It was late and after hours. However, she still found herself working in her lab. More-so, she was working off the click for a friend. Asking to look into someone, as she had the necessary means to. Hoping she’d get some kind of lead out of this. Taking her index finger as she pushed her glasses back up on her nose. Pen in hand as she scribbled down on a piece of paper; an address to be precise. ‘1619 Walnut Lane.’ It was a speak-easy that everyone loved to go to on a night-out. If she was honest, Charlie couldn’t remember the last time she had a night-out. Work was always more important at the end of the day. Nevertheless. This was a favor for a friend and a possible lead for the ECPD. It was something that she had to follow through. Glancing over at the time on her computer as it read. ‘7:30 pm’

Before she knew it, a ‘ping!’ sound had gone off. Blue hues glanced over at the phone. The name ‘Verzella’ appeared with a text message: ‘Please don’t forget about dinner again. You promised me. We need to talk.’ with a sigh, teeth biting down on her lip. A quick response. ‘Running an errand for a friend. I’ll be there soon.’ it probably wasn’t the response her sister was hoping for, but at least she was still attempting to make it.. right? Her relationship with her sister had been rocky at first, but over the years. It managed to smooth itself out. However, since she had gotten this job. It seemed to take priority over family. Not that Charlie would ever care to admit that to herself. Often feeling bad, but work is what pays the bills. ‘don’t hate me, okay? something important came up.’ insert an emoji. Sending yet another text message in an attempt to smooth things over.  Her sister probably wouldn’t understand, but this needed to be done.

Grabbing the note off the sticky pad, crumbling it up as she placed it in her jacket pocket that draped over her pink dress. ‘Sorry, Laine.’ mumbling to herself as she also grabbed her phone. Thankfully, this place wasn’t too far down the road to where she was able to walk; able to leave her car parked in the ECPD parking lot. The person she was looking for, she had a rough idea of what he looked like from the picture her friend showed. Tall, brown messy hair. Owner of the speak-easy. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? It described almost every male in Evermore. Shoes scuffing against the pavement as she started to walk. A chill breeze came about. It was that time of the year where the weather couldn’t make up its mind on whether it wanted to be cold or hot. Personally, she’d prefer it to be hot, but not too hot. Hands shoved into both her jacket pockets.

The speak-easy was right in sight. It seemed rather busy for this time of night. Charlie had never been to a speak-easy before. There was a first time for everything. Digits grasping on the door to open. A rush of laughter and chatter had filled her ears. Closing the door behind her as her optics glanced around the place. It almost seemed too crowded to actually find the person that was needed. ‘Excuse me.’ someone said as they wanted to get around, almost shoving her to the side. This certainly wasn’t her type of place. Quickly pulling out her phone in order to pull up her friend’s text message once again that had the picture of the man she had been looking for. At first glance, he seemed like your everyday normal guy, who just so happened to run a speak-easy. With these speak-easy, rumors had floated around that it was more than just that, hence why she was here, in attempt to get some answers.

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The cool November evening started just like any other. The Greek Celestial woke around 6pm as per usual, and began to get ready. There was going to be an event at the nightclub he owned tonight—a special guest DJ was coming to play, and he had to be there as soon as possible to ensure everything was set up right. That in mind, Sirius quickened his pace, and soon left his apartment to hurriedly make his way to the elevator and down to the lobby of his lavish apartment building. Nodding a greeting to the guard, he'd tug up the collar of his navy-blue pea coat, and begin the short walk it would take to reach the club.

The nightclub was located in the heart of the city of Evermore. It was easy enough to find, once you knew where to look. The way in was hidden in a rather unassuming dark alleyway--a cliché, no doubt, but Sirius found that it added to the charm and allure of an underground club. You'd know you were in the right place when you found a rusted steel door. You wouldn't be able to hear the music from outside, unless you were one of the supernatural species with heightened hearing. That was because the real location of the club actually underground. After getting past the bouncer, one would have to make their way down a flight of stairs before passing through black velvet curtains, cloaking an carved archway. There, one would find "The Siren's Cove," Sirius's pride and joy in Evermore City.

