Sei un grande dissaposto. Un errore dopo l'altro. Non impari mai. Non otterrai mai nulla, a questo ritmo!’ The angry words, of his grand-father echoed inside of his ears. Soon followed by the voices of his parents. Equally as angry with him. Or maybe sounding more upset and distraught, at what a mess, he was.

‘Non ti abbiamo cresciuto per essere così. Che tipo di esempio stai impostando, per la tua sorellina?

Marco could feel his blood boiling. His emotions bubbling and slowly rising to the surface, like a volcano. ‘Ne ho avuto abbastanza! Ne ho abbastanza di tutto questo ... di tutti voi, facendomi pressione per essere perfetto! Non posso essere me, in questa famiglia! Continui ad aspettarti, qualcuno che non sono io. Puoi accettarlo o ... o non puoi. Ma ho finito! Non resterò più qui!’  The Young Nephilim breathed out the words; he had long debated spitting out, for the last few months. But with the constant amount of pressure building up. Young Marcos had finally snapped. And that was the moment. He knew, he needed to get out. To leave his family behind; if he wanted any sort of peace, and freedom to live his life, as he wished. Making mistakes or not.

‘Marco ... caro fratello. Per favore, rimani Marcos ... non lasciarmi.’ The weak, sad voice of his baby sister Liyana, was what he heard next. Marcos could see the tears, welling up in her eyes. As she was begging him not to leave. Out of everyone,she was the one person; he would hate to leave behind.

‘Mi dispiace, starai meglio senza di me in giro. Resta forte, piccola Liya.’ Marcos sighed. pressing a soft kiss to his sister’s forehead. Using the gentleman nickname, he had for her since she was small. It hurt him,to pull away from his baby sister. Feeling her small hands, trying to grip onto his toned arm. But Liyana’s attempts to make Marcos stay was futile. Gently peeling his sister’s hands off of him. Marcos soon gathered up a few of his belongings, that he had packed in two bags. And that was it. The young Nephilim was leaving behind his tome town of Verona, leaving behind his mistakes and family; to try and find himself in this world. Wherever, he may end up. ‘Marco! Marco ... torna indietro!’ He could hear Liyana yelling after him, in tears. He knew, if he looked back. He would stop, and not do what was right for him. Wether, Liyana knew it or not at the time. Leaving her behind, with their family; was a hard choice for him. But he didn’t want to drag his baby sister down, into the type of life-style he had led; before escaping his family life. And that was probably one of the few decisions that made Marcos the unpopular one in the family, and Liyana; the favorite, the one that could do no wrong.

The sound of his phone ringing, snapped the Nephilim out of the flash-back. Every so often, memories from his childhood and teenage years, would come back to haunt him. Every mistake, and downfall; that he made. Somehow had made him whom he was today; as Marcos had found the inner strength to work through his issues, and better himself. The only people; he hadn’t seen since then; were his parents and grand-parents. Or, what was left of his grand-parents. His grand-mothers, from both of his parents side. As his grand-father was the one that had passed away; not long after Marco left. Among the travelling and finding himself; his sister had managed to find him. Marcos had been both surprised,and thankful. The two siblings; having another chance. And in a way, it made Marco a bit more protective over Liyana. But deep down, he knew his sister was a strong, young woman; whom was capable of greater things, than she knew.

Picking up the phone, his smooth Italian accent resonated out of him. “Hello, Special Agent Moretti speaking, how may I help you?” It was one of his colleagues on the other line. “No, I am still at the office...stacks of paperwork, for the 3 cases we’re working on.” With the agency being big enough, they were quite busy; with high profile cases. Marcos had helping hands, in a few. The Nephilim always keeping busy with his work. The office, more like his second home. It was a surprise, he had some free-time at all, with how much he was focused on work. “No, I am pretty sure Simms and Parker, are out on a special mission. It’s just me, Lucroza, Daniels and Stevens at the office today.” Marco nodded a little to himself, hearing his colleague over the phone. Jotting something down, on a piece of paper. “I’ll pass on the messages, if I see them later today.” Marco promised. After the phone call ended, he set the phone back down.

If anyone, would have asked what he wanted to do for a career; at the age of 13-18. Marco would have most likely, not said that F.B.I was his dream-job. Nor, in his teens; did he think. That he’d do something like this. The Nephilim had worked hard, to get to where he was now; and to fix most mistakes, he made in his younger days. His now high-powered job, with elements of danger. Gave him a bit of a high ego. Undercover missions, were his favorite. It always had an element of surprise; if things went wrong; and one had to improvise, to get out of a situation. The Nephilim at times, found himself bragging, if he wanted attention on him;during flirtatious moments.

His head stuck again, in the stacks of files and paper work; that had been piling up on his desk over the days missed at the office. From drug dealings, to murder investigations. Marcos and his team, had their hands full.

By the time, his break rolled around. Marcos was debating, about heading to the gym. Work of some steam, from being in the office from the early morning hours. But as he stepped out of his cubicle.He spotted a young woman. It looked like she was either lost, or looking for someone. Walking towards her. “Good afternoon, may I help you with something miss?” The italian accent, and that smile. Charm seemed to radiate from the Nephilim, with that simple gesture. His tall, Athletic build. Towering over the young woman.

