Since his arrival in the city, he knew one thing for certain; The city was crawling with the supernatural. Sure, other cities were crawling with supernatural but Evermore City was different. This was like... the capital city of the Supernatural. All Loki ever did since becoming a Valkyr was travel around, never staying in one place for too long. He never really formed real relationships because of it. The city was packed and Loki, dressed in some black jean, black buttoned top and a leather jacket, continued worming his way through people who were also trying to reach their destination.  

The night was young and yet people roamed the streets, which was common in big cities such as this. Nonetheless, he proceeded to continue his own personal tour around the city, discovering things on his own. Apart from the supernatural element of the city, there was really nothing that made Loki go woah. But what did he expect? Even he didn't know. He had a half a mind to find a bar and just spend the next of his night drinking before going to meet other Valkyr folk in the city and find out why they all decided here specifically to settle down. 

Then, someone proceeded to bump into him yet didn't even have the common courtesy of apologising. Loki wasn't planing on fretting however. It was his first night in the city and it would be a shame to ruin it by starting a fight or argument in the middle of the street.  He continued walking and it just reached a point where he had enough and stopped still. Looking around at all the buildings. 

"Really? Is this it?" He muttered to himself, really thinking no one had heard him. 

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Penelope Winston a name she still after a few years was getting used to using. Yet it tied her to a life she could have had along with pushing past the life she once had. Well mostly, she still carried her thirst for revenge for Abraxas Bradford. The man that destroyed her family, before she even knew part of it. Now she was gifted with the task of being the Guardian of The Archives Hall, A hall that was a labyrinth with mythic items and books full of magic dark, light, and neutral. A hall you could get lost in and would trap you if you didn’t know what you were doing. A hall owned by Malva Ailward the Aspect of Magic, and while Penny herself wasn't a guard to the order she was of a trusted bloodline that Malva had a hand in making herself.

Though not only was she the guardian of the hall, but she was the owner of Winston Library which was Evermore Largest Privately owned Library. Today was like most days, she pushed the cart along the row of books placing books back. She had a love hate relationship with the Library. While it gave her all the world's information at her fingertips it sometimes felt like a cage. She came from a Nomadic coven, who ran around the woods in the dead of night naked and did what they wished till falling in with Abraxas Bradford. So sometimes she wanted to strip away the pin skirt and professional dresses and run around in the woods naked again.

That day was a day she was missing her mom deeply so pushing the cart around the library placing things back on the shelf made her want to set the building ablaze. So she pushed the cart back to the desk deciding that since night had fallen she should have a night out. She picked up her bag and moved out of the library and moved down the stairs for a moment and stood there looking up to the sky before wandering off in one direction.

She heard the muttering of a mall after watching another person collide into him giving a slight chuckle before she moved closer. She could feel the shadow energy that danced in the air which led the Diviner to believe that he was a Valkyr. The closer she frew she tilted her head to the site and looked up to the buildings he was staring at. “Not impressed with architecture?” She asked before looking at him and chuckled. “Or just not impress with Evermore?”

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