The Celestial male had everything set up and rad even before the sun had completely set. Expensive bottles of liquor were on display, but this wasn't the club many came just to have a drink. Drugs of all sorts--only the clean stuff, Siri prided himself upon--were well-stocked, ensuring that this party would definitely be one of the best the club would have. The DJ arrived a little later than agreed upon, but this was something Siri had expected---he'd even set the scheduled time in advance in anticipation. The DJ's booth was lit with neon LEDS that changed with the music, and the dance floor was mirrored in such a way, one would think that they were dancing above a vast, LED-lit pit. Seeing everything come together brought a pleased, sly smirk to his chiselled featured.

Sure enough, as the night grew older, people would come streaming in, chattering in excitement upon noticing how incredible the club looked. Knowing that he wouldn't get the time later, Siri would duck to the back of the bar to where his office was located, and quickly changed out of his casual clothes to rave attire: a black mesh muscle tee paired with a pair of dark holographic sweatpants. He was just about to slip on his most comfortable pair of trainers when his head bartender knocked on his door. She leaned on his doorframe and gestured with a nod to the front of the club, where one of the bouncers had spotted a woman with a picture of him on her phone. This brought several creases to settle into his brow---usually people with a picture of Sirius weren't there for a pleasant reunion. The ECPD had been paid off well in advance to not disrupt this event, so the Greek was rather curious to see who this could possibly be.

The DJ had already begun his set when Sirius emerged from his office, amber hues narrowed slightly in search of the woman the bartender had described. He supposed he was taking too long, because the bartender would nudge him with her shoulder, and gesture with a nod towards her left. Sirius would follow her cue and direct his gaze that way, but nothing could prepare him for what he saw. "No fucking way," he gasped, his jaw practically dropping to the ground. The bartender shot him a rather amused look before returning to her post, where orders were piling up.

Gathering his wits about him, Sirius then made his away around the bar counter, gracefully weaving through the sweaty bodies that moved and jumped to the tempo of the heavy bass of the EDM track. All the while, he couldn't keep his eyes off her. She radiated cluelessness---clearly in unfamiliar territory as her gaze floated from face to face in the club. Yes, she clearly was looking for someone here---him, specifically. This was such a blast from his past, and it was even more of the shock considering that he never thought he'd see the Initia woman--or her sister--ever again since his capture. 

With a heavy breath, he moved into her line of view, resisting the urge to let an impish grin spread across his features when he noticed her eyes light up in recognition. He walked closer towards her, considering that the music would drown out his voice if he wasn't speaking basically right next to her ear. "I've never seen you here before," he'd say once he reached her, a cocky look etched upon his angular features. "What brings you here, to this part of town?" 

Just as the words left his mouth, Siri would remember what Ophelia had told the Celestials upon freeing them from the Isle of Skye---no one would have any recollection of the Celestials. The blank look on Charlie's face only proved that statement to be true---there was no gleeful reunion of the two, especially considering how much of time they spent together during their journey to the Americas. He had to quickly correct himself, and be careful not to show any recognition from his side. Now that he knew that Charlie was in Evermore City, there was an inexplainable yearning to have her know him once again.

"I'm Sirius, the owner of this establishment," he would (re)introduce himself to the woman, raising his voice in order to be heard. "And you are...? he asked, raising an eyebrow in question, tilting his head to a side as he waited for her answer. There was a sly glint in his eyes, but he would seem friendly enough. Well, as friendly as a black market dealer could get. His brow would crease some, and his lips pressed into a thin line. "Are you looking for anyone in particular?" he'd ask, a smirk beginning to toy at the corners of his lips. "This isn't the best place for a meeting, I'd have to say," he'd comment teasingly after.

Awkward, nervous? She couldn’t really place her finger on what she was. Awkward, for sure. But nervous? Charlie had been in a few bars during her lifetime. However, the reasoning behind this trip was different. Could have always used the excuse she wanted to see where her sister’s place of work was. She was impressed and proud of her sister for actually holding down a job for a long period of time. Thankfully, Laine wasn’t here tonight or she’d be having her sister’s head for even showing up. Speaking of said sister; as she was looking at the male’s picture. A notification had popped up with a text message. Their relationship wasn’t the best nowadays, but she’d understand. This was considered work. Letting out a soft sigh. ‘Don’t wait up then. I’ll catch you tomorrow before work.’ and sent. It was a conversation for another time. A conversation that she honestly wasn’t looking forward to. It was time to focus on what was in front of her.

