When Ahri came to Evermore. A big breath of air came to her once she walked around. The mid warm to cold told her winter was coming to an end as spring is slowly coming. Being away once again from Seoul made her feel lonely but there was a good reason why she left this time for good. She wanted to be with her brothers. The moment she got off the plane Ahri texted her older brother Sungeun to see what he is doing leaving out she is in Evermore. Working to the Dhampir is very important so she didn't mind waiting to have a reunion with him and Jaesung. The moment her little brother came to mind, she wondered if he still wanted to become a writer. Hoping their parents didn't stop him from his dream, she always wanted to see him succeed and do well. 

The Dhampir walked the streets of Evermore, seeing new sights and environment made her excited wondering what the city will bring her. Her phone chimed, as Achri reached to her phone seeing its from Sungeun, her older brother. Reading he is on break enough to text her that he still has hours before he can get off but he did tell her about where she can find Jaesung. Reading Evermore college made her smile big, it looks like their parents did not make Jae lose hope after all. After all, they both don't know she is in the city.  Hoping her being here does not kill them in shock. Well, that’s what she wants to think.  It would break her heart if he is doing something different. She sat on the bench and pulled up Jaesung’s connect up as she looked at it for a few minutes thinking if she should message him or show up and surprise him. Ahri smiled and put her phone away, looks like she will just surprise him, she is sure he will ask her why she is here along with why didn’t she message him. Where was the fun in telling?

The blonde stood up as she pulled her suitcase behind her, Ahri knew she had to drop it off but her mind really wanted to see the Clinic she is going to be working in. She loves new things and new experiences so she is too excited. She hoped her aurora would not scare people before she could even work there. As she walked once more, her eyes spotted a female with two dogs, a smile came off her face seeing how healthy they both look as her eyes were on the white dog which she found really cute. “Um Excuse.” She said hoping it gets the female’s attention. One the other looked up Ahri smiled more seeing the other is Korean. “Your dogs are so cute, what are their names?” Ahri said giving off her dog-loving aurora. It made her miss her own dog in Seoul leaving the Dhampir sad in her mind but didn’t show it on her face. 

“Am, so sorry. Am Ahri, I am new in this city so I don’t know anyone but my brothers.” The dhampir said holding out her hand wondering what the other’s names were. She felt like the new kid in school, it’s nervous but it’s also exciting at the same time. “Um, do you know where the Evermore Clinic is?” Ahri asking knowing that is what she was looking for, still is but dogs always be her number one distraction. Maybe she should ask about the college, well but one thing at a time. She has so much to do but the most important thing is to warn her family about their father. Good thing at the moment she does not have a guy in her life or he will be dragged down by her father. It can’t keep her out of the love life as a whole but she does not want to be tied down. It’s complicated or Ahri herself made it that herself.  

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Hana had been dancing around the house after a few glasses of champagne, due to her incredibly shitty tolerance as a human, it never took much more thann 3-4 glasses before she was hyped up on what she imagined would take a supernatural 10x that amount to feel the way she did. It irritated her to no ends sometimes, at how much of a disadvantage she felt she was at with most things in life, and certainly with her illness.

Ha-joon constantly worried and Hana wanted to be the older sibling who took care of the other. Now that her brother was an adult though, she knew she'd have to allow HJ to take care of certain things himself, including her on occasions. He liked to remind Hana that she had spent her whole life looking after him, and bearing the weight of everything on her shoulders, that it was his turn.  Hana huffed as she thought about it, but found herself wearing a huge smile. After making her mind up to tell the truth, her and Ha-joon's relationship was sailing back to an amazing place. The petite human finished the house chores by picking Karma's mess up. Her new puppy enjoyed tearing things up whenever she wasn't looking, so Hana decided she'd get dressed and take both hers and Ha-joon's pups for a walk, and stop by the pet store for chew toys. 

Hana decided to dress in a pair of black leggings with mesh all the way up to her thighs, which vented the leggings enough for her not to burn up to much in them, along with a black crop top, and a black and red flannel button up that she allowed to hang loose and remain unbuttoned. Once the human was dressed, she slid into a pair of black and red Vanz, and put her hair up, half up and half down with a bow to complete her look. Grabbing the leashes for Mickey and Karma, Hana called for them, laugjing as they both ran happily. "You two are ready for a walk huh?" she asked, reaching down to pet them each, finding herself being pushed on her back as Mickey hopped in her face trying to lick her. Ha-joon's dog was a basket of fun, never was the little furball not happily jumping into one of their laps and playing with them. Karma on the other hand, was more quiet and relaxed, though she did enjoy picking on Mickey.. which was odd, and reminded Hana way to much of her and Ha-joon's own personalities. 

Now that Mickey and Karma had their leashes attached to their collars, Hana stood, and tugged at them as she headed outside, locking her and HJ's apartment up on her way. The weather had changed drastically in no time at all, leaving Hana to wonder where Winter had went all of a sudden. She frowned, because she hadn't seen one speck of snow on the ground this year. Hana was the type to get out in the yard and build snow men and make snow angels, so her fun for winter time had been cancelled by lack of snow.  The gentle breeze made her hair dance with the wind wildly as she walked Mickey and Karma along the bustling streets of Evermore, getting stopped by strangers every now and then for them to tell her how cute her dogs were. It had almost became normal when the next person stopped Hana, a female that intrigued her immediately unlike the rest of the people who had stopped her so far.

Hana also found herself smiling at the fact that the other was  Korean. She couldn't say she had any female friends from her own kind of background, even if she did have a ton of male friends now, most of which were from Korea themselves.  Hana tilted her head, analyzing the female from head to toe, giving her a faint smile when she said 'exciuse me' before asking her what her dogs names were. The girl seemed to have a natural love for dogs, so Hana didn't mind answering "This one is Karma, the newest addition to the Sae family" Hana started while leaning forward to pick Karma up, and holding Mickey's leash tightly with her other hand, who seemed even more excited by the new girl than Hana did.

Mickey was busy jumping up and down at the females feet, while Hana attempted to talk over top of Mickey's gentle barks of excitement "And that one there, the one that seems to love you, is Mickey. Mickey belongs to my brother Ha-joon. He wasn't home, and I needed some fresh air, so I figured i'd bring these two along. Karma is chewing everything in the house, so the plans are to go buy these two some chew toys and treats" she smiled a little brighter before sitting Karma back on the ground and huffing at Mickey's hyperness.  "Sorry, he's usually not like that around strangers" she added, before glaring down to Mickey before taking the plastic bag of treats from her pocket, and giving him a few to settle him down.

Hana transferred both leashes to the same hand as the female before her held her own hand out, and introduced herself as Ahri. The human smiled at her sheepishly, "Well, it's really nice to meet you Ahri. How long have you been here?" she asked curiously, knowing how difficult it was to settle into Evermore, especially if you're used to living in certain parts of Korea.  "No stress, I was the new girl here once before too. If it hadn't been for my brother, I don't think I would have made it as long as I have.. but I lucked up and made a lot of friends .. i'm sure you will too" Ahri was drop dead gorgeous, sharing the youthful thing in common with Hana so she knew much like Hana herself, that she wouldn't have any issues finding friends. Though, she'd also have the same issue that Hana had where guys liked to swoon over her. "Sure. I was just walking around, and like I said, going to the pet store, I wouldn't mind walking you there."

Hana smiled, and tugged at the leashes to let the pup's know it was time to start walking again, even if Mickey decided he wanted to stay, which caused Hana to sigh as she looked down at him, giggling some as she gazed back up to Ahri.  "So you said you have two brothers here?" With the amount of guys Hana had met from her own background, it was very possible she might know Ahri's brothers. It damn sure wouldn't surprise her. It was a small world after all. "So the clinic, are you taking a pet there, or getting a job?" she asked curiously, she figured this was an opportunity to make a new female friend, something that Hana lacked severly. 

The Dhampir was naturally friendly to others until she trips on something. When the female and looked up at Ahri smiled but then looked down to the happy dog that is awaiting her attention. "Oh my goodness look how beautiful you look," Ahri said with a brighter smile petting, Mickey. Listening to the other learning the dog in Hanas arms is Karma as the bouncy boy that wanted her to pet him is named Mickey. 

"That's understandable, Karma looks like a puppy so it's common for them to do that. Do you have a dog gate? It's another way to train your dogs to not go into a room you don't want them to like the kitchen for an example. It's easy to install." Ahri said petting Mickey who is very hyper. "Don't be it means he is happy and friendly towards strangers, he can feel it's safe enough. I don't mind at all," she said rubbing his tummy with a wide smile. She could do this all day. 

As Ahri stood up shaking the girl's hand, "Oh, funny for you to ask. I just got here." She said laughing nervously looking at the suitcases that had been beside her the whole time. Ahri smiled as her eyes brightened to hear the other had a brother. "He must be very sweet to help you out. " Ahri's brothers don't even know she is in the city so she couldn't relate. "Great, I don't mind helping someone out. New pet owner?" Ahri asked,  wondering since Mickey looks around almost an adult with Karma still looks like a puppy. Hana did say one of them is her brother's dog so it makes sense. By looking at each of them they look really healthy which brings the Dhampir a smile. 

