When the alarm clock rang through the emptiness of her apartment, Samira just wanted to sleep a little longer, however she knew that today was her first big step back in Evermore City. She had to head into the Organization, and let Sariah know that she has returned to Evermore, as well as make sure she still had a job there. After being gone for so long, there were no guarantees for anything from before she left the city. She pushed the covers off of her, and sat on the edge of the bed, turning off her alarm clock with a hard thud to the button. The young red-head ran her fingers through her messy hair and let out a rather large yawn. As she left her bedroom, her foot stepped onto one of her heels from last night. “GOD….” she yelled, but stopped herself before finishing the curse word. She kicked her shoe across the room and made her way towards the kitchen area of her apartment.

She wasn’t going to be of much use to anyone at the office in this state, she needed her morning coffee. After she had her morning coffee, Samira let loose a grief filled sigh, before heading back to her bedroom; making sure to pick up the heel that she kicked across the room along the way. Once in her bedroom, she picked out her outfit for the day, and laid it out on the messed up bed-sheets. “First a shower, then time to face the music,” she said to herself, as she expected to be fired for taking such a long leave of absence. After her shower was complete, she dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her body before proceeding to dry her hair. Her red hair will be a change for her boss to see, given that she dyed her hair in Korea; but Samira was more interested in finding out what was new with Evermore City since she’s been away.

After she had completely dried herself off, she proceeded to her bedroom where she got changed into her outfit choice for the day. Her choice was both casual, as well as business oriented; so it felt like the perfect choice for her first day back to the Organization. When she was dressed, she gathered her personal effects from the bedside table, and made her way to the exit of her apartment. Samira decided to walk to the office today, it wasn’t overly cold out, and it has been a while since she walked the streets of Evermore. It was also a good thing that she didn’t live all that far away from the Organization. Upon arriving at the building, she went to the front desk. She showed her old credentials to the desk person, “Is Sariah in? I’d like to speak with her if possible” she stated in a professional tone. The young red-head didn’t even know if her credentials were still valid, after all, it has been nearly a year since she was last here.

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To say things in the organization were hectic at the moment was the understatement of the century, Sariah had taken several weeks out over the last few months because she had needed to personally negotiate the Celestial and Niveis peace contract additions and also ensure the other factions didn’t need to redo their terms. It sounded easy but Sariah was no lawyer and really had no idea of the scale of work she was undertaking. It was finally done though, the document displayed proudly in the town hall for everyone to see and her usual office day to day work restored. Which wasn’t a moment too soon considering all the current projects they were working on along with real trials of their developed tech. It was definitely exciting but it was also about as crazy as crazy got.

And this particular morning was no exception to the rule, she found, as she stared at her empty coffee cup and sighed heavily. This time last year project X was just a fantasy or whim in her head, an idea that she wanted to make a reality but didn’t have the first idea how to achieve. Now, with help from Everectronics and the hard work of all of their scientists, they had managed to create a real cell which was capable of holding any supernatural being and despite the ups and downs of the trials so far, she was confident they would be able to have a viable product at some point next year which was a really exciting concept. Just before she could get to her feet to go back to the coffee machine for her third cup of the day she was interrupted by a knock against her office door from her assistant.

The blonde was confused about what was happening at first, until she mentioned the name Samira and then the request for a last-minute meeting made sense. Though Sariah usually preferred people scheduling in their visits to her office, she had the feeling if the young Korean ever made her way back it would be a spur of the moment thing. “Send her up” she responded with a nod of her head, it must have been about a year since she decided to take an extended leave to deal with some affairs so Sariah was curious to know if this was her returning or her official notice that she was leaving. She was jotting down a few notes for her presentation later this week when she saw the younger female making her way towards the door and got to her feet to cross the room and greet her, offering out her hand towards her “Wow, that hair” he spoke before smiling softly “I’m going to cross like everything I have that this is good news you’re bringing me” she grinned playfully and swept her arm out towards the chairs she had at the side of her office for meetings.

Samira waited in the lobby of the Organization building, as her request for a meeting was made. She wasn’t entirely sure if the blonde would have time to meet with her, surely things couldn’t be easy for the head of the Organization, and if she had to schedule a meeting she would. The only downside to having to schedule a meeting with her, would be not knowing if her job at the Organization was still available. After a few moments of waiting, she received the word that Sariah would meet with her now, and she felt a little bit of relief. Maybe if she was making the time to see her, that meant her job was still available and she would be able to return to the Organization. As Samira made her way towards the blonde’s office, she began to ponder what she’d say, or even what to do. It was basically starting over in this manner, because she had no idea what to expect.

