Elias stepped out of the Cab looking out at the building in front of him taking a deep breath to try and steady himself was he really ready to go back to that life? Was he ready for all that was waiting for him on the other end of this journey? Elias did not have the answers and truth be told he was sure he never would have them, Gathering his two bags from the trunk of the cab. Gathering his courage the redhead male entered the airport, removing his boarding pass from his bag “Willow give me strength” He whispered to himself. Elias was only returning to Evermore for her, Willow has been begging him for weeks to come home. He had wanted to jump on the first plane back for her. This trip had been something that Elias had needed at the time, his own little escape to show himself that he was capable of separating himself. 

Now he thought he was more able to cope with all Evermore would throw at him again, he knew Willow was upset that he had left. She had wanted her brother close by, he was always close by ever since they met. This trip was the first time the pair had been separated in a very long time. Reaching up he touched the star pendant he had bought for himself, the matching one was in his bag rolled up in a few shirts to keep it safe of the flight. Taking a deep breath he walked over to security checking his bags in and making his way over to his terminal, he took his seat while he waited for his flight to be called.

Dialing his sister number he placed the phone to his ear "Γεια σας, απλώς περιμένω την πτήση μου. Θα είμαι εκεί μέσα σε 21-22 ώρες.” ("Hello, I am just waiting for my flight. I should be there in 21-22 hours. I love you.")  Leaving her a voicemail as she was likely sleeping at this hour, hearing his flight being called he got up and boarded the plane placing one bag above himself and the other under the seat. Turning his phone into airplane mode and tucking it neatly into his pocket until the seat belt sign came off. After the stewardess described safety procedures and the seat belt light came on the redhead took out his headphones, resting his seat back and took a long nap.

When Eli woke he was halfway through his journey deciding he would use the washroom, get a bite to eat from the stewardess and watch a movie he had downloaded on his tablet as well as read some of his novel. To fill the remainder of his time on the flight. Finally, the captain announced they were going to descend and for all passengers to return to their seats, and buckle up. Once the plane landed he was sure to gather all of his items and off the plane, he got making his way to meet his sister. When he spotted her he dropped his bags down and hugged her tightly “I have missed you dearly Bubbles” He kissed the top of her head.”

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It’s been what has felt like forever since Elias have been back where now she considers home. Having been against him leaving and jetting off to another country months back. With never a proper discussion he just left, ran out of her in a way. Upsetting her a lot. Her brother leaving her behind, they’ve not spent much time apart. Only the time that they fell to finding each other. Choosing for all these years to stick together, somehow they haven’t tried to kill each other in that time. Maybe once or twice just nearly. Since Elias have been gone Willow have been trying to persuade him to come back, to give this city a chance. Maybe it was selfish of her to swade him but was instituted in wanting to stay with Ophelia and their people. Truthfully she was sick of running. Feeling the past so many decades even before they were captured that’s all they’ve been doing. Just wanting to settle down like the old days. That what she’d been doing yet without Elias. Feeling like a part of her was missing as he was always the missing link. Yet she knew he was old enough to make his own choices that they weren’t like kids anymore. Siblings who had to be together all the time, live together. Knowing that in a way they had to move on, however much she hated to think of it. Since Elias have been gone she’s moved on with her life in a way. Finding a steady job that she both loved and enjoyed, starting to build a friendship group. Slowly coming out of her shell, trying to put down the ways that she has put up. Only wishing that Elias was there to see it all. 

The Redhead was sitting at the front desk of the book shop, fiddling with a pen in her hand. Staring into space, she’d been like that for a good while. Lost in her thoughts. Wondering whether or not her brother have changed in the past few months. Would it be a good or bad one, what if she had changed too. So many different thoughts circled through her head. Not being able to help it. Willow was always the type of person to overthink everything. Thinking of the worse scenario instead of a good one. One of her faults. Both her and Elias have not kept into contact as much as they should. Willow knew the reason why he left was that he needed space whilst for her she was still healing from the whole captured and locked up for so many years. Keeping herself busy at the bookshop has been what makes her most happy these days. Willow looked to her phone checking the time seeing it was time for her to leave to head the airport. Promised to be there to pick Elias up from the airport, knowing that he was on a plane having gotten a phone call from him early hours of the morning. Waking up to a voicemail from him in Greek. Her mind barely able to focus on English let alone Greek, she knew from time to time her brother liked to speak Greek time to time. 

