“Just like fire, burning up the way, If I could light world up for just one day….”

Humming emanated from beneath the shiny Buick Enclave though it lost in the sounds of Pink’s Just Like Fire as it echoed around the acoustic garage. The off white epoxy floors bounced the sounds upward into the high ceilings where they were echoed back by the sheet metal roof. The walls were all clean concrete done in a retro red with multiple garage doors that marked at least 8 bays that were mostly full. A variety of cars and trucks filled the space, some sitting high on lifts while others sat poised over sunk in workshops. Scattered around the back wall sat large tool boxes that stood nearly 6 feet high with drawers galore that were filled with new tools and equipment.

Tightening up a few nuts and bolts the blonde rolled herself out from beneath the behemoth beauty, sitting up as the chorus began to play. Several of the guys stopped what they were doing as well, holding up various tools or their fists as their makeshift microphones as they all lip sync’d along with Pink. Dance moves were executed, each putting a spin on the words and as the second verse commenced they returned to what had been doing; albeit with a little more bounce in their step. Laughing Harper reached for a rag, wiping the grease off of her fingers as her head bobbed along with the beat, bright blue eyes looking around at the 10 guys she’d managed to find to work alongside her in the shop.

The shop had been a gamble, a purchase she hadn't been able to pass up. Right after graduation she’d been driving home from work when she had noticed the building and the dilapidated For Sale sign that looked like it had weathered a few storms. The number to call has nearly been worn away but she had managed to dial the digits half expecting no one to pick up. Surprisingly they had, negotiations had taken place over a couple weeks in which the Therian had gone back and forth with herself over the purchase before throwing caution to the wind and biting the bullet. The renovations had been slow going, little improvements here and there as money had become available. Her position at Broadway Solutions had only gotten better, a few promotions leading to a bigger paycheck. She poured all her money into the shop, the other aspects of her life relatively simple so it was an easy trade off.

Business had started off slow with just herself working in the evenings and on weekends. Eventually word of mouth and some strategic advertising at work had lead to increase sales which meant help was needed. It had taken some time to find the right guys, picking through a couple bad eggs to get to the hardworking and talented crew she had now. The blonde loved working at the shop, loved working on the machines that came in and the challenge each one presented. Vehicles had a personality all their own but didn't go outside the parameters of their designs. They were simple in their complexity and beautiful in their function.

As a business Sprocketz did a variety of work from simple oil changes and tire rotation to upgrades and custom paint jobs and even restoration. The shop catered to all demographics of customers and were always fair in pricing. All in all Harper was coming to love being at Sprocketz more than her normal day job, but her mind needed the stipulations from both jobs so she continued to do both. Maneuvering to her feet she met Tiny who had come walking out of the office, the teenager was a pack member she’d given a job to keep him busy during the summer. Handing him the keys she tucked the rag into the back pocket of her black jumpsuit, “Take it to the back and run it through the wash, I'll settle up with the customer and we should be out front by the time you're done.”

The kid scampered off, jumping in the brand new vehicle and firing up the engine. Strolling through the shop Harper pushed through the door into the waiting room, crossing over to Mrs. Kawalski who stood up immediately in her high heels and expensive apparel. “Everything looks good. Gave her a once over and tightened up a few things. New oil and switched out some of the factory components so she should run like a dream.” The uptown house wife thanked her profusely, sliding her expensive shades over eyes that were an unnatural purple color thanks to contacts and headed up to the desk to settle the tab. The Kawalski’s were regulars of hers, after their limo had gotten stranded in the middle of downtown late on a Sunday night she had been the only shop owner who had answered their panicked call. Since then they brought all of their cars to her, for anything and everything that could or might go wrong.

Turning around Harper headed back out into the shop, her eyes roaming over the roster of work that was pending when Toby, her general manager, came up and leaned against the wall. “Ya got a visitor Boss Lady.” Giving him a questioning look the Therian turned, looking where the male was pointing to a sharply dress young woman who looked out of place and yet comfortable with where she was. Turning away from the computer as it seemed the young woman was looking right at her, the blonde strolled across the shop and came up right to her. “Hello. I’m Harper Adler, what can I do for you?”