As she entered the room, she was greeted happily by the blonde female, who made a comment about the obvious color change in her hair. “Do you like it? I decided to change my color while I was away” she stated with a soft smile as she extended her hand to meet the blonde’s. “Well I’m back in Evermore for good” she stated, wondering if that was the good news that Sariah was hoping for. “I was actually hoping to get some good news from you as well” she responded as her hand went to the back of her neck and rubbed it gently. The young red-head wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but from the blonde’s reaction, and her comment about the good news; maybe they were both curious about her job status there, just in different ways. “I just got back in Evermore yesterday evening, and I didn’t really have time for anything after getting settled back in. That’s why I came by today, and hoped that you would have the time to meet with me” she started before getting into her reason for coming there.

“Honestly I’m here out of curiosity about my job. It’s been nearly a year since I left Evermore on a leave of absence, and well…” she began with a slight pause. “To be completely honest I wasn’t sure if I still had a job to come back to. I know I asked for a leave of absence, but I also didn’t expect to be gone for nearly a year either” she spoke truthfully as she looked to the blonde. Samira couldn’t help but feel nervous as she waited for Sariah’s response. If her job was no longer available, she would have to begin her job hunting process all over again, and that was something she wasn’t sure she’d be ready for.

Sariah knew she could be a bit much when she talked too much, didn’t help that she’d had coffee already this morning which made her slightly buzzed and at times jittery, her mom always used to have to limit her caffeine take when she was younger because of the affect it had on her “I love it, very bold but not so crazy that people double-take you on the street” she laughed gently “I would know because I had a pink phase for a little while” she shook her hand with a bright smile when Samira said she was back in Evermore “So you managed to resolve everything you were dealing with back home then?” she was glad to hear that because in the months leading up to Samira’s departure she seemed pretty sad and troubled and Sariah had the feeling she was going to leave. Honestly, she wasn’t expecting Samira to come back at all but she was really glad she had.

“Damn wasting no time then it seems, I guess I am honored” she laughed gently and tilted her head to the side. She parted her lips a little in surprise when Samira said she wanted to come back to the organization because Sariah was honestly expecting her to say that she wanted to close the wait for her return. “I mean we don’t put people through all that crazy training just to drop them when things get a little difficult” she responded nonchalantly, anyone dedicated enough to make it through the entry tests and to complete that training would always have a place in her mind. As long as they remained on good terms of course.

“Consider it yours” she responded with a firm nod “You’ll have to do some health examinations since it’s been a year since you were last here and things could have changed since then, just to make sure you’re fit for duty” she nodded again and then rolled her shoulders back “Have you thought about what role you’d like to do, you never really moved into a full role after your training, if I remember correctly you were trying to decide what you wanted you path to be” she pursed her lips slightly “We can get you the training you need for whatever path it is you pick” having lost a few agents who moved to other cities recently she could definitely use some new recruits but a returning member was even better.

Samira was glad to hear Sariah’s response about her hair, “You had a pink phase?” she commented in a questionative and surprised tone. “Wow. I wish I had been here to see that” she continued with a slight laugh. As they talked more about her trip home, wondering if she had been successful in resolving everything, she began to feel a little sadness creeping into her heart. “I managed to resolve what I went back home for, and more besides” she stated with a frown upon her face as she thought about her father. “When I was about to come back to Evermore, my father became ill, and so I stayed longer” she began before biting her lower lip. It was still difficult for her to talk about the loss of her father, yet Sariah was one of the very few people she trusted in Evermore, so she didn’t mind telling the blonde about her father. “My father’s illness was too much for him, and he passed away while I was holding his hand” she continued as she felt the tears slowly building up.

When her mother passed away, she had taken the death hard, but she had family members to help her in that difficult time. This time Samira felt alone, and she figured that if she could keep herself busy, it would cause her to grieve slowly and more controlled now that she was alone. “Well I don’t know if honored is the way to go, but you are the first to learn of my return” she stated with a smile now that they had changed subjects from her time in Korea. As she heard Sariah talk about her job availability, Samira felt relieved by her words. It seemed as though she had been worried about nothing, and her job was still there. “That makes me very happy” she stated with a smile. Hearing that she still had a job with the Organization caused a weight to be lifted from her shoulders, and a sigh of relief escaped her lips.