Willow quickly told Leigh that she was heading out for the rest of the day. Already planning to take half a day to go and pick up Elias from the airport. Taking her car and leaving the city to the nearest airport in Colorado, a fair drive away. Arriving at the airport she headed to the arrivals part, finding her way around the airport. All new surroundings. Willow stood by where people come through arrivals, in search for Elias. Occasionally looking to the board or checking her phone. Making sure that his plane has landed, not delayed or anything. Sooner enough she caught out corner of her eye her brother, watching as he dropped his bag and came running her way. In a flash she ran into his arms, wrapping her arms around him. “I’ve missed you brother” She beamed happily, missing her brothers tight embrace. “Promise me you won’t go away for months without me” Sounding like a hopeful child but didn’t want to be this far away from Elias again.

“I have missed you too Bubbles” He kissed the top of her head and just held her a little tighter and a little longer. “I promise I won’t take off again like that anytime soon.” He looked down at her “Fair? I just needed away, everything with Baptiste was just too hard to deal with at the time. I am back now and I am hoping that me being back I will be able to face him and force him to face me.. And tell me why he did what he did.” Eli shuddered himself “Sorry let’s not talk about that right now, I know it is a sore subject for you.”

Elias let go of the hug finally and moved back over to the bags he had dropped down picking them up once more he watched his sister happily. “What have you been up to?” Elias was genuinely curious. The siblings had stayed in touch while he was away but not nearly as much as they should have, he wanted her to refresh his memory on what she had been doing. Elias walked towards the exit allowing Willow to lead the way to her car, when he arrived at the car he placed his bags into the trunk.

“Would you like to drive or would you like me to?” Eli leaned against the trunk of the car, he was not eager to sit in the car just yet. He had been on a rather long plane ride so just standing and being able to stretch his legs felt rather amazing. The only thing missing for him was to look up and see a sky full of stars, for now, he would settle with a bright sunny day. “Besides the fact that I will for sure be Jet lagged in a while and likely want a nap… did you want to come back to the Ranch with me? I miss home but I don’t want you to just drop me off and leave.” It was true he really wanted to catch up with his Sister.

Ever since they had met all those years ago, the two have been inseparable some would likely classify them as Codependent. Elias had become much more protective of Willow over the years even more after the Isle of Skye, he would do anything and everything he could to make sure that Willow never ever had to go through such events again. 

It's been far too long well to her it has been. For Willow choosing to stay behind in Evermore with Ophelia and the other Celestials instead of leaving and following Elias. Willow could remember that night clearly. How Elias was in distress, packing his bags. Not making it clear what happened just that they needed to get out. Yet she knew he was wrong, she didn’t need to get out. Willow always have been strong willed. Her own person. One to make her own decisions. Hating if there was someone who thought they knew better than her to make the decisions. Choosing to take a stand, Willow decided to stay behind. Finding herself in the last few months making a proper life in Evermore. For the first time in a long time she was happy. Her mental health and sanity was normal as it could be. Having a proper and steady job and routine were one of the things that helped her to get better. Helped to keep her mind off her brother running out on her, Willow knew he had his reasons. Now he was back she was going to find what they were. To see if he would open up and tell her or if she’d had to figure it out on her own. Either way she would find out. Hearing the mention of her old nickname, Elias continued to use made her roll her eyes at him annoyance a little. “You promised that you would stop calling me that” She reminded him, slapping his arm playfully as he knew she hated the nickname. “You just left when I was still not all that right” Willow admitted looking to the ground as Elias knew of her struggle with anxiety and depression something that many other Celestials were still struggling with. With the traumatic experience they all suffered. 

Willow had kind of guessed that Elias went through a bad break up but she thought it wasn’t that bad for him to make an escape out of the city let alone the country. “That didn’t mean you had to fly the other end of the world to avoid him” She pressed a little not able to help it. “Look I’m sorry, I just been by myself for some time” Willow knew she couldn’t take it all out on Elias, he’s only just got back. They were never the ones to hold a grudge. Even if it was something bad. That's how they’ve managed to around each other for so long without wanting to kill each other. With the being changed around to what she’s been doing in the meantime, she’d been too busy with the book shop to tell Elias about it. Thinking it was best not to keep going on about her new well not so new job in the book shop. Always turning the question around to where he was. What sights he was seeing whilst the most exciting thing in hers was to find any old classic books she had found. Or about things that happened with customers. Choosing not to bore him. “I found myself a job. It's one in a book shop so I help to run the place when the manager is not in. Like what I used to do” She smiled softly updating him for what's new in her life. With her love for books not changing. Willow knew that Elias would remember in the past when she used to run a bookshop, a small part time job she did whilst he was out earning the majority of their money for them. In the old days it was the man's job to support the family. Now in this modern day it all was different with Woman having the equal opportunity, something she was strongly towards. 

