When Ahri came to Evermore. A big breath of air came to her once she walked around. The mid warm to cold told her winter was coming to an end as spring is slowly coming. Being away once again from Seoul made her feel lonely but there was a good reason why she left this time for good. She wanted to be with her brothers. The moment she got off the plane Ahri texted her older brother Sungeun to see what he is doing leaving out she is in Evermore. Working to the Dhampir is very important so she didn't mind waiting to have a reunion with him and Jaesung. The moment her little brother came to mind, she wondered if he still wanted to become a writer. Hoping their parents didn't stop him from his dream, she always wanted to see him succeed and do well. 

The Dhampir walked the streets of Evermore, seeing new sights and environment made her excited wondering what the city will bring her. Her phone chimed, as Achri reached to her phone seeing its from Sungeun, her older brother. Reading he is on break enough to text her that he still has hours before he can get off but he did tell her about where she can find Jaesung. Reading Evermore college made her smile big, it looks like their parents did not make Jae lose hope after all. After all, they both don't know she is in the city.  Hoping her being here does not kill them in shock. Well, that’s what she wants to think.  It would break her heart if he is doing something different. She sat on the bench and pulled up Jaesung’s connect up as she looked at it for a few minutes thinking if she should message him or show up and surprise him. Ahri smiled and put her phone away, looks like she will just surprise him, she is sure he will ask her why she is here along with why didn’t she message him. Where was the fun in telling?

The blonde stood up as she pulled her suitcase behind her, Ahri knew she had to drop it off but her mind really wanted to see the Clinic she is going to be working in. She loves new things and new experiences so she is too excited. She hoped her aurora would not scare people before she could even work there. As she walked once more, her eyes spotted a female with two dogs, a smile came off her face seeing how healthy they both look as her eyes were on the white dog which she found really cute. “Um Excuse.” She said hoping it gets the female’s attention. One the other looked up Ahri smiled more seeing the other is Korean. “Your dogs are so cute, what are their names?” Ahri said giving off her dog-loving aurora. It made her miss her own dog in Seoul leaving the Dhampir sad in her mind but didn’t show it on her face. 

“Am, so sorry. Am Ahri, I am new in this city so I don’t know anyone but my brothers.” The dhampir said holding out her hand wondering what the other’s names were. She felt like the new kid in school, it’s nervous but it’s also exciting at the same time. “Um, do you know where the Evermore Clinic is?” Ahri asking knowing that is what she was looking for, still is but dogs always be her number one distraction. Maybe she should ask about the college, well but one thing at a time. She has so much to do but the most important thing is to warn her family about their father. Good thing at the moment she does not have a guy in her life or he will be dragged down by her father. It can’t keep her out of the love life as a whole but she does not want to be tied down. It’s complicated or Ahri herself made it that herself.  

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Hana had been dancing around the house after a few glasses of champagne, due to her incredibly shitty tolerance as a human, it never took much more thann 3-4 glasses before she was hyped up on what she imagined would take a supernatural 10x that amount to feel the way she did. It irritated her to no ends sometimes, at how much of a disadvantage she felt she was at with most things in life, and certainly with her illness.

Ha-joon constantly worried and Hana wanted to be the older sibling who took care of the other. Now that her brother was an adult though, she knew she'd have to allow HJ to take care of certain things himself, including her on occasions. He liked to remind Hana that she had spent her whole life looking after him, and bearing the weight of everything on her shoulders, that it was his turn.  Hana huffed as she thought about it, but found herself wearing a huge smile. After making her mind up to tell the truth, her and Ha-joon's relationship was sailing back to an amazing place. The petite human finished the house chores by picking Karma's mess up. Her new puppy enjoyed tearing things up whenever she wasn't looking, so Hana decided she'd get dressed and take both hers and Ha-joon's pups for a walk, and stop by the pet store for chew toys. 

Hana decided to dress in a pair of black leggings with mesh all the way up to her thighs, which vented the leggings enough for her not to burn up to much in them, along with a black crop top, and a black and red flannel button up that she allowed to hang loose and remain unbuttoned. Once the human was dressed, she slid into a pair of black and red Vanz, and put her hair up, half up and half down with a bow to complete her look. Grabbing the leashes for Mickey and Karma, Hana called for them, laugjing as they both ran happily. "You two are ready for a walk huh?" she asked, reaching down to pet them each, finding herself being pushed on her back as Mickey hopped in her face trying to lick her. Ha-joon's dog was a basket of fun, never was the little furball not happily jumping into one of their laps and playing with them. Karma on the other hand, was more quiet and relaxed, though she did enjoy picking on Mickey.. which was odd, and reminded Hana way to much of her and Ha-joon's own personalities. 

Now that Mickey and Karma had their leashes attached to their collars, Hana stood, and tugged at them as she headed outside, locking her and HJ's apartment up on her way. The weather had changed drastically in no time at all, leaving Hana to wonder where Winter had went all of a sudden. She frowned, because she hadn't seen one speck of snow on the ground this year. Hana was the type to get out in the yard and build snow men and make snow angels, so her fun for winter time had been cancelled by lack of snow.  The gentle breeze made her hair dance with the wind wildly as she walked Mickey and Karma along the bustling streets of Evermore, getting stopped by strangers every now and then for them to tell her how cute her dogs were. It had almost became normal when the next person stopped Hana, a female that intrigued her immediately unlike the rest of the people who had stopped her so far.

