It was a crisp cool morning as Simon walked downtown, the temperatures making the walk enjoyable for the Initia. He knew that today would be something different as he walked up the steps of the courthouse. Pulling the large doors open, Simon had arrived to the courthouse at the time his law professor in his upper level division course told his class to show up. The class only consisted a small group of people and they were asked the opportunity to stand in on a case given to their professor as an experience. Though Simon knew the business of the law and court fairly well once he had to take over in his father’s position and run the law firm located in Evermore. It seemed that despite the hiatus he took from getting his degree, he couldn’t escape the path of going into law no matter whether he liked it or not. Luckily for him, he did enjoy it deep down but there were some cases he knew that were tricky. Just like this case his professor briefed his students in their previous class. A malpractice lawsuit was something Simon had seen around the office and he could already tell that it’d be frustrating for both the sides. However, he was thankful that he wasn’t going to be too invested in this case but rather an observer to see how it was handled. Even though the Initia had experience, he knew he could still get something out of this.

Walking into the courthouse, he saw a few of students from his class whose schedules allowed them to make it. He stood with them as he sipped on the cup of coffee had picked up on his way to the courthouse, making small talk before their professor had found them. He briefed them on what he had told them in class and to keep a keen eye on how they would treat the case. Soon enough they followed as he led them to one of the courtrooms, one to talk over the details of the lawsuit where the plaintiff and defendant. Seeing as Simon’s professor was on the side of the plaintiff, he and the few other students sat on that side, ready to analyze what would be happening.

However, Simon kept his eye on the defendant, a blonde doctor that was a surgeon at Evermore’s hospital. He could see the burden that this was causing her but it was no different from others that stood in the same place that she’s currently at. Though, Simon’s instincts were telling him that something was off about this case. This is why he found malpractice lawsuits frustrating. There were cases where the defendants fought to their core that they did no wrong when they did while other sued to get some money out of it. The Initia’s instincts were telling him that this was the latter of the situation. 

As they called the case to be viewed for another day, the courtroom was cleared. After their professor sent them off with a small spiel about what they saw and that their notes would be reviewed at a later time, everyone parted their ways. Simon was walking down the steps of the courthouse before he spotted the blonde doctor from earlier. He watched her for a few moments, debating on what he was about to do was stupid or not, he pushed that aside and let his feet follow what his gut was telling him. He made his way over to the concerned blonde before he cleared his throat, “Excuse me? Dr. Hamilton, was it?” The man’s Australian lilt in his tone before he continued to speak. “I was hoping to have a moment to speak with you.”

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Everything else vanished as the valkyr pushed her body to the limit while she ran through the woods, with music blasting from her AirPods. It was still early morning and she had chosen track where nearly no humans used so she could usher inhuman speed without any suspicion. It was something calming about starting your days like this, alone when no one else was awake knowing exactly what your body could preform. All her tiny problems disappeared when she focused on extending each step even more. Some would call her crazy to go out for a run before her long early morning shifts, as if you weren’t tired enough waking up 5am. This morning Serena had already checked in with on her patients and handed out cases to the surgical residents and their interns.

The doctor rarely stayed away from the hospital more than hours at a time. Since she had started working at Evermore’s hospital a few years back she hadn’t used any of her vacation days, the workaholic enjoyed he calling too much. Serena had always had the selfless trait and dedicated her life to treating patients. Mostly successfully so, her mortality ratio fairly low compared to others who took on the same type of cases. However as with everything there wasn’t just sunshine and happy patients. Every now and then there was nothing that could be done and the patient passed before  a doctor had figured out what was wrong or even arrived to the scene. Sometimes they just didn’t agree with the surgeons treatment and tried to sue to both ruin that doctors career and gain some profit. Until now the Valkyrie had been spared from malpractice accusations, it was important for her to listen to her patients wishes and goals and adjust the treatment plan as much as possible.

The blonde had never quite understood the American tradition of suing whenever things weren’t pleasant. Why couldn’t the two parts not simply discuss the problem and try to come up with a compromise it would save both time and money and surely some frustration too. Growing up in the world of the rich made her familiar with the mindset of suing for simply breathing she was glad that she got to leave that world behind.

The lawsuit that she was going to court for later that day, to be questioned or rather interrogated, had come as a utter surprise. It had been months since she had treated the patient and at the time they had seem at peace with their diagnosis. Apparently after some thinking they were not anymore. Initially the patient had come in after a car crash. The interns and residents had been handling it firstly as herself had been another surgery at the time and the patient was stable. Later the patient had lost sensibility in the legs. By the time the patient ready for the operating room it was to late to do anything to reverse the damage done to the  spinal cord and the patient would have to a life as paralysed from the waist down. Even if they had found the bleeding compressing the spine earlier or had another operator the result would probably be the same but as it couldn’t be said with certainty it left room for suing.

Hours later the surgeon had changed and entered the courtroom with one of the hospitals lawyers that she had been assigned, she could’ve afforded one herself but didn’t feel it necessary, and the ex patient with family and lawyers. She sat quiet on the opposite side of the table letting the lawyers lay out the details. It was frustrating to see someone angry due to something she had done and decisions she had made. That her career could be in jeopardy due to this hadn’t crossed her mind, the kind hearted doctor was more focused on ending this dispute to save them money and move on.

Afterwords she hurried out, enough time that could’ve been used treating patients had already been wasted. She didn’t come far, even tho she had walked with long strides to leave the building rapidly, before someone stopped her. She recognised the man as one of the upcoming lawyers and gave him a friendly smile, her representing lawyer would probably dislike the kind gesture but it was who she was. ”That is correct Mr Riviera Right?” She responded politely waiting for him catch up. ”Of corse speak your mind” She said encouragingly. Speaking to the opposite team would definitely not win her any points but hopefully the male only wanted to ask a medical question.

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