The two Braelynd siblings exited the airport with her taking the lead to where she parked her car in the pick up area. Letting Elias put his bags into the car. She could see that he didn’t have much with him but Willow knew that he always liked to carry light. Opposed to her. “I can drive you’ve been cooped up on a plane for god knows how many hours” She insisted not wanting him to fall asleep at the wheel or anything. “But one rule, don’t put your feet up on the dash. I know you got long legs but that doesn't mean I want to see them when I’m driving” She warned shooting him a stern look just in case. Truthfully Willow thought he wouldn’t go back to the ranch that he’d come back her to the Celestial Castle but she was wrong. Knowing that he wanted his own place. “Sure but I still don’t want to live at the Ranch” Used to living at the castle surrounded by people, feeling more secure rather than out in the open whilst she knew Elias liked his own space. “So you got any stories to tell of your adventures?” She wondered looking to him as she got into the drivers side, wanting to know if he had any stories to tell of his time away.

Elias couldn’t help the guilt that was welling up inside of him as he spoke with his sister, he did leave her while still vulnerable. Maybe he had been selfish not that he was really thinking at the time “I...I..I’m sorry.” He whispered in a low tone Willow was the most important person in the world to Elias and he had just left his sister without really thinking of the effect his absence would have on his sister. No matter what Elias did Willow almost always forgave him which deep down broke him a little because there were times she shouldn’t have. The redheaded man was happy to have her as a sister Willow didn’t want Eli going anywhere near Baptiste again; Elias knew he couldn’t avoid the Valkyr forever. Trying not to think about the man the moment he was back in Evermore turning to his sister again. “I promise to try and be a better brother.” that was all anyone could do really try their very best, that is what Elias wanted to do.

“You and a bookshop? That seems very fitting my real-life Belle.” He smiled and leaned over to kiss her temple When she agreed to drive he got in and adjusted the seat to make room for his legs so he could stretch out a bit. “I wouldn’t ask you to live at the ranch unless you wanted. I do miss having you around more, I just don’t know if I can be in the castle all the time, I will try and make it a point of stopping by more does that sound fair?” He asked laying his head back to glance over at her while she drove. The Celestial was hoping to make more friends now that he was back in evermore and maybe even find a bond that he had heard about on his travels.

“Stories, well I was hoping you could help me, I heard of something while I was away a Volo... Something bond. Have you heard of it?” He asked making a puzzled face. “Something between stars and the creatures of the shadows?” Elias had been on the other side of the world and his greek translations were a bit rusty, he wasn’t sure he had heard the locals right. “Am I making any sense or am I just talking in riddles now?” the laugh that escaped his lips was a hearty happy one. “When I first heard it on my travels I thought it sounded bizarre but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it on my own, so who better to ask than my personal book worm.”

A bond to strengthen an already close bond, that would have been a wonder Elias didn’t know anyone he trusted more than his sister but she was a star like himself so that wasn’t what the tales spoke of. Creature of shadow Elias figured Valkyr’s but he had tried not to think of them because of Bap. No matter where the star went everything brought him back to Bap like fate was pulling him along by an invisible string.

Willow never did get a proper answer or explanation really to why her brother chose to up and leave her like he did before. When she was finally just settled, having made Evermore her home. Making up her mind she wanted to stay even if it meant being left behind in the process which did ended up being what happened. Now with time passing and Elias was back she wanted to find out and hear his reasons. Even if it meant giving him the cold shoulder, showing that he did hurt her by leaving her behind. Willow could see how suprised he was knowing he was thinking she would be welcoming him back with open arms. “You just left me” She admitted truthfully looking over to him showing how hurt she was. “You wouldn’t even tell me why” Willow knew there was more to the story feeling that as his sister she should of been told before. Part of her felt like he was going to leave again not able to get rid of being abandoned. Something that’s not easily just going to go away. “This time you promise your not going to up and leave again when things get bad” Almost making sure. In the time he’s been gone she’s found and gained more confidence. Having found her amour. “We used to talk, what happened to us?” Sighing almost but she wanted to repair the bonds that were broken. Willow knew they’d be able to work through it all because of the strong sibling bond they share. 

