It had only been a matter of a few days that the tribe decided to move to Evermore City, a town that was built for Supernatural species and where supernaturals felt belonged to. Leaving Unyak was disappointing for Baekhyun as he quite liked the nature on the isle as well as the peacefulness that came along with it, he honestly wasn’t sure how well he was going to fit into the society of Evermore City but he was sure to at least try to make friends and not enemies. Running a hand through his messy hair, he made a cup of coffee and it was quite early in the morning as none of the other Niveis were awake.

Finishing the cup of coffee, he rinsed the cup under some water then placed it on the rack on the sink, he was intrigued how well their tribe was going to fit into this city and he hoped that there would be no war. Grimacing at the thought, the memories began to flood in his mind about his mother who died in the war. He missed her deeply and wished she wasn’t killed by that horrible Initia, letting out a deep breath he made sure to remain himself calm. Hearing footsteps that came down along the spiral staircase, he wondered who was up as he turned his head, a small smile crept along his lips as he saw Daehyun.

‘’Good morning,’’ he said in a gentle tone as he ran a hand through his blueish dyed hair he had at the moment; Daehyun was a rather quiet tribe member than the others, unlike himself he was a bit talkative but he wasn’t really outgoing and went out of his way for others to make friends. ‘’You are up early?’’ His tone was inquisitive as he normally didn’t see Daehyun until later in the morning, usually Baekhyun would go for a jog  in the early morning’s as he liked to keep himself in shape. Grabbing his favourite jacket from the chair letting himself shrug the jacket on even though he had the ability to live in cold conditions, he liked being fashionable. ‘’Going somewhere or couldn’t sleep?’’ He tried to make some conversation with Daehyun who was busying himself with something else.

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Daehyun hasn't been sleeping well again, these days. It wasn't supposed to be a rare occurrence to see the nightmares plaguing his sleeping time every once in a while. He's always had sleeping troubles, even before. It was an annoying trait he seemed to inherit since a young age, as soon as he started to manifest his phoenix heritage. Although all these time, he's opted to use the herbs given by Mirae or even go down his entire way to venture to the apothecary and request them without directly meeting his younger sister that he hasn't had the chance to even talk to. How long has it been? A little over the century? Almost? More? Surprisingly, the blonde Niveis kept his count on all the days that passed ever since he last met, much less talk, to her. 

Staring at his reflection in the mirror as he rinsed his face with the cold water coming from the tap at the bathroom sink, he lets out a sigh. It wasn't the water, no. Cold didn't bother him anymore. It was somewhat a distinctive feature that he still has yet to get used to even though a century has passed that he's been living as this person that he was. As this, yet, another species that wasn't sure to be accepted in the world, or not.  If things weren't worse as it initially was before, he still didn't like being a Niveis, truthfully. Daehyun believed, that despite a century or so has passed, he still needed time to adjust to the new being that he was. A being he never chose to be. Yes, he just needed time. That's all.

The bright haired Niveis grabbed the towel from the counter next to him and wiped his face instantly before tossing it away at its respective place. He walked towards his bedroom and threw on an over-sized shirt before wrapping a jacket around him. Just because he didn't feel cold, doesn't stop him from actually wearing it just for the sake of it. Slightly stretching out his limbs briefly before grabbing his phone and went downstairs, Daehyun kept his usual facade. He was never talkative, and preferred to stay by the sidelines. Even when talking directly to someone when it was just the two of them, he still would opt for the latter and speak only when he feels he needed to.

As soon as he arrived downstairs, he has already occupied himself with the file he held within his grasps. A particular file containing various information from biography up to what the person has been doing for the past 24 hours ago. It was mostly due to a personal mission and task given out by Rhydian. Daehyun had no problem carrying out his orders swiftly without any questions nor hesitations. However, due to his stubborn self, he usually does have differing opinions, but has never voiced it out directly. He was a good soldier because of it, anyways. While the younger male was busy occupying his head with the information he was overlooking, he heard a familiar voice interrupting his train of thoughts. As creepily as it might be, Daehyun knew everyone in the tribe. If it was someone that he was already friends with from the start, he would be able to pinpoint the exact owner as easily. "Morning. I'm always up early, I just don't let myself be seen by anyone." He quipped, taking a sip of his coffee that he made earlier. This was probably why he's always proved to be a resilient spy, because blending in the shadows eventually became his forte and specialty that no one else had paid attention to. 