Blue eyes scanning the crowd as she took a step down onto the floor. Grip tightening on her phone only to have a male step right in her line of sight. It took a minute for her to glance over the male. It couldn’t be. Was he the one she was looking for? The man managed to take a step closer as he leaned over. It was the only way one could hear one another due to the loud music and everyone else around them. “Can’t a girl come to a speak-easy without being questioned?” expect for the fact she looked totally out of place and it didn’t help that she wasn’t good at hiding it. What did her sister see in this place? It smelled of alcohol and sweat. But truthy, what was she here for? Part of her was curious to see what this place was. Rumors floated about it was one of the best places in town, if they were into this sort of thing.

No recollection of the man before her. “My sister and a few friends of mine told me to check this place out.” leaning in closer as well. “You may know her. She goes by Laine? Works as a bartender here on the weekends.” as one spoke. People pushed passed them to get through, forcing Charlie to take a step back. pushing glasses upward on her face as she was taken back by the movement. “My sister and a friend of mine may have ganged up on me and told me I need to get out for a night.” which was partly the truth. More-so her sister kept telling her every chance that she could.  The favor for her friend was to see if she could catch anything illegal going on, as people had their suspicions about this place.

The hype was certainly over the top as this place seemed to be where everyone was going if they wanted a night out. Seeing fellow co-workers throughout the crowd. ‘Hey Charlie!’ someone shouted. A friend from ECPD. That’s great, she was spotted. An awkward laugh followed suit as she waved to a few people. Charlie couldn’t remember the last time she actually sat down at a bar and had a drink. It had to be years ago; probably a holiday party she had been invited too. At this point, she was wishing her sister was here; too actually know someone that she considered to be close too; whereas she looked more clueless than anything.

Attention turning back to the man before her as he introduced himself. That was a unique name, Sirius. “Charlie.” offering him a small smile. “I was actually--” having been cut off from her sentence with a vibration buzz coming from the phone in her grasp that was lighting up. Eyes quickly glanced down. It was Laine, again. Blowing up her phone. ‘I swear, next time I see you. You’re going to get an ear full.’ brows furrowed. Maybe she shouldn’t have come. her friend could have waited another day.

In an attempt to turn off her phone, another text message came through. ‘You better have a good excuse for this and you can’t keep saying it’s work, Charlie.’ -- finally switching off the phone, or well at least turning it on silent. When Laine got angry. It was best to let her cool down before approaching or texting back.

“I uh.” eyes connected in the moment. The eye contact made her slightly nervous. “I actually came to see you.” admitting. Where did she think she was going with this? Honestly, she didn’t know. She needed to get in the door somehow and get behind these rumors and what better way than with the owner of this establishment himself? He was correct in the fact this wasn’t the best place for a meeting. “Can we go somewhere else?” this wasn’t the best place to have a conversation, or ask the questions that were going to come up. Maybe she should have come when it was less busy, or at least during the day when they were not fully open quite yet. “Somewhere more uh, quiet?” stepping closer in order for him to hear her better. Optics looking hopeful that there was someplace else to go.

Her defensive words brought a chuckle to slip past his lips. How he'd missed her, he couldn't help but think to himself as he kept his cool persona, letting a smirk toy at the corners of his thin lips. "I'm sorry to offend--it's just that you looked a little lost, and I thought to offer you my help, as I happen to be the perfect gentleman," he said teasingly in a matter-of-fact sort of way. His ember hues glinted with slyness, his features moulding into an impish grin. She then mentioned the recommendation of her friends and sister, to the latter, he had to painfully hold back the knowing look that threatened to form. He forced his expression to take upon a questioning look, awaiting for the woman before him to mention who this sister was. Once Charlie mentioned Laine by name, he expertly faked an expression of realisation, nodding as if he recognised the name. "Ah yes, Laine," he mused, pursing his lips for a moment before letting his smile return. "She's a rather good bartender: she does her job well and without many complaints," he commented. That may have been a little of an exaggeration, but Sirius figured there was no harm singing some praise. It would at least gain some brownie points.

