It had been an intense couple of months for Jason as the young fledgling was recently turned a couple of months back. His blood thirst has been driving him nuts since the beginning when Baptiste had changed him even though he has specifically promised that he was going to be good. He didn't want to become that bad vampire who constantly drank from humans and used them at their will, but then again a vampire can only have permission from a human to drink from which is why it was so hard for Jason to do. His dark charcoal eyes flickered around their room, sighing to himself he got up from the bed and went over to the bathroom and pushed the wooden door opened.

He went over to the sink and turned the water faucet on, letting it warm underneath his hands, he splashed some water onto his face. Refreshing himself from his sleepy state he had just woken from his small nap before he had to face work. Work, he didn't even seem to enjoy as much as he used too. He couldn't focus on anything between his clients and his vampiric abilities that caused him to have tension throughout his body because he wasn't able to control himself. He never knew how much of a struggle it was being a supernatural creature, he did miss being human but he had to move on from that and focus on what he can do to survive and make himself happy as well as loving his boyfriend, Baptiste. 

The two had been going out for a while now and since it had been Christmas, he still had one more gift to give to Baptiste and it was something that he had been keeping hidden from him. Turning the water faucet off and he reached over for the hand towel, wiping his hands before proceeding to his hair the way he liked it. It didn't take him long to style it and he looked over to the bedroom, it was a mess but it had to wait until later. Blurring out from the bathroom, he grabbed his wallet and phone plus the gift he was going to give to Baptiste before they went to the shift they had together. ''Hey babe?'' He called out as he walked down the stairs of their apartment.

''I have something for you,'' he grinned as he entered into the kitchen and could smell that he was recently here, ''babe?'' He tilted his head as he walked around the corner into the living room, spotting him on the lounge and he smiled. He blurred over once again and went behind the couch to hug him from behind, kissing him on the neck. ''What are you doing?'' His darkish charcoal mixed blue hues flickered up to Baptiste, his throat burned but he was ignoring it for now, ''are you ready for your last gift for Christmas?'' He was well aware that it was past Christmas now but the last one was pretty special. ''We have work soon though,''  he frowned slightly as he wasn't ready to go back to work, he enjoyed his break he had even if part of it, he was almost dying, he shook the memory away as he climbed over the lounge and hopped into Baptiste's lap, snuggling into his chest. 

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Several months had went by in the Vampire's life since meeting Jason Hills. It had been a very interesting several months to say the least. It had only been two months ago that Baptiste was faced with a pretty life changing decision, as he watched Jason fall ill and nearly die in his arms. Baptiste knew right away that he couldn't lose yet another lover like this, and with that, he turned Jason and ever since then there had been complications, and the blood lust for Jason was the biggest one. It had been a big adjustment for both him and Baptiste, but Bap had the advantage of knowing exactly how it felt to go from being human to being a blood thirsty Vampire, which gave him the knowledge to help Jason through it.

Bap rested while Jason took his time upstairs getting ready for work today, which was another complication for both of them. It had started with the fact that they were a same sex couple, now onto the fact that Jason had to be surrounded by humans, as a newly turned Vampire fighting blood lust. And, for once, Baptiste was actually exhausted, so as he waited for Jason, he napped in the living room on the fancy lounge adorned by comfortable red velvet. Jolting up from his nap, as he heard Jason call out to him, Bap sat up rubbing his hands over his face, grinning as he watched Jason blur into his direction. Upon feeling Jason's lips against his neck, the dark haired tattooed Vampire inhaled. Psychical contact between them had been just as intense as everything else, and just the mere touch of Jason's lips normally sent Baptiste off the deep end, but given they had very little time before work, and Jason expressing that he had a gift for Baptiste, he smiled at Jason, curious as to what it was.