“Health examinations shouldn’t be too bad. I mean I feel physically fine, I’m more worried about the emotional and mental examinations” she stated truthfully. She was positive that she could pass a physical examination, but when it came to emotional or mental examinations, she wasn’t exactly sure if she’d be able to pass those. The death of her father still haunts her dreams, and that would probably cause her mental problems for work. “You do remember correctly” she acknowledged with a nod of her head. “I did have plenty of time to consider it though, and I’d like to be placed in the Science & Tech Division if possible” she answered in a professional tone. Samira thought about her time at the Organization before she left, and how things seemed different than before. “How have things been since my leaving?” she queried curiously. A lot could happen in a year, so who knows what might have happened in the city during her absence.

She laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders before she pulled her phone out of her pocket so she could pull up a photo of herself with pink hair and smiled “Nothing too crazy but I wanted to try something new, guess I was feeling spontaneous” she giggled slightly and shrugged her shoulders slightly as she held it out to show Samira and then tucked her phone back into her pocket. Sariah’s expression softened as the young woman talked about her experiences back home though, the blonde had always know she’d had a pretty complicated and dare she say difficult home life but to hear her father had passed made her heart ache for her a little “I’m so sorry for your loss” she spoke gently as she reached out to squeeze her shoulder slightly “How are you holding up?” she asked it softly because now she wanted to make sure Samira was truly ready to come back to work and wasn’t pushing herself too much.

Sariah gave a nonchalant shrug when the other woman said she wasn’t sure honored was the way to go, the human ambassador tried to show her agents that they were valued and appreciated, she didn’t want to be one of those companies who only cared for the goals and not for the people who helped them achieve it. She liked to think she was a good listener and was generally patient with people. She had her moments of course but so did everyone. She strived to be someone people could rely on and trust and she wanted all her agents to feel confident and in their element when they came to work. “I told you when you left to take the time you needed and I meant that, it’s no good being out here working if your mind isn’t in it, the last thing we want is people making mistakes they’ll regret at work” they got quite a hefty budget because it came from the country’s defense budget.

She nodded slightly understanding why Samira might be worried about the state of her mental health given everything she had been through recently “We'll give the examinations a go, you might find that your state of mind will improve with the opportunity to do something and if you’re not fit for duty just yet we can always work on getting you up to speed with study first” as that was less pressured and gave the younger woman time to work through it all. “Science and Tech, got it” she smiled softly “We’ll have you sent on our supernatural biology course for starters and then you can do some background in tech on the side” she nodded firmly. When she asked how things were Sariah pressed her lips together “Different” she commented and nodded her head slightly “For one we have two new factions on the peace treaty but also there have been reports of some really bizarre supernatural behavior lately” she frowned slightly. This was really eating at her sanity the past few weeks.

After she had spoken about how she wished that she could have seen Sariah’s pink hair phase, Samira watched as the blonde pulled up a photo of herself with the pink hair on her phone. The young red-head’s eyes widened a little when she saw the photo, “That’s definitely a bold statement right there” she stated with a slight laugh. “Bold and beautiful. It looks better than I thought it would given how you led up to the photo” she stated with another slight laugh. “Sometimes we need a little spontaneity in our lives to spice it up a little. Something that I could probably use a little more of” she acknowledged with a slight smile. Her life at the moment was fairly dull, and lacked the excitement that she once felt, maybe some spontaneous events was what she needed. “Thank you Sariah. That means a lot to me” she acknowledged with a half-hearted smile. “I’ll be okay with time I suppose. Nights are the hardest for me though. Just laying in bed and having my head filled with all the memories of my parents…” she said with a pause; “... it often brings me to tears” she finished before brushing a stray tear away from her eye.

Sam listened quietly as the blonde spoke to her, and she could understand why the female wasn’t angry with all the time she lost out on. “You have a point there” she acknowledged with a nod of her head. “A distracted mind can be a dangerous one while on the job. Before I left my head was far from clear, and I was looking over my shoulder nearly everywhere I went” she admitted truthfully. Before joining the Organization, Samira felt as though she didn’t have any strength at all, emotional or physical. Whereas now, she was more confident in both of those strengths, though her emotional strength was a little weaker now with the recent death of her father. “I’m just glad that I still have a position here at the Organization. This place has given me so much, and I only wish to return that by doing the best that I can to help the cause” she stated with a confident tone. Samira wanted to prove herself to everyone at the Organization, especially Sariah for giving her the opportunity.

