The sunset over Evermore was beautiful, it always was. Golden light washed over houses and buildings and caused the lakes and ponds to glow. This particular time of the day was when Mindae Jeon loved to come out of his house and go for a run. The path to Mindae's house was long and winding, with lots of trees and a pond over to the side. He plugged his earbuds into his phone and set off down the path, jogging at first. His music was blasting in his ears, so he couldn't hear anything. Running always gave Mindae a time to think about certain things in his life. He sometimes asked himself questions that he couldn't even answer himself. This usually led to him stopping somewhere to sit and try and answer those hard questions. As he thought about this, he sped up his pace and made it to the end of his driveway, and set out onto the sidewalk on the outside of his neighborhood. Streaks of dark blue shot across the sky as it got close to nighttime, and the moon slowly came out of hiding. 

Street lights turned on as the sky darkened, and stores lit their signs in neon. Evermore at night came alive with music booming out of clubs, chattering of people walking down the streets on their way to some of the best restaurants in town. Mindae slowed down to a walk admiring the bright lights of some of the restaurants. He hadn't been in one of them since he first came to Evermore and that was four years ago. People waved as they recognized him so he waved back with a bright smile. He continued down the street and accidentally tripped over something, damn his clumsiness. 제기랄! 내 어색함과 함께 무엇입니까?” (Damnit! What is with my clumsiness?)  He cursed and got back up, brushing a strand of blonde hair out of his face. Continuing to walk onward without noticing anything, led him into one of the forests in Evermore. 

Trees overhead cast eerie shadows onto Mindae's pale skin, scaring him half to death. Sure he might act confident and not scared of anything with his friends, but really he was the worst with the dark and heights. He cautiously walked further into the forest before actually thinking about it. It was really peaceful here. It wasn't as scary as he had originally thought, and nothing was popping out of the dark. "야!이 여기에 실제로 정말 아름답다. 아무것도 여기에 살고 궁금?" (Hey! It's actually really peaceful here. I wonder if anything lives here.) He said and his voice cut through the silence, echoing off the trees. Weird. At least he could come here when things got hard or awkward. This place was now his safe place, somewhere he could go whenever he was down. 

A few hours later, Mindae had fallen asleep, not noticing anything scary at all. Not even the slightest of footsteps could wake him, he slept like the dead. 

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Sleeping past noon had been his normal habit even since before everything. He was an insomniac at nights, relieving his Niveis status to be an owl instead, but when he sleeps, no one can actually disturb him without risking turning into a popsicle. He's not a dead sleeper because he could still sense if anyone was coming towards his direction from a few meters away. But he does like his sleep. It was the only quality time he actually could bask in within, while not worrying about his status as spy for the tribe. For that reason, Daehyun rarely had time for himself as his ears and eyes were always glued to somewhere or someone, not necessarily in that order.

By the time he woke up, he glanced over to the cook that was hung across the room, and rubbed his eyes a few times groggily. Stretching out his limbs for a few minutes, the elder Stormwind got up and rinsed his face with the cold tap water and leaned against the door frame of the bathroom. He woke up a bit too late today, which was weird, considering he always woke up precisely at the time he wanted to. Oh well, there's always a first time for everything, no? The bright haired Niveis went over to his closet and changed into a simpler form of clothing; a plain dark navy t-shirt with a leather jacket alongside simple jeans. Yes, just because he's an ice phoenix that could literally withstand any cold temperature that night eat up someone else, doesn't mean he couldn't be fashionable with the current manner of clothing. Sometimes they like to wear jackets just for the sake of it, and to avoid suspicions from other people's eyes, of course. His manner of clothing usually comprised of oversized and cozy looks.

Pushing the door to his cabin open, he allowed the cold air to engulf him as he took a semi-decent casual walk around, from the mountain tops down to the forests underneath. It was near the Initia's territory, per say. Someone's gotta keep an eye out for any impending threat, and he doesn't mind if it was him. Soon enough, he arrived in the woods while kicking the snow trailing the small steps away. While he was humming to himself, he halted on his steps abruptly and almost fell because of it. Why? Because Daehyun Stormwind almost stepped on a body. A living body that was clearly sleeping soundly and peaceful in the middle of the winter season. In the forests. What kind of a guy would be so weird as to do such?

He grabbed a stick from somewhere and poked the male with him. Upon briefly getting a look on him, he figured the male was Korean. “실례합니다. 당신 살아 있습니까? 추운 날씨 아래 숲 한가운데서 왜 자니? (Excuse me, sir. Are you alive? Why are you sleeping in the middle of the forests underneath the cold weather?)” He mumbled as he continued his poking. Under such weather and setting, his platinum hair that was closely resembling almost white, bore a striking resemblance to that of Jack Frost. He was a literal Jack Frost, but not so playful. The frost in him however, was real. 

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