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Training and Training, the day and life of Zandra. They always says, what can be so hard for a Human? Well for Zandra, it's a different story. Today was one of thoughts days she wanted to make herself tired, too tired to let her own mind think. She didn't have a day she wanted to take a break it was nothing but hard work. "She is too stubborn to take a break." The words some people would says within each conversation she walks by. To Zandra,  what was the point, when you don't have no motive or motivation to go by. Today, however, was very different as she needed to walk around, just be free and clear her mind. As the darker women walked out with her hair in a side ponytail, green 3/4 sleeves button up shirt, black skinny jeans, and her black ankle heels; she was not planning to go far. 

Evermore to her, is still new, still fresh, she didn't want to get lost or even want to get into the wrong crowed. As the darker women walked to the door, someone called out to her bringing her bag with them. "I heard your side passion is being a blogger right? There is someone I would want you to meet." Zandra listened as she was interested in the girl who works in a body shop along with working on genetics. "You didn't hear if from me. So go out there and make your reader's proud. Here is the address." Zandra didn't know why the person wanted to help her as she barley talked, or made relationships within the manor, but she did knew people cared about her. Walking out with her bag and phone in hand, she didn't know where to start but knowing standing someone up is rude, will to her that is. Zandra knew going is the only way, hope within her thoughts, it will bring her motivation to get to know people without hiding in a room, or be hide a screen.

Zandra got the next bus that was going in the area the build was."Where are you going miss?" The bus driver said with his charming smile, not to often she will see this man but he is a great person to talk with, or even get advice. "Do you know where this business is?" Zandra spoken in her inside voice. Everyone didn't expect her having a very soft spoken voice. " Oh Yes, I do. Is there any reason your going to a body shop like this? Make sure you sit down before I move the bus." The man spoke as Zandra found a close front sat. "Interview for my blog. I have not touched it in like... Months." Zandra realized she had not been herself.The first time she felt lost ever since her mother pasted away. The man begin to drive as she learned things though the ride. Going into The City Center, Zandra soon knew it was getting closer as she needed question to write down as fast as she could. 

The bus driver knew right where it was like he told Zandra where you find the building. Zandra got off the bus and looked around watching the bus leave. "Oh boy, what did I get myself into?" It was just an interview how bad can it get? As the darker women walked, soon found the building. A sigh came a upon her, looking at her questions and wrote more questions until she was happy what she came up. "Here goes nothing, I have not done this in a while. Here is hopes I still got it." Zandra towards the door looking around, she heard noise from where she guess is all the workers doing their job. a few people drove by her with their cars being very shiny, clean, and whatever was wrong got fixed like magic. 

Opening and closing the door, the smell told her she is in the right place, seeing a man doing his job at the frost desk. Zandra looked at the tag as she read, General Manager. Standing there waiting for him to noticed her, she was not the type to scared or rush people, she could be standing in one place for over three minutes without moving. The man looked up to her apologizing for not seeing or hearing her come in. " Don't worry about it, you are doing your job and busy." Zandra said with a smile explaining why she was there. " She should be in soon just sit down for now." Zandra nodded and sit down. It given her time look over what she had and did a bit of research. Finding out things is her favorite thing to do, reading, writing, or even hearing about something.

As minutes went by, Zandra got all her questions, as some where fixed or rewritten better then before. The darker women heard voices hearing visitor, she got confused and then realized the girl she was interviewing didn't know she was coming or to be questioned. Zandra looked up seeing the blonde hair girl. Smiling and standing up, the darker women knew she had to be professional and calm. " Hello Harper, My name is Hollyn Smoke am a small blogger/reporter. I heard from someone, you're a very interesting person and I hope you don't mind me asking for a small interview? Of course when you are not that busy with your job. I do apologized for not calling you or your job before showing up. I know this out of the blew." Zandra said thinking if everything she said was good. She never liked to give out her real name but her to her keeping that part to herself was all the privacy she asked for. Not like a big company was going to find her and ask to join their tea or anything.

