The moon cast an eerie glow on Christian Jeon's skin as he sang into his microphone. This particular song was his favorite because his bandmates had let him throw a few verses of Korean into the song. Singing those verses always made him feel like he was home in Seoul. After switching back to English in the chorus, he took a step back like he was supposed to in this song, not knowing that the edge of the stage was behind him.  

All Tian heard before he fell was the screams of several thousand fans, Jace rapping and the other boys' shoes squeaking on the stage. The bodyguards weren't paying attention because they were supposed to be keeping an eye on the fans in case they got rowdy or something and the cameraman was supposed to be filming. 

Tian hit the ground hard and yelled as his leg twisted in an unnatural way. He heard the snap before he felt it. It sounded like a gunshot. His bandmates were still singing and hadn't noticed that Tian had fallen until Jace looked up and noticed that Tian was not in his usual position on the stage. 

Tian was slipping into unconsciousness because he had hit his head on the side of the stage. His bandmates were screaming and the crowd had gone deathly silent. 

"He's bleeding! Everyone, we need an ambulance!" Tian's bandmate Jace yelled loudly and one of the fans closest to them yelped and immediately dialed 911. Of course, Jace could heal him, but he didn't want to risk that right now. 

The ambulance arrived several minutes later and they loaded Tian into the ambulance and sped to the hospital. As soon as they arrived the paramedic yelled out as they waited for someone to come and get Tian. 

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