“That could definitely be a possibility. My mind tends to be alright when I keep it occupied, so maybe this might help me” she answered with a small smile. She was hoping that getting back to work would help keep her mind busy, so that she wouldn’t be a wreck all the time. “I really should get caught up with study as well. I’m fairly certain I must have missed a good bit of incoming information since my absence” she admitted with a nod of her head, and an arch of her brow. “I feel rather confident in my ability to pass the course, though nothing is ever truly set in stone” she spoke before tucking some loose strands of hair behind her ear. Samira’s ever growing curiosity once again got the better of her as Sariah began talking about how things were different. “Which two new factions are on the peace treaty?” she queried curiously, though the next information brought the most questions. “What do you mean bizarre supernatural behavior? Is it only the supernatural that are experiencing this behavior? Are humans at risk?” she questioned in a fast pace, not giving Sariah a moment to answer one question between them.

Sariah had to laugh a little when Samira reacted to the photo, she remembered being really weirded out when she looked in the mirror for the first few days after she dyed it and while it only lasted a couple of weeks she thought it actually turned out quite nicely “I spooked myself with it a few times, I’m so used to being blonde that seeing anything else totally throws me” she laughed she never really dyed her hair, it was a natural blonde but she was feeling fun that day. “True, honestly I mostly enjoyed it for seeing everyone’s reactions to the change, it’s amazing how much you can throw someone with a simple change of hair” she snickered slightly remembering her mom’s reaction when they had gone on facetime. She felt for Samira though, it must be so hard for her to continue after losing so much and while it sounds like that weight constantly on her shoulders had been lifted for a moment, it was replaced with grief “I’m sorry” she spoke softly “When I’m having a bad night I always put some soothing sounds of the sea on to help me, maybe you can find a sound you relate to happiness and use it too” she didn’t want to push her to talk about it anymore because she could tell it was upsetting her.

Sariah’s top priority with the organization was to keep the humans in the city safe but what a lot of people failed to realize was that the organization itself was made up of brave humans she wanted to protect too. So if they weren’t in a fit state to serve then she didn’t want them to, she wouldn’t allow people to risk their lives in a state which could make their odds of not coming back higher. “Yes and if something had happened to you because of it, that would have been hard to reconcile with, I owe it to everyone here to make sure they’re in the right state of mind for work” which is why it was an easy decision to let her go back to Korea and handle all the things she could see were dragging her down. “Well we can certainly use the help, the city has been a little crazy lately I admit, though we should probably dip our toe in that for now so you aren’t sent running for the hills” she had to laugh because no one in their right mind would want to stay after all that.

“I find being busy is usually a good thing, the more you have to fill your mind the less you’re dwelling on everything else” she shrugged slightly, when she was going through hard times in her life she had definitely found throwing herself into work, whether that be school work, college essays or her actual job depending on the point in her life, helped. “That’s the thing with this line of work, you can fall behind pretty quickly because it relies on people and people are unpredictable” hell they had 2 new species they needed to incorporate into the justice system now and it isn’t even finished yet. “Well supernatural biology is no simple topic so I’d say take your time with it and make sure you’re processing everything, you’re going to need to use that knowledge pretty much every day so” she shrugged slightly and grinned. “The celestials, I think you knew about them before you left, have finally agreed with the terms laid out and then the Niveis, who are the icy versions of Phoenixes have recently made the city their home” she nodded slightly, she was proud of getting that contract finished.

Sariah grimaced a little at the questions on the strange happenings “Well humans are always at risk, supernatural being influenced is hardly going to be a good thing for anyone” she clarified clearly “But the targets of these strange behaviors seems to mostly be the supernatural, there’s not much specific but claims of people acting without remembering what they did is becoming more and more common” she nodded slightly, bizarre indeed.

“Yeah I can see how you could spook yourself with it if you rarely dye your hair. Especially with such a big change like that. As for me, I probably dye my hair a little more often than I should” she admitted with a laugh. “Although, I believe red is the most vibrant of my hair color changes” she continued as she tried to remember all of her hair color changes. “That’s so true. It’s amazing how much a simple change can make a big difference in how someone sees you” she repeated with a slight giggle. The first time she changed her hair color from its natural black, a lot of people had been shocked, even though it wasn’t as big of change as pink hair. “Thank you Sariah. I’ll have to try and find a sound like that, though it won’t be easy. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been truly happy” she stated truthfully. Maybe something from her childhood would work. Something from when her mother and father were both happy and healthy. The only thing she worried about while digging through her past like that, was breaking down into tears while searching for that sound that makes her happy.

Distractions seemed to be one of Samira’s biggest weaknesses. She was somewhat easily distracted, and her past was littered with distractions that kept her from enjoying her life. Her now ex-husband was the biggest distraction, and not a good distraction either. “As usual you are correct” she began with a smile, “I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to someone else because I was distracted as well” she continued before biting her lower lip a little. Samira definitely always thought about the mistakes that were possible while she was distracted, and those possibilities scared her. Perhaps that was why she made the decision to go back to Korea, and finally settle everything with Jae-Hwa. “It’s thanks to you and this city that I can consider myself stronger than I was when I arrived here. With that said, I doubt I’d be running for the hills. I’d rather go down fighting now, than run from problems like I did before” she admitted with a determined tone.

