Time had flown fast. Before Andersen even blinked; he had been in Evermore an entire year. To say the least, 2019 was a bit of a rollercoaster for the Dietrich Brother; spending most of the time worrying about his baby sister that had been missing/searching for her; with the help of a fellow Niveis. When she was finally back and safe; he felt like he could breathe. No longer needing to worry himself sick...goodbye many sleepless nights. It gave him time to focus on other things that mattered; like trying to find himself a new job. He couldn’t stay unemployed forever. By the end of the year; Andersen had found a medical course that caught his interest. Enrolling himself for the New Year. Over the centuries, he had different jobs; so he was used to develop new skills on the go. But he was sure this would open up a bigger avenue for him. It was worth it.

It had been centuries; since he last been in any schools. Modern Education was different; but he had been adjusted well enough over the centuries, to fall in the new patterns of his new schedule well. The workload was pretty big. As his classes were split into different courses; Human Anatomy, Science, Health and Safety (which included first aid, medical equipment, etc). The rest of the module was practical. Meaning Students would spend half off their week at the hospital as working interns under supervision of an already trained doctor. It was good for experience and learning on the job.

The first week and half; he spent at College. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday had been his school days so to speak. It was a similar pattern for most medical students; just so they would be a good introduction to the courses; before they’d be sent on their work experience. Meaning they’d be at the hospital Thursday till Saturday. Whilst Monday-Wednesday would be for their studies at college. Bit of a hectic schedule. But he would make do.

But that particular Wednesday morning; it was his first day at the hospital. He arrived with the rest of the interns in his group. There were at least 15 others with him; but they’d be split into different groups at the hospital. Each Group, working under a different Resident Doctor. As they all stood by the reception; waiting for the resident doctors to come meet them. Andersen was glancing around; taking everything in. This would prove to be quite interesting first day. It seemed quite busy already; with people sitting in the waiting room, phones ringing like crazy.

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In the last few years it’s felt that he’s been going through hell. With his life having been turned upside down one night that he’d never be able to forget. All in all he wasn’t having to worry about the possibility of losing his sister but nearly his job too. Jeopardising it all because he wasn’t coping well with his sister being in a coma for a year. With how her recovery was no different from the day she went in the coma. A supernatural mystery was the only thing he thought it was now. Over the last few months he’s been trying to get his hands on any ancient books trying to figure out what was wrong with his sister but getting nowhere. Wes thought after the accident it would be best for him to take a sabbatical away from work, long enough for him to get his mind around everything. Finding for some time his mental health wasn’t in the best of places that if he would be working it would be the worst thing for both himself and the patients. Now slowly Wes was trying to put his life back together with the support from both his best friend Rowan and Kal who helped to see past all the bad to what used to make him happy. Finding that it was time for himself to get back on track starting with getting his job back. Luckily for him he still had his job at the hospital that had been left open for him to come back then he was ready. It took him a bit longer than he first thought it would to get back into work. Having to go through different meetings with both the ethics community and his own therapist the hospital board assigned him to. All making sure he was ready to go back into work. 

Finding he was thrown back into the action as soon as he got back. Always enjoying the whole challenge of tackling any mysterious emergency and injury that goes the hospital doors. Wes had been thinking of looking into another profession within the hospital wanting to progress and move on from Emergency Medicine. Looking into Trauma Surgery instead seeing if in the future he’ll take a residency in it. Wes had other things to worry about, with being told the day before that the hospital was having a new group of medical students who would be shadowing them. Finding that he’d be given his own student to take under his wing. Almost forgetting that there’s always medical students within the ED, not thinking he’d have the responsibility so soon to train someone. Wes looked down at the name on the electronic tablet he was holding. Making sure he had the right name of the student he’d be mentoring not wanting to get it wrong. Heading into the waiting room seeing a group of young people all gathered around with already a few doctors having gone and started to pick out their own ones. The Diviner headed over to the group standing near and looking over to them. “I’m looking for Andersen Dietrich” He went onto say reading out the name of the tablet before looking over to the group of people almost curious to see who out of them he’ll be teaching for the next few months or so given how long or if they choose to continue in his department. 

It was a major career change for the Niveis. Whilst he had been used to trying out different jobs over the centuries. This was something new for him. But change was good. And at least in this field of work, he could learn more and grow. Not to mention, that the challenge would also be good for him. As he was sure, that nothing would come easily in this field of work. So Andersen was prepared to work harder, than usual. He had always been a reliable person to ask for help, at work. Especially if shit hit the fan. That hadn’t changed; as he was smart and hard worker. His skills would expand and grow, in this job.

Out of all of the medical students, Andersen was the tallest; as he stood at 6’4”. Towering even over some of the doctors that walked past the group of medical students. The Niveis saw a small group of doctors eventually, stop in front of them. Each of them were calling out the names of their students. When one doctor read out his name. Andersen snapped his attention to the dark haired male. “That would be me.” Voicing his presence among the group. Anders stepped away from them and towards Wes. So this would be his mentor? Anders wondered what department the other male worked for. Glancing at his name tag. Dr Harte.

