When the alarm clock rang through the emptiness of her apartment, Samira just wanted to sleep a little longer, however she knew that today was her first big step back in Evermore City. She had to head into the Organization, and let Sariah know that she has returned to Evermore, as well as make sure she still had a job there. After being gone for so long, there were no guarantees for anything from before she left the city. She pushed the covers off of her, and sat on the edge of the bed, turning off her alarm clock with a hard thud to the button. The young red-head ran her fingers through her messy hair and let out a rather large yawn. As she left her bedroom, her foot stepped onto one of her heels from last night. “GOD….” she yelled, but stopped herself before finishing the curse word. She kicked her shoe across the room and made her way towards the kitchen area of her apartment.

She wasn’t going to be of much use to anyone at the office in this state, she needed her morning coffee. After she had her morning coffee, Samira let loose a grief filled sigh, before heading back to her bedroom; making sure to pick up the heel that she kicked across the room along the way. Once in her bedroom, she picked out her outfit for the day, and laid it out on the messed up bed-sheets. “First a shower, then time to face the music,” she said to herself, as she expected to be fired for taking such a long leave of absence. After her shower was complete, she dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her body before proceeding to dry her hair. Her red hair will be a change for her boss to see, given that she dyed her hair in Korea; but Samira was more interested in finding out what was new with Evermore City since she’s been away.

After she had completely dried herself off, she proceeded to her bedroom where she got changed into her outfit choice for the day. Her choice was both casual, as well as business oriented; so it felt like the perfect choice for her first day back to the Organization. When she was dressed, she gathered her personal effects from the bedside table, and made her way to the exit of her apartment. Samira decided to walk to the office today, it wasn’t overly cold out, and it has been a while since she walked the streets of Evermore. It was also a good thing that she didn’t live all that far away from the Organization. Upon arriving at the building, she went to the front desk. She showed her old credentials to the desk person, “Is Sariah in? I’d like to speak with her if possible” she stated in a professional tone. The young red-head didn’t even know if her credentials were still valid, after all, it has been nearly a year since she was last here.

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“Which is why prioritization is such a pain to decide” she commented with a soft laugh, you could choose one thing as the most important but in the end, you were letting someone down somewhere and that was a conflicting feeling. But the truth was there was only so many of them and they weren’t miracle workers, to deal with all of the major incidents in the city they’d had to scale back the amount of work they were putting into project X which was somewhat of a personal blow for Sariah who had been working incredibly hard to push the product forward. “Sometimes I wonder if there actually is a good decision with all of this” she commented with a soft laugh and nodded slightly “Yes they work very similarly to the cells, balancing out the magical DNA makeup of the supernatural, essentially making them human temporarily” it had been a lot of work and they were still triple testing everything but soon enough there would be a way to contain the supernatural. “You should be able to check-in with security on the way out” she grabbed a piece of paper and started writing out a permit note which she scribbled her signature on and then handed it to Samira.

Sariah laughed when Samira mentioned a skincare routine “Attempting to get a decent amount of sleep always helps” she commented softly thinking about how her sleep tended to suffer when she was stressed and that tended to be when she flared up. “I mean there are species out there who have too much bad blood between them” namely the Initia and the Phoenixes but she could see tensions between the Ailward and Celestials too. She laughed when Samira took her mountain climbing joke a little too seriously “Damn and I was going to lend you my climbing gear and winter coat and everything” she grinned slightly “They get to cheat because they can fly” she grinned slightly and nodded “Good, it’s nice to have something to look forward to” she smiled, she had one herself and it was the single most used piece of tech she had aside from her phone.

“Hell I’d argue there’s a learning curve every day that I come in to find some new change” she laughed softly, that was the reality of a reactive business like theirs, you just never knew what was going to happen. Things were very busy for the fighter department who were out in the field gathering evidence from supernatural crime scenes, the science labs were busy investigating said evidence, the intelligence department were doing everything they could to unfold the web of who was responsible. “I have high hopes for all of our agents” she spoke softly and nodded a few times “And of my friends too” she added to echo the brunette’s sentiment. The thought about the city being at complete peace was pretty much a pipe dream, same as there were bad people who committed crimes in the human world, the same could be said for the supernatural, except in their case they came with built-in weapons they could use to get what they wanted “It keeps us busy, though I think there’s a level where busy becomes unmanageable” and they were walking that line delicately lately.