Ahri laughed at Mickey who seems he never wants to leave as she started to walk as he started to walk. Ahri laughed at how stubborn Mickey really is. " Yes, one is my older brother as the other is my younger brother. I have not seen them in so long." She said pouting knowing the reason. "Looks like we have dogs and brothers in common. That's a nice start, tell me about your brother?" Ahri asked. When Hana asked her about the clinic Ahri smiled, "You can say, I'm the new supervisor. Yeah, the title is nerve-racking but I am excited to meet everyone and all the animals who would need our help." 

The Dhampir is very happy the other wanted to get to know her, Ahri hardly gets that as her looks drive people away due to they are scared to talk with her. Someone like her should be happy to have her natural looks but it does make Ahri feel unapproachable sometimes which causes problems with her social life. "So Hana, tell me about yourself other then what you told me. Any likes, hobbies, any job?" Ahri hopes she is not asking too many questions at the same time. When they came to a stop Ahri wanted to make sure her suitcases were closed as she tripped a little but landed on her one font as the other was in the air balancing trying to make it as a short quick reflects to make it as she is meant to do that. "I can be a klutz sometimes," she said under her breath as she looked at her zippers and smiled since everything is ok. 

Hana couldn't help but smile as she watched the new girl with her and Ha-joon's pups. It wasn't often that a perfect stranger would stop and comment on how beautiful a persons pets were. But, after coming to the realization that Ahir was a Vet who worked with animals a lot, she could understand that this all just came naturally for Ahri. "They usually don't warm up to someone new so quickly, I'm impressed" she smirked in Ahri's direction and quirked a brow to her question concerning a dog gate. "I actually don't have one of those, and that would be amazing because we do or at least I do try to keep them out of my bedroom during the day time. It's okay at night, especially for my little princess here, because she sleeps with me, but during the day, they're way more hyper and apt to chew things up." Hana certainly didn't need them in her room chewing on her laptop charger, or her shoes.

Hana's smile reach her eyes when Ahri told her not to be sorry, that it just meant the puppies were happy. She really did enjoy seeing someone be so nice to her and Ha-joon's babies. "Well thank you for not kicking them away, I've had that happen a number of times, especially when I'm walking Mickey. He gets excited and jumps at, or on people, and I've had a few be pretty mean about it" she frowned some, remembering how enraged she'd gotten at a guy for smacking Mickey away from him. Hana looked down and blushed some as she realized Ahri did in fact have suitcases by her side "I guess that should have made it obvious that you've only just gotten here" she smirked playfully, and nodded at her comment about her brother. "He's the best really. I do a good job of suffocating him, but yeah. I couldn't ask for a better brother" she smiled sweetly to the thoughts of how close she and HJ had gotten lately. But, she knew that had a lot more room to grow, and more time would be needed before Ha-joon would fully trust that Hana was done lying to him.

Hana sighed happily and realized it may be hard for Ahri to help her with the suitcases she was also lugging around. "Mine and my brother's apartment isn't far. Maybe you could stash your luggage in my apartment, I don't wanna put too much on you" she knew she herself was already struggling just to walk two dogs. There's no way she could expect Ahri to walk one of the dogs for her, plus wheel her suitcases all around the city. Hana nodded however to her question "I am. I figured since my brother had his own dog, I should have my own. But, I love Mickey to death" she was certainly attached to Ha-joon's pup, and would likely be a little lost if she couldn't be the one to take Mickey for his daily walks. Plus she walked Mickey to help HJ out since he worked all the time,, and spent what time he wasn't working, with his dance, or his new girl.

As the two began walking, Hana glanced over to Ahri who had a big frown on her face when she mentioned how long it'd been since she had seen her siblings "That must be rough. Now that you're in the city where they are .. I imagine you guys are going to re-connect? That must be exciting and overwhelmingly emotional all the same" Hana couldn't even imagine having to be away from Ha-joon like that. It would simply kill her. The human grinned when Ahri said they were off to a nice start considering they had both dogs and brothers in common "Indeed, you never know, we could very well end up as each other's besties in no time!" Hana had a certain excitement in her tone, just to think she may have finally found herself a female friend. Her circle of friends had consisted of males only, so to add a female to that sounded pretty nice.

"Well, let's see." Hana then started, as Ahri asked her to tell a little about her brother. "He's younger than me. And sadly, for a long time, he was put in the dark about a lot of things because it's what my parents wanted. I think in their own minds, they thought it would protect him. But, hiding the truth from someone only hurts, as I've come to realize. His name is Ha-joon. Ha-joon isn't your average guy, honestly, and I'm not just saying that because he's my brother, but he's literally a beacon of hope. and light. He's such a humble, selfless person and always puts the needs of others before himself, which I've tried to tell him not to do.. but it's who he has always been. When he was born, I just knew he would be the most amazing person in my life, and I felt it from the very first moment I held him in my arms. We have a pretty unbreakable bond, and he truly does mean the world to me. He's also a dancer for a company here in the city. Surprisingly, he's pretty amazing at that too" she chuckled and slid her sunglasses down over her eyes to hide the fact that she had teared up a little when explaining her brother. "Ha-joon is the one who works in our home right now, and he always insists that I take it easy, but I go to college and work for a Haunted INN"

Hana had hoped she hadn't gone overboard in describing Ha-joon, but with Ha-joon, there was so much she could say.  As Ahri mentioned she was the clinic's new supervisor, Hana gave an impressed smile "Well, that sounds very fulfilling" she stated, and continued walking until they reach the outside of her and Ha-joon's apartment. "Here's where I live" she pointed up, "So if you'd like, we can put your suitcases up there, and head to the clinic so I can show you where it's at. Now that you see where I live, you can swing right back by here later to pick your stuff up. But if you need it, maybe I can drop the dogs off instead and help you take your things to the clinic with you" now that she said it out loud, dropping the dogs off instead, sounded like a much more logical thing to do.

Hana smiled brightly when Ahri asked to hear more about Hana. "Well let's see here. I'm still in college, and I work at the Haunted INN I was telling you about, which is literally haunted by the way. I'll have to take you there sometime" she chuckled but continued on with telling a little about herself. "I do have a few hobbies and dreams, and my biggest one right now is fashion. I really want to put my own label out there, just to see people walking around in something I've created thrills me" and Hana always did have a certain glow about herself when talking about fashion. "And as far as likes go, I love the color hot pink and black, especially together, my favorite food right now is taco pie. it's a very American thing I tried recently, but it's heavenly. And I definitely love music. And unfortunately, I have a lung disease, which limits a lot of things I would love to do. What about you Ahri?" she asked the same question, excited that someone was genuinely trying to get to know her.

When they came to the stop at Hana's apartment, however, and Hana noticed Ahri falling, her natural reflexes kicked in and she tried her best to stick her hand out to catch Ahri. Thankfully Ahri landed on her suitcase, so no damage was done. But, it still scared the hell out of Hana "Are you okay?" she asked, after gasping a little before leaning down to help her up with her suitcases. "It's alright, I have had my moments" she laughed to lighten the mood. Hana was usually pretty sophisticated though, but it didn't hurt to try and make someone feel better about falling and embarrassing themselves.

Ahri was not one to tell someone how to treat their pets or how to keep them safe as the dhampir can tell how happy and safe the women's dogs are. Ahri looked up when Hana told her they don't normally warm up to people this quick as she nodded with a smile. "Working with dogs among having my own dog growing up I guess they just feel how much of a dog lover I am naturally or they can feel they can trust me. It's all about the aura of someone, if they can feel you love animals then they will not be that shy if they can't feel that and your dislikes animals well that's another story." Ahri said sadden for her to say the last part but it's the sad truth people would get dogs and then do unspeakable things to them. Ahri smiled, "A lot of dog owners do not realize how good it is really. It can train your dogs as well so if you put the gate up they will know this is where I am supposed to be. Yes, in the beginning, they may not like it due to they will be separated by their owner and their freedom is cut off but they will soon learn why you did it." Ahri said in a warning how the dogs might feel as all dogs are different they might just not like it and will disobey or they will like it can be chill with it. Ahri can understand why Hana said about during the day. 

hearing that Mickey got kicked a few times by people hurt Ahri. "I would never touch or kick a dog like that. It's rude and can be harmful to the dog itself." Ahri said putting her hand out to Mickey so she can check him over just in case. "If you want when I get suttle into my job better, I can give him a look over. I am sure he is fine since by looking at him right now he seems to be fine." Ahri said to worry about Mickey but knowing if he is still jumping around and being a silly dog at the moment made her heart feel happy again. "You are a silly dog, yes you are," Ahri said knowing mickey loves hearing things being talked about him. Ahri looked up with a smile. "Yeah, I just got off really. Korean to the States is a long travel." The dhampir stood there listening to Hana talk about her brother. "He sounds amazing I would love to meet him one day." 

"Oh, that would be asking too much if I ask that of you but since you are offering how can I say no," Ahri said with a giggled as she stood up. "Since you want to help me, can I offer to walk one of your dogs?" Ahri asked knowing it's might be too soon to ask but by looking at Hana having struggles to walk both of them, at least she thought to ask. Ahri didn't mind at all since she has to wait for the call to pick up her dog at the airport. Walking with the human Ahri smiled then laughed, "I can see why Mickey is such a bright dog. Friendly, warm and I can see him being so friendly to other animals along with children. I am happy you wanted to get one, they say dogs are good when you have depression and health problems."

