Move in day, a day Lachlan didn't think he would have seen so quickly when he sent his ad for the spare room to rent to Evermore daily. He couldn't even recall if he had seen the ad hit the paper, before receiving a call from Ambrose saying he was interested in the place. Being Lachlan he had access to things others didn’t have. After learning the name of the potential roommate her ran a thorough background check on the man. He learned that he was the CEO of the Evermore daily. It made the Alpha wonder if he could help his department keep things out of the papers easier if the male lived under his roof.

After a tour of the apartment Ambrose seem to be really excited to move in. Which was only a few days later. Lachlan opened the apartment door, propping it open with his work boot and tucking the key into his pocket. He bounded his way to the elevator as the ding came and it opened his eyes caught the cart with a few boxes. “Any more?” his eyes flicked to Ambrose as he bent down to pick up some of the loose boxes and lead his way back to their apartment. “I know you said you where a man of little stuff but I thought you would have more than the cart full.” Lachlan chuckled as he walked through the open door.

He moved through the living space of a living room, kitchen, dining area to the second bedroom. He moved placing the boxes in the corner. “Mattress is new still but if you want to get your own I can put it in storage.” Lachlan said turning around to return to help him with anything else he may need. “We have to share the bathroom so if you want to make a schedule for showers or something? I tend to raise early.” He said as he clapped his hands together after setting down a few more of the boxes. 

Lachlan moved to the closet and opened it removing the few uniforms that were hanging there. “I used to use this as extra space.” he chuckled as he moved to throw them over a chair. “Want help unpacking?” He wondered if it was weird for him to offer his help to this practical stranger. He wondered if it sounded like ‘he let me look through your stuff.’ He shifted uncomfortable for a moment. “You know I would have thought the CEO of the Evermore Daily would want to live somewhere else besides a bachelor pad.” he commented feeling his awkward shining through.

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"No no no, do not run that story! Because Lorraine needs to polish it up and check her facts. I'm not running a half-assed story based on information that might not be true. I want it double-checked. If she's right and her sources are credible she can have a large spot on page three next week."

Ambrose maneuvered the cart into the elevator, using his hip to keep the boxes from falling as he managed to get everything inside and hit the button for the top floor. He didn't have much in the way of possessions, most of his things fit inside of a couple of large boxes and his knapsack that he carried with him everywhere. His mother had taught him from an early age that material things didn't mean much, it was what you could give to people through your actions that made all the difference in the world. For that reason alone he hadn't ever bought much outside of the bare necessities, the few personal possessions he owned had been given to him by friends and for that reason alone he had kept them. The elevator doors opened to reveal a tall and lean male that he recognized as his roommate just as the editor of his science division started in on one of his rants.

"Gotta go, Stan, I'm not changing my mind. No half-assed stories, period. Or I'll cut your ass in half and hang you out to dry, got it?" Ambrose hung up and slipped the phone, shooting the male in front of him a crooked grin as they managed to get the cart off the elevator and down the hallway. "Nope. This is it. I don't own much." They got through the doors to the apartment without much more trouble, steering to the second bedroom where the few boxes containing the writer's meager belongings. Chuckling he shrugged, "When you spend your childhood traveling the world you learn to pack light and not get attached to things. I lived out of a single backpack through most of my grade school years, finally managed to talk my mom into a duffel bag when I turned 16 but I had to buy it myself. And by buying it myself I mean there was a girl involved."

Once the got inside the bedroom his hazel eyes scanned around the room, nodding in appreciation. Ambrose doubted he would get around to unpacking the boxes, they would fit nicely inside of the closet leaving just enough room for the few nice clothes he had to hang. The rest of his clothes would fit in the dresser in one or two drawers and that was all he needed. Waving a hand through the air he shook his head, "No need for schedules, I'll catch showers around you and if I can't there are facilities at work. No worries." Even as Lachlan was offering to help him unpack the male had already slid the boxes inside the closet and set his backpack on the bed. "Done."

Laughing he clapped the other Male on the shoulder, "Pizza? My treat!" Picking up his phone he started ordering on his app shrugging at the comment, "Naw. I'm not really home enough to afford a place of my own. I'd be paying full price for basically a bed and shower. I'll probably barely be here, to be honest with you but at least this place was reasonable for what I'll be paying. You a pepperoni guy or cheese or vegan what?" He grinned wider as he waited for an answer to his little tease. "Why is a handsome guy like you looking for a roommate anyway? I would have thought you'd have a lady living with ya…" Ambrose wiggled his brows suggestively, though he did wonder why such a good looking guy was single and what skeletons were keeping the ladies away.