Bookshops have always been her happy place in every time period or city. Whether it was just to go as a customer or to work in one. Feeling at home in every one. “You know me and bookshops” She grinned a little as he knew how her obsession was. How she’s probably read half of the books in the Celestial Castle by now. She was a little surprised hearing how he’s bought a whole ranch but on the other hand not so surprised with how she knew he liked the outdoors. “The ranch is your home but I like being closer to the city. People have you back home” Reminding him how she’s not the only one who's missed him whilst he’s been gone but knew he liked his space. Similar to how Rashesh stayed away from living with other Celestials away from the chaos as he reminds her often. Part of her likes the chaos reminding her that others are always close by rather than it being all quiet all of the time. 

She was surprised hearing as Elias was asking her about something he wasn't sure she knew about but she did. Turning to look at him whilst she was driving. “It’s called Volkari bond” She answered by correcting him, waiting to see if he was surprised how she knew. It was something she had read up on a while back, something that always caught her eye making her think about it. “It’s a bond between us Celestials and Valkyr’s, one that can’t be broken after it’s made not even in death” Giving him a serious look, now she was starting to wonder why he was wanting to know more about it. “You aren’t thinking of having one?” She joked laughing softly but she didn’t know half of what her brother gets up to these days. Recently she’s been thinking more about the Volkari bond more whether it would be something she’s considering having one day. The only Valkyr she trusted enough was Eirik but then again he couldn’t remember them being friends centuries ago.

“I did, I did leave, you deserved an explanation there is no doubt about that. I am sorry Willow.” Elias knew he was in the wrong and she deserved to be pissed at him and not forgive him if she chose that. “After everything with Baptiste and I … I didn’t know how to handle, I didn’t know what to do, I felt like a bomb ready to go off.” He looked down at his hands “I still feel that way Belle… I still feel like I might be a danger when my anger flares up. It brings be back there.. Back to when I had to fight to keep you safe and fight for my life.” Elias tried so hard to hide the emotions behind it all, he wanted to be the strong one he had always been the string one. “I promise I am here to stay.” He reached out and lay his hand over hers covering it so easily. Pulling her hand up to his lips “No matter how bad or hard they get I won’t leave you as long as you promise not to judge the monster I can become in those times.”

“I want to get back to what we had, do you think we could?” He squeezed her hand before letting it go so she could focusing on driving again. “I miss everyone too, I will visit for everyone’s sake even my own.”  He smiled softly.

“No I do not plan to have one, the only person I trust enough to have a bond with is well... You and that kind of bond isn’t even possible with another Celestial.” He smiled softly. “You are my everything Willow you do know that don’t you?” He wanted to make sure that she remember she was the most important person to him above and beyond anyone because she was his sister he protected her, he took beatings when they were locked up so she didn’t have to.

“I hate that we have fallen away to the side, I want us to get back to where we were, I will do my work to get that back. I know you won’t like Bap for hurting me this way, but you need to know I still love him, even after all this time. I still love him, I don’t know how to stop. And even though I was gone you were Never Alone Willow I will ALWAYS be with you no matter what.”

Ever since Elias left Willow tried to go back to being the person she one was years back. Finding herself putting back the pieces by herself, making her stronger.  Wanting to be able to protect herself, the reason why she’d gone to Eirik for one to one training sessions. “You know you’ll be groveling for a while” Reminding him how she wouldn’t be easily forgetting but wants to hold it on her brother's head for a while because she could. Finally he was starting to give her a proper reason for why he left, raising a brow hearing Elias mentioned his ex. Now thinking it was why Elias left back then. “We promised each other that we wouldn’t leave each other behind because of someone else” With her hinting back to how she’s had to make sacrifices before to stand beside her brother. Willow knew how protecti Elias was for her and how back when they were captured he would always challenge and go up against anyone who tried to hurt her. Always trying to fight her corner for her when she couldn’t. “It’s all different now, we don’t have to constantly look over our shoulder in fear” Seeing how some things have changed since he’d been gone. Willow knew how Ophelia had set up an alliance with Gideon and the other Valkyr’s. Slowly things were turning for the better. “You Pinky Promise?” Giving him a serious look the only way she could be sure. Their own little unbreakable bond. 