Talking about her siblings was a hard subject to Ahri but she did nod at what Hana asked. "I hope so. Our family background is something else... I don't even know if either of them wants to see me after all this time. I hope they don't turn me away." Ahri said holding her suitcase tightly. She wished none of them to go back to Korea or the fates their father wished for all of them. "To let you in a little secret, they don't even know I am here." Ahri really likes Hana, she was easy to talk to let alone understand her in ways some people might not relate to. "I would like that. I don't know anyone but my brothers in this city to having a friend or best friend would be a bonus."Ahri said with a bright smile. 

The dhampir wanted to get to know the other maybe they will have more things in common. Since they both have brothers it's a good start for a conversation. "He sounds like the perfect husband to me. By the way, you talk about him sounds like he treats his older sister like a queen. To tell you the truth, men who are brothers with a sister who is close to them will treat any woman with respect. That is rare in the dating world." Ahri said she can tell how loving Hana is about her brother. "What was he in the dark for so long? How hurtful was in the outcome? If you don't mind me asking of course. I am not one to get into other's lives." the dhampir said knowing the questions were out of her curiosity. Ahri can see how proud Hana is about Ha-Joon which made the dhampir come closer to her to rub Hana's shoulder. "Am sure he knows how proud you are of him. You remind me of myself with my younger brother," she said talking about Jaesung. "Whatever you do never let Ha-Joon loose him passion or dream. Keep fighting with him to get through this cruel world with so many harsh options." 

"Oh, you go to college?" Ahri said surprised, 'Where do you go?" she asked wondering if she knew her younger brother. It was not that hard not to meet Jaesung. "A Hunted Inn Sounds like a fun night for scary stories and ghost tours. I love hunted stories so it sounds like my favorite place already," she said with a light laugh to herself. When they came to a stop Ahri smiled as she looked around, it's very simple which is perfect in Ahri's eyes. "Thank you again for the offering. I don't mind the little guys coming along, I would love to get to know them as well. I have a dog myself who is waiting for me at the airport. Just waiting for the call to pick her up. Maybe they have can run around together and enjoy it. I know Bomi would love to have more friends." Ahri couldn't leave the dog with her parents who know what will happen to her. "I need to buy things for her so it would be easy for you to see what you could need. Every dog owner is different so feel free to ask me anything." 

Ahri won't lie to say Hana is just beautiful along with having a pretty face it's only right to know the women behind the face. She will never repeat the mistake that others have made on herself. "Fashion, wow I should've realized that by the way, your dress. Fashion week in Korea is really missing out." Ahri said knowing the week is show off your style. When the dhampir heard about the other's lung disease made sense why Hana said about her brother is the only one working in the house and for her to take it easy. "I am so sorry to hear about your disease, it must be hard for you," Ahri said. Hana did take the dhampir in surprise. "Looks like it's my turn to talk about myself," she said thinking what she could say. 

"Alright well, I am the only sister of three brothers. The second youngest to be exact. I was almost engaged but said no due to I was not ready. So single right now unsure if am looking yet but you never know when that special someone would come you know?" Ahri said wondering what more to say. "I didn't think how hard this can be. It's rare for me to talk about myself" Ahri said coving her face in embarrassment.  "For likes, My favorite colors are royal colors so any color am not that picky. favorite weather is anything I can cuddle in a blanket and Bomi. Favorite food?" Ahri asked herself wondering what is something she can eat all the time. "Kimchi-ppang? It's this kimchi pork steamed buns that had just come out of the oven. It's the best street food of all time. I do enjoy chicken but I have not tried American food yet so I might have to explore." Ahri said thinking about more. "I think that is it for me, not much on me, I guess.

When she tripped on her own luggage it made Ahri embarrassed but she is thankful for Hana to grab her arm. "Oh don't worry about me, I am a klutz almost my whole life this is normal," Ahri said brightly. "My older brothers don't have the problem but my brother and I share it." Putting her suitcase in Hana's and Ha-Joon's apartment the dhampir smiled and nodded. "Thank you for helping me. It's funny how I keep talking about my younger brother without saying his name." Ahri said embarrassed all over again. 

Ahri seemed to know her stuff when it came to animals. She gave a faint smile along with the nod of her head "Yeah, dogs are much smarter than people are willing to give them credit for." Hana could remember a time when she was being followed, and if it hadn't been for a stray dog in the alley way, things might have gone terribly wrong that night. After that night, Hana had decided she needed a protector like that, if a stray dog had been willing to protect her, then surely one of her own would."Ive learned a lot about dogs in the short time I've been around my brothers, and now having my own makes it an even bigger learning experience. But I'm sure working with them all the time like you do, is a whole new ball game" she replied softly, and gave Ahri a cute smile. Hana had never thought about having a job like that. Anything outside of fashion, or helping troubled teenagers with addiction didn't appeal to her. That didn't mean she didn't admire those who did take care of animals however. 

Hana observed curiously as Ahri frowned and held her hand out to Mickey after hearing about how he'd been treated. It did Hana's heart a little good to see someone as genuine and loving as Ahri in the world. The world could use more people like her truth be told. The human gave Ahri a bright smile when she offered to give Mickey a simple check up later "Sure, it wouldn't hurt anything. Better to be safe than sorry, right?" she reached out and gave Mickey a few strokes "thank you so much, I rarely meet people as genuine as you" she sighed a little. This world was cruel enough without adding in the fact that people rarely ever showed humbleness. It felt good to know that Ahri and Hana already had some things in common, and one of those things being their travel from Korea to the US "Yeah tell me about it. It was a terrifying trip for me, I was just worried about fitting in here. But, so far ive done okay. And yeah, he truly is amazing, I hope to introduce the two of you sometime, I think he would get along with you very well, especially when he hears how great you've been with Mickey. He really loves that dog" she stated with a smile, and giggled softly. But, she had to admit, it was always so cute to see HJ and Mickey bonding. 

Hana only gave Ahri a nod when she offfered to help her in exchange for helping with her luggage. After reaching Mickey's leash over to her, Hana continued to walk with Ahri, listening to her every word intently, and finding her to be one of the most interesting females she had met so far. Hana looked down to Princess, her own pup, when Ahri said it was good to have animals when you deal with depression and health issues. "Yeah, I think she will be good for me. I don't get to do much as far as psychical activities go, but walking a dog through the park, or cuddling up to one, won't effect my lung. And no one can be depressed while cuddling up to something that cute" she added, grinning some, only for that grin to fade just as quickly upon seeing how much Ahri was affected by conversation concerning her siblings. "I'm sure they wouldn't turn you away. I don't know your guys's background, but It would seem after not seeing you for so long, that they'd be happy to know you're here. It may take some time for all three of you to open up, but time is the key to everything. You'll be fine, I am sure of it" Hana gave a reassuring smile, and knew a thing or two about repairing the bond between two siblings since that's what her and Ha-joon were currently doing. 

"Me and Ha-joon haven't always had it easy, and I'm sure that I nearly lost all his trust, but we didn't let that happen. We loved each other too much to allow anyone else to seal our fate, so we're in the process of taking our lives back" when you have a sibling, it always seems no matter how many hardships come between you, the love and loyalty never does fade. Hana leaned over some, just enough to brush against Ahri's side since she had her hands full and couldn't pat her shoulder or anything "well then, here's to a new best-friendship" Hana grinned with a brightness she hadn't shown in a long time now, all aside from meeting Leigh, because he was someone she held near and dear now. But, to have a female be her best friend, was something of a dream for Hana and she couldn't help but feel like her dreams may be coming true now that she had met the beautiful Ahri. 

 Hana chuckled when Ahri said HJ sounded like the perfect husband, but she was right about him treating HAna like a queen. "He's my everything. Nothing or no one compares or comes before him. We may go through our sibling rivalries but if someone messes with one of us, best believe the other is going to pounce" she giggled cutely before continuing. "But yeah, he's definitely a prize. When he started seeing someone, I got a little paranoid, and overly protective. When he was born, I was a mama bear to him so I freaked out a little when I figured out he liked someone, but as long as she treats him like the king he is, then I will leave them be. Ha-joon is just such a special guy, a beacon of light in so many peoples lives. I don't think it would end well for anyone if he actually gets hurt enough to get angry. I think his angry side would be terrifying as calm as he usually is. "And you're certainly right about that being rare in the dating world. It's so hard to find that perfect one" even though the moment Hana said that, she couldn't help but trace her finger tips over the spot on her cheek that Sunmin had kissed before vanishing into the night. She couldn't get him out of her head, no matter how hard she tried. It infuriated her that he was ignoring her calls and texts. 

Hana bit her lower lip, and hung her head low as she grimaced for a moment to Ahri's question. "I'm not sure it's something I should bluntly just say but" she cleared her throat, and continued, thinking the only good way to start this friendship, was by being open and honest, in hopes she wouldn't say or do anything wrong in a moment, when she tells Ahri what she'd been keeping her brother in the dark about for so long. "My father made me the golden child and unfortunately, it came with so many secrets, lies, responsibilites and burdens. It was a huge burden to keep Ha-joon from knowing, but ever since I was little, Ive known about the supernatural, or at least it feels like it's been that long. And that, among so many other things, our parents expected me to keep away from Ha-joon. At first I thought they were doing it, thinking they could protect the baby of the family if he simply just didn't know the truth, but then Ive come to realize over the years, that it has only done more damage than good, as we've each encountered attacks from the supernatural..." Hana used the word supernatural, almost in a whispered tone, while side eyeing Ahri, curious if she was human or not. "Ive lied to my brother a lot, and i'm trying really hard to make up for that. He didn't deserve that, but he has loved me through it all, and I guess for that, I should be thankful" Hana reach back and cupped her hand over Ahri's and smiled with tears in her eyes. "Thank you. I sure hope he does know how proud I am. He means everything to me. As much as it sounds like your brothers do to you. I really think you guys might be okay" she said in a hopeful tone. Hana smiled brightly when Ahri told her to keep fighting by Ha-joon's side and to never let him lose his passion. "It would certainly be a tragedy to see Ha-joon's light burn out. Ill do anything I can to make sure that never happens. This world really is such a wicked and scary place. All we have in the end, is each other.. and now that means you and I too" she flashed a playful wink at Ahri, but she meant the words she spoke, nonetheless. 