Still letting his eyes skim over the documents, his dark mocha hues was not averted from the glued gaze he had on the files. Daehyun was quite the private person, that much he was sure everyone knew. He's always had a reputation of being cold and quiet. It served him well, because everyone would always think twice before actually conversing with him. "Just couldn't sleep. Per usual. I kept thinking of that horrible day." At the sudden mention of it, Daehyun was sure Baekhyun knew exactly what he was talking about. The horrible day of their lives; the day Coldren Frostbourne finally fell. Permanently. For the young Niveis, he lost and gained something at the exact moment. Watching his former leader fall was not easy for him, especially when he was one of the first to openly declare that he was against his ways. Coldren was a father figure, a friend he's always been relying on, from the very start. It still hurts to see how some people either die a hero or live long enough to see themselves become the villain. 

Baekhyun still couldn’t believe the day when Coldren who finally fell into his rebirth; who also turned into a Niveis that night as well as turning mostly everyone into a Niveis including Baekhyun and Daehyun. Sighing to himself and let out a soft yawn then turned to see Daehyun, nodding his head as he heard him and knew the feeling of how he wasn’t sleeping. He had the same trouble, most nights these days he usually gave up on the sleeping and forced himself to stay awake. Nodding his head as he agreed with him, exactly knowing what that ‘horrible’ day was before he ran a hand through his blueish hair.

His eyes then travelled down to the file that Daehyun was holding, intrigued on what it could be but he knew not to peer into anyone’s business. ‘’If you ever need to talk about it, you know I am here for you, Daehyun. We haven’t spoken much since that day and it seems we are in need of a day out together. Do you want to come hunting with me?’’ He asked as he moved towards his pair of boots near the front door of their house, grabbing them and sliding them on before tilting his head up, giving him a smile. ‘’I would love a helping hand,’’ he said as he pulled the shoelaces on his boots tightly and made them into a bow. Baekhyun also knew that Daehyun was a rather quiet individual, he never disturbed him if he needed his quiet time and away from everyone else; the two have been quite close when they were younger. Even if their friendship haven’t been so close nowadays, he knew they always have each other’s backs.

Once his boots were on his feet, he made sure the laces were double knotted before he grabbed his own bow and arrow he created himself in his own time, slinging it over his back, he turned to see Daehyun. ‘’I think we could use the time, no?’’ He smiled and his tone was inviting, peeking out towards the window behind him to see if the sun was about to rise. ‘’It’s early and that means, deers and does may be lurking about down near lake at this time of morning.’’ When he wasn’t in the house, he was out exploring their territory to get a good sense of what was in their land. What animals could be lurking about for them to be hunted or to even see what other species he hadn’t seen yet. His gaze settled back on Daehyun with a hopeful look on his face, he knew that Daehyun could have a friend be there for him during the tough times that Daehyun went through. As he pulled the door opened a gust of wind went over his face as he peered out to see the sun rising, smiling as he did so. ‘’It looks like it’s going to be a good day.’’ He mused.

Stepping outside, he waited for Daehyun and thought back the countless times the two tried to hunt by themselves when they were younger. It had been good times and also bad times where Baekhyun was almost run over by a buck at home when they were only practicing on how to do hunting but as the years went, he got better and better as he continued to use the bow and arrow. ‘’Come on Daehyun!’’ He yelled from outside as he waited for the younger Niveis to come out if the other was going to actually come with him. 