The woman's attention diverted for a moment, waving a greeting to a familiar face, he supposed, before returning to the Celestial. Finally, she would introduce herself, and Sirius felt a sense of relief wash over him: he wouldn't have to stress about accidentally blurting out her name. That would be rather hard to explain. He was just about to say that it was a pleasure to meet her, but he was interrupted by first her saying something. The Initia woman, however, was cut off by a notification on her phone. The shift in her demeanour was obvious, and Sirius caught what he perceived as uncertainty in her eyes, along with sense of regret and remorse, maybe. Whatever the notification was on her phone, it couldn't have been something happy. He noticed it buzz one more time, and then she would turn her phone on silent. A part of him wanted to ask her if everything was okay, but he knew that if Charlie wanted to share the information with him, she would. He wasn't the type to push for answers if things didn't directly (or indirectly, to an extent) involve him in anyway.

Charlie's words about coming to see him was a surprise to Sirius, to which he raised his eyebrows in response. "Me?" he clarified, clearly confused to why she'd come to seek him out. He wondered---no, hoped for a moment that maybe she remembered him, and wanted to reunite. But that didn't make sense---Laine did not remember him. Hell, would she have even introduced herself to him if she had any recollection of the months they spent together? He was about to ask whatever she could want with him when she asked if there was anywhere else they could go to talk. He nodded. "Sure," he shouted loudly over the music, gesturing with a nod to a door behind the bar. "My office is at the back. Follow me." 

With that, he turned on his heel, weaving through sweaty bodies once more as he rounded the bar, looking back once to be sure Charlie was following him closely. As his long strides carried him towards his office door, Sirius couldn't help but think of his luck, that Charlie would come to his bar. After hiring Laine, he supposed that a reunion with Charlie wouldn't be far behind. However, he thought he would have to get into Laine's good books before that happened---not that she would seek him out instead. It was a happy surprise, without a doubt, and the curiosity of what Charlie wanted from him made his heart race in anticipation. He doubted that there was anything he wouldn't do for the sisters---he considered them to be rather dear after their journey to the new world. However, he had to remind himself to act like a stranger. They had no memory of him, and he wasn't going to force his wants on them. It would be way too much for them to take in right away, he figured.

He opened the door and held it open so the Initia could make her way inside before closing it behind her. As soon as the door was closed, the music transitioned to incredibly loud to a soft muffle---only the heavy throbbing of the bass could be felt. Sirius's office wasn't completely soundproof, but it was built to host meetings. It would be ridiculous to try to have any sort of conversation where either parties had to shout to be heard. He would then walk over to his desk and stand before her, sitting on the edge of the mahogany surface and crossing his arms across his chest. "So why did you come to see me, Charlie?" he questioned, raising one eyebrow. He remained silent, waiting for her response. He'd done some research on Charlie once Laine showed up for her interview, and he knew that the elder sister had found a job at the ECPD. He somehow doubted that she had come to confront him on his illegal activities, as the higher-up's in the precinct had already been paid off to close an eye to the ongoings at The Siren's Cove. Charlie didn't seem like the sort of person they'd send to deal with people like him anyway, so he was more or less clueless to what she could want from him.

Good! He offered her back to his office. Normally, she was someone who had everything planned down to the moment. However, this time was different because she didn’t even think she’d have the courage to walk into a place like this. Let alone manage to find the person she needed right off the bat. Now that she was this far. She needed to figure out her next move. Not wanting to go out and say. ‘hey, i know you’re running illegal stuff out of this bar.’ it probably wasn’t the best choice of words for the first go around. Needless to say, she was wracking her mind at this rate. How does one go about getting answers about an underground illegal business? Which also begs the question; does Laine know about this? because if so; she’d probably be in bigger trouble than he would, but mainly with her than the law. It was another thought and conversation for another time.

Pushing the frame of her glasses back upon the bridge of her nose, giving him a nod as she followed through the dancing crowd. Sweaty stinky people with a mix of  alcohol. A combination that she didn’t approve of. However, it was good to hear that Laine was fitting in rather well. Her sister struggled from time to time in finding himself; often sometimes trying to do what Charlie did to get the hang of things, which left Charlie with a slight annoyance. The two never had a job back home. Their job had consisted of training with their elements, to become better. To grow up and be someone their parents would be proud of. That took time. Something even she was still trying to obtain. But, nevertheless. At least she could keep track of her sister at the end of the day. Feeling some type of pressure lifted off her shoulders.