“That’s what I’m hoping for” she stated with a hopeful smile. “Surely with all the stuff I’ve missed out on while I was away, there’s a lot to catch up on that will keep my mind occupied from negative thoughts” she continued with a slight nod. Pouring herself into her work now, would surely be the thing she needs to take her mind off of all the negative emotions she’s been feeling since the passing of her father. There was a big hole in her heart and soul now, one taken by the death of both her parents. She had no more family to lean on in this time of sadness, so she needed something big to keep her mind busy. “Well I’m pretty sure that you can fall behind in any line of work when you’ve been gone for nearly a year, though I have a feeling it is bigger with this specific line of work” Samira acknowledged, slightly arching her brow. The Organization was a huge part in the city’s peacekeeping, in fact they were in charge of the peace treaties signed by the supernaturals, so even missing a day of work could create a pile of missed information and other work related things.

“I’m not one to take shortcuts when it comes to learning. If there’s something I’m unsure about, or don’t understand, I make sure not to move past it without first understanding it” she commented with a combination of determination and confidence laced in her tone. “Yeah, I knew about the Celestials before leaving the city, though I can’t remember if I’ve personally met any. I would like to meet at least one person from each species, an up close and personal view of what they are like” she admitted while running her hand through her hair. Reading about a species and their abilities was alright, but there was nothing like hands-on experiences, and witnessing their abilities first hand. “The Niveis?” she repeated in a questionative tone. “That is definitely a new species for me. How long have they been in the city?” she asked the blonde curiously. Now that there was a new species in the city, she knew that she needed to expand her knowledge base, as well as brush up on her information regarding the other species in the city.

“Well you have a point there. I guess I should have thought that question through a little more” she responded with a slight laugh. She wasn’t laughing because it was a laughing matter, it was more of a stupidity laugh; laughing at how stupid her question seemed after the fact. Of course humans were always at risk when it came to the supernatural, so it wasn’t exactly her smartest question. “So we’re basically looking at a puzzle with missing pieces” Samira commented, biting her lower lip and tapping her fingers against the flesh of her folded arms. Samira loved puzzles and mysteries, even if some of them were very tough to solve.

The talk about dyeing hair definitely seemed casual compared to the doom and gloom of everyday organization life and she was glad they could take a moment just to talk about something fun for a little while “Well it suits you, I say keep it a while” she commented with a soft laugh, she was happy keeping her blonde as it was for now, though one time she did get a different dye and it went a little orange for a while. “And I don’t think I’d be of sound mind letting anyone go out there if they weren’t 100% either” she nodded slightly and bit her lip “Which is why I don’t want you to rush anything, start with learning and see how things go from there” she didn’t doubt Samira’s abilities but she wanted to make sure she was confident in her work before she jumped back into things. “I think everyone who comes to the organization usually does so because they want to find some strength in their life, hell it was my reason” she smiled as she looked up at the other female “Keep that fighting spirit, we’re going to need plenty of that” she nodded sharply.

“There is a lot” she responded almost with a slight sigh in her tone because every time it seemed like they got over one hurdle there was another waiting for them, it felt like a bit of a grind because they were constantly fighting fires rather than feeling like they were making real progress “You can definitely do the rounds with the intelligence team, I’m sure they’ll have a lot to tell you” she was aware of the big issues but she tried not to get too involved in the smaller details because she knew she’d allow herself to get sucked into every little problem there was if she did that. “We work with the supernatural, honestly feels like the playing field changes on a daily basis” just when you think you knew every species or ability something would come along to surprise you, especially when you had the Ailward Guard in the city “Add onto that we use all of the newest technology and that landscape is constantly changing too” she pressed her hands to the side of her head and laughed “It could be enough to drive me crazy if I let it” information overload really.

“Good, that’s a sensible process to work by, though mind the trap of getting stuck on one topic for too long, you have to learn the balance of self-help and asking others for help” definitely something you learned by experience, the real world was very different to what they taught you in college and approaches to learning things in academics definitely didn’t directly to apply to a job. “Meeting each species is definitely a good start, though I’d recommend you go out and do your own research instead of an awkward forced meeting, it took me a while to break the ice with their leaders and they didn’t have much choice but to meet with me” she laughed, the supernatural were definitely wary around humans, even ones they knew weren’t clueless. She turned her gaze towards the other female when she asked about the Niveis “About 8 or 9 months now I’d say” she was guesstimating from what she remembered because there was constantly things happening and sometimes it was hard to recall.