Hana also found herself smiling at the fact that the other was  Korean. She couldn't say she had any female friends from her own kind of background, even if she did have a ton of male friends now, most of which were from Korea themselves.  Hana tilted her head, analyzing the female from head to toe, giving her a faint smile when she said 'exciuse me' before asking her what her dogs names were. The girl seemed to have a natural love for dogs, so Hana didn't mind answering "This one is Karma, the newest addition to the Sae family" Hana started while leaning forward to pick Karma up, and holding Mickey's leash tightly with her other hand, who seemed even more excited by the new girl than Hana did.

Mickey was busy jumping up and down at the females feet, while Hana attempted to talk over top of Mickey's gentle barks of excitement "And that one there, the one that seems to love you, is Mickey. Mickey belongs to my brother Ha-joon. He wasn't home, and I needed some fresh air, so I figured i'd bring these two along. Karma is chewing everything in the house, so the plans are to go buy these two some chew toys and treats" she smiled a little brighter before sitting Karma back on the ground and huffing at Mickey's hyperness.  "Sorry, he's usually not like that around strangers" she added, before glaring down to Mickey before taking the plastic bag of treats from her pocket, and giving him a few to settle him down.

Hana transferred both leashes to the same hand as the female before her held her own hand out, and introduced herself as Ahri. The human smiled at her sheepishly, "Well, it's really nice to meet you Ahri. How long have you been here?" she asked curiously, knowing how difficult it was to settle into Evermore, especially if you're used to living in certain parts of Korea.  "No stress, I was the new girl here once before too. If it hadn't been for my brother, I don't think I would have made it as long as I have.. but I lucked up and made a lot of friends .. i'm sure you will too" Ahri was drop dead gorgeous, sharing the youthful thing in common with Hana so she knew much like Hana herself, that she wouldn't have any issues finding friends. Though, she'd also have the same issue that Hana had where guys liked to swoon over her. "Sure. I was just walking around, and like I said, going to the pet store, I wouldn't mind walking you there."

Hana smiled, and tugged at the leashes to let the pup's know it was time to start walking again, even if Mickey decided he wanted to stay, which caused Hana to sigh as she looked down at him, giggling some as she gazed back up to Ahri.  "So you said you have two brothers here?" With the amount of guys Hana had met from her own background, it was very possible she might know Ahri's brothers. It damn sure wouldn't surprise her. It was a small world after all. "So the clinic, are you taking a pet there, or getting a job?" she asked curiously, she figured this was an opportunity to make a new female friend, something that Hana lacked severly. 

The Dhampir was naturally friendly to others until she trips on something. When the female and looked up at Ahri smiled but then looked down to the happy dog that is awaiting her attention. "Oh my goodness look how beautiful you look," Ahri said with a brighter smile petting, Mickey. Listening to the other learning the dog in Hanas arms is Karma as the bouncy boy that wanted her to pet him is named Mickey. 

"That's understandable, Karma looks like a puppy so it's common for them to do that. Do you have a dog gate? It's another way to train your dogs to not go into a room you don't want them to like the kitchen for an example. It's easy to install." Ahri said petting Mickey who is very hyper. "Don't be it means he is happy and friendly towards strangers, he can feel it's safe enough. I don't mind at all," she said rubbing his tummy with a wide smile. She could do this all day. 

As Ahri stood up shaking the girl's hand, "Oh, funny for you to ask. I just got here." She said laughing nervously looking at the suitcases that had been beside her the whole time. Ahri smiled as her eyes brightened to hear the other had a brother. "He must be very sweet to help you out. " Ahri's brothers don't even know she is in the city so she couldn't relate. "Great, I don't mind helping someone out. New pet owner?" Ahri asked,  wondering since Mickey looks around almost an adult with Karma still looks like a puppy. Hana did say one of them is her brother's dog so it makes sense. By looking at each of them they look really healthy which brings the Dhampir a smile. 

Ahri laughed at Mickey who seems he never wants to leave as she started to walk as he started to walk. Ahri laughed at how stubborn Mickey really is. " Yes, one is my older brother as the other is my younger brother. I have not seen them in so long." She said pouting knowing the reason. "Looks like we have dogs and brothers in common. That's a nice start, tell me about your brother?" Ahri asked. When Hana asked her about the clinic Ahri smiled, "You can say, I'm the new supervisor. Yeah, the title is nerve-racking but I am excited to meet everyone and all the animals who would need our help." 

The Dhampir is very happy the other wanted to get to know her, Ahri hardly gets that as her looks drive people away due to they are scared to talk with her. Someone like her should be happy to have her natural looks but it does make Ahri feel unapproachable sometimes which causes problems with her social life. "So Hana, tell me about yourself other then what you told me. Any likes, hobbies, any job?" Ahri hopes she is not asking too many questions at the same time. When they came to a stop Ahri wanted to make sure her suitcases were closed as she tripped a little but landed on her one font as the other was in the air balancing trying to make it as a short quick reflects to make it as she is meant to do that. "I can be a klutz sometimes," she said under her breath as she looked at her zippers and smiled since everything is ok. 

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