Finally reaching his office as she entered the door. Optics taking a glance around. Not much could be said. Everything seemed normal. A little too normal, if you would ask her. Clearing her throat once she had heard the office door shut behind her. Straightening up her coat. Now how to go about this? Was the real question. “Let’s say….” trailing off in mid-sentence as she bit down on her bottom lip, pausing in thought as she wanted to get her wording right without giving off what she wanted. Charlie was the last person to send in to investigate someone. She was more for test tubes and experience. Science and all that fun stuff. When it came to investigating someone, she’d become nervous and awkward. Which was something she was trying to hide in the moment. It was probably something she needed to learn and work on a little more before throwing herself into something like this; with some illegal smuggler, if that’s what he truly was.

“I’m in the market for something that’s…. let’s say, off the record?” cocking an eyebrow. Arms moving to cross over one another in an attempt to make her look not so nervous. Adjusting her position. “I heard you’re the man to go to for something like that.” lips pressing into a fine line. Testing the waters, testing him. He was probably smart enough to push her question away. “I may or may not have a few people interested in a few of those ‘off the record’ items.” which was a total lie, hoping he didn’t see right through her. But, if she was honest. If he did admit to something such as this; she’d have to keep her composure. It was the right thing to do by turning him in. Even if that meant Laine losing her job and everything around her. Only giving her an even more reason to be mad at her.

“hypothetically, speaking of course.” offering a light smile. Almost forgetting about those aching nerves that were wanting to creep in with the situation that was placed before her. Charlie wasn’t the best at doing something like this, but it was a favor to a friend. Hoping that some-way she could work her magic. She did have a way of getting things she wanted, even though she wasn’t the best at coming across for such things. Charlie knew he was the right man. Something in her gut was telling her there was something more about him. More than just illegal smuggling. It wasn’t something that she could just put her finger on either. She’d have to test him out more; ask more questions to which he would hopefully give her the answers she needed. If he was the right person, then ECPD would have to hear about this. It was off the books for her being here, but whatever was going on. It was working around the law.

An amused glint sparkled in his amber hues at her words. Ah, she wanted some of the illegal stuff, he thought to himself. A smirk toyed at his lips, the man nodding as she spoke. She folded her hands across her bust in an attempt to come across more confident, he realised. Of course, he knew that she was a little out of her depth here---he could tell that she was trying to get him to slip up, giving her a reason to arrest him, and shut down the business. He fought back to chuckle at the very thought---Charlie wasn't in the know that the cops were already in on his business. He figured he may as well toy with the Initia woman, and give her an idea of who exactly she was dealing with.

"Ah," he would say, letting a knowing smirk toy at his lips. "What did you have in mind?" He ran his fingers through his already-tousled brown locks as he pushed himself up from the edge of his desk, talking a walk about the room. His arms remained folded across his chest in a casual manner, the man clearly unbothered and unthreatened. "I have some rather exquisite Russian vodka that you can't find anywhere else in the United States. Or, if you want something stronger. I have the strongest absinthe on the market---perfect for drowning your demons." At that, he would turn his head sharply towards the Initia woman, his impish grin returning to his seemingly-carved features. "Or," he'd slur, sauntering towards Charlie, keeping his gaze trained on her, "are you asking about getting the cleanest ecstasy on the market, the stuff that'll make you break down your walls and feel the music in a totally different light? Or maybe, psychedelics that will change your life and open a new part of your mind, making you understand yourself and the world in a way that has never occurred to you before?" He was just centimeters from her face then, keeping his demeanour calm and collected. He was trying not to frighten the woman, but instead to captivate her interest.