Sariah gave a nonchalant shrug in response to her words “That question pop into my head at least three times a day, but I’ve learned the general answer is yes, the humans are always in danger” she gave a slight shake of her head, there was never going to be 100% safety for humans, they were weaker than most supernatural species, some humans didn’t even know what surrounded them and if a supernatural decided to attack it would be very hard for the average person to be able to do a single thing about it. “We’re looking at a puzzle where we have a lot of pieces that might fit together but then they might be part of another puzzle entirely” she grumbled slightly “And I’m pretty sure other ambassadors and random people out there in the city have other pieces too” it was frustrating seeing the result but not knowing the cause. “We’re trying to gather as much information as we can but you know what other factions can be like with their secrecy” she leaned back in her seat slightly.

“Will do boss” she added with a wink. Her plan was to keep it at least until her original color came back, or until she wanted to change it again, though time will tell if she wants to keep it any longer. “Yeah I think you’d be right there. No responsible employer would willingly do that, and you are as responsible as they come” she complimented with a smile. Sariah was probably the best boss Samira has had in a while now. She was even slightly better than her previous boss at the cafe where she had worked at. “I promise you that I won’t rush into anything Sariah. I’ll take my time, and think things through properly” she added with a slight nod of her head. “The Organization definitely gives people strength in many different ways. For me it was three different ways. The Organization provided new-found physical, emotional, and mental strength; and I will always be grateful because of this place” she admitted with a confident smile. Samira was proud of the person she had become thanks to the Organization, and despite her grief, she would give the Organization 120 percent. “I am hopeful that my fighting spirit will last me up until the point that I eventually die” Samira commented with a determined tone.

“I think I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t a lot” she admitted truthfully. After all, she had been gone for about a year. If there wasn’t much, that would mean that not much has changed in the city, which would basically have the Organization at a standstill for that entire time. At least there was obvious changes within the Organization and the city itself. “Well I’ll be sure to check in with them. You know I like to seek knowledge in unknown things” she spoke with a slight laugh. Samira felt rather transparent when it came to her love of knowledge. She seems to always attempt to learn at least one new thing each day, and when it came to the supernatural, there was always something new to learn. “It really is a lot of information to process, and will surely take time to learn” she responded with a nod of agreement. Despite the amount of information that she would most likely have to process now, Samira wasn’t worried about it, in fact she was pleased to have something to occupy her mind. “Speaking of the technology, has anything new been added since I left? I was also curious about my security info. Do I need a new security badge?” she questioned as she offered her old one to her employer. With all the new changes, she wasn’t sure if her old security badge would still work for her now that she was back.

Samira admired the wisdom that Sariah was showing in the little time that they had been spending together since her return. If the young red-head had to choose one thing that has changed the most in her absence, she would choose her boss without a doubt. Time changes people, and on the surface it would seemed to have changed Sariah for the better. Sam’s features lightened a little, and a soft smile appeared on her face before speaking to the blonde in front of her,  “You’ve gotten wiser since we last spoke. I guess that’s to be expected though when you’re in the position that you’re in”. Once again Sam could see the wisdom in the other female’s words, forcing a meeting between species would definitely cause unwanted friction, but how could one create that opportunity without a little bit of force behind it? “You have a point there. It’s not a good idea to back a supernatural into a corner and expect compliance. Compassion can play a key part in acceptance, though I’m unsure about how to meet the supernatural without some sort of force behind it” she admitted as she bit her lower lip, as her mind began to wander in thought. “I mean if you meet a supernatural, and already know what they are, wouldn't it be assumed that it was a forced meeting as well?” she queried in a curious tone, unsure of the answer.

Sam’s facial expression held one of slight shock when she learned how long the Niveis have been living in the city. She figured that they had been there a while, but she hadn’t expected it to be as long as 8 or 9 months. “That means they arrived in the city just a couple months after I left. I didn’t realize things had changed so much while I was gone” she told Sariah with concern laced within her tone. “Maybe I should have come back sooner than I did” she stated, unsure of what she could have even done to make a difference back then. She knew that what she did in Korea was just as important as her work with the Organization, but the changes that happened in her absence were more than she imagined. Samira was often haunted by the ‘would’ve’, ‘could’ve’, and ‘should’ve’ questions; and this time felt no different. However the only thing different this time was that she knows what she would have missed if she hadn’t gone back to Korea. If she hadn’t been there before her father passed away, the news would have been ten times worse when she heard it. 