The young woman was just that, young. She held herself with a quiet confidence and yet she spoke in a rather timid manner, apologizing several times and in a rushed voice. Taking in a small breath the blonde could smell a bit of anxiety and uncertainty which made her heart go out to her. She was dressed professionally, which was a shark contrast to the black jumpsuit Harper had on. Reaching out her hand she shook the young woman’s, Hollyn as she introduced herself, raising her eyebrows as she did so, “Interview? Me?”

If her voice sounded equal parts surprise and sarcasm it couldn't be helped. The Alpha didn't exactly consider herself a person of interest, her job was scientifically complicated while her hobby and side business was lucrative yet boring to anyone that wasn't a greasemonkey. The fact that someone found her compelling enough to interview was a startling revelation that didn't quite sit well with her. Pursing her lips the blonde gave Toby some instructions before waving Hollyn to follow her.

They walked through a door into a back hallway, opening the door at the end to an office that was spacious and comfortable. “Please sit. Would you like something to drink?” Reaching into a mini fridge Harper grabbed two water bottles and set one in front of her visitor, taking a seat behind her desk. Cracking the lid of her bottle she screwed off the cap and gulped down half the 20 oz. contents in a matter of seconds, taking a deep breath as she leaned back in her chair and got comfortable. “So, you wanted to ask me some questions?”

The guard hoped she didn’t mess up on what she was saying or her reason to do here. This was an unexpected for her day today but what she was going to do today? Training? Like always. The darker women smiled as the blonde shook her hand and nodded. “I know this is up in a blew, I should’ve called.” Zandra noticed the shook within her voice knowing some of it was sarcasm. Zandra is not a big reporter for nay fancy magasine or new company that billions of people read each day. Even if she did, Zandra would not like her job as the news and big stories they get want employers to cover up the real truth. As a blogger on the internet, that hardly in the city knows about it or so she thinks.

Little stories like what Harper does is something no big company want to read baou or else they are for the person of the month or year. Even so, company's twist people's words around. 
Hearing what the man said to the blonde she started to walk. Looking around like a new experiences Zandra smiled as they walked into the office and sit down getting her notepad and laptop out. “ Water would be nice. The weather today is very hot.” Zandra said adding the comment of the weather, she is not a fan of summer. With Autumn coming around makes her happy and excited. As she got her notes and questions up on her laptop and fixed her questions form her notepad and smiled.

“These will be quick questions. I don’t want to pull you away to long from the your job.” Zandra said opening her bottle of water and took three sips to get her voice ready. “ Are you ok with me recording your voice? They will not be uploaded anywhere I can promise you that. I usually record the interview and after am done writing I delete it.” Zandra smiled as she let her brown hues looked at the blonde in front of her. Clearing her mind, she is ready to starter whenever the blonde is ready.

Once the pair of them were closed into the office together Harper unzipped her jumpsuit to her waist, pulling her arms out of the black sleeves she tied them around her waist. Her bright pink tank top stood out against the black but it was a whole lot cooler. Not knowing how long this interview would last the blonde intended on taking advantage of the A/C. Spring and summer were her favorite time of the year, the sunshine and heat made her happy. There was nothing she loves more than shifting and laying out on the grass to soak up the ray's of the sun. Even she had her limits though, the shop was well insulated yet with the garage doors constantly opening and closing it got a little stuffy at times.

Her steel blue eyes watched the dark young woman in front of her, studying her movements as she extracted a notebook and a laptop from the depths of her bag. That at least told Harper that this interview was about something serious,  you didn't write notes about a fluffy subject on a computer. The presence of technology meant speed and accuracy, which gave the blonde a clue as to what this would most likely be about. Still she kept her peace, letting Hollyn get herself set up while she drank the rest of her water. Waving a hand at the journalists comment Harper shrugged, “Your fine. My team can handle things.”

Once more the Therian had to keep from adding in another sarcastic quip, her personality one of droll and deadpan humor that only a few seemed to understand. It was better to keep quiet than make a fool of herself in front of a stranger. Still her eyebrows rose into her hairline as the young woman pulled out a voice recorder, her brown eyes questioning as she asked if recording their session would be alright. Sensing no subterfuge, only an earnest nervousness the blonde nodded, “Sure. I don't mind.”