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Zeus really was lost, so she didn't mind it when people said that she looked the part. Ever since she had went out on that date late that night, with the first guy ever, her life had spun out of control. Zeus's father had called, she was thankful that he had interrupted such an awkward evening, breaking the silence for her after she had sat there not speaking that entire evening. But, the words he spoke on the phone that day, changed her life forever. "Your mother is gone, Zeus. You have to come .. right away bumpkin" his southern accent echoed out, but Zeus could hear how broken he was in that moment, and without a word to her date, the Nephilim ran out of the diner in tears. 

She didn't know about her mothers feuding war with the Initia back then, until after her mother faced a gruesome death by the Initia who'd been hunting her and her kind. It was later that night, after the funeral, that Zeus and her father had found a letter, explaining how she had been hunted down and for that she was sorry, and she had been the one to mention Evermore to Zeus and her father in that letter. But up until they had tracked her mothers medallion there, they'd never thought about leaving their home behind. 

Her train of thought had been interrupted when a male bumped right into her, asking if she needed some help.. "I -" she stuttered out, before turning to face him. Marcos's face had been the last she expected to see.. like ever again. Marcos and Zeus had been close at one point, closer than close. In fact, Zeus counted on having bad days just so she could be tangled up in the sheets with him. Marcos made any bad moment a good one for Zeus .. but the one thing that each of them had did wrong, was used each other. Zeus used Marcos as much as he had used Zeus. One sexual encounter to the next, they'd became addicted to one another's touch though, leaving each of them unable to cut the other off. But, Zeus had decided to go to the bar one night, and she had been having a terrible time, so she didn't mind all of the attention from the many males that practically threw themselves in her lap, until one in particular got a little too rough with her. 

Marcos, in a blinding rage, had attacked the man, and nearly killed him after blacking out, letting anger consume him to the point that he'd knocked Zeus out of the way, to finish beating the scum bag who had tried to have his way with the Nephilim right there at the bar. Zeus became fearful of the Nephilim male after that, and had left the bar, sobbing before getting herself home safely with the idea of never even speaking to Marcos again. So, now that she stood here after all that time, she still didn't know what to say to him. "Of all people, I really didn't expect to see you" she then said, letting her eyes flutter closed, and reminiscing on things she knew she shouldn't. 

The Nephilim got around, that was no lie, and secretly, she hated herself so much for that. But, she had at least managed to keep her reputation protected, because it's not that she slept with a lot of men, she slept with a lot of the same guys more than she cared to admit. Marcos had been one back then, that she wasn't ashamed of. The one fling she was having that she didn't cringe because of when she was awake late at night, dwelling on the events that took place in her life. She chuckled, he apparently hadn't seen her face close enough when he called her miss. "I didn't know you'd be here.." she then said, giving him a look "the last time i saw you, you were wearing the blood of another man.. to protect me" she sighed out, and fought back the tears that that terrifying moment had caused her to shed. "But yes, I need some help. Care to walk with me?" she asked, not wanting to be seen talking to him in public. Frankly she couldn't shake the feeling that he might beat someone up again for even looking at her cross-eyed. 

As the blonde woman turned around. The Nephilim male looked as surprised, as she did.At first, he didn’t recognise her. Until he had fully looked down, at her. Taking time to register her face. It had been a while, since they had last seen each other. Their last encounter, wasn’t the best. Given how it had ended. The Nephilim had practically scared her off; in a fit of rage towards another male. Marcos had a short temper. But that one time, things got a little out of hand. Almost, like he could not stop himself, from doing such things. “Zeus...long time no see.” The male breathed out, as he finally found his own breathe.

The two Nephilims had history. More complicated, than with most. The Nephilim never had been one for commitment, full time relationships and such. Flings and sleeping around. Zeus had been someone more regular in his life. Despite how toxic their relationship had turned, with them using one another. Both were guilty of that. He hadn’t had many regulars since Zeus, to be honest. Just blind dates, as usual...courtesy of his baby sister; trying to help him find someone. And quiet frankly. Marcos wasn’t sure if he would ever change his ways. But a certain young Therian was slowly getting to him. Whom knew that a single blind date, could lead to him slowly thinking about things,like he had been. It confused the Nephilim, to say the least.

“I can’t say, I blame you for that comment.” He run a hand through his dark hair. Who knows, what she thought of him now? He hated to even ask. It wasn’t good. But Marcos had worked here. After that incident, he took time of work, was reassessed before being pronounced fit for work again, despite his temper issues. Luckily, nothing like that happened since that incident at the bar. Marcos had been doing his best to keep his temper under control. Therefore, the Nephilim hit the gym more often, in attempts to get rid of it.

He swallowed at her words, sighing. “Yeah….I….” Marcos wasn’t sure what to say to that. “I am sorry, you had to see me like that.” His words sincere “It wasn’t the best moment...I am not proud of it.” He doubted, she would believe him after how close, he came to killing another man. 