"Evermore community for now. I am hoping to finish soon, college has been a great experience but i'm so ready to start my career in fashion." she nearly squealed at those words with excitement as she thought about how ready she was. "It has been a really fun place to work in. You should come by and let me show you around sometime. It's a beautiful place. We just had the spookfest there not long ago" she stated, smiling as she thought back to how that had been the night she'd made two more amazing friends. Han and Jae. Those two were hard to forget with all their adorableness together. "Bomi, Mickey and Princess sound like a great team" she chuckled softly when Ahri said they could run around together. "Do you have someone to take you to the airport to pick him / her up?" she asked curiously, ready to offer if Ahri didn't have anyone. "Sure, I would love to see what you buy for her, so Ill know what to buy for Princess. I definitely want a diamond collar for her with spikes and rhinestones, and possibly have her name engraved into it. I want one of those dog beds that have the canopy on them too. I'm going to spoil her" she laughed a little, and gazed over to Ahri as she thought of a question. "Do I need to buy her any kind of vitamins? And i know most dogs are supposed to have shots, so if you know what kind she'll need, tell me and ill get those ASAP" Hana wanted to take care of her dog the right way, just as HJ had done with Mickey.

Hana grinned brightly when Ahri complimented her on the way she was dressed and said that fashion week in Korea was missing out. "Honestly, I wanna go back home, just to attend that. It's going to be one of the biggest things i miss" fashion in Korea was a totally different ballgame than fashion here in the US, and HAna would certainly be missing out a little, but being able to get her studies done here in the US meant that she had gained so much. From friends, to a special someone possibly, a job and more, she couldn't complain. Hana shrugged slightly, but gave Ahri a faint smile when she apologized upon hearing about Hana's lung disease "Thank you. It's been hard but Ive learned to live with it" she stated, and gave a smirk when Ahri said it was her turn to talk about herself. "The spotlight is all yours ma'lady" she said playfully, and began listening. It was really nice getting to know Ahri so far. And truth be told, Hana didn't want their day together to end now. 

Hana smiled brightly to learn several different things about Ahri, and figured she may as well start with her brothers. "What are their names?" she asked curiously, wondering if she knew them, thinking it was very possible considering how many different male friends she had made lately. Hana's eyes widened in surprise to learn a beauty like Ahri was single "At least you're playing it safe and not desperately seeking that kind of affection in your life. I'm still single also, but I deifnitely have my eyes on someone" and as soon as she said that, she gritted her teeth a little out of frustation as she clutched her cell phone into a tight grip. IT wouldn't have hurt the stubborn ass Sunny to text her back. "You'll find your perfect one though. As beautiful as you are, i'm surprised you're even available. Soon enough ill have to chase them away from you with a baseball bat" she knew Ahri would be targeted for her beauty the same way Hana had been when she first came to this city, and since Hana felt that this bond between her and Ahri was growing, she would happily protect Ahri. 

"Ill have to take you to some of the fast food places ive tried so far. I thought American food would be horrific, but most of it is actually really good" she grinned brightly, and blushed some. Hana usually wasn't this outgoing towards a female, as it seemed her circle of friends were only guys, but she was happy to add Ahri to that small circle. "Don't worry" Hana patted her shoulder gently as she said there wasn't much on her, "In time you'll open up more and so will I, and we'll have plenty more to tell one another. I'm happy you shared with me what you have so far" she defintely felt intrigued by Ahri, and couldn't wait to get to know her more and become closer to her. Hana and Ahri were able to share a laugh after Ahri was okay from tripping, and admitted she was naturally a klutz. "It's okay, its cute:" she shrugged nonchalantly and shot a smirk at Ahri. Hana was happy to have helped her, and once she took the leashes off the pup's, she chuckled as they ran into the dining room to play with one another. "So cute" she shook her head before gazing back to Ahri. "Anytime, im happy I could help. And no worries! We have plenty of time to get to know these things" she then said, not wanting Ahri to feel too bad for not have already saying her brothers name as much as she'd talked about him. 

"Are you closer to your younger brother? IF you don't mind me asking of course. You seem to steer into the direction of him when you talk about your siblings" she pointed out, and hoped she hadn't been rude at all. It was just her perspective on the subject. "So, whenever you'd like. We can walk to the clinic" she added, and waited for Ahri's decision on what she'd want to do. "And you're welcome to come here and hangout anytime now that you've seen where I live. Just don't be surprised if Ha-joon answers the door in a house robe or something" she warned playfully.  

The Dhampir took so much passion going through school if it was not Bomi who she fell in love with her life would be much different. Animals are everything to Ahri. "They are just amazing, they always know when you down, when your happy, when your angry too when you are scared.  They will never let their owner down, will that's if the owner treats them with respect, however." Ahri said knowing some owners don't care enough to own an animal. It breaks her heart. 'Am happy your brother's dog teacher you some things for or before getting your own. When I was younger and when my family adopts Bomi, I didn't know enough but growing up I wanted to always protect because my family dog is my best friend in my whole world. I went to college to help animals in need. I am sure you will know how it feels when I heard Bomi was sick and I couldn't be there by her side. My grades went down along with a test but I don't regret any of it." Ahri said thinking about Bomi. "Always love your dog and never let them down. They are like your child who needs you as much as you need them." When Hana brought up her working around them Ahri smiled and laughed. "Honestly it's like my escape from the world. Making an animal feel better and know they had someone to be there for them make me feel proud of what I do." 

It's true there are some people who should never own an animal but it's not her place to tell people. The dhampir hated hearing and seeing people kicking dogs who want to be friendly, that's how you change the personality of the animal. "No need to say thank me, it's what I went to school for. We don't want him to be a victim of something that can take his life but I wouldn't worry about that since he looks healthy and happy." Ahri said trying not to worry Hana to much.  The world is very cruel but you have to fight it with kindness in order for the world not to go into chaos. "I would love to meet your brother, Ha-Joon?" she asked to make sure she got his name right. "Traveling to another country is scary. I would be like you but since I know the family will be around it made things less scary. Now if they turn me away then that's another story. " the dhampir said looking up at Hana. 

When the female handed her Mickey's leash Ahri smiled as she held on. "I will say in short, my brother's had things harder than myself. I saw my own father turn my younger brother away from him in front of my eyes. Well, it's not just that it's more like my father likes to push himself into our lives. All our choices, he has to have something to say." Ahri said trying to give Hana a summary of the family background without giving the whole story. 'it's not a fun story to tell but from my own world in the family, I've been the favorite with my brothers being told to do something without giving care what they want. You know the casual Korean household. Being call Princess or what I feel like, I don't think they want to see me due to memories from the past." Ahri said looking at Hana trying not to be sad or put herself down. Hearing what Hana had to say made her smile. "I hope all three of us can do that beyond the harsh reality. Thank you, Hana."

Ahri knew all families were not all great, it's not just the Moon family or the Sae family. "Looks like we both have things in common," Ahri said as she looked at the other with her eyes grew widely, Hana welcomed her to be best friends right off the bat. Ahri couldn't help but see so happy within herself, no one has not said that first to her before and it felt nice. "Are you sure? I mean you won't say that if you're not sure. I would love to be your Best Friend." she said excitedly with a bright smile.  

The Dhampir wished Hana's brother the best luck to find true love and not let nothing be taken away from him.  She is sure if her father heard that it might give him an idea about forcing her to marriage like her older brother but really would it be selfish for her to want to take her older brother's place to find someone who truly loves. Ahri would do anything for her older brother to go as far as to say she lied of her father about how she feels. "You both sound so cool," Ahri said maybe she could take an example of Hana to her mindset. The Dhampir looked at Hana wondering if Hana is the key to truly find her genuine feels about her life. Could she open up about her family to Hana? Maybe the answer will come to her later in life. Protecting her brothers is important so she has to make sure she can trust Hana fully. Ahri watched the other put her hand on her cheek as a laugh came to her lips. "Looks, like someone in love themselves. Make sure he treats you right and a queen." Ahri said knowing from her last relationship. Love is not something she is looking for a while unless it does change, life is a twist of a game. 

Ahri listened as she didn't know what to think, she was not the only one who is painted as The Favorite of the family. "Hana, oh my I don't know what to say but I am sorry you went thought that. it's sad to say I know how it feels to be the favorite. My father has always treated me like that ever since I was born. " Ahri being a Dhampir she hears it all about the Supernatural which didn't feel comfortable to hear they have been attacked. "Your parents sound sick to do that to their own flesh and blood. I'm so sorry for that to happen." Ahri couldn't believe what happened. She smiled as she held Hana's hand. "We are sisters that hold our brothers close. That's enough for us to be stronger. Maybe we can learn from each other and grow. There is nothing wrong to know who has your back and who is the real enemy." 