Zandra smiled and nodded as she pressed play while taking a sip of water before speaking up. " Alright we will begin with the basics and then go from there. You look like a girl with a story, please tell where your from and when you came to the city?" Zandra typed something after writing what she asked and then looked at the other and smiled. " You don't have to say it in decetile just a summery to get an idea about what gotta be you. Your person if that make sense." Zandra said with patience within her voice. Zandra went from nervous, shy and now to calm and comfortable. The guard did felt the other still being nervous but she kept her smile on her face. " Be yourself I won't judge you everyone is unique express it.

Thinking this was a bad idea at first but really deep down she is happy to do this, it was like meeting a new face that came lead to more interactions. It's about breaking the ice  with Zandra thinking it could one thing it can get both of them to have a smooth comfortable conversation. Zandra was not a type of person to get into anyone's personal life if it's not her business in the first place not everyone has the same time line to live within.Being the other to be a fun and interesting person beyond her jobs is a real true story she was to hear and understand. 

Tilting her head to the side Harper took a moment to think about the questions she’d been asked, it had been so long since she’d thought about her background that it took a bit of brain power. It was odd for someone to be asking these things about her or even believing that her life was worth a story. Running a hand through her mussed blonde hair she shrugged, “Not much to tell. Born in Carson City, Nevada to professor and a museum coordinator. They divorced when I was young and by the time the judge got tired of their arguing he pulled me in and helped me get emancipated. I moved here when I was 16, about 12 years ago. I went to college for chemistry and engineering, managed to do both pretty well through the years.”

Her eyes roamed around her office, thinking about the little garage that she had managed to build from the ground up. A smile touched her lips as she leveled her gaze back on the reporter sitting across from her, “I’m not worried about judgement. You’d have to care what others thought in order to be worried about something silly like that.” She spoke the absolute truth, not a bit of care in her voice. She’d never worried herself over other people’s opinions and even less when they went to far as to spread rumors. Most of the time they were untrue, over exaggerated to an extreme that was ridiculous.

It just wasn’t in her nature to think about herself as others saw her, she’d worked for everything she had and knew who she was as a person. The opinion or view of a bunch of strangers was small change and didn’t mean anything.

Typing away on her computer when the other started talking as she listened. Zandra seemed to understand the childhood story as a divorce is not easy for a child as one at the age want their parents to be together no matter what. It was normal for that behavior around the age. The darker women was shocked the other moved her at the age of 16 which brought her to look at the other and watched. 

Zandera didn't say anything knowing it would break the other's force and attention on what they are talking about. Zandra nodded at the other's point of judgement as she quoted that line within her notes. " You mentioned you went to college. Were those courses brought you to your job today or was it a calling? What brought you in Chemistry?" Zandra can see a bit of the person she is talking to such as personality and her views on things. "Let me know if I got to personal or want something out or the story. I know some things are there to kept private which is something I respect." she said with a smile.

Shrugging at the question a small smile touched her lips, thinking about what exactly had led her down the path she walked. In high school she had always been good at figuring out how things worked, the mechanics somehow popping up in her mind the more she focused. Her father had always marveled at her ability to do so, joking that she wasn’t his child as he couldn’t figure out how to work a toaster. “I’ve always been interested in the way things work. How the mechanics of an object or substance can be changed or altered.” Snorting at the other woman’s use of the word calling she leaned back in her chair. “It’s just something I’ve been good at and like doing.”

Harper had never believed much in fate or destiny. To think that some higher power had led her into that forest, into meeting the wolf that would pass on the curse and then manipulating things so that she would become Alpha. The mere idea made her laugh. The female didn’t believe in fate, she believed in choices and the consequences of those choices. Plain and simple.

Her gaze lifted as Zandra commented, the blonde nodding in response. “Your good. I’ve got nothing to hide.” Then again the fact that she was a wolf was a secret of sorts but not one that needed to be aired. That wasn’t a secret so much as something that didn’t need to be public knowledge. Was it really a secret if a good portion of people knew? Putting that thought down for later examinations she waited for the interviewer’s next question.