He chuckled then, breaking eye contact as he stepped away from the woman, a cocky glint in his amber hues. "Miss Kinzle, I make it a point to know of the families of those who work with me, and what they do," he mused, arching an eyebrow. "I know you work with the ECPD, although you're clearly not a cop of any sort. My guess? You work in the labs--you do seem like the type with smarts." He paused momentarily, making his way around the table to take a seat in front of the massive monitor resting on the mahogany tabletop. He adjusted himself comfortably in the leather chair before propping his arms upon the wooden surface, resting his chin on the tops of his palms. "To run a business like this successfully, you need to buy off a few people in higher places," he explained. "In other words, the cops know about what I do. It helps them in tight situations, and they have my full cooperation in...certain matters. Of course, the money is a big plus for them, too."

"So you see, Miss Kinzle," he said in conclusion, "I have nothing to worry about from you. Whomever you report this conversation to, hypothetically, of course, may just run paperwork simply to follow protocol. But nothing will happen to me--I am untouchable, as long as I follow the terms of my agreement with the ECPD." Sirius would then lean back in his seat, his head tilted to a side as he watched the woman's posture intently, clasping his fingers together in front of his chest as his elbows rested on the armrests of his seat. "So, I must ask you again: why are you here? Because if it's to hypothetically have me arrested, I'm afraid your journey has been in vain."

Blue optics carefully watched his movement. Honestly? What did she have in mind? He was just about to find out. He went on to speak as his movement became closer to her figure. Eyebrow cocked. Did Charlie Kinzle have demons? Probably, but deeply hidden within, just like everyone else around this town. But she wasn’t out for something where she could drown whatever she needed and she for-sure wasn’t someone who took psychedelics. If she had ever touched any of those things he had listened. She’d be caught dead back in the day. Charlie always came off at tense; as if she needed a break from life. At least that’s what Laine said anyway. Always offering her some kind of medicine to help with the stress, when in reality. Her sister was the cause of that said stress. Always needing to be looked after. Making sure she wasn’t stealing anything. Letting Laine move in probably wasn’t the best idea. “No offense, but do I look like someone who needs some psychedelics?”

I mean, he wasn’t wrong. She didn’t look like someone who could pull off being a cop and let’s be honest. Those glasses of hers screamed ‘geek’. Letting out a small laughter. Teeth biting down onto the bottom of her lip. “Are you done?” both eyebrows moved upward. Was he coming off a little bit defensive? It was rather funny that he thought she was sent here to arrest him, when in fact. That was so far from the truth. Charlie loved listening to the man and how he thought he had her all pegged just from one single little glance. Men like him were arrogant, thinking they know everything and everyone. When in reality, he didn’t know her at all; at least that’s what she thought anyway.  Tongue then drawing over the bottom of her lip as her teeth moved away. Oh how she wanted to correct him so badly.

“Because you’re coming off a little too defensive for someone who seems untouchable.” inching closer towards his office table. “But don’t worry. I’m not here to have you arrested.” offering a smile. “ I know how you have the ECPD under your fingertips and as of right now, you’re not breaking any rules, so.” allowing her to sit down on one of the empty open chairs that were available. “I’m actually here because as I said before; you probably have something that I’m looking for that’s going around on your market.” adjusting herself in the seat. “or well, could help me… I guess identify something.” now don’t get Charlie wrong, she was smart. In fact, genius smart. It wasn’t too often she went out of her way to enlist someone's help, even if it was doing a friend a favor.

Attention now turning towards her jacket in order to pull a piece of paper out of her pocket. “This.” It was a picture of some kind of drug.  Sliding the photo across the desk. “I’ve come across many things in my line of work, but nothing of this sort. There are rumors that indicate it’s some kind of drug on the black market.” having almost seen every drug that’s known to man. “Is there anything you could possibly tell me that could help me?” the drug had never been tested before in her lab, let alone her being able to get her hands on something such as this. It was probably a long shot that he could help. But he was the closet thing she had at finding out what this drug does and what does it possibly do. "It's not often that I seek out help for my work." admitting to the man before her.  However, this drug was hitting the streets in ways that Charlie couldn't get her hands on. Not personally wanting to get involved in the black market.

At her question about psychedelics, Sirius couldn't help but chuckle to himself. "Sweetheart, everyone is the type who needs psychedelics, whether they choose to admit it or not," he said with a sly wink, licking his lips as he let the brunette continue with her tirade. He raised an eyebrow, wondering what was the relevancy was to her earlier threats. He'd question her later, he decided, and simply leaned back in his seat, fingers clasped as he listened intently to what she had to say.