"We should have them have a play date," she said excitedly as she sighed when the question of picking up Bomi. "I have to find someone unless someone from the airport can drop her off at my apartment. They told me they will call when she is checked over and alright." Ahri said with a smile in her eyes. "For a puppy, she might need a little softer things so I have the perfect food and treats you and give her base on my training. Everything you said sounds like all I want to get for Bomi when I was a child. Due to her coat, Princess would look perfect on her." she said. "When we get to the store warning I will go business mood." 

Fashion Week, a week for people to show their fashion style. "I don't blame you, I mean Fashion is everything to Korea. Who knows you might get noticed by a company. " Ahri said with a smile. Someone like Hana with a health problem is strong to move on in life is really cool it's brave. When Hana turned to Ahri, the word spotlight made her cringe a bit. A word she knew most of her life. "If you put it that way how I can say no?" she replied back swallowing her pride. 

Questions are really what she wanted so she won't feel alone under the heat of the light. "Brother's names are Hyunsik, Sengeun, and Jaesung. From Oldest to Youngest." Ahri said with a bright mood as she spoke about her family.  Ahri laughed a bit to the other that said she is single but has her eyes on someone, "Well, I a few years ago I was almost engaged but I turned it down due to I was not ready for such a commitment. You can say I am single but not rushing." In truth, since her father wants to push marriage on all the Moon siblings it's will only be a matter of time before he will push it on her once again.  Ahri laughed, looks like she charmed another with her looks. "I mean if there is any guy with such looks he might be trouble." Ahri had no idea if Hana is Human or a supernatural but it does look like the other does have knowledge about the world, she wondered how bad is her or her brother is being prayed. it might not be in her business but she protects everyone who comes in her life so if Ahri needs to step in and fight to protect Hana she gladly accepts. 

The Dhampir felt happy to meet Hana, she does not feel alone anymore not like she did before. When Hana asked her about Jaesung she smiled and nodded. "I love to think so," Ahri said as her smile went bigger. "I can always see the past when I think of Jae. When he was little he always wanted to play and I always stopped to play with him. Such a carefree kid it was, I wish sometimes he stayed like that. So he does not have to face this world, our father. He has always been a bright man, I hope he is still chasing his dream regardless." Ahri said as she noticed she walked about her younger brother for too much. "Sorry about that. " she said with a laugh. "if he was here he would be telling me to stop embarrassing him. I've missed him so much."  Ahri got away from the topic before she goes into a sad mood as the clinic came up she nodded. "Oh yes, I need for them to know I am in Evermore and other things. Getting to know new names will be a long adventure," she said joking. Ahri felt happy she is welcomed any time to someone, having a best friend is something she has to get used to. "Sure thing, I don't think he would mind after everything you told me about him."  

To see Ahri in her element, and to hear how much she loved animals, and how in depth her knowledge went, made Hana smile a little brighter. She admired that kind of drive, because it reminded her of herself with fashion. Hana had always had a passion for fashion and she had dedicated a big part of her life to it. Ahri's voice was sweet, and rang into Hana's ears almost in the form of a melody, and her smile could have melted away the darkest moments. Hana was certainly happy to have met Ahri, and now hoped more than anything, that this would become her best friend. Hana offered a gentle smile when Ahri told her to always love her dog, "Without a doubt. I love both of them, even Mickey. Ive gotten use to him being around. I think i'd be sad if something were to ever happen and Mickey wasn't here" she expressed, referring to Ha-joon's pup who had become part of their little family.

Hana gave a simple nod when Ahri said she didn't need to thank her. "I'm glad he's okay, It's hard to leave them behind every time I want to leave the apartment, because even dogs need fresh air sometimes" she admitted, and frowned a little that she had put Mickey in danger several times now, due to how hyper Mickey was, and how he jumped at people with bad intentions. Hana smiled over at her when she said she'd like to meet Ha-joon, and gave a simple nod as to indicate she did indeed say his name right "Yes, Ha-joon is a very free spirited person. It does the world a little bit of good to have someone like him" she expressed, knowing her brother has been a beacon of light and hope to everyone he's ever crossed path's with. "I'm sure now that we know one another, you'll meet him soon enough, because I certainly hope we can start hanging out" she was bold and straight to the point, but she'd used a soft tone and smiled sweetly over at Ahri as she laid the offer on the table. "And yes, travelling can without a doubt be pretty terrifying. And should your family turn you away, you know where I live. You never have to be alone if you don't want to be" maybe she was being a little over the top with her kindness today and really wasn't sure what'd gotten into her for her to act this way with Ahri, but she didn't mind it as long as Ahri didn't. It was much different for Hana though, considering Ahri was Hana's first female friend.

It seemed that Ahri was hurt by some of the events she'd witnessed from her own father, and Hana could almost relate to that too. "I'm sorry he did that to your brother. My father never pushed my brother out, or turned him away, but he didn't give him half the chance that he gave me to prepare for this cruel world, and constantly forced me to keep secrets and keep Ha-joon in the dark. It sounds like both our brothers deserved better back then. But, you have to forgive yourself too Ahri, and it's not really even your fault for what your father did, but trust me, I feel your pain. I'm sure things will work out, even if it doesn't happen right away, you guys are family, and from the sounds of it, the three of you are all each other have in this city, and I think that will be the key thing to rebuilding your relationship with them" perhaps Hana and Ha-joon's situation was much different, considering the Triad, and the scandal behind whatever their parents had done, but in some ways, she and Ahri were very similar.

As Ahri looked to Hana with utter shock on her features, Hana flashed a playful smirk and threw her arm around Ahri's shoulders "I would love nothing more than to have you as my best friend. Together, we can conquer the world" she added a playful wink before letting her arm fall back to her side. When Ahri said they sounded cool, Hana giggled softly and shook her head. Her smile had faded to a frown just as quickly though, upon hearing Ahri say to make sure he treated Hana right. "He hasn't spoken to me since we parted ways on my rooftop. Safe to say Ahri, i'm a single lady now" she groaned at the thought of how she had allowed a guy to get under her skin in the few weeks that he hadn't talked to her at all, and now how she had come to the conclusion that it was best not to pursue him again.

Hana glanced down shyly at Ahri's hand but gave it a gentle squeeze upon hearing that they could learn from one another, and grow together. It felt really nice. "I'm happy to hear that you have my back, I will always have yours too" she smiled genuinely. Hana giggled cutely when Ahri went full-on businesswoman with her, telling her all the right things she needed for Princess, and she was making mental notes on what she could buy for Mickey as well. "All good. You can be the best businesswoman you intend to be when we get there. I rather buy them the right things than to take the wrong stuff home and have to return it anyway, so thanks for your help. Shopping is exciting, even if it is for animals." Hana remembered her and Leigh's conversation about shopping, and their plans to hang out at the mall, which made her smile for a moment as she reflected on their last time together.

Hana's mouth fell open when Ahri finally spoke her brothers names out loud. "Well, I know two of your brothers very well. Eun is helping me right now with the Triad, and Jae and I went ice skating together. Long story short, we had both signed up from our homes to take ice skating lessons, and we didn't know it was for couples only until after we arrived, and since we had both already paid for the lessons, we didn't wanna waste the money, and decided we'd couple up just for the occasion. You have some wonderful brothers Ahri, and they have a wonderful sister, now that I know who you're talking about, it makes me hope and pray even harder than your meeting with them goes well" she smiled genuinely, feeling as though this was a much much smaller world than she originally thought. Here she sat talking to Jae and Eun's sister, two guys she held pretty near and dear to her heart, especially Eun.

"Your looks would charm millions Ahri" she grinned playfully and flashed a flirtatious wink in her direction. "So you're single? How does your father see same-sex relationships?" And maybe that was Hana's way of subtly asking Ahri if she played for both teams. Her curious nature made it hard to resist such questions, and now she'd hoped she wasn't stepping on toes. Hana smiled sadly when she began talking of Jae and what a bright person he had been as a child, and how Ahri hoped he'd stayed the same. "Well, from personal experience, he's a very bright person. He's a sweetheart, much like you in that department" she grinned up at Ahri and shook her head as to dismiss Ahri's apology "Talk about him all you like. I'm sure it's been hard being away from them as long as you have. All that matters now is that you guys get to make up for all that lost time. Make the most of it" she expressed and bit her lower lip gently.

"Learning new names, new personalities, and so on is the hardest part of a new journey, but it gets easier. And if nothing else, you have me now. I'll help you with whatever" she wanted Ahri to know she'd be here for her and hopefully have the chance to be part of Ahri's new journey. "After you" Hana added, and offered her arm, not minding one bit to walk the city streets with Ahri on her arm. "So, what are your plans once you get settled in with your job at the clinic? Do  you have a place to stay while you're sorting your life here?" she asked curiously as she waited for them to begin their walk to the clinic.

Ahri does not know went to stop when it comes to her passion and her job with animals. It can be hours before she can finish talking but she didn't want to bore Hana even thought she would want to know the information since she is now a dog owner with her own puppy. The Dhampir took this chance to look up at Hana as she smiles noticing the human is looking at her. Ahri can't help but be in love with how the other looked, natural but with a bit of being wild on Hana's side. There is something about Hana that draws Ahri to her but she didn't know why. The last time she was with a girl, it turned out to be a one night stand and went sour really quickly. Ahri does not know if she wanted to be in another relationship with the same sex but this time might be different.  She can feel it. "I can understand that I went through that with Bomi. It's like seeing your best friend just gone with no word. It's empty and cold."

