They always say Music is the way to the soul and heart to tell a story, and your feelings. People who are gifted with writing music or to make music can see things no one else can, the real meaning behind the lyrics. For the kitsune, music made her calm and take her away from the past problems she had now it more deeper and louder since her brother came back. Seraphina didn't hate her brother back it's leaving with no word and coming back to be surprised she is shocked herself she didn't stab him thinking he was someone breaking in. She is always on alert no matter how she sees something. A little trait she got from her father jumping to conclusions but for Seraphina is called protecting her family with all cost no matter how bad the situation is for her. 

Around the pack she heard about a music gathering in the human territory, she never meets a human yet but she knew she can relax quite a lot since she is not dangerous along with as long as she is not out she is fine. Seraphina didn't let anything stop her from going as she got dressed, did her hair, little makeup, get her bag with everything see needs and head out after breakfast. Even though Sera is trying to meet new people then to reply on them coming to her she hated the new her. 

It was many years ago, her family was alive until the Valkyr killed her mother in front of her eyes. Her brother pulled her away not telling the young sera to go to her mother. Everything from that moment changed her life forever. Night terrors, to cry, to sleepless nights she didn't bother her father knowing he was trying to get himself together. Sera had to be his rock since her fear is to lose another family member. Arwyn her brother, she thought they were close but the true colors came through after the death. She needed him the most and he was nowhere to be found. Seraphina went through so much by herself which made her distance from people she does not know or trust.

Seraphina knew she can do this all she has to do it to make an effort and speak up. She walked to the gathering as her eardrums already meet with music telling her it’s the right place. They really meant it’s a gathering as many people were there talking about music and writing information down to get in contact later. The kitsune smiled and said hello to those who noticed her with given her small talk. She found a place to sit as closed her eyes to relax feeling like she walked for 20 years. So far there was no one to talk to that piqued her interest, she took a moment to sniff the air as she found a few of her species within the room. “There has to be someone who will talk to someone within an interest.” she said with a sigh. It could her mind thinking from all the walking but guess to stay put to gain the strength back and look afterward.

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It was called the Bohemian Rhapsody a tribute to the most awesome era in musical history as far as Sebastian was concerned.  They had Queen, KISS and the Eagles performing their classic hits.  The event was promising to be the biggest music fest this side of the Mississippi River and Sebastian not only had passes, he had VIP backstage passes.  With his ‘plus one’ VIP pass Sebastian could invite anyone to come and enjoy the music under the stars with him.  It had been a sad realization to Bash when none of his friends had shown any interest in the event.  Even then, Bash was determined to enjoy himself.  With his eight is garb on, Bash went out that night ready to enjoy the beat of that eighties music on his own.

Being the charismatic guy he was Bash kept his eyes and ears open.  He was determined to invite someone back stage to enjoy meeting the bands, listening to some music and spending some time with those fine musicians from a revolutionary era in the music world.  As he made it to the event Jimmy Hendrix music floated through the air.  It was full of good vibes.  This night was going to be great.

People were singing, laughing and having a good time, all except for one forlorn girl sitting by herself.  Sebastian went to sit next to her and began to sing a little of the song, smiling Bash turned to her and introduced himself.  "Hi there I’m Bash.  Are you enjoying the show?”  He had to raise his voice a little so she could hear him.  His plus one badge hung losers around his neck.  If the girl was interested in coming backstage with him, Bash would feel great since his awesome plus one wouldn’t be wasted.

"Did you come to hear a specific band or did you just come to hear them all?  I for one am here for Queen.  It is a rare opportunity to see them perform."  

The place was buzzing with activity, Bash knew this night would be a special one.  I mean Queen! Performing live, what else could he want?  His feet moved to the rhythm of the song as he waited for his new friend to answer.  

Seraphina didn't have many friends other than the pack back in the woods. Sitting alone listening to music made things better for her to think clearly.  She smelt the area to get a better idea of what she is going to deal with. A few of her kind, a lot of Humans and a few others. She knew it is a full house of people which is one thing that is not good if you're trying to make friends and get more sociable. Sera is now regretting coming to the event now.

The kitsune was about to leave when someone sat next to her and asked her if she is enjoying the show. Oh, goodness someone is actually talking to her. "Hi... Am Seraphina," she said shyly not sure what she could say this happened faster then she thought. Guess is how thing goes quickly to meet people. The Kitsune nodded to his question about the show, she could hear a lot of things since she is a fox. Sera heard the other clear as a bell as she smiled hoping she is doing something right. "Don't freak out you can do this" Sera said in her mind as she closed her brown eyes. Hoping the other male didn't see how shy and nervose she is being at that moment. 

"Oh hum. I just came here for the music. I have not heard of any of these bands so minds well explore." Seraphina laughe shyly. He rarely listened to music anymore even though it's something she uses to do.

Her eyes laid on the show as she didn't say anything more. Sera didn't know what else to say.

His smile grew wider.  "Well get ready to enjoy the best in rock and roll, I will be your tour guide Bash D. Dash."  He pretended to have a microphone and began to tell her about the song that was playing.  Bash knew details that very few people knew so he was very happy to share his knowledge with a willing listener.  Once he saw her eyes glass over, Bash knew he had gone too far.  

"Sorry 'bout that.  I tend to get carried away when it comes to music and Star Trek."  Bash was known to talk away without paying much attention to those around him.  He was trying to connect to this person but she was so shy and so quiet, Bash didn't know if he was intimidating her or keeping her against her will.  "You know, its OK to tell me to brush off.  I just saw you here alone and thought that maybe you wanted some company.  Don't mind me XD."

He stayed quiet for the next couple of songs then Queen entered the stage.  He got on top of the bench and began to scream just like every other Queen's fan.  Cell phone lit up as the strings to "Bohemian Rhapsody" began.  Those that knew the lyrics sang, those that did not hummed to the melancholy rhythm of their most famous hit.  This night was going to be an epic one.

A bright smile and a light laugh came out of Seraphina as she nodded when he told her what was playing. “I really like the best to it,” she said commenting on the song. The Kitsune listens to a lot of music in her room she thinks no one listens to but really they do with quiet feedback. Sera hoped she can get back to her normal fun-loving self but it’s going to be a journey to recovery now she accepts everything that happened in the past.

“Oh no, it’s not you. It’s me. It’s hard for me to talk with people without thinking is saying something wrong or am stepping over a line I never wanted to step on. Does that make any sense?” Seraphina explained hoping the other can understand and hope he saw there are no hard feelings between them. “You like a great guy to talk to so please keep talking,” she said with a light smile. The kitsune never like to give someone an unwanted vide to anyone else it was more like her trying to understand people again.

When the said band came out, Sera watched the other jump up as she smiled and giggled. ‘Looks like his favorite band made it to the city’ She thought to look at the members. Sera has heard this song before as she just hummed the song not wanting to sing and embarrass herself in front of people she didn’t know.

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