In the middle of band practice the museum had called her and asked her to pick up an item they had acquired from a local shop. To say she was annoyed at having to pack up her drumsticks and would be an understatement since they didn’t always get a lot of time together. Work was a priority and she did love it but sometimes she did revel in the small amount of personal time she seemed to have. But she had done what was necessary, pulling her hair up into a high ponytail with a few braids throughout. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to change out of her ripped and black skinny jeans or gray tank top with purple wings across the back and a heart with a dagger through it on the front upper left. It was not museum acquisitions attire that was for sure but apparently the shop she needed to go to was closing soon.

Thankfully it wasn’t far and she would be able to leave her car parked where it was and walk. Her phone told her it was only a few blocks away and she should be there in a matter of minutes. Though her GPS somehow managed to take her to the wrong location since she put in street instead of avenue. With a small groan she corrected the address and realized that she was going to have to run to get there by the anticipated time since she hated being late. This was a terrible thing to put on her at the end of the day after she’s already been out of work for awhile, though she knew they had been trying to get this piece for awhile and everything was finally aligning.

Stretching and loosening up her muscles she began to jog to the correct location, turning when her phone told her as she moved around the slower moving people. It was a bit frustrating when people just wanted to stand in the middle of the sidewalk when she had somewhere to be. Hopefully they didn’t decide to close early since they should know she was coming, however, given her boss was a bit airheaded at times, he may have forgotten to call ahead to let them know she was coming since that wouldn’t be the first time. Silently hoping that her boss had done his job she began to slow since her GPS showed that she was almost there.

Crystalline eyes traveled over the signs for all the shops on the block reading them quickly as she walked slowly. What was it called again? Madison Mediums? No that didn’t sound right at all. As her eyes landed on a very different design of sign. “Maddox…” She said quietly under her breathe. “Sounds right.” She said under her breath as she grabbed the door handle glad it was unlocked as she pushed it open a small bell over the door ding. Stepping inside she called out, “Hello, I’m Willa Constantine, I’m here to pick up something for the museum.” She called out moving towards the counter to wait. After a few minutes of waiting she grew restless and uncomfortable so began to wander around the shop. Some things were labeled and other’s were. The charms to bring peace, love, happiness and things like that didn’t bring her much interest so she kept walking.

A stone tablet was being held on a display stand and the symbols seemed like ones she knew. Carefully she picked up it up curious to see if it was authentic or just some sort of duplicate. Her focus and interest locked on what she was doing.

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It had shocked him entirely that a shop like his in a supernatural city was so popular; of course, he was well aware that many people would come in to look at the artefacts that he frequently collected - at least, the ones which he didn’t need but even some came to him for his Medium services. He would have thought, that being supernatural themselves, they would know that he, in fact, could not talk to the dead; nonetheless, it was thriving and he truly could not complain - it was bringing him money to live on, it was upping the Maddox reputation in the Supernatural world and it would soon open up other revenues of work. Of course, Abraham had always had a desire to go on exorcisms, or to cast demons out of buildings and people’s homes - he desired the Maddox family would be the new Warren. Abraham also had to admit, where he didn’t have much, if any sort of social life - out of his making, by the way - he found that having the shop open longer hours throughout the day gave him the social life that every being craved; no matter how often they tried to deny such a thing.  

With that, it was a no brainer that he would be happy to keep the store open just a little later than normal this evening; the bloke on the other end of the phone almost begged him to as he desperately wanted his hands on one particular artefact for his collection. To find out it was a museum baffled him a little, maybe they knew more about the item’s past than what he did; which could very much be the case - he just needed enough to know what it could and couldn’t do, and that was it. Plus, saying goodbye to one item, made it possible for him to go on another scavenger hunt to find more items to sell which could then potentially lead him to a great find. A find that could help him solve the barrier between the living and the dead; and without the help of those Aspects that many people spoke of - he didn’t want to go to them for help, as they surely would say that he would be breaking the balance and put a stop to any move that he intended to make. 

Abraham lowered the lights somewhat in his shop, he didn’t really want any more customers for the evening besides the individual coming to collect the item; therefore, he moved round back to tidy up from his Medium sessions. It was until he heard the soft ring of the bell which indicated the individual was here; ‘a female?’ He thought to himself, certainly not what he expected. Abraham cleared his  throat and slowly entered the main shop and glanced at the woman who stood with her back to him - clearly fascinated with the stone tablet; watching her be completed unaware of his presence caused his lips to curl and very slight exhale of amusement to pass his lips. 

The Diviner walked up behind her, and stood there like her shadow as he peered over her shoulder at the tablet which she had picked up. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you” He spoke. “It is known to be quite a nasty piece of work” 

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