“They tend on the abilities they were born with, we don’t have that luxury so we make up for it in other ways” she nodded a few times “But somewhere along the way they underestimated us and our will to survive” being a human in a supernatural city was a pretty daunting thing when you knew the truth about what was around you and the risks involved. When Samira asked about something messing with free will she nodded a few times solemnly “That’s what it looks like, yes” she spoke it with a cautious gaze “Yeah we had a few of the affecting come in for testing and all we could find was a magic signature like none ever seen before” she lifted her gaze for a moment “It wasn't even specific enough to pinpoint the culprit’s species, unfortunately” though it did confirm that people were exposed to magic and weren’t simply just going mad. “It has to come out” she spoke bluntly, she felt a sense of responsibility for this city and to see someone trying to harm it like this was incredibly unsettling for her. “But enough of the doom and gloom, how’s coming back to Evermore? Did you find a place to stay?” she assumed she did but Sariah was interested to see how her life was going now.

“There’s always a good decision to make Sariah. As long as you follow your heart, or your gut, then the decision can’t be wrong. Unless you kill someone because your gut tells you to” she said with a slight laugh. She couldn’t even fully defend her own response, so maybe there really was no such thing as a goodd decision. “That’s amazing. This would definitely make capturing a supernatural much easier, not saying they wouldn’t still fight back, but they wouldn’t have their powers when those cuffs are on” she commented with a happy smile. Containing supernatural beings would definitely be difficult without those cuffs, because the supernatural could just use their powers to escape. “Are the cuffs capable of long term power dampening should the cells fail?” Samira questioned curiously. If they were only a temporary fix until the supernatural was put into a cell, then what would happen if a cell failed and took weeks to fix? Safety was of course a big concern, so surely they had some kind of contingency plan in place in case something like that happened right. As she accepted the piece of paper handed to her by the blonde Sam smiled at her, “Thanks Sariah. I’ll be sure to check in with them when I leave”.

Samira laughed a little when she talked about her skincare routine involvin getting a decent amount of sleep. “Aish. I guess my skin will definitely suffer then” she stated with another small laugh. Although she was joking about it now, her sleep schedule was as precise as a nail that was bent in a U shape with no way to remove the bend. “Well I’m not surprised. I think I’d be more surprised if the species didn’t have bad blood with others. Even cats fight with dogs, yet you can still find some that get along well. Hopefully one day, the bad blood between species can be put to rest, but I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath for that” Sam replied, her tone showing concern even though she was joking around when she compared them to cats and dogs. When Sariah replied to her response about climbing the mountain, Samira realized that the blonde had been joking with her and wasn’t seriously suggesting she climb the mountain. She let out a nervous laugh, feeling slightly stupid for not realizing the joke sooner. “I bet it feels nice flying through the sky though, cheating or not” she replied with a small laugh. That was one thing Samira envied the supernatural for. She wished that she could fly through the sky like a Nephilim or Niveis, just to feel that rush of freedom. Samira nodded in agreement when the blonde said that it was nice to have something to look forward to.

Samira laughed with the blonde as she commented about the learning curve, while nodding in agreement. She was right, every time there’s something new there’s a learning curve, and this line of work would always be constantly changing. Sam smiled brightly as Sairah acknowledged her as a friend as well. If she was being completely honest with herself, she wasn’t sure if Sariah felt the same way about her. They hadn’t spent a lot of time together outside of the office, but she was happy to have a friend like her. “There will always be an unmanageable busy, we just have to hope we can keep things running smooth enough to avoid it. Otherwise we may be in trouble” Samira responded as she tousled her hair a little. She did believe that by working together, they could avoid that level of unmanageable busy. Samira couldn’t help the slight chuckle that escaped her lips as her boss spoke about the supernatural underestimating the humans. “You should never underestimate the underdog. They often surprise you and come out on top” the young red-head replied.

Samira couldn’t believe that there was something out there that could control a person’s free will. They had never come across anything like this at the Organization before now, and surely that’s what had Sariah on edge. The unknown was a scary thing, especially when it came to the supernatural world, and without knowing the cause, they didn’t have any way to combat it. “Well it’s a start I suppose. At least we have something rather than nothing” Samira stated before getting lost in thought for a moment. “Speaking of pinpointing the species, were the ambassadors of the species in Evermore questioned about the abnomolies?” she questioned curiously. “To eliminate them as suspects that is” she clarified her earlier comment. She felt as though she had to ask the question, even if she didn’t believe that any of the species could be capable of something like this, and if they were, why wait until now to show this power?