Maybe she’d had to give in sooner than she first wanted to but having heard him plead with her enough for the time being. “I forgive you Elias, just don’t do it again” Sighing a little, nodding her head as she forgave him. “The Celestial Castle is still a madhouse some of the time” She grinned remembering back to when he always used to complain but she never minded too much. Always finding herself spending most of the time in her room to take much notice. Willow was still curious as to why he wanted to know more about Volkari and how it was something he never asked about before. “We’re already bonded by another way brother” She teased softly to how they fell from the same constellation. Something that was quite rare so they had that above others. “There’s a few Celestials who have the bond already with other Valkyr’s. Ophelia formed one with Gideon as some sort of alliance between the species. Hanseol and Yeonseok. There’s few others but I lose track” Choosing to keep her brother up to date of all that's been happening since he’s been gone. “We’ve always been each other's everything since we first found each other” Smiling softly to her brother, remembering the fond memory. Back when everything was all much simpler times, a life without worry. 

Willow knew things wouldn’t go back to how they once were straight away, she’s become a bit more stubborn now. The Celestials weren’t too keen on hearing how Elias still wants to get back her ex. She wasn't so sure about the idea and he knew it. “He broke your heart, why want him back?” Speaking her mind out loud yet she doesn't know if she was the best person having never properly been in love before. There was a time she thought she was bit and things didn’t work out. “I don’t want to see you get hurt again” Willow admitted looking over to him, able to see what would happen that he’d take Baptese back and he’ll get his hurt again. Finding herself takes over the role of protective sibling.

“I know it seems like we don’t always need to look over our shoulders anymore but I’ve been doing it so long I don’t know if I know how to stop doing it.” He admitted even while off on his little sabbatical from life he had his usual nightmares and often would go for a jog or run and just go until he couldn’t go anymore because it felt like someone was after him. Shuddering a little at the memories he tried to shake them loose holding out his hand when she said pinky promise “I won’t leave without you.” Yes, they were old enough to take care of themselves now, but there was something about their bond that kept them together.

Elias was already prepared to hear the “are you dumb” speech that was bound to follow when he said he wanted him back. “I feel like he had his reasons, Willow, I am not sure of what they are just yet but I feel like he had a purpose behind what he did. I can’t explain it, I just know in my heart… after my time away that the man I love wouldn’t have hurt me like that without a good reason.” Elias wrapped his hand around hers. “If I get him back, I want you to try and give him a chance. He also means everything to me, not as much as you do but a close second.” Shooting her a soft smile.

As they arrived at the Ranch he couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of relief seeing how it was still standing the horses were out grazing and Elias' eyes searched for his girl he knew all of her favorite spots when he spotted Belladonna his grin grew “Mind pulling over here?” He asked. When she did he got out and went over to the fence and gave a whistle Bells ears perked up and she ran as fast as her body could carry her over to him. Elias laughed and pat her neck “There’s my girl” He said and nuzzled into her.

Finally, Elias was able to relax fully being with Willow had been the first step to relaxing and now seeing his baby girl his horse was the second. He felt like he was home.

In the last few years she’s become a little bit more judgemental of others. Trying to be more grounded and to let around take her for a fool again. Like many other Celestials who learnt to put their guard up even more so knowing that her brother wasn’t here anymore to protect her. Reason why she decided to seek out Eirik’s help finding it was already helping. “We’ve all been doing it brother, I feel like I’m paranoid all the time” She admitted knowing she wasn’t the only one but luckily she’s managed to avoid all encounters with the people who locked her up. With how she knows that Artimitira and a few others got mixed up already. Whilst Willow was clever enough to stay out of danger and not go seeking it like others. “Good” She grinned a little checking once again, almost trying to be certain that he wouldn’t leave her again. Choosing to make a pact, an unbreakable bond between siblings. One she could hold against him a way. “We’re stuck with each other” It’s been a lot more quiet for sure without Elias. Having spent so many years with each other at first after he left she felt like a piece of her was missing. Willow and Rashesh were both in the same boat with their siblings leaving whilst they chose to stay. All tired of running. She hopes that his sisters would return back to him. Yet Willow knew their situations were different for reasons why their siblings chose to escape from. For Willow she learned the hard way you can’t run away from your problems.  

For Willow she’s able to turn the tables around. She too was protective over her brother's love life. Even back in the past seeing women who used to throw themselves at her brother along with the occasional men. She’d always give her say and opinion of what she thinks of her brother's suiter. It was the same for Elias and Baptise. There was always something that threw her off him, thinking he wasn’t good for her brother. Easily seeing first hand all the ups and downs there were in the short time they were together. Watching her brother get her heart broken. Part of her couldn’t watch it happen again but she knew there was a taken Elias would easily go back to his ex. Yet Willow knew she couldn’t stop her brother, as he was a grown man who could make his own decisions even if she couldn’t give her say. “I just don’t want to see you getting your heart hurt again” She admitted truthfully looking over to him showing how much she cares for him. “We’ve both lost people that we’ve loved, maybe we have to look for second chances” There were still some secrets she kept from her brother. Not telling him all the people she’s fallen for even if it was once right in front of him but he was too blind to see it till it was all too late. 

