The sky over Evermore was a beautiful inky blue color and there was a warm breeze that stirred the curls on the back of Winter's neck. He wasn't looking forward to going to work tonight, and it was even worse that the weather had decided to be nice. He groaned and started to walk back towards his apartment. He still had three hours before he was scheduled to go in, so that would be enough time to eat, shower, and change. His hallucinations were starting to die down, but he almost jumped a foot in the air when he opened the door to his apartment and there stood Ayno. 

Winter rolled his honey-colored eyes and gritted his teeth. "Hey, baby. What have you been up to? Did you miss me?" Ayno asked, his lips curling into a bright smile. The brunette sighed and leaned forward to swipe a slender hand through the hallucination. He was starting to get tired of these things being the only thing he could remember in his messed-up brain. Shaking his head, he walked towards his room and picked up his bar uniform from where it was neatly folded on the chair in the corner. Joss must've been here. Damn it hyung. He thought, cursing his older brother in his head. 

Two hours later, Winter was completely dressed and putting the finishing touches on his eyeliner. He stood up to grab his apartment keys and passed his hand through Ayno again. He cursed and made a flippant noise before slipping his feet into his shoes. He only hoped that Ayno wouldn't terrorize him at work, because the last time that had happened he had fallen off his chair and had almost gotten a concussion. With a sigh, he locked his apartment and began the five-minute walk to The Azure, which was the bar he worked at. There was a sinking feeling in his chest when he saw the Therian he was always trying to avoid. He hung his head low, hoping that the black of his hair would hide the startling green of his contacts. He should've abandoned the contacts today. They weren't really needed.

It was too late though, as Jay had seen him. The kitsune smirked and showed off the slim cigarette in his mouth. Winter inwardly gagged and tried his best to keep from saying anything that would antagonize Jay. It wasn't like he wasn't used to all the flirting and the asking to take him home from other patrons, but Jay was the total opposite. Winter was incredibly uncomfortable around Jay and he knew that the kitsune could tell that. It was like he could practically smell the uncomfortableness coming off Winter. The black-haired male tucked his shoulders in and tried to walk into the back door. 

It was to no avail as Jay grabbed his arm and spun Winter into his chest. The younger male's nose wrinkled as he could smell the alcohol coming off of him in waves. "I've got you now, baby." The kitsune sneered and Winter smacked him across the face with his free hand and screamed "Let me go! Someone, please help!" He only hoped that someone would.

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Grief wasn't a good look on Leona. 

Her dark, luscious curls were haphazardly tied into a low ponytail, her face bare of any of her usual make-up. Dark circles bordered her reddened hues, her expression was set in a cold, icy snarl. Her nails were chipped, the fingers of her righthand clasped around the silver flask tightly, occasionally bringing up to touch her chapped lips every time a painful memory surfaced in her mind. It was only when the last drop of the liquor touched her lips did she decide to go to a bar---her penthouse was empty of alcohol since her elder brother moved in, and she didn't want him to see her like in, in the very state that had gotten him killed.

Throwing on some boots, she took off from the balcony, massive wings of ice extending behind her as she glided smoothly down to an alley not too far away. Not wanting her former enemies to see her in this condition, she never frequented the same bar too often, and so only went to bars she was sure no one would recognise this face. As her feet touched the ground, her wings melted back into their marked state, and she set off towards The Azure, a bar she knew that wasn't too much of a journey from where she was.

Her black jeans and sweater combination allowed her to blend into the darkness almost completely, if it were not for the backless nature of her top that exposed her markings. Still, she kept her head low, choosing to walk through alleyways rather than walk along the pavement of the main road. She almost reached the bar when a scene caught her eye: a man pulling another towards him, the latter slapping him across the face before screaming for aid. Despite the distance between her and the two men, she could smell the pungent odour of alcohol that clung to the aggressor's clothes.

Whether it was still the protective flock leader in her or just the new leader gene finally taking affect, Leo knew that there was just no way she could walk away. She cool then walked towards them, an eyebrow raised as with her left hand she commanded knives of ice to form from a puddle by her. "Hey!" she called, commanding the knives to float menacingly in front of the man's face, the Venetian Niveis still walking towards him. "If you don't let go off him, I hope you're a fan of piercings," she sneered, a dangerous smirk toying at her lips.

Upon reaching them, she pulled the other man free from his grasp, olive green eyes still glaring at the aggressor as her ice-knives still floated right in front of him. "That's what I thought," she growled cooly at the man, pushing the other---a bartender, judging by his uniform---behind her. "Pull a stunt like this again, and you won't have the luxury of a warning from me again." She would have impaled him right then and there, if it were not for a promise to a certain Aspect of the Realms.

Once the drunken man had fled, she looked the bartender once over, tilting her head to a side as her brows pushed together. "Are you alright?" she asked, a hint of concern lacing her accented tone. "I recognise the uniform: you work at The Azure, no?" She paused for a moment, her hands slipping into the pockets of her jeans as she looked towards the direction where the man had fled. "You should head in. It'll be much safer for you inside."

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