Finally, he'd let out an airy chuckle, tilting his head ever so slightly to a side. "My dear, is it really being defensive if a member of the ECPD, even a forensic scientist, comes into my institution, threatening me with hypotheticals?" A low, hearty chuckle rumbled through his chest as he looked at the woman through his lashes. Her next sentence brought upon a wave of curiosity once more, and raising an eyebrow, he motioned for her to take a seat across the table from him. Identifying something from the market was no issue for him: he'd seen it all, and researched their effects and whatnot. Sirius was careful about what he sold to his own clients, making sure that everything was clean. He wasn't that picky about smuggling, however---if they had the money, he'd do the job.

Once Charlie placed the picture on the table and slid it across the table, the Greek man leaned towards it, long, artist's fingers reaching for the thin piece of paper and clasping it gently. He took a good, long look at it. Of course, he knew what it was. "They call this The Green Nomad," he mused, amber hues still trained on the photo. "This stuff is horrid---it shouldn't even be on the market to begin with." He then set the paper on his desk, leaning forward in his seat as his narrowed eyes flickered back up to settle on the Initia woman. "It's deadly, but I've heard the high is unlikely any other." He then raised an eyebrow, resting his elbows on the table as he tilted his head to a side once more. "Did someone finally die from this?" He scoffed. "About time one of you noticed." He shook his head, lips pursed tightly together as he looked away for a moment. How he hated when such foul things penetrated the market. These type of drugs simply took advantage of those so far down the rabbit hole that they would take anything to feel high again. "What sort of information do you want on it?" he asked, looking back at Charlie. "I know quite a bit about it, as well as one of the dealers in Evermore." He paused. "He's not the big fish for this drug, but if you'd give me five minutes, I can find out," he added, nodding his head towards his computer.

Yikes. Just what she was afraid of. Drugs are a nasty thing, more so when they are out there killing people and some drugs were purposefully out there to kill people. It was one of the down-falls with working at ECPD. Seeing these young people dying off too soon. Slumping down into the seat in disappointment. “I mean, if I’m honest. . .” teeth sinking down into the inside of her lip. Optics glancing from the photo to meet with his connection. “My friend sent me to investigate what this drug was.” getting him to understand why she came off the way she did. All she wanted to do was get the right answers, even if that meant being a hard ass. Even though being a hard-ass wasn’t something she was best at, clearly. “I did all the research I could on it and hardly came up with anything.” Normally, she knew everything that was on the market and or in town. It was all in her computer system, but this wasn’t.

“but then someone told me about you.” leaning over to grab the picture she had placed on the desk. “anyway, long story short.. my friend’s friend died with this drug in his system.” admitting as she crumbled up the photo. “I just needed to know some of the dealers and what it does to the supernatural.” as it hadn’t been tested in her lab as of yet and as far as she knew. It was a horrid drug and that it needed to be off the market as soon as possible.

“And if you could give me the names, you’d be a big help.” as soon as she said that. His digits started typing away on the keyboard. This would have been a big help to the ECPD in the long run and of course to her friend that sent her down here in the first place. Taking the photo was crumbled up and throwing it away into the trash can.  Charlie was a little excited now that she was finally getting some answers, “It’s such a shame that something like this is on the market in the first place.” it was the truth. Drugs these days were uncontrollable most times as people got it at bars such as these and clubs. It was pretty depressing, if one thought about such things. Many of her cases that were brought to her these days were people dying of an overdose or somehow being murdered with such drugs in their system. It was an every day thing that she had gotten used to by now.

Sirius nodded in understanding as she spoke, eyebrows lifting for a moment as he looked over the picture again. His lips pursed upon hearing that yet someone else had fallen victim to the drug, the Celestial shaking his head in disappointment before looking back up at the woman. "I can't tell you exactly what it does to the supernatural," he admitted. "I just know it's fatal even to the everyday human. However," he paused, "what I can do is get you some of the drug, enough for you to run your own tests on." Amber hues flickered back towards the now-lit monitor, the man quickly typing in his password and pulling up a few tabs. "If that's what you want, I can have it delivered to your lab tomorrow around 11 o'clock in the morning." His brow furrowed as he raised an eyebrow, awaiting her answer.