The young red-head felt a slight relief in the fact that it wasn’t only her that thought about the question she had asked. Even someone in the position that Sariah was in, with the knowledge she had, still had that question as well. “It would make sense for humans to always be in danger when it comes to the supernatural. After all we are significantly weaker than most if not all of the species here in the city, and if they wanted to, they could probably overthrow the humans rather easily. Even with all of our tech” she stated with slight fear in her tone. It was natural to be afraid of the unknown, and in a crisis where the supernatural took over, fear would most likely be the dominant emotion in at least 80 percent of the humans in Evermore; maybe more. “Aish. That sounds like a complex puzzle indeed, and without all the pieces, we could be looking at an unsolvable mess” she admitted in frustration as she ran her hand through her hair. “This kind of problem can only be solved if we all work together in unison. I’m sure the other factions like their secrecy as you said, but I’m sure they’ll eventually see that combining information is the best chance at discovering the truth as to who or what is behind this mysterious puzzle. I just hope that they realize it before it’s too late” Samira spoke with more concern for the well being of the city and its people, humans and supernatural alike.

“Nothing really stays still in Evermore, let’s be real” even in the period of time where Samira was in the organization there had been a lot going on, many different technological developments and new training regimes, they had to research and recontract into the city two new factions “You definitely should, there’s a lot to catch up, especially for the intelligence software we got installed a few months ago, plus there’s new lab equipment for analyzing supernatural DNA that I’m sure you’ll get the chance to play with” she grinned slightly because behind all of the seriousness of what they did, they did get to use some really great technology which made he excited. “Yeah don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed at once, there’s a lot to take in and everyone will make it sound like the most important thing” she laughed “Nature of the business I guess, everything is urgent” she gave a mock roll of her eyes and then shrugged slightly “There’s plenty of technology to play with, most interesting new development is power dampening handcuffs designed so we can detain the supernatural, still in testing like the cells but things are looking much brighter” she nodded slightly “As for security, you’ll need to get your details reregistered in the system, we’re using a keyfob and retinal scanner” she nodded slightly.

Sariah gave a soft laugh when Samira said she had gotten wiser “Comes with getting older” she responded and shrugged slightly “I swear I feel like I’ve aged 5 years since you left just from all emergencies” she commented tilting her head to the side as her blonde hair fell over her shoulder, she shook her head “But we can call it wisdom, that sounds much better” she pursed her lips thoughtfully as they talked about supernatural threats and how they were best handled “I’d love to say everything can be resolved diplomatically but that’s just not the case and it’s only so much time before we see another fight break out” it was their job to make sure humans remained safe amidst that and that the people breaking the rules weren’t able to do so again. “Well if you feel like doing any mountain climbing the Niveis are living up there” she laughed a little sarcastically because she didn’t see anyone wandering upon them up there “Or that you have a supernatural detection device” she laughed softly “Or did you forget about those?” one of her favorite inventions she had to admit.

“Things don’t stay the same for long in Evermore I’ve found but at least it keeps the days interesting” she laughed softly, probably a sad way to look at things but it was their job to make sure everyone was safe but at the same time their work being varied and complicated was what kept them busy and on their toes most of the time. “You could have come back within a month and things would have still changed, don’t kick yourself too much, you learned the state of everything once when you joined, you can do it all again now” she didn’t believe in getting too wrapped up in regrets, there wasn’t anything you could do to change the past.

“As morbid as it probably sounds, we wouldn’t be in a job if that wasn’t the case” though she found the supernatural who underestimated were definitely the most arrogant and often found it to be their downfall. They had managed to neutralize many supernatural threats in the city and they would continue to do so for as long as they were a body. “I think a lot of them are arrogant if they think just because a human doesn’t have a chance against them, that’s where our advantage comes” people expected humans to be oblivious and frail and members of the organization were not. As she talked about the current happenings in Evermore she swallowed a little “I’ve heard rumors that there is something messing with people’s free will and that concerns me more than any threat we’ve faced before” she nodded slightly “I want to try and find a way to neutralize that ability but without knowing who’s responsible or seeing it for myself, hitting a wall” she sighed slightly because it was stressful. “All we can do is keep pressing forward and gathering information, I don’t think this is something we’ll solve in a day, or alone” but she hoped they could do something before the point of no return.