Lachlan could hear the intense conversation on the phone and it became clear to him that his new roommate was rather important. He knew the sounds of being a boss very well. He gave him a return smile and then reached up running his hand over his head gently. “I myself use to spend most of my life traveling light. So I get it?” He said as he watched the man begin to open up his boxes. “Army brat?” He raised a brow towards Ambrose wondering why he moved so much as a child. It wasn’t uncommon for children raised if service members. “I spent time in my youth backpacking around the world after my parents were murdered.” He said as he looked towards  the roof. “So I feel you on the need for a proper duffel bag.” along with being an FBI agent but that wasn’t something he openly let people know. “A girl involved? High school sweetheart kind of thing?”

Lach dark eyes watched as he pushed the boxes into the closet and he couldn’t help but chuckle at him. “Well I guess that is one way of unpacking. You know you can put your stuff out. I promise I’m not gonna take it or anything.” He laughed and then shook his head. “I am sure we will figure it out. I am in and out a lot between work and my side business.” He said “And there is more than enough places at the station if needed so we are good then.” He said as he folded his arms together moving out of the man's room. Lach respected space when it was earned. As for the moment the man had done nothing to prove he didn’t deserve his own space.

As his hand came down on his shoulder he didn’t really feel it besides the shift in his arm slightly. Lachlan was a tall man standing at Six foot Eight as he looked down to him. “I am starved I feel like I eat all the damn time.” He laughed as he patted his own stomach as he moved with him to the living/kitchen/dining area. “Meat lovers all the way if you don’t mind.” He laughed as he gave a shrug to the guy. “Working on the force, and having a side business keeps me busy, a love life isn’t something I look for since…” he paused and gave thought on Irene for a moment. “Well not for a long time now.” He moved to sit on the couch and stretched his legs out. “Besides it's probably best I have a genetic condition I was born with that is slowly taking away my ability to feel pain. It comes in handy when you are taking bullets in the field but not so much when you are  trying to be a boyfriend.” 

The only woman he remembered being able to feel the touch of was Irene but she hated his guts at the moment even if they were working together. She trying to prove she didn’t commit a murder in the past and he hoping she does prove it to him. That day shattered his heart because she was the first he had opened up to. “What about you? What is a man like you not married and having a bunch of children running around screaming daddy?” He looked back to the man raising a brow. He looked stable more stable then Lachlan was sure he was.

“Not hardly.” The male let out a little snort at the thought of his mom in military fatigues, she would have made a great commander but a horrible soldier. Beverly hadn’t been the following orders type and always went outside of the box coloring outside of every line imaginable with a gleeful mind. Turning he looked at his new roomie and shrugged, “Mom was a photographer that traveled around the globe getting shots for every magazine and publication imaginable. Made for an interesting childhood.” Ambrose wouldn’t have changed his upbringing for anything, while most people grew up in the same town with the same people with the same problems year after year, he had met hundreds of people and learned thousands of cultures and had experiences that most couldn’t even dream of. “Naw I didn’t have any sweethearts, more like flings that only lasted a month or two. This particular fling was good with a needle and thread and needed some help building her house. It was a fair exchange.”

He had to admit he liked the male’s sense of humor, his quip falling right in line with something Ambrose himself would say. Glancing over to the closet where he had stashed his boxes before looking back at Lachlan he shook his head, trying to appear serious. “Those boxes contain very important chotchkies, you have to earn my trust before I unveil and unpack my baggage for all to see.” As he waved a hand around the room he shot the other male a wink, letting him know that it was all in good fun. Granted the boxes did contain mostly little knick-knacks but they were ones he rarely took out or displayed.

“Alriiight, my kinda man. I’ll order three with stuffed crust and a couple of orders of breadsticks too. Kick this friendship off the right way.” He paused right after hitting the purchase button, looking up at his incredibly tall roommate, “Beer? Please tell me you have beer.” The man may be an officer of the law but even police indulged in alcohol from time to time. Some he had even found indulged too much but he didn’t get that vibe off Lachlan. This man seemed controlled and yet at ease in his power and authority, which was good because he would need it with Ambrose around.