Ahri laughed lightly, she can tell Hana really cares. They sound similar to each other which makes it easier for Ahri. Listening to when the human, Hana didn't waste time to be straightforward as to what she wants to do. The words the female said to her made her blush a little, Ahri didn't understand why this will happen right off the bat so quickly but she seems to like it. Maybe a little too much or is it that there is something there and she is just not seeing it. Love at first sight? Could that be what is going on right now? "T-Thank you. My goodness, I don't know what to say or respond." Ahri said trying to process everything. "I mean since your putting that offers out there then I can say if you ever wanted to take at my apartment you are always welcome too. I mean it's a two-bedroom it big enough for two people and two dogs if you want to stay over for a week or want to have a week away from your brother." Ahri said straightforwardly as well since there is no point to hide what she means. A girl needs her him away from boys... that is for sure. 

"My father is the type to push along with getting into business he does not need to be a part of. It's enough for me to rebel. After seeing how he treated my younger brother I want nothing to do with him. A dream should be chased not stopped. That's another reason why am here, I don't need money to live happily, to live free and love who I want is the dream for myself along with my brothers. If I have to rebel now to have them free from their fate I would gladly take it. Even if it means to lose everything and freedom I have right now. " Ahri knew her father, she does not want to be the princess or the yes girl forever to time for all of them to live a life. She likes the taste of the wrongs feels so right. Ahri smiled brightly at Hana with a nod. "You might be right, I need to think positive than the past. What good would that do for me? Thanks, Hana, you have no idea how much I needed to hear those words." She can talk with her brothers without her father's shadow and Ahri needs to prove that to them. She will not obey anymore but to warn the storm is coming. 

Ahri laughed feeling the other close along with Hana's words. "That sounds scandal, I like it. Well, Hana, you got a best friend in me." Ahri said now curious about the other, what makes Hana tick? The moment the conversation went south the Dhampir frowned. "Hana, he does not deserve the words your saying right now. Us girl might bring them to us but don't let them take everything away from you. Be confident that you learned your lesson and wear it. Something like that makes your skin thicker. You are a queen so own your crown it's their loss." Ahri said knowing she always believes every woman is a queen in their own way but does not know how to wear their crown with pride sometimes. Boys will always be the blame for a good girl going bad. Being single is not always a bad thing it can be the best thing sometimes. 

The Dhampir smiled hearing Hana said she got her back as well. Ahri missed Hana's cute giggle with her non-stop business talk but she smiled and nodded happy Hana kept up with everything she was saying. "I enjoy shopping for animals even Bomi, she gets spoiled by me. You will see the way I shop when we get there. I am a mess when it comes to shopping." 

The dhampir stood in one place, Hana already knew her brothers. What a small world she is now living in. Looks like I don't have to introduce her to them like Hana has to do with her brother.  "Oh wow," she said speechless once again, Hana is such a magical woman. "Triad? What is that about?" Ahri asked really don't like the bad feeling she got when she said it out loud. 'Why is my brother helping you? Is everything alright?" Ahri felt protective when it involved with her older brother. No like he is not allowed to do what he wants to do but it does not mean she will not be worried. "Thank you, Hana, I can tell they never spoke about me to you. I'm happy you know them, they are wonderful brothers as well as wonderful males I look up to in my life. I guess that's why I have high standards." Guess she answered her own question. 

  Hearing her is being prised made Ahri felt uncomfortable which it shouldn't since she is used to it but everything stopped when she asked about her father. "Um. Will I don't know that answer but I am sure he will not like hearing about it." Ahri said biting her lip, she does not know her brothers have boyfriends or have one in mind. "Am not against it. I mean I had a one night stand with a woman so I would be a hypocrite if I say I hate it. I do admit females are more kissable then males. Love is love does not matter what gender you are." Ahri said blushing saying that out loud, maybe she is Bi-sexual after all. A question she has been asking herself after her one night stand with a girl name Mirae. She didn't like it at first but it was her being confused now she is not. Hana was too attractive to say no she is not into her, Ahri will be lying to herself. "What about you? What are your views on same-sex relationships?" She wondered if Hana is into girls if so it would be hard Ahri no to look at her.

Ahri smiled hearing what Hana thought about Jaesung. "Sounds like he has not changed. Thank goodness." a big relief comes down on her, now she does know the other is so flirting with her, how should she respond? "Thank you. I mean I should not be nervous about talking with him, it's more of Sungeun," she said looking down knowing she is just the harsh reminder which is not fair for Ahri herself. "it been many years more then Jaesung since I last saw him. I am sure I am overthinking things." she said trying to not think of the worst. The dhampir loves being with Hana as she laughed. "My partner in crime," she said accepting her arm and link hers with the others as they walk. "I never thought about that but I think to build relationships with my brothers and other people." She is unsure about finding love maybe it can come to her soon that meets everything she is looking for. "Maybe we go shopping tomorrow like the mail and you can stay over? I mean it does not have to be tomorrow it can be any day. Am I rushing this? I don't even have everything at the apartment yet." she said laughing at herself.

It felt as natural as breathing, as if this was exactly where Hana was supposed to be right now and who she was meant to be talking to. She had presented a smile for the most part, even in spite of all that had been happening in her and Ha-joon's life and the danger it posed on the people they cared for the most. Hana couldn't help but feel that familiar tingle travel the course of her spine when she and Ahri shared a look for a brief second. While she tried to brush it off, in the back of her mind she knew something was happening here, she just had no idea what. Hana had never even been with a female before, but she had always said, gender would not play a factor in her love life. If she feels a connection, that's who she wants to be with. Male or female. And right now, Ahri definitely made her feel things that she was almost sure she'd felt the last time she was crushing on someone pretty hard. 

Hana tilted her head and couldn't help but grin at the way Ahri blushed. It was kind of an ego-booster to know Hana could even have that effect on a female as gorgeous as Ahri herself. This was all new, and certainly a bit strange for the human to feel like she might be investing some personal interest into another female. But, there's a first for everything, right? Hana was confident that making Ahri her first ever girlfriend, would have been something worth bragging about. She smiled innocently at Ahri when she seemed speechless, and said she wasn't sure what to say about Hana's offer. HAna didn't expect to have that offer thrown right back at her, and saw it as a better offer since Ahri didn't have her brothers living with her like Hana did. "I would very much like that. It would make for the ultimate girls night, if we stay at my place, Ha-joon will be there, not that he's much of a bother,  I actually think the two of you will get along great." in a way, Ahri reminded Hana a little of Ha-joon, feeling as though she would definitely become a light in Hana's life, much like Ha-joon did with the people he had in his life. 

Hana arched a brow at Ahri, listening intently with a sad smile adorning her features. To hear how much of a jerk Ahri's father was, made Hana's hand instinctively reach over to comfort Ahri, by placing her hand on her back. "Seems like our fathers would get along great. Mine is the exact same way about most things. I would love to think that my mother hasn't been swayed over to the dark side, but I feel that my father corrupted her years ago" she frowned and shook her head, "But look at you, at least you're a fighter. And it really sounds like your brothers mean the world to you, with how you would sacrifice everything you've built for yourself, just for the sake of their freedom and happiness. One can only admire a female like you." and that was something else she and Hana had in common. The fact that they'd sacrifice everything to save their brothers, made them very similar. Two fighters rarely met like this and Hana had to see this as fate. 

Hana made a gesture with her hand as to say no need to thank her "anytime Ahri, I think you're an amazing person who just needs to realize it. Your father didn't define who you turned out to be.. obviously" and she decided to add a flirtatious wink to that statement because Ahri was pretty amazing, and the polar opposite of the man she explained to be her father. The way Ahri said she liked a little scandal made Hana's mind race. She couldn't help but give her a look. "So, you like scandal huh? I get the impression that you're a challenge and keep people on their toes. I like a good challenge though, Ahri. You've been warned" Hana loved how they were already able to be so free with their words and joke and tease one another. Hana's heart raced to the next words that Ahri spoke, and she felt a little breathless when Ahri said she was a queen. "You know, you're probably the first to say things like that to me. Thank you, I think we all need to be lifted up like that sometimes. I'm certainly not the only queen here though. I'll try a little harder, but yeah I guess it's safe to say I lack confidence in myself sometimes. I'm so afraid of messing up and disappointing people that I'm a little too hard on myself" she admitted and bowed her head to look at the ground, grimacing slightly. Hana had always lacked confidence in certain aspects of her life, and it was strange, but refreshing at the same time to have someone call her out on it and try to correct her way of thinking. 