The young red-head nodded in agreement with the blonde’s sentiment about the truth having to come out. Samira let out a little chuckle as Sariah said enough of the doom and gloom. “Well at first glance when you come to the city, it doesn’t look like that much has changed. I haven’t really taken the time to reintroduce myself to the city, so as of right now I’ll just say it feels good to be able to settle down without looking over my shoulder” she replied with a happy smile. Taking care of the business with her now ex-husband, has definitely taken a weight off of her shoulders, and she felt as though now she could finally enjoy her time in Evermore. “As for finding a place to stay, I am still living in the same apartment I was living in before I left. I continued making my rent payments while in Korea, so that my apartment would still be here when I returned. However I got a new landlord to the building now, and it seems like she’s out to get me. I guess she didn’t like the agreement made by the last landlord. So I’m thinking about looking for a new place to live, maybe a house this time” Samira replied with another smile. She always wanted a house of her own, but never wanted to make that kind of commitment with her husband looking for her.

Sariah arched a brow when Samira asked if the cuffs could hold a supernatural long time which made her shake her head “In theory, yes, but practicality, I think someone would find a way to pick the lock and we can’t take that kind of risk” the cells were designed for containment, the cuffs were designed for getting them to and from the cell and for preventing harm out in the field “Besides we’re still testing them right now, it could all fail and we’ll be stuck in a development cycle for another year” she chuckled softly. She wrinkled her nose playfully when Samira said her skin was going to suffer from lack of sleep “Otherwise steam is always helpful” she laughed softly. “Well all we can really do is monitor it and make sure everyone stays in the lines of the agreement, the age-old conflicts we’ll leave for them to resolve” it wasn’t her job to heal those wounds, it was to make sure everyone plays by the city’s rules.

“Probably” she responded to the idea of being able to fly being fun “Unless you’re scared of heights in which case it’s probably the worst nightmare ever” she had to wonder if any of the supernatural had an irrational fear of their powers like that and how they would even handle it, not use them? When the redhead spoke about finding ways to handle the unreasonably busy times she nodded slightly “Right, classic case of faking it until you make it I suppose” she grinned slightly and shrugged, there hadn’t been an issue she was unable to process and handle yet so she should probably give herself credit for that. Sometimes she wished she had a little time to breathe, she supposed, it definitely felt like problem after problem. “Especially when they’ve been pushed down for their entire life and they’re tired of it” much like a lot of the organization members who turned to it for some kind of strength they needed.

The blonde raised her gaze when Samira asked if the other ambassadors had been questioned about the strange happenings in the city “You realize what kind of message that might send right?” she commented with an arched brow, peace in the city was delicate and the last thing they needed was to start installing distrust between factions again. “If they have information to offer they’ve been pretty forthcoming with it” she was trying to exercise a level of trust in the contract they had built and not fall into suspicious habits “I can’t see any of them having motivation to hurt the city either, not everyone here, there are no known species unaffected by what’s happening” she pressed her lips together for a moment. She was pretty confident the Ailward were involved but weren’t the ones doing the damage, it seemed like problems followed their faction to Evermore.

“There must be something refreshing about being able to feel like you can finally start your life from a new chapter” she knew that Samira had some lingering things going on at home which meant she always had one foot back in Korea threatening to drag her back and that was why the blonde wasn’t all that surprised when she said she was going back there. She had to say she was relieved that Samira had managed to find some closure on what she went through there and while she could see a heavy weight on the other woman’s shoulders still, at least her choices and her future now seemed to be her own. “Ooooh maybe a cute little cottage or something, I’ve been thinking about expanding out of my apartment myself, getting somewhere that feels more like a base than somewhere temporary you know?” she shrugged slightly, Evermore was home now and she’d build a life around here, it seemed right to start looking for her dream home. The only thing that was holding her back was the possibility of bringing someone else into that decision, she supposed.

Of course Samira knew that the cuffs weren’t designed for long term use, but she was worried what might happen if the containment cells fail, or if power to the cells are lost. “That’s a good point, though I have faith that the development team can get them in perfect working condition”. Faith and hope was all they could do really, have faith in the people working on them, and hope that no problems will arise that will set them back. The young red-head couldn’t help but laugh a little when Sariah mentioned steam was good for the skin. “I guess steam is helpful in multiple ways” she stated with a bright smile. “I guess that’s really all we can do. If we tried to interfere in their personal problems, it would probably create more problems than it solves” Samira stated in agreement with the blonde, and adding pressure to such conflict could be disastrous for all parties involved.

“I’ve never actually thought about it like that” Sam responded to Sariah’s comment about having a fear of heights. Surely a fear of heights would put a damper on being able to fly, and that was something she hadn’t thought of before. Maybe the reason she didn’t think of it was because she didn’t have a fear of heights herself, or maybe it was something else entirely. “Exactly!” the red-head exclaimed, not intending to be as loud as she was. Samira covered her mouth with her hand before pulling away slightly, “Oops” she said in a much softer tone than her previous one. “That’s very true. Sometimes you have to stand up and say enough is enough” she stated with a smile. That was something Samira had recently done, and it had felt rather good, at least until her father passed away.