As per usual, as anyone else in the tribe would know him to be, Daehyun is quite the perfectionist when it comes to settling his works. He was a resilient laborer, basically, who would do anything to make sure his interests are at the peak of the mountain. And currently, keeping the peace and solidarity between their tribe was one of the highest interest in keeping. It still surprised the young Niveis how he did not take it upon himself to finally relieve his pain and worries to rest as the freedom chance was towering above him like a trophy or a prize of sorts, waiting to be claimed. He knew that he wished for freedom more than anything else. He wanted to feel what it was like to be able to create his own choices. Whilst he was still very much under the instructions and commands of Anivia, he was curious to see what life has in store for him. 

Now, within his grasps were a file on a particular someone Rhydian had asked him to track down and keep a watchful eye on. He had no idea who the person was initially, but after a few skimming here and there, he knew exactly why the second in command would want to keep an eye out. Just something along the lines of 'enemy of the past' sliding itself somewhere in between. It was a personal vendetta kind of type that he would prefer not to get involved in. Another trait that befell his persona. Daehyun wasn't fond of enriching his part of life with other people's problems and burdens, be cold as it may be. He couldn't even handle his own, much less another's. But Rhydian is still an authority figure he must abide by, so even if the bright haired Niveis complained, he did his job. 

This wasn't the first time he's heard someone told him that there was someone to talk to whenever he needed a shoulder to lean on or a person to talk his worries out. But it just didn't struck Daehyun such on the bargain. He didn't need anyone else to know what they didn't need to know. He's adamant into making his problem his and only his to solve. "I'll keep a clear mind while remembering that." He quipped, curving a small smile towards the older male. However, when he suggested for a day out and do one of their particular routines back in the day, he thought there was possibly no harm in doing so. "Yeah sure. I think I need a few moments of serenity and peace for once." With that, he got up from his seat and compiled all the files into one place and told the latter that he'll be with him shortly after keeping the confidential files. He rushed up upstairs to his room to keep it under the other layer of wood underneath the closet, before rushing back to Baekhyun. When he got to him, he wondered what will they do outside. "Exactly what are we hunting again? I mean I use to remember we hunted a few animals and fishes back in Unyak but that's it. You don't suppose there's much to hunt here?"

Baekhyun was one of the helpful members who wanted to contribute to the tribe no matter what it was, his mother said ‘’think about the tribe not yourself’’ she stated. He remembered that day when he had once been so upset that he didn’t want to go do anything when he needed to go and hunt. Ever since then, he always wanted to make sure the tribe was good before he attended to himself in a lot of ways, he was selfish and often forgot to take care about himself. He liked having some kind of responsibility and part of the tribe, he didn’t want to feel so useless and not contribute.

The older male knew that he wouldn’t really get a proper answer from Daehyun if he were to ask what the file was about as he was not any of his business. He knew that a lot of people in Evermore may have been curious about the new species that arrived and the ambassadors of the other factions were keeping a very close eye on them. He hoped that they were not to create enemies here but he knew that the tribe wanted the peace and not like what Coldren wanted; if Coldren were here he was sure that a war would happen. He hoped to make friends and he wanted to really try to make some goals in the city whether it being finding a job, a car, or anything of the like.

Usually whenever Baekhyun offered if the other wanted to lean onto his shoulder to talk about his problems; it was a very rare occurrence whenever Daehyun accepted that because he has never once done so but he also knew for the fact that Daehyun needed to be strong, well at least that’s what he guessed Returning the small smile at the other, he knew how hard it was to keep everything bottled and whatever they talked about wouldn’t be talked to another as it was kept rather privately. A slight chuckle left his lips as he was outside already, waiting for Daehyun to get ready and enjoyed the sight of the snow.

He began to walk once Daehyun reached him, smiling as he looked over to the other, ‘’there is a lake not that far from the east of the house where deers may be lurking about. I saw some yesterday morning when I went out for a walk but there isn’t much around since it’s winter I suppose’’ He informed as he continued to walk along with him, ‘’did you ever think we would leave Unyak? I quite miss the place and Coldren as well.’’ He sighed gently, letting his hand slick back his hair that a few stray of hair locks fell from. ‘’You must miss him too,’’ he assumed that everyone in the tribe missed him specially those who were most likely close to Coldren; heading up the slight hill, he halted for a moment when he saw the does and stags in the distance drinking the water from the stream. ‘’There,’’ he pointed and he smiled over to Daehyun.

