Darkness, fangs, blood, Wayland… Mother…. No…

Giselle shot up out of bed covered in sweat as she panted out, her hand went to her heart as it pounded loudly into her chest. She pushed the covers off of her trying to take deep breaths to calm the anxiety that came over her once again. It had been weeks since she had gotten any proper sleep, Wayland was weighing heavily in her mind these days. She leaned herself forwards on her knees holding her face in her hands as she shook violently. One thing she was sure about is that the man she heard in her head, the man she saw that night Wayland was a vampire.

She moved off the bed and ran her finger along her Diamond Edged Whip letting out a soft breath muttered to herself “you are okay Zella.” She repeated it a few times until her heart rate was normal once again. She looked over at the time and shrug there was no point in going back to bed, she wouldn’t get any sleep done anyways. She decided to start her day, after a shower and getting dressed she made her way out of her home towards her office. She doubted Adrien would be around which meant she could get some work done.

As she walked up to her office she paused, turning her head to the side seeing the back of Wayland's head. Her hand dipped into her purse tightening around the whip as she began to follow the figure, the early morning work goers clogging the streets as she pushed through the crowds trying to keep a calm exterior while her insides burned. She drew closer to him and her hand reaching out and yanking roughly on the jacket he wore and as the man turned around it wasn’t Wayland.

“What do you think you are doing!” the man yelled at her.

“Forgive me I thought you were someone I knew, I am sorry.” She plastered on a smile as she apologized once again and then quickly turned and walked away hanging her head ducking into the closest alleyway her body shaking violently as paranoia ran through her. She crumbled slightly holding her body in a fetal position as she focused on calming herself once again. She hummed softly to herself and once she felt stable enough she stood up and turned on her heel to walk out of the alley running straight into someone flinging her body back. Fear took over as the man who she pulled her eyes up to look at the solid form she ran into.

Wayland stood there his fangs extended as he licked them “Little Giselle I am so happy to have found you.” He said as he picked her up off the ground and pressed her back against the wall and then sank his teeth into her neck. She let a soft scream out before Wayland's hand covered her mouth muffling her screams, fear, and panic set in.

Her fingers slide into her pocket and then she pulled out the stunning device, the moment he jumped away from her she took off running as fast as she could out of the alley. She pushed through the people and up to the building where her office once. Once she was in her office the door closed and locked behind her she went to the Mirror to look at her neck, her eyes widen as there was nothing, no bite mark nothing.

She sat there in a realm of paranoia for a long moment. She stood up and made her way to his office. She stood in the hall for a long moment looking up at the ceiling and then reached out opening the door to his office offering a light knock on the door. Her heels clicked as she closed the door behind her "I hope I am not interrupting anything too important?"

She said as she crossed the room and lowered herself into one of the seats across from him. She was quiet for a long moment her eyes drifted between them not really focusing on him until she locked her gaze with his. "I feel like all we do lately is work." She said as she crossed her legs placing her hands on her knee and leaned closer. "Care to do what we use to do and go out for a drink after work? Seems we both need to get our minds off things." She said as she leaned back against the seat.

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