They were soon reaching closer to where Elias lives. She was always confused about how he managed to get himself a ranch in the city, all the space for himself. As she decided to stay living in the castle with the other Celestials. Always feeling safer with others around her instead of in the middle of nowhere with no one else. For a moment she almost phased out when driving till he wanted her to pull over which she did. Already knowing why he was eager to stop and get out of the car. The Celestial too got out of the car and followed suit. She couldn’t help to smile seeing her brother run over to his beloved horse already guessing how much he’s missed her. “I’ve been looking after them, they’ve all been good whilst you've been away”Reassuring him softly but he already knew that as he would ask for updates. Elias always had to make things more difficult, it would have been easier to look after a dog or cat instead of horses. Finding it bit difficult to juggle going over to the ranch and then her hours working in the book shop at times along with fitting in frequent training sessions with Eirik. 

Hearing Willow talk of second chances gave him some hope that she wouldn’t totally be against his Ex if he ever got him back. Elias Nuzzled into Bella while listening to his sister when she got close enough, he wrapped his one arm around his sister. “Thank you, for everything you have done and likely will continue to do for me in the future.” He kissed her forehead. Just looking out over his land.  

As weird as it sounded Elias enjoyed owning the ranch and being away, this way he could see someone coming he knew his land better than anyone. Nobody could sneak up on him here, he had his exit strategies should he ever need one. He had go bags for him and Willow all ready and he would be the first to grab them and head to the castle to get her should they ever have to run again. Nothing would ever stop him from getting to his sister, he would make sure of that. 

Without realizing it he had protectively tightened his grip on Willow when he thought of someone coming to get them. It was something Elias often did because of their past trauma; he always used his own body as a shield for her. It was some of the reasons he had scars on his back, they were scars he was proud to carry because they were a living reminder of the love he held for Willow. 

“Now that I am home, what shall we do first?” He said and loosened his grip when he realized what he was doing. “sorry.” He said gently and put his hands into his pockets. His nightmares of the time on the isle had become more frequent and more vivid than they had in a while and maybe it was because he had been so far away from Willow for so long. 

In the time that Elias had been gone it’s given her time to reflect. Taking in reality of it all. One of her own coping mechmalims. Everyone had their own ways of dealing with things. Willow knew that Elias’s way was to leave. How when they were first released and saved that he wanted to flee to run away, whilst she wanted to stay put. To stay with their people she was sick of running but her brother was always good at it. Running away from his problems and worries is something he’s always done but she knew there would be a time when he would come back. He always did. Like now. Just so he could get far enough to clear his head, something everybody needs to do for her, she found other ways to herself. “We’re family right, we’ll be here for each other forever” She smiled softly looking over to her brother as he kissed her forehead. They always shared a special bond, how they were from the same constellation. Making them siblings. It wasn’t that common either making them even more special. How most other Celestials knew them as the Braelynd siblings. Willow could see how much he missed his horses, seeing how they missed him as much back. She’s been taking care of all his livestock somehow managing to juggle it around her working hours which wasn’t easy. At least now she wouldn’t have to be constantly worrying and checking up now Elias was back he could take back the reins. Since it’s all his animals, none was her’s. She’s yet to cave in and find herself a small pet of her own. Belving in waiting for the right moment. 

Willow noticed how Elias had been tightening his grip on her, she put her hand ontop looking up to him. “Elias, can you let go please” She pressed a little knowing he was having one of his moments of phasing out. Something that happened a lot to begin with when they were first released. Knowing he was forever trying to protect her. A little more overly paranoid than anyone else. Luckily moments later he had let go snapping out relizing that he had been doing. Hearing as he asked what they wanted to do, she wasn’t sure. For once she didn’t have a map or have their day all planned out. Willow was known as the planner, someone who's always organised. At work Leigh would often tease her of her she was always so pericise in tidying and organising finding homes and mapping everything out. Thinking that today she could leave it blank and go with the flow for once. “I thought that we could do what you wanted to do. See all that you’ve been missing out on” She suggested leaving it all up to him, her go to two places was either the Celestial Castle or the book shop. Probably the two places he wouldn’t want to go to. Or knowing her brother he would probably want to spend the rest of the day on the ranch checking out on things. 

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