It occurred to Daehyun that he has never took things for granted now because of his past and history of being able to do that. He was far from being selfish because of it. It was mainly because he had a sister, a family member that was his blood, to look after. Despite not meeting Mirae nor spoken to her for a century already, he has never let his eyes wander everywhere else that was not her. He would be damned if his sister became upset, because she shouldn't. He was there for her, even if she could not see through it. Now that Coldren was no longer in their life to terrorize it, he was free to come back to his sister's grasp, but why hasn't he? He wasn't entirely sure. He only knew that everything has a reason to why it settles that way and currently, the Niveis hasn't found his. Maybe he was just using it as a reason for him to confront his sister. How could the infamous quiet and cold spy, Daehyun Stormwind, be afraid of confronting anyone? Well, if it was his sister, there is it is; the weakness.

The name Stormwind became popular soon enough in the tribe. He couldn't recall why they opted for the new surname that implied so much on their Niveis heritage now. But it was probably due to them wanting to make a new life out of it, despite not being given the chance to even make one. But what's done is done, what's left for them to do is to make use of their life. To live it to the fullest, so they would be content. The duo they were became talks of the people, the sister being just as competent as the brother, with none being the one ruling the other. It was a perfect balance, altogether. That was solely the reason why everyone who's ever encountered him noted his cold demeanor that was just as cold as ice. Ironically, since they were Niveis; a species who were able to control the element that revolved around water and ice itself, which was a deep contrast against what they were before. 

"Deers? Are you sure there's even one, much less more? It's not exactly the kind of weather or climate they would find themselves comfortable in. It's not really the weather anyone would find comfortable in, with the exception of us since we'll literally melt under  any summer." He quirked his eyebrow up in a questioning manner, as he prompted for the older Niveis to explain why there would be any chance of them coming across any animal, much less a deer. "I think it's more likely we'd encounter those therianthropes and not deers, Baekhyun." He snickered. But then, he was reminded, that with the exception of him, Rhydian, and Caspian or a few others, none actually knew the number of species residing in the eternal city they have recently made home out of. "Right, therianthropes are basically werewolves, foxes more like kitsunes, and any other mammals I think, I swear I heard it said lion or others along the lines of it." His manner was lighthearted up until Baekhyun brought up the topic of Coldren, that just suddenly struck a cord inside Daehyun. 

"I would rather not talk about the man. But yes, I do miss him. I miss the person he was before. The warm and welcoming person who took care of me and Mirae when we were on the run from our own tribe; the tribe I was supposed to lead." It left him a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, speaking of it, but knew it couldn't stay buried or hidden forever. He still has yet to see the progress of his tribe that was based in Daegu, Korea, to see what happened shortly after their leave. When he led them to the stream nearby, he saw a few does and stags. "They're brave."

Being part of this tribe made him feel like it was more of a family to him, he had no one else to turn too and he really didn’t as  in the end as his mother died during the war and his father fled without a trace or was killed; unsure of what actually happened to his father nor would he ever accept his apology if he were to come back and find him but after all these years, now that he was 185 years old he doubted very much that the man who was supposed to take care of him, was probably dead. He was lucky enough to be part of this tribe in the first place and how Coldren was someone he could look up too before Coldren changed to the man who became power-hungry than caring for his tribe.

The tribe meant everything to Baekhyun and that’s why he planned to stick around to protect them, care for them like a normal family does where he doesn’t have that anymore. A snicker left him once he heard Daehyun doubt his words about the deers and does he once saw the other day while he was walking near the lake, yes it may be colder temperatures up here in the mountains but they are around. A playful roll of his eyes as he looked over to Daehyun, readying his bow at the ready. ‘’Daehyun, have you actually had a look around here? There are many animals hiding about, you will have to observe more often outside. There may not be many animals about at this time of year but there is still a few around.’’ He gave him a wink once they reached towards the stream he mentioned earlier, he was glad that the does and deers were still lurking about there.