Her words didn’t strike the male, by surprise. He half expected; that she wouldn’t want to be seen with him. But over the time, they hadn’t seen each other. He got better. He took his anger out, in the gym than people that set his teeth on edge. “Sure, of course.” he nodded. “Wherever you want to go.” Marcos would let her take the lead. He wondered what she needed, to even be in this building. He was tempted to ask, how she had been. But he wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear the answer, considering how she seemed to tip-toe around him, like he might break her.

"Long time indeed Marcos" she said nervously and began to shift from one foot to another. Okay, maybe her way of approaching him again after so long was uncalled for. But, it was safe to say she'd never forget the rage she saw him release on that man. It had even haunted the Nephilim's dreams a few times. Zeus folded her arms underneath her bust, eyeing him for a little longer than necrssary as she tried to find the right words to say. "We both know I have no filter" ended up being her response. No matter how hard she tried, Zeus was Zeus. There was no changing her, not her style, her way of speaking, or anything else. People were better off just accepting her. And oddly, it's what Marcos had done, and that's how the two of them had gotten to where they are. 

"How's time treated you? I hope you've kept yourself out of trouble" she expressed, wondering if he'd found a special someone yet, or if he was still casually just sleeping around, then beating people up for messing with his one night stands. The thought could only make her chuckle. It was a bittersweet irony to say the least. Hesitantly, Zeus reach out and patted his shoulder, shaking his head "No. Don't be sorry. You scared me Marcos, that much is true. But, in some sense I have to look at it for what it really was, which was you protecting me. Even if you didn't go about it properly, you still had the right intentions" she expressed, giving him a faint smile. 

Zeus nodded at him in return, and walked alongside him, shaking with nerves. "I need some help Marcos" she finally blurted out. Deciding it would be easier to not beat around the bush, and just get straight to the point, she continued "My mothers death .. I have to avenge her. But thats not what i need your help with. I need your help figuring out who killed her, I have one of ECPD's finest helping me too. Nathaniel Leight, but the point is, you're an FBI agent right? I know we haven't seen one another in ages, but ive heard a lot about you, as ironic as it was to have someone telling me to come see you because you're one of the best,.." she trailed off, shaking her head amused. "So, here I am" she added, chuckling some. 

"I hope you've been well" she then said, finding it hard to think about him in any other way except for being in her bed. Zeus had, had some of the best nights with him, and admittedly, thinking about it to this day made her feel weak. She could only assume he had moved on and found someone to be happy with. Back then, she had only known him to be a male whore, and Zeus knew those ways got old and they got old quickly. 

It would be a lie; if he didn’t say he was nervous himself. And it was clear; that the blonde Nephilim still felt bit skittish around him; that much was clear. “No, you never did have a filter.” he said with a slight chuckle. Feeling a bit nostalgic.  The pair shared some History indeed. But knowing his own ways; Maybe it’s what had helped him accept Zeus so fully back then. It was kind of refreshing. As she had the tendency to keep him on his toes. And wasn’t shying away from speaking her mind, when she wanted to.

Marcos could tell she was genuine in wanting to know how he had been; despite the messy past. Her remark about staying out of trouble, reminded him off his baby sister Liyanna. She always told him things like that. “I’ve been decent enough I suppose. Keeping myself busy as usual.” He found that had helped, when his anger had gotten the best off him. Something to focus on/take his mind off of the stuff that got under his skin. Marcos wondered whether or not he should mention his blind date; but he wasn't sure where things were going he kept it to himself. “How about you?” Wondering how she had been, since the last time they had seen each other.

When she patted his shoulder; the gesture somewhat took the other Nephilim by surprise. But gave her half a smile. “Yeah, I admit...I could have gone about a different way...but.” He wasn’t sure how to explain it. Maybe his over-protective nature was too strong; and he had been angry that Zeus had been treated the way she had; at the time by the jerk at the bar; that made him snap. “I don’t usually get like that.” he expressed. Him blacking out like that, was something new; even for him. “I am good...I promise.” he could tell, she worried about his temperamental ways; but he had it under control.

When she finally expressed; needing help. The F.B.I agent turned to face her fully, whilst they walked. Raising a slight eyebrow, in curiosity. It seemed like fate; somehow brought them back together again, in her time of need. His brow creased in deep thought. “How much do you know about the case so far?” wondering how much she and Nathaniel Leight had been able to dig up so far; at least it would give him a sense of direction and some background into the case. “But of course, if I can be of any use...and help. I’ll see what I can do for you.” Marcos added. After all, they didn’t call him, one of the best for no reason. Marco had always been good at his job, and finding out things that others couldn’t dig into.

“I’ve had my good days...and bad everyone else.” The Nephilim said honestly. “But I’ve generally been okay.” It no was lie. Marcos was doing better; since the last time he saw her. And with his eye-ball full of work; the Nephilim spent more time in the office/or out on cover missions to worry about his love life; but his baby sister never let him forget. Hence the blind dates; every so often, that would drive anyone else bonkers.

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