was disappointing to him that she wasn’t the young girl that had went missing 20 years ago. His eyes hung to her for a moment “Well clearly you are not this missing person.” he said slightly giving a slight roll to his eyes at her sarcasm that seemed to leak from her as if it was second nature.

He watched her take a longer moment to answer about her scent then it should have taken. “Different context meaning it has happened quite often.” he said softly. This time taking a step to her then she to him as she gave her name. “Rosa Sterling.” he said to himself to commit to memory so he could do a deep dive of her later and see if he could find out what she was as she did not seem to be too forward with the information herself.

Though in a town like this he couldn’t say he fully blamed her. He closed the tablet for a moment, sliding it into the messager bag that was hung over him. Watching how she took a step back from him. “You are free to leave, I am sorry if I interrupted your night.” He took a step back and turned fully to walk away before pausing again. The smell of electricity in the air did far more to intrigue him then he was willing to admit out loud. He figured it was a long shot but the worst that could happen was the woman rejected him.

“You know Rosa.” He said turning back around to her. “I am still rather new in town the only people I know I work with. I have found drinking with them can be a rather bad idea.” he gave out a slight chuckle as he shrugged. Though he was a big guy standing at six foot eight, he was not weak by any means but he was a little more on the dorky side outside of his work life. “Think you could show me a place to get a decent drink? I will gladly pay for one or two for you in return if you do.” he give a wide crooked grin to her. “Really you would be saving my life.”

Rosalyn stood in front of him for a moment, listening to what he had to say. It made sense, she wasn't much into the whole police-criminal banter, but she had to admit having this man as an acquaintance would probably help if she ever had to, well, kidnap someone for information. Perhaps entertaining him wasn't a bad idea.

She smirked, her step forward was a clear tactic of intimidation and she enjoyed the effect she had on the male, raising a brow as he cleared her of being the mission person, "Did your five years in police academy help you come up with that conclusion?" She teased, the humour evident in her tone as opposed to the sarcasm that could be easily misunderstood in the words she had chosen.

However, at the question of her scent, Rosalyn was taken aback. Of course, heightened senses were a pain in her ass when it came to hiding her identity, so she tried to sweep the conversation under the rug as nonchalantly as possible, hoping the male wouldn't press further. "It has. Just as often as curiosity killed the cat." She reminded, this time an underlying threat in her voice that was hard to miss. If he had any inkling of who she really was, he would be an obstacle in the Privus Magister's path and thus, needed to be taken care of which for some reason she wasn't keen on doing. After all, making a policeman disappear had its consequences.

She was ready to leave, turning on her heels and walking away as fast as possible when a thought struck her mind right on cue with him calling out her name. She chuckled at his words, a smirk tilting up the corners of her lips as she listened. The brunette had given the man her name and with the amount of curiosity he was radiating, she was sure he would find out more about her than she wanted once the two parted ways. The only way to fix that was making acquaintance of the man and quenching his curiosity with information that may or may not be made up.

"Is this some police tactic to double-check I'm a criminal or not," She continued teasingly, "Or do you have a tendency to buy every passerby a drink?" Chuckling, the woman looked over her shoulder once, trying to recall a good bar nearby before turning her attention to him, "Well there is one just down the corner but I'll have to warn you." Running her fingers through her ebony hair, Rosalyn pursed her lips together, "They hate cops so we're gonna have to go...what do you call it..." The teasing smirk was now in full glow, "Undercover."

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