Anders held out his hand towards Wes, in greeting.”Nice to mee..” before he could greet his mentor, the emergency sirens filled the halls of the Hospital. It seemed like it would be a busy morning, with the incoming emergency arrivals, that were arriving outside of the hospital in various ambulances. Looks like he was in for a busy first day, at the hospital. “Is it usually this hectic, first thing in the morning?” he questioned, as he glanced towards his mentor. Wondering if it was the usual...or if today was a bad day with lots of emergencies.

Whenever he finds himself having to look after Medical students made him think how he drew the short straw each time. Forgetting what it's like to have someone shadowing him for weeks that he would have to remember to include someone else whilst trying to deal with looking after a patient at the same time. It’s been years since he first trained in medicine knowing things have changed alot since then. Thinking and hearing that it’s all a lot harder. Hearing all the stress each time they have students around in the ED of their exams or essays they had onto of working too alongside them. Wes was hoping that he would have a good student this year with how in the past he had quite a few inexperienced and incompetnet ones. Having seen quite a few ones quit pricing medicines on their first shift in the ED. With how some people didn’t have it in them to work with people who were badly injured or needed help. Waiting to see who he had only had a name so far to go off as their not given anything more before. As Wes found out who his student was after calling his name his initial first reaction to his new student was how tall he was seeing how he was towering almost everyone. “I’m doctor Harte, I’ll be your resident that you’ll be shadowing for the next few weeks or months how long you’ll be working in the hospital” He went on to saying introducing himself and giving some insight to what would be happening. 

Wes couldn't help but laugh at his students' first reaction to all the sirens and busyness of the place with how it was start of the day and almost the usual. “Come on into the ED into the daily chaos of working in an emergency room” He began to say as he turned away and started to walk away motioning for him to follow him out away from the reception. “Is it your first time working in a hospital?” Trying to see if he had any one to one experience or just been studying from books but could see from his reaction earlier that it may be his first. As they entered the ED at the center was row of desks all that curved around each other that had different nurses and doctors working behind. “Here is the main control center, there’s always a triage nurse who will be keeping in check with the ambulances of patients coming in. Then to see if it’s for trauma, emergency medicine and easign doctors who are best suited to assist” Starting to him around the place giving him some insight to it all before they run out of time to stand and talk. “We use these computers to check on and update patients files something you’ll probably be doing a lot of” Wes turned around to Anderson keeping check if he was understanding what he was saying. “Are you keeping up?” Sometimes he forgets that not everyone understands. 

They were both interrupted by the sound of paramedics wheeling someone through the emergency front doors and a triage nurse already on the case. “Doctor Harte incoming” Already finding himself being assigned to his first emergency on the case. “Anderson come with me” Quickly rushing over to the paramedics finding it was a gunshot victim something that was usual. “Gunshot victim you should get used to this” He went on saying to his student as he started to assess the patient whilst being told some information from paramedics finding out he was shot from the back and there was no exit wound making this be more difficult for them. With the bullet still being inside but not knowing where it would be but his job to find out. “Lets get him through there” wheeling the gunshot victim through into a trauma bay with different nurses, paramedics and staff all gathered around. Almost seeing how his med student would react seeing it all taking place on his first day.

His resident doctor was shorter than him. Then again, almost everyone in the hospital was shorter than Andersen. Heck, the Middle Dietrich was the tallest out of his siblings. Not even his elder brother was this tall. Ridley would often tease him, about being an Icy Giant. Both due to his tall height and icy nature of being a Niveis. So he was quite used to the looks, as some people were shocked to see how tall he was. Anders rose a slight eyebrow, seeing his surprised expression at how tall he was.  Nodding slightly as Wes told him the gist of what was happening; in his time here at the hospital. 

“No, I am pretty new to medical studies, so this is the first time working in a hospital.” Anders stated, as he began to follow his resident; whom began to show him around. But it was probably very noticeable, given his earlier reaction. Most of what he knew, Andersen had studied from books. And the occasional medical tv shows. If those counted, since it was supposed to be entainternment, not always based on true facts. Keeping up with what the doctor was telling him. He was letting it all sink in. As he asked if he was following. Anders just nodded. “Main control station, nurses assign patients to doctors. Computers are used to update patient profiles.” Repeating the main points back to the resident male. Andersen had a good memory and was a pretty fast learner.

Ducking out of the way, as someone was wheeling patient past him and the other male. Following Wes, Andersen kept a pretty good poker face on. Whilst the situation was intense and new to him; he didn’t let that show. Assuming that Gunshot victims, were a usual from what Wes told him. Anders stayed near by, if Wes would need him for something. Silently taking it all in. Since Medical students weren’t allowed to do anything physical with patients; unless given the okay by their resident doctor, since they were still interns. And not making a peep, unless he was asked something. Andersen could hear the chaos outside going on still.

The doors swung open, as a nurse poked her head around the doctor. “Dr Harte, more incoming patients for you. 2 children, 3 adults. I think it may be a family.” she warned, looking a bit panicked. This morning was more of a chaos, with patients piling in by the second.“We also need extra hands sorting out patients' belongings.” With so many ambulances...the tracks were full of stuff. And not enough hands to spare; as most doctor and nurses were attending to the victims rolling in that morning, from various accidents.

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