Sam couldn’t help but let a little laugh out as Sariah informed her of the new lab equipment that she get the chance to play with. “Don’t say that too loud. The boss might find out we have fun at work” she teased the blonde. Science was definitely fun for the young red-head, and analyzing the supernatural DNA was quite intriguing. If the humans could come to understand the supernatural genome, they could possibly use their understandings for more than just keeping the peace. Of course she wasn’t thinking of military purposes, rather the healing aspect of it. There were some supernatural species that could vastly out-live humans, and some could heal wounds. She could see all of the possibilities, including the not so good version of weaponizing supernatural abilities. That was one moral line that she hoped she would never have to make the decision to cross or not. As of now, it seemed as though the Organization was a righteous organization that just wanted to keep the peace, and that’s why she made the decision to fully join them after passing the entrance exam.

“You have a point there. Everything is the most important thing when you’re in the moment” she responded with a slight chuckle as she tousled her hair. “Urgency can’t always be determined until you take a step back to examine the situations. Surely something will take presidence, but you shouldn’t make a big decision without seeing all the variables” she added to the female’s comment. Some people could say she had gotten wise as well, but that was something she had learned from her father. Although he was gone, she would always remember his teachings. “You’ve managed to develop power dampening cuffs?” she questioned enthusiastically. “Are they specific to the species? Or does one pair work for all species?” she questioned as her curiosity once again took over her. Sam was rather easy to impress, especially when it came to advancements made with technology, but this was a big leap since she left the city. “Do I need to make an appointment to get re-registered, or can I just see someone before I leave today about getting re-registered?” she questioned the blonde.

“Well I’d love to know your skin care routine. You feel like your 5 years older, but you look 5 years younger” she added with a smile and a wink. Despite the work load the blonde obviously had to deal with, she still held a beauty that had yet to be overtaken by stress. “Wisdom definitely does sound better” she acknowledged with a slight laugh. “What do you mean another fight?” Samira queried to the other female. Despite her time at the Organization, Sam had yet to learn about the undertakings that occurred on *date*. Given that she wasn’t in the city at the time, she didn’t experience the massacre that happened, and was surprisingly unaware of it. “I doubt I’ll be doing any mountain climbing. Especially since I don’t know much about the Niveis species. Who knows what they’d do if I climbed up there” she answered, only slightly worried about the outcome. “I haven’t forgotten about them. It’s one of the technology gadgets I have been looking forward to when I became a full-fledged member” the young red-head responded brightly. The technological advancements made by the tech team was outstanding, and Samira had been lucky enough to get a glimpse of the toys used by full members of the Organization. The detection device was probably her favorite of all the devices she saw, and she definitely wanted one when she became a full member.

Samira should have known better by now about dwelling on the past, given her history with her ex-husband. It eats away at you, making you become a paranoid mess, and that was something she didn’t want to happen ever again. “Everything changes, and it’s possible you’re right. The changes mightn’t have been as big as they are now, but there would still be a learning curve no matter how long I was gone” she acknowledged with a nod of her head. “You have a lot of faith in me Sariah, and I promise I’ll do my best not to disappoint you. I know you’re my boss, but I like to think of you as my friend too” she admitted with a smile. Although they didn’t spend a large amount of time together, she still felt some type of friendship bond with the blonde. Someone to turn to when she needed to talk. “That’s true. If everyone lived together in peace, there wouldn’t be much need for any type of police, and that would include the Organization as well” Sam agreed, knowing that the blonde was right as usual. Without some kind of turmoil as glue, the police, the CIA, the FBI, even the Organization itself; they’d all be out of jobs.

“Arrogance can definitely be the downfall of the supernatural. It’s probably the most common emotion in the powerful, when they’re trying to control the weak. Just because we’re weaker doesn’t mean anything. We just have to use our brains more, and fight smarter rather than using pure strength” she agreed with a smile. Arrogance probably toppled many powerful men in the history of people, and while they most likely didn’t have superpowers, the result would still be the same. As the blonde spoke into more detail about the current undertakings in the city, Samira could easily sense her worry and concern. “Something out there is messing with the free will of people? That is largely concerning, and I can see why you’re on edge with this Sariah. It’s basically mind control, and to control something as powerful as the supernatural, I can’t even imagine what kind of person would do this” she stated, making her concern over the situation known as well. “Have any of the affected had their brains scanned for abnormalities?” she questioned curiously, though she was sure that it was a stupid question now that she said it out loud. Of course that was probably the first thing they did, and she should have just asked if there were any anomalies in the affected’s brain scans. “Not in one day, and definitely not alone; but I’m sure eventually the truth will come out. When it does, we just need to make sure we’re ready for it” she spoke, not even knowing how one can prepare for something they know nothing about.

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