When Charlie asked for names, he nodded once more, and his fingers started clacking against the keyboard. He would remain silent, hands running through his tousled brown locks as he put together the long line of affiliations. Within minutes, the printer under his desk slid out freshly-inked paper with the photographs, names, phone numbers, and known addresses of any known dealers and suppliers of the drug. With an eerie sort of grace, he reached for the sheets of paper, stapled them together, and handed them to the Initia woman. "This should have everything you'd need--all forms of contact information, anything the police can use. They should already have priors, and enough evidence to get a warrant. Just don't say that you got it from me," he'd say as the papers left his hand, winking at his last statement. "Aye, it is a pain and a shame," he agreed with at sentiment. "Stuff like this only exists to prey on those at their lowest, and taking advantage of their pain and desperation." A shrug then rolled off his shoulders, and licking his slightly-chapped lips, he then say, "is there anything else I can help you with?" 

Sighing softly. It was a shame that he didn’t know what it did to the supernatural. When in reality, everyone needed protection from it. Not just the supernatural. It’s dead and horrid. Charlie hated seeing people die due to drugs, when there are so many other options in life. A slight smile appeared at the edges of her lips. Giving the man a nod in return. “That would actually be amazing, if you could do that.” Finally! She was getting her hands on the drug. It took a lot of courage on her part to walk into an establishment like this and just out right ask for the drug. Normally, she wouldn’t do such a thing like this. However, these were different times lately. A friend needed a favor and she wanted to solve this as much as the next person. Plus, when someone needed a favor. Charlie was one to normally follow through. 

“Thank you so much.” and with the sound of the stapler working as he slid it across the table. “You’ve actually been a bigger help than I thought you would have been.” She meant no offense. Charlie thought she would have walked in here and would have gotten denied right off the bat. The blonde pushed herself up from the chair as she tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. Hand reaching into her pocket to check the time. “As of right now, no.. but if I need anything else. I know where to find you.” her friend was going to be excited with the news she had gotten. Carrying herself over to the door, digits placing against the door handle. “Oh..” before she had forgotten, giving him a quick glance. “If you could watch out for Laine while she works. She can be a little….” not really being able to find the right word. “hot headed, sometimes.” ah yes. It was a silly request; but she actually wanted her to keep this job for once. Opening the door as she walked out, hoping he’d follow her behind.

"Consider it done," the Celestial mused, a smirk still upon his lips. "You'll have the drug by tomorrow. And please, don't say I gave it to you." The corners of his lips twitched almost unnoticeably, his hues narrowing slightly. "I have a reputation here for dealing only the safe stuff--not the shit that's killing people." He chuckled at her response when handed the paper, raising an eyebrow in a teasing expression. "Then I'd have to take insult to that, as I'd assume my own reputation preceded me." A low chuckle sounded from him, his posture so relaxed that Charlie had to have known he was only teasing.

Once she'd risen from her seat, Siri followed suit, following her towards the door. When she looked back at him, his brow creased as an eyebrow rose. Did she forget something? No, it was only her asking to keep an eye on her sister. His smirk returned to his chiselled features, another low chuckle sounding from her. "Laine is actually doing rather well for herself here," he assured her. "She's actually encouraged to cuss out anyone who disrespects her here, so I think she's actually rather uncomfortable." He paused. "And don't worry, she's not involved with anything legal," Siri added after a moment, wanting to put her mind at some kind of ease. "She won't find herself in any trouble here." The door opened, and Charlie made her way out into the party that was now in full swing. Siri was eager to return to that, and maybe even ask her to stay and have some fun. However, his phone vibrating in his pocket caught his attention, and upon looking at the caller ID that flashed on the screen of his smartwatch, he pursed his lips. This was rather important, and he knew he had to take it. He'd reach out to touch Charlie's shoulder before she disappeared into the crowd. "I have to take a call, but please, enjoy the event. Drinks are on the house. I'll try to find you after." And with a parting smile, he retreated back into the silence of the office, and closing the door behind him, he sighed, picking up the call. "This had better be good."

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