"You didn't have to do that.. i'm just happy to have you here" he stated, because if things had went the other way, then Bap would have been dealing with losing Jason for Christmas, so as nice as gifts were, Bap was just grateful that the man he loved was living. Bap wrapped his arms around Jason once he snuggled up into his lap, holding him tightly before kissing along his collar bone "Work.." he whispered out in response "How are you feeling about work? any better, or is it still a struggle being around so many humans?" the male questioned, concerned that Jason was going to end up losing control in their work enviroment and that was the last thing either of them needed right now. Exposing themselves before a bunch of humans wasn't the best outcome of Jason's blood lust, but it was also inevitable, he knew it was going to happen, whether they were shopping at a food mart, eating in a resturant, or working. All Bap could do was be by his side to help him regain control, and help him fight through it without killing someone.

"I may have gotten you a little something too.." the male voiced out before gently nipping the flesh along his neck as he continued leaving a trail of kisses along his flesh, smirking as he saw goosebumps rise and consume every inch of him visible to Bap's eyes.

The young fledgling has been having dreams for the past few nights about how he nearly died from the cancer. He was traumatized by the fact that the cancer had gotten that bad throughout his body that he almost died within the couple of months of the symptoms that gradually increased each day. It rocked Baptiste, he knew that much when he almost died in his lover’s arms. Who wouldn’t have been rocked by that experience? Seeing your loved one die in front of you? It was a horrible experience to ever muster. He was lucky enough that Baptiste was a vampire; despite that they had to live on blood from the rest of his immortality, then so bit it. He had another chance at life; a lot of others don’t when battling the cancer. He was thankful that Baptiste did change him because he didn’t want to leave the Earth so soon.

Once he refreshed himself and headed downstairs to see his lover, he was excited to see what his reaction would be for the gift he was going to give his boyfriend. He blurred over to Baptiste his lips kissed the others neck softly and gently as he reached upon him, his mixed blue and dark charcoal eyes looked up to see Baptiste with a grin on his face. The bond between was so much stronger now, the strength it had was almost unbreakable. Every moment the two were together, he could just feel it working and how intense some of their make-out sessions were. Despite being a vampire, he still blushed like crazy when Baptiste did some things or say anything to cause him to blush. He let out a soft sigh as he sat on his lover’s lap, settling into a comfortable position, hearing him caused him to blush and was so thankful for his boyfriend but it reminded him that he almost did in fact nearly die, it caused him to be emotional at times.

His eyes closed as his felt his lovers lips along his collar bone, a shiver went through him as he felt his lips. He bit his lower lip as he felt it and he could feel himself getting all giddy before he heard the question Baptiste asked; he thought about it for a moment before proceeding to talk. His hands clenched at his sides and his nails digged into his palms, chewing his lower lip as he was nervous to hear what Bap would say but he knew he had to say it for him that it was such a struggle to control. ‘’I-It’s hard…’’ He breathed out for a moment as his body tensed up again as he spoke, ‘’I just want to rip everyone’s throat out even those who teased us at the beginning of our relationship. I can hear what they say in the other rooms and it’s… Overwhelming.’’ He explained but paused as his tried to loosen up but he became so tense; almost like his anxiety was still there. A tear slipped down his cheek unknowingly that he was going to cry over this, he didn’t know this was going to be so hard to control over.

‘’Fuck,’’ he cursed as he wiped his tears away with his sleeve, turning in Bap’s lap and wrapped his legs around the others waist. He suddenly perked up when he heard that Bap got him something, tilting his head and rose his brow as he wondered what it could be. ‘’W-What is it?’’ He said, distracted by what he said as he leaned forward to kiss him gently on the lips for a few moments. His emotions were all of the place plus his blood lust making it worse for him, almost felt like he was burden to Baptiste. The goose bumps still shown when the other kissed along his neck, biting his lip once more. He cupped Baptiste’s cheeks with his hands, gently stroking each of them. The love he had for this man was unbelievable and if anything happened to him, he didn’t know what he would do for himself. He rested his forehead against the others, taking in his scent to calm himself.

‘’You make me so calm,’’ he sighed almost lost in his lovers scent as he kept inhaling it as he continued to press his forehead gently against the others. He really didn’t want to leave for work.  He pouted softly as he looked at Baptiste, ‘’I don’t want work. Don’t make me go.’’ A small whine left him as he let his eyelashes flutter innocently, ‘’I feel like something is going to go wrong.’’ He groaned as he pouted again, seeing if he could stay home again.

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