Hana grinned before giggling softly when Ahri admitted how she was a mess when it came to shopping "Don't worry. We'll be a mess together. Get me in a store around clothes and fashion, and I could go all day" Hana loved clothes, jewelry, shoes, anything that made fashion. "Eun is fine. I see that you're freaking out, I wouldn't risk his life to help me, I am no one special, and I even told Eun that I don't want him to jeopardize his safety in order to help me" she frowned a little, as tears pooled in her eyes. Hana could never keep a straight face when she talked about this situation nor the people it involved. "He's been helping me because he has a friend who can take my case .. this friend of his is supposed to be really good at solving things, and I feel like it's a bad enough situation that I should take whatever help i'm given. Ive already been attacked more than once since coming here.. I don't feel safe anywhere. And God forbid this effect the people ive placed in my life.." she looked to Ahri as if to give her a hint that she was talking about Ahri specifically. She didn't want Ahri to become the target of some sick game with the Triad just for being her best friend. "And, to be honest, we have none had the chance to discuss family, so i'm sure if I had brought it up, they would have mentioned you. They both seem to be big on family" Hana wanted Ahri to know that it was most likely just because she didn't know her brothers well enough yet to have heard anything about Ahri from them. "They are both a little reserved so far, at least from what ive seen. I think Eun is more open minded, not to say Jae isn't but he doesn't open up very quickly" 

Hana became choked up, and frankly, she was speechless now. "Well, you just laid it all out on the table huh? Females are more kissable .. that makes sense" and for some reason, Hana's bright brown eyes traveled down to Ahri's lips, before she bit her own lower lip, trapped by a thought that Ahri was probably an amazing kisser. Hana grinned in a mischiveous manner when Ahri asked what her opinion of same-sex relationships was. "Well.." she started and stepped a little closer to Ahri just to drive her point home "Ive never been with a female before, but it doesn't mean I don't want to. There's a first for everything right?" she asked, tilting her head as she stood only mere inches from Ahri now, and couldn't help but feel herself breathe a little heavier at the thoughts and all the what if's. "As ive always said, gender doesn't play a factor in my love life. If it feels right, I think two people should just go for it. It's more of a tragedy to never take the chance than it is to be wrong if it doesn't work out." but for Hana, she was one who tended to stick things out to the very end, and never imagined she'd be the type to break up with someone for petty shit. 

Hana smiled and gave a simple nod when Ahri thanked her. "I think you're overthinking it. Just think of it as they're in your shoes as well. Look how long it's been and how much you have missed them. I would imagine they feel the exact same way about you as you feel about them" she tried explaining the only way she knew how and hoped she made sense. Hana bit her lip and grinned slyly when Ahri took the arm Hana had offered to her and called her, her partner in crime "that has a nice ring to it. I think I'm going to need a baseball bat, however. Walking with you is getting a lot more heads turned my way than usual, with the bomb-shell that you are, I may have no choice but to beat people away from you" she chuckled, making a small reference to one of her favorite female villains. Harley Quinn and her infamous baseball bat.

Hana smiled at Ahri's response as to what her plans were when she settles down in her clinic, "I think with time, you and your brother will be whole again, as one. I hope for you guys, that it feels like you never spent a day apart" Hana and Ha-joon had come so far since they began rebuilding their sibling bond, and she knew that was possible for Ahri, Eun and Jae too. Hana playfully nudged against Ahri's side when she asked if she were rushing things by asking Hana to stay over and go shopping "We don't have to waste any time, i'm excited to spend the night with you. Tomorrow is perfect for me" she grinned brightly, excited that she and Ahri were going to get right into this friendship without holding back. Sometimes, when two people meet, they just know they're good for each other, and that's sorta how things were taking off for her and Ahri right now. She really hoped it remained that way.

"So miss Ahri. Tell me" she trailed off with a bright smile caressing her lips "What got you started in the veterinarian field?" she asked curiously, wondering if maybe Ahri had different dreams of what career path she'd follow as a child. Most people never ended up with the career they swore they'd have. "And I recall earlier you said having your brothers to look up to,  is why you have high standards. What do you look for in a romantic partner?" she finished off, and slowed her pace because she knew the clinic was just up ahead of them.

In the moment of them looking at each other, The Dhampir knew there is something about Hana and has yet to meet the eye. the mystery is really calling out to be broken down, the thought for someone she has to look into made her wonder what the outcome might come out.  Ahri didn't come to Evermore for love other than family love but looks like fate played it's hards and pulled a fast move on her, well that is how life is not everything is what it seems. 

The Dhampir couldn't tell if Hana is being nice to her because of her looks or she is just nice in general. Sweet as honey is what she will call the human in front of her. There are things Ahri can't even tell, body language that might not make sense to her at the moment until later on or it's just the little things that catch her off guard.  'Am sure it won't be disrespect for him if I steal you for a while. You got to live a little since it will be a little while before my brothers start to come around and visit me or want to visit Bomi after all she is the family dog am not that selfish. Take what you can get right now or you will regret it. I don't promise I'm a good role model to be around with." Ahri said with a playful wink, ok maybe she wanted to flirt since it's something the human was playing within her word phrases. 

Talking about her father is not something she likes to do, it had changed from the past to now. "Am sorry for you and Ha-Joon. Sounds like all of us have family issues, what a lovely group to have things in common. Has your brother met my brothers? If so am sure they would be great friends. One thing I know our father is not part of a group... so far I know he is more obsessed with who is working and if your job does not please him you will hear about it. I think money and marriage are all he cares about. Sadly along with looks." Ahri said hinting at herself. "Being the only girl with three brothers is not easy sadly. They have been thought a lot more then I did which makes me sad," she said with a little frown. 

When Hanna said what she did, Ahri smiled with a nod. "Eun, Jae, and Hyungsik are everything to me. Our family is complicated so I am not asking anyone to understand all or even half." Hearing Hana call her a fighter might have feed Ahri's ego after all she is known to rebel which her words to tell her brothers to stay here is going again their father's words, she wants to make sure Eun and Jae have freedom but she does not know if it's enough for Eun.  "Someone has to be the fighter to make a difference. I don't do it for glory or to get noticed am doing it because we don't have power over our own lives but Thank you." Ahri said moving some of her hair behind her. "Sometimes rebelling is the answer for change keep that in mind."

She smiled at yet another flirty comeback from the human, Ahri wondered how many Hana had got but Ahri didn't mind it. "Why not? I mean anything can be a scandal. Hearing what is going on can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It's only a matter of time before it all starts with my brothers so they are not safe anymore." Ahri said laughing knowing she would do anything bad but always keep them on their toes not like they didn't need it at the moment, things are going on so being careful is what she plans to do. "Oh? Does little miss Hana want to challenge me? Deal. Be warned I don't back down on anything I will say or do." Ahri said with a confident smile. The Dhampir would love to see Hana try but this got Ahri to look at her more which was dangerous. 

The Dhampir frowned hearing the human talk about herself. "Everyone is a queen in their own way, princess and prince are not was powerful like the titles of Queen and King." Ahri came closer to the female and put a figure on the other's lips. "Stop talking or thinking bad about yourself. The more you do so the more you will believe in it. You are always doing your best, you have limits and you should not go overboard on them just for people you're trying to impress or what you think will come out of it. I think the number one thing we need to work on is that confidence, shall I say it's mu middle name." Ahri said with a wink as she lowers her hand. "Love yourself. You will go a lot further in life along with loving someone. You must open yourself to that relationship before loving another." Nothing comes easy to anyone in their life story but what is the use to stress yourself out while you are missing all the life fulfillment a person could be enjoying and moving on with life.

She chuckled as Hana talking about how she is like in the store make her feel better about her shopping days. Ahri listened as she reached over and pulled Hana in a hug, she didn't like seeing people cry but she can tell Hana is pushing out the stress she has been holding on to. Hearing everything made Ahri's blood boil, Hana has been suffering this whole time but it made her feel good her own brother is there to fight with Hana. Ahri didn't like the fact the human has been attacked more than two times as she nodded taking in what the other is say. "One thing I must warn you, never underestimate a Moon. We can do more damage than we look. I do appreciate the warning." She said putting her hand right on her back right pocket but not going to show Hana her baton, it might be small but the damage can be critical.  By hearing Hana saying they are big on family given Ahri hope that things will go well. "Am happy they are the same brother I grew up knowing. You can say I am a little more social them both of them. Not saying it's a bad thing, it just means they are deep thinkers who have a lot of things to say if you only listen." Though it might be different since she does not know them now or what life has put them though since they departed from Korea. "Give Jae some time. He will come around if you give him that chance. If you show him that you have his full attention when he talks the more comfortable he will be. it's always hard to meet someone new who you don't even know where to start." She was just like that in front of Hana, Ahri does not know where to start or to begin with talking about herself. 

Ahri nodded with a smile. "I mean it's not something to hide it's noted. Taste their chapstick, they know how to take care of their lips which is way their always so soft. Some guys care but not a lot." Ahri said smiling knowing she got the other speechless. When Hana stepped forward to Ahri she didn't step back but stayed right where she is.  A smile of a challenge came on to the dhampir's lips, "You never been with a woman? What a surprise to hear. Have you ever thought to be with one? Curiosity always kills the cat you know." Ahri said with confidence looking down at Hana's lips and then back up to look at the female's eyes. The Dhampir can respect what Hana said, there shouldn't be any limits if you love someone then love them and not care what anyone says. 

Now there were close, Ahri can smell of Hana's perfume that will drive her crazy or even will be her favorite scent. It was soon Ahri got back to the surface as she took a step back to let Hana breathe, looks like they are two fires, looks like Ahri will have to play with fire but slowly so it will not burn out. She needs to be careful or they will get burned. Whatever that is happening between them it's heating up and Ahri is not one to get herself burned. "I will not overthink things anymore," Ahri said with a smile as she laughed when Hana liked the title she gave both of them. "I don't think you need one. My loyalties are strong, people can look but they can't touch. I know my limits and if they can't respect that then they will be in deep waters. I am stronger then I look" she said with a wink knowing she always carries her weapon so when it's needed they she will stand her ground. Ahri wanted to make sure Hana knows she can take care of herself without telling her she is a Dhampir. 