The older male listened to Daehyun talk about the Therianthropes, he found it rather interesting how many species they had in the Therianthrope faction. He was sure hoping not to come across any of them because running into one of their species could be a bad ending. ‘’A lion? Are you serious?’’ His brow quirked, shaking his head once more as he heard Daehyun, laughing softly. ‘’I have yet to see a Lion and I would rather not be eaten by one.’’ He spoke gently as he watched the deers in the distance, his eyes were locked on the smaller doe for them to hunt down. Grimacing when he heard Daehyun that he didn’t want to speak about Coldren, he nodded his head and looked over to Daehyun.

‘’I’m the same way, Daehyun. I miss the person before he changed,’’ he paused his words as he grabbed the arrow from behind him, shifting his arms in place as his eyes squinted towards the smaller doe. ‘’I’m sorry for mentioning it’’ He spoke in a sincere tone as he let out a small breath, concentrating on the smaller doe that was drinking from the water. Gripping his bow in place with the arrow, closing one eye as he aimed at the doe’s heart, letting the arrow go and the arrow flew through the air, piercing the animal’s chest. The other does and stags were alerted before they sprinted off, he looked over to Daehyun and gave him a small smile. ‘’There we go,’’ he grinned as he handed the bow and arrow weapon to Daehyun. ‘’When was the last time you went hunting?’’ He asked as he got to his feet and headed over to the doe he just killed.

Daehyun didn’t exactly have a lot of things to talk about most of the time. He’s very similar to that manner of an assassin or mercenary. Except he doesn’t kill when paid for, he would only do such manner if he was needed to by the tribe. Meaning he would follow anything Anivia would tell him to do, that’s how far his loyalty is far-fetched. It’s only been 40 years since her rule, but everything was looking very well. Everyone was slowly coming back even. That, and that they have plenty of new members joining them from all around the world. Maybe he really should give Evermore a chance. There is still so much he still has yet to get his mind around, after all. The elder Stormwind would understand how easily he intimidated others who have not yet felt any interaction within his vicinity before, but it wasn’t as if that was the cover he was initially opting for. It was just there.

Following the older Niveis as they advanced further through the trees near the stream, where he could see few does and deers quenching their thirst, he only hummed in response. “I only go out to venture the city, hyung.” Despite his rather impervious manner, Daehyun still remembered his mannerisms and whatnot. It was the center to his entire system. Manners maketh man, he believes. “Other than running Rhydian and Nivia’s errands, I’m pretty much in my cabin or outside it, training.” Hearing that the younger Niveis would spend most of his time researching and training wouldn’t exactly be a shocker, considering he’s very introverted and most kept to himself. It was also due to Daehyun knowing nothing but train and train ever since he was born. He was supposed to be his tribe’s magister, after all. The only element that changed was his ability to control fire that was now transformed to ice. From a phoenix that suppressed his abilities since a child, to a Niveis who was now free to go around.

“But if I wanna hunt.” Taking the bow from the elder Niveis, he notched an arrow onto the bowstring before pulling it slightly and letting it go afterwards, where it then buried itself into one of the deers that were initially running for its life. “I hunt.” He said cheekily, a slight tone making its way around, it’s not much but it’s there. “I’m not sure if you should be afraid of being mauled by the lion, or the lion should be afraid of you freezing its ass. They are still human-ish, after all. Pretty sure sticking up some liquid nitrogen into them would render them useless.” Yes, seeing Daehyun speak so casually about maiming is also not a foreign mood either. When Baekhyun asked when was the last time he went hunting, he shrugged. "Been a while. But I used to hunt every two or three days if I'm not burdened by guard duties back then." He was always placed into patrolling duties, he had no idea why. It was for the same reason why Coldren was adamant in placing him close.

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