Samira hadn’t thought about the repercussions of her question until the blonde commented back on it. “I hadn’t thought about it like that” she stated in a tone that showed she knew she was wrong. Sam wasn’t thinking about the dangers of asking those in leadership of the other species when she thought about the question, she was slightly more concerned with the danger the city faced. “I didn’t mean to imply something like that, and you’re right. I don’t believe they would want to hurt the people in the city either”. She wasn’t sure if anything she could say could fix her previous question, but she at least had enough sense to admit she was wrong. “That’s another good point. I doubt they would hurt their own species just to cover their tracks. Which obviously means we’re dealing with something that we’ve never seen, nor are we prepared for it” she knew she was stating the obvious, but saying it out loud just made things clearer for her.

“I can’t exactly say it’s a refreshing new start, especially with the holidays coming up, but it’s nice not to have to look over my shoulder all the time” she responded with a sad smile. She was definitely not looking forward to the holidays this year. Sure she wasn’t home for Christmas in a while, but she still had the choice to go visit her father if she wanted to. This will be the first Christmas where that choice has been taken away, and she felt as though she would spend Christmas locked in her bedroom with the family photo album. “A cottage sounds cozy, but I guess I’ll have to see what’s around when the time comes. Hopefully it’s not too much of a trek to work though, I like being close to my job” she replied with a smile. “Having something more permanent for yourself does sound like a good idea, especially since you’ve been living here for some time now” the young red-head replied with a smile. “Any ideas on what style of building you want?” she questioned curiously. Samira didn’t even know what kind of place she wanted, so she was curious if the blonde had some idea of what she wanted in a new home.

Sariah nodded slightly “We can hope, though I think part of me would be suspicious if everything went too smoothly” she laughed softly, by now they were used to these release, test and review cycles which slowly improved the product, it wasn’t easy to develop this kind of technology after all and there might be things they haven’t accounted for or loopholes they had to consider, this was real living beings they were handling after all and it wasn’t as simple as one catch-all way of weakening the supernatural. She nodded in agreement when Samira spoke about creating more problems than they would solve “We’re here to watch over the city and to guide the others but we’ll only step in when it threatens the human population, other than that it’s up to the faction to handle their own problems” which could get far more complex than one would think.

“Yeah well everyone is afraid of something right? So by that logic, there is always going to be someone who thinks something is quite literally the opposite of good” she nodded thoughtfully, some people didn’t like rollercoasters and others saw them as thrilling entertainment, some people enjoyed being scared and watching horror movies while others found the very idea terrifying to the point they would have nightmares for weeks “But that’s what makes us all unique” she commented afterward. If there was something she really didn’t like it was clowns, they freaked her out in a way she didn’t even know how to explain. “You’re right and everyone should have the freedom to be able to stand up for themselves, to feel like they can” that was what she stood for, a place where people felt like they could speak out without fear.

“Well it’s my job to be the diplomatic one, not yours” she grinned slightly sheepishly, nobody told you how much debating and reasoning was involved in being the leader of the organization but that had become her main role, it was her job to make sure the other factions felt listened to and appreciated but also to ensure they kept their end of the day. She worked with the mayor, the major companies in the city and even the government officials such as the defense general to make sure the city was as safe. “The way I see it, everyone in the city seems about as confused as we are which points to someone or something new” people had their homes here, she couldn’t see a resident wanting to destroy that in the way they were currently seeing, this felt like there was someone out there who purposely wanted to hurt the city but she was still drawing a blank on the why.

“Well the good news is that you have the freedom now to make it whatever you want to be” she believed in the theory of making your own luck and chasing your own ends, it was true that no one would hand you anything on a silver platter but you could definitely go out and chase the things you wanted with everything you had. After setback after setback, there had been a time when Sariah wanted to give up too but if she had then she wouldn’t be where she was now, saving in the world in some very small way. “Well if you have nothing to do for the holidays you’re always welcome to come and hang with me and my cat for a couple of days, I’m not planning anything grand” her parents couldn’t make it this year and Orion was away on a business trip so she was planning Christmas for one right now. When she asked her about what kind of home she might want she shrugged “I’ve never been fussy on the place, it’s what is in there that matters right?” though something small and easy to get around might fit her needs better than a massive place with more rooms than she needed “Maybe something closer to the middle of the city with a nice view, I’d love to look out over Evermore every night before sleep” she nodded slightly.

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