Time had flown fast. Before Andersen even blinked; he had been in Evermore an entire year. To say the least, 2019 was a bit of a rollercoaster for the Dietrich Brother; spending most of the time worrying about his baby sister that had been missing/searching for her; with the help of a fellow Niveis. When she was finally back and safe; he felt like he could breathe. No longer needing to worry himself sick...goodbye many sleepless nights. It gave him time to focus on other things that mattered; like trying to find himself a new job. He couldn’t stay unemployed forever. By the end of the year; Andersen had found a medical course that caught his interest. Enrolling himself for the New Year. Over the centuries, he had different jobs; so he was used to develop new skills on the go. But he was sure this would open up a bigger avenue for him. It was worth it.

It had been centuries; since he last been in any schools. Modern Education was different; but he had been adjusted well enough over the centuries, to fall in the new patterns of his new schedule well. The workload was pretty big. As his classes were split into different courses; Human Anatomy, Science, Health and Safety (which included first aid, medical equipment, etc). The rest of the module was practical. Meaning Students would spend half off their week at the hospital as working interns under supervision of an already trained doctor. It was good for experience and learning on the job.

The first week and half; he spent at College. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday had been his school days so to speak. It was a similar pattern for most medical students; just so they would be a good introduction to the courses; before they’d be sent on their work experience. Meaning they’d be at the hospital Thursday till Saturday. Whilst Monday-Wednesday would be for their studies at college. Bit of a hectic schedule. But he would make do.

But that particular Wednesday morning; it was his first day at the hospital. He arrived with the rest of the interns in his group. There were at least 15 others with him; but they’d be split into different groups at the hospital. Each Group, working under a different Resident Doctor. As they all stood by the reception; waiting for the resident doctors to come meet them. Andersen was glancing around; taking everything in. This would prove to be quite interesting first day. It seemed quite busy already; with people sitting in the waiting room, phones ringing like crazy.

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