Being pushy is not someone Ahri is known to be which is weird for her to come off like that to the human. Really Ahri should not have to think like that since she is bold and in the face when she comes into connecting with anyone. Sounds like the bold confident women can have insecurities like everyone else. Hearing Hana would like to spend the night made Ahri motivated to get most of the house furniture and get her apartment up and running before. Not like she needed to get it done sooner since when she starts working Ahri won't have enough time. "Great, that means doing a lot of shopping to do now. Since it's an apartment it's less I have to get for the living room along with one of the bedrooms so in time everything will be how I want it." Ahri said now picturing her apartment maybe if Hana likes her enough she cane move on but Ahri wants to taker her time with her new best friend. "You can help me if you want. I mean I have a feeling we will be together when I need to pick up Bomi so you stuck with me for a while longer unless you have other things to do today."

"I started because of Bomi, living with her giving me so life and I always want to protect her even sickness she can't do alone. You can say it's been my goal along with my love for animals. My father was not that hyped about it but he thought to give it a chance really money is great but helping animals is all I care about. You can't buy happiness you have to make it." Ahri was caught off guard when Hana asked her what she looked for. "Well, someone who knows respect, family orientated, open-minded, someone who had humor along with knows how to cook," Ahri said knowing she just threw Jaesung under the bus but she is happy he is not around to hear her say that. "Anyone who does not like me for only my looks, they have to like me for who I am and the women I am," Ahri said looking at Hana as she slowed down with Hana pace. "What about you?"

Not everything was what it seemed indeed. Hana had ran into one or two people since arriving to the city that could have been possible suitors. Sunmin had by far been the one she'd been most interested in, but... he had vanished  and never looked back. So much for that, right? The thought of it made her giggle.. because even if he never looked back, she'd had one of the best nights of her life, being on top of her roof with a complete stranger that she'd quickly gotten to know just a little about. Now that she'd crossed Ahri's path, that reserved and afraid side of HAna immediately rose to the surface. She assumed this would play out the same. Shed have a great time, or a moment with the girl before her, and then she'd never get to see her again. While Hana wanted to be careful, temptation wouldn't allow for 'careful'. 

Hana grinned as she listened to Ahri. Ahri had a very different vibe to her than most people did. In fact, while it was something Hana couldn't explain right now, Ahri somehow made Hana want to come out of her shell.. the very small one that she had. Hana wasn't really shy, she was just reserved and that always went hand-in-hand with how sophisticated she was. "Is that an offer Ahri?" she smirked just as playfully, and felt heat rise to her cheeks as she blushed a little. Ahri's flirtatious nature definitely lit a playful fire within Hana and she wanted to see this through.  "I don't mind you not being a good role model, in fact.. I was hoping you wouldn't be.. It sounds like we may end up having more fun together than we would have imagined" she expressed with a certain excitement ringing through her tone. 

When Ahri spoke more on her father, it dawned on Hana just how rough Korean parents really are. It only seemed to be Korean children who were brought up the way Hana and Ha-joon were, and now Ahri and her brothers, especially Eun from what she knew of him. Hana arched a brow, trying to think of the names Ha-joon had mentioned as in the people he had met so far, and those he'd befriended "I'm sure he's met at least one of them. Ha-joon is everyone's sense of stability, a beacon of light for most .. he impacts those that he comes across" she expressed with a soft smile gracing her features. Hana knew from the moment Ha-joon drew his first breath, that he wasn't going to be just some ordinary human. There had been something special about him all along. Hana felt bad for Ahri as she mentioned being the only girl among her brothers, and how they'd been through a lot more than her. "I'm sure they wouldn't have it any other way though. I guess they're glad that their sister didn't have to go through whatever it is that they went through" Hana knew that very well, because even if Ha-joon was younger, he always tried to make sure Hana didn't go through unnecessary things in her life and he'd gladly take the heat if it meant Hana didn't have too. Hana supposed it had something to do with brothers in general and she was sure that Ahri's brothers were similar. Reaching over, Hana playfully poked at Ahri's cheek hoping her frown would fade a little. 

"There's nothing wrong with a rebellious spirit. As you said, that's often times what it takes to make changes... necessary changes. I guess Ive not yet found that rebellious bone in my body, but when I do.. my father will hate me for sure" There had almost been a moment for Hana when she had met Sunmin, simply because he was everything her father would have hated, but that moment seemed to end as soon as it began when he left and never talked to HAna again. At least not so far he hadn't. Hana was really starting to enjoy Ahri and her's playful banter. Sometimes you don't have to know a person for years, in order to enjoy them.. like Hana and Ahri for example.. they'd barely just met, and already they were challenging one another and sending off some of the most flirtatious vibes. "I like the way that sounds.. knowing you won't back down makes it even more of a thrill for me. I'm so used to living a straight-laced life, and doing everything so perfectly.. I kinda wanna do something reckless .. and of course not back down" she added on playfully, unsure if her words had a double meaning right now or not. They had after all just met, and Hana usually wasn't the type to invite someone so new into her bed, but should that happen, she wouldn't decline. Ahri was beautiful, and she loved her personality already. The two of them clicked pretty well. Hana could only give a more gentle, more brighter smile when Ahri used the words to say her brothers were everything to her. Hana knew that feeling all to well when it came to Ha-joon, she was willing to go any distance for her brother, even if that meant putting her own life on the line to save his. "You sound a lot like me Ahri. I do love that we have the family thing in common, and don't worry about it being complicated with your father, maybe in time I could learn to understand yours, and you mine" Hana could already see both of their families as in their parents, were complicated, but actually.. that made things easier for her and Ahri. Neither Hana or Ahri could be with people who didn't understand, so to have that in common just meant that each of them already understood very well. 

Hana gave a nod to say she understood Ahri's comment about her brother Jae, and she definitely seemed to know them like she knew the back of her hand "Yeah.. I got that feeling with Jae anyways.. the more we spoke, the more he opened up in a sense. I have a feeling it would take more than ice skating lessons for him to open up on a deeper level however" Han was much different than his partner Jae, as Han was much more reserved, and then Eun.. well, he seemed like the most open of the Moon siblings. Ahri on the other hand, she and Eun seemed to be the most alike.. at least from what Hana had seen so far. Hana felt her breathing elevate slightly when Ahri stood in her place, causing the human to blush .. especially as she asked if Hana had ever been with a woman before. After biting her lower lip, the words seemed to flow out effortlessly. "Ive experimented as much as I hate that word.. and I feel a certain excitement with women, that I dont seem to reach with guys.. women understand one another.. as in.." she blushed more heavily as she placed a finger through Ahri's belt loop before proceeding with what she was saying "what makes them tick.." she finished off, playfully tugging at the belt loop before giggling cutely and tilting her head slightly to get a better look at the woman before her. 

Ahri definitely had a fire within Hana, that warmed the petite human.. it radiated like something Hana had never seen before. Ahri is feisty and she doesn't hold back.. traits that Hana could only admire. It made the other female a lot more attractive."Well Ahri, I really love how all of this sounds, and I would be lying if I said I didn't already feel safe by your side.. and the fact that your loyal is topping on the cake" Hana cared a lot about loyalty, communication, etc when it comes to relationships. Sometimes people only say what they think you want to hear, but something about the way Ahri handled herself, just made her seem very real, and HAna would certainly roll with that. "I'm as loyal as they come myself. I don't have much experience with long lasting, committed relationships, but I of course know how they should go, and I know what I long for.." she admitted with a sheepish grin adorning her features. Hana clasped her hands together excitedly and smiled "Shopping is always fun, even if it's furniture.. do you have any ideas for how you wanna decorate yet? Like color themes or anything?" she asked curiously, her eyes sparkling with hope and excitement as she looked up to Ahri. 

Hana shook her head no, and quickly at that when Ahri said she could join her unless she had other plans for the day. "I definitely have nothing better to do.. I would love to help you" her smile brightened some, and her excitement grew. It was actually really refreshing to think that this may be going somewhere, but to also think Hana would be the very first person to help Ahri settle into her new apartment. Initially, it would make Ahri's apartment feel like home for even Hana. How much better could it get for two people trying to pursue something romantic? If that's what this even was.. Hana knew that's what she wanted from it at least.  Hana grinned again, and at this point, her cheeks were hurting slightly, but what could she say? Ahri was pretty great. "You're so right about that.. you really can't buy happiness and it seems like so many people try .. but what is money if you have nothing to show for it?" she shrugged slightly and sighed. Hana hated the world they lived in. Today's world was a cruel and dark place, one she was afraid to fall asleep in. 

The human listened intently when Ahri listed the things she looked for and enjoyed in a relationship. All of the things Ahri listed, were basically all the things Hana looked for as well, and she would be telling her that now that Ahri had reversed the question. "Well, as you just said.. loyalty first and foremost. I also want someone who doesn't notice me for my looks only.. women like us get that a lot.." she started, knowing Korean girls and even guys got noticed a lot because of their youth and beauty. "I also want someone who's not afraid to be themselves, someone who can enjoy their time with me, and never take me, or life in general for granted.. I'm family oriented myself, even if my family is a wreck right now. And I guess .. the normal things like faithful, committed, honest, down to earth type of stuff" she added, flashing Ahri a genuine smile. "It seems like we are both after the same things.." she then said, matching Ahri's pace as they finally made their way to the clinic. 

"We're here" she stated, looking to the building that she was about to enter, wondering if Ahri was nervous about this new journey of hers in the city, but also exicted that she could be a part of it. 

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