As the guard typed and listen, Zandra could get what the female is say. Knowing how things worked makes things more sense and to learn from what you find and possible come out with something different or make something no one would never thought of.  A natural talent along with a curious mind. Zandra got a big hint of the other's personality just by hearing those words made the guard feel better know someone is like that naturally.

"That's very interesting, so it's more like a natural curiosity or a talent more then a calling? So much as the world is changing with technology and also mechanistic what could you see changed from now toward the future? This might be a off topic question but it just came to me." Zandra admitting with the thought it made sense. 

Zandra smiled and nodded felt more comfortable to asked things. "As of now, are you in any big projects or want to add more things towards chemistry? I do want to ask about your job your doing right now. Walking in here I felt a warm welcome and  a family among everyone." She wondered if a lot of people knew about the women's business she would for and if it's alright to see if her blog can help bring in people.          

“Yeah, I guess you could put it that way. I just love tinkering, my mind is constantly whirring and working on things with my hands helps keep the whirring from getting too loud.” When she had been younger the doctors had diagnosed her with ADHD and recommended some medications to help manage it. Her father had been staunchly against it, deciding to take a more unorthodox approach. He had worked with her for many months, frustrating as it may have been for both of them the solution had finally presented itself and she had learned to manage how her mind worked.

“I don’t think anything will change really. Society keeps going towards finding the easiest and most expedient way toward gratification, not realizing that we need to learn to do things the long way. Take a car, for example, you can’t cut corners. Each part has its job and trying to condense it or remove it would be detrimental to how the whole thing works.” Finding herself thinking about her father again she couldn’t help but smile wistfully, all of there debate's coming back to her in a rush that made her heartache.

The questions then turned towards her job, calling up her focus. She had signed certain agreements that made it impossible to for her to divulge certain details about what she was working on. “I’m currently working on a big project, yes.” Thankfully Hollyn focused on the mechanics job and how she felt when she had entered the shop. Harper smiled with a small chuckle, “Yes, we are a small family here. Always helping one another and providing the best customer service we can.”

Zandra found it interesting talking to Harper. She could see why someone told her to take this time to interview the other.  " The world can use more curios minds." she said with a smile at her laptop screen  typing things out. Multitasking is what she grew up to be. Zandra can understand where the other is coming from.

Zandra nodded at what they said as it made sense. " I can see where your coming from. Are you saying invitations to make life easier should take a step back? Things are changes under or noses everyday to the point. Do we as people really know what is being changed or so we really know the world we live in today." Zandra always wondered about what the world would be like, more of the hopes everything will be for the good and the better then the worst and bad.

Zanyan wondered about the project the other is working on but she didn't want to get a head of herself. " Do you mind if I can get a tour around the building. You can tell me a little about this spot and how bust normal you guys are. Anything you want to add and all."

“No. I think improvements can and should be made, but some improvements invite laziness and ignorance. That in some cases puts lives in danger.” Harper shrugged, her manner nonchalant yet she felt very strongly about it. “Take cloning for instance. If we get too comfortable with cloning food and forget the way to farm and care for living things with our own two hands, the implications for future generations could be detrimental.” Again it was a subject she could get into but decided not to. This was an interview not a debate.

Nodding as the young woman asked for a tour the blonde rose up from her seat, tying the sleeves of her jumpsuit a little tighter around her waist as she grabbed another water. Leading the way out the door she lead her back into the garage, pointing out various things. “This building used to be an old factory, a small one that shut down 10 years ago. The bones of the building are strong and sturdy, I got the title for a steal and gutted it out adding in all the necessities of a garage.” Luis Fonsi's voice blasted through the space, his song Impossible had several of the guys dancing as they worked which made her grin.

“As you can see we like to have fun while we work. There are 8 lifts with two pits beneath the ones by the far wall. I have a staff of 10 right now but will he looking to hire another 2 more in a few months. Right now it's hard for us to keep up with all the work.” Turning she pointed out the waiting area and the computers that sat on moving carts throughout the shop. Detailing out the diagnostic programs and other features that helped her guys do their job. The pride in her voice was evident and the matching smile on the faces of her coworkers said it all. This was a solid and lucrative business.


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