Letting out another snort at his summation of what Ambrose’s life should be like by now the male let out a long and heavy sigh. “No special someone in my life, though I did recently discover I have a daughter. An 18-year old that I didn’t know about, tracked me down after her mother died.” He wasn’t going to mention how much of an emotional trainwreck he was, or the baggage he carried around. “Let’s just say most women can’t stand my ego or my brusque manner.” All true and things he couldn’t seem to help, as much as he would love to come home to a lovely, smart, and funny woman at the end of his tough days.

Walking into the kitchen he planted his palms on the countertop and looked around, “Naw, I’m afraid I will always be a lone wolf.”

“Wow traveling photographer so I was way off.” He said with a light chuckle as he nodded his head for a moment. It made more since he was the guy behind the Evermore Daily coming from that background. “I would imagine it made for an interesting childhood. Probably went to a lot of places huh? Have a favorite place?” He asked as and then felt himself covering his hand with his mouth as he spoke of his last roommate. “Well I would say that is a very good exchange. Well I promise I don’t need anything from you besides half of the rent.” He chuckled as he shook his head for a moment. He couldn’t remember his last casual Fling. He did remember it was after a desperate attempt to feel something. He was honestly scared to hurt a woman when it came to his inability to feel.

“Well now that I know they have very important chotchkies how am I not to spend all my time thinking about them. It’s going to consume my existence.” He eyed them from the side of his eyes. “How am I to go on?” He chuckled for a moment before moving out of the way. He chuckled and clapped his hands. “Yes all the stuff crust I am down for all that goodness.” he chuckled as he then moved the kitchen and opened the fridge. “Yes beer is a must. “He said taking out two bottles and flicked the bottle caps off with his thumbs before handing one of the bottles over to Ambrose. “I rent a room in a local pub for a project of mine so they give me a discount.” he chuckles.

“Oh a daughter? How do you feel about that?” He asked as he settled down in the stool at the counter he was leaning against for a moment. “I am sure some women can, you just gotta find the right woman. Besides you can’t fuck up as bad as I did.” he took a long sip from it thinking of Irene for a moment. “Is complicated. I may have tried to arrest her in the pass for murder.” He chuckled slightly as he twirled the bottle in his hand for a moment.  Chuckling at the lone wolf comment. “I find I used to be much more of a lone lion till I was forced to be otherwise.

Ambrose laughed a bit as the other male affirmed that given his mother’s occupation his childhood would indeed be interesting. Thinking for a moment at his question he shook his head, “We moved around a lot and went to almost every place imaginable. I don’t think I could pick a favorite, every place had something to show me and a lesson to teach.” That was one question that always seemed to be made to him and yet his answer was always the same. His background had given him a keen appreciation for the smaller things in life and a keen thirst to figure out the mysteries that cropped up. It was what he credited with giving him such a good hand when it came to writing, anyone with half the experience he had wouldn’t have near the passion he seemed to possess.

“You are just going to have to find a way, I know the struggle will be hard. In the end, it will build character.” He patted his new roommate on the back with a sympathetic look that morphed into quiet laughter. The guy had a sense of humor! That was a massive bonus in Ambrose’s book and something he would come to respect. As they moved into the kitchen, he finalized the pizza order and put in his payment information as Lachlann grabbed them beer while explaining his source. “Oh yeah? Sounds like you are getting the better part of that deal.” Taking the offered beer he saluted the male and took a long swig, relishing the taste as it went down. “Damn that’s good.”

The next question posed was one no one had yet bothered to pose, giving him something to consider as he took a seat. “I’m not sure, to be honest. It’s all happened so quickly that I’m trying to catch up. I never expected to be in a relationship let alone have a child.” He paused and took another drink from his beer, “She isn’t even a child either! She’s a grown adult according to the laws.” He shook his head and took yet another drink while listening to Lachlan’s story. Wincing at the thought of arresting the woman you were involved with for murder he thanked his lucky stars that his own life had never gotten that bad.

“Yikes. Dude that’s rough.” He saluted him again with his beer just as the doorbell rang. Answering the door he tipped the delivery gal and brought the pizza’s inside, placing them on the counters. “A dinner fit for bachelor kings. We feast!” He shouted with bravado, drained his beer, and gave his new roommate a wink. “Let’s eat. While you tell me about this girl you arrested.”

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