There was a time in Maverick’s life where he had another friend outside of his life other than the Celestial. When you’re in the mafia, you don’t get to meet people a regular old way like bumping into them on the streets or in a bar. There was always someone who knew someone else in the big circle of allies and acquaintances. Even meeting Talia wasn’t a normal way to meet someone but Mav was glad for how things turned out until the end when she was killed in cold blood by his father. However, there was one instance before all this happened where his dear friend was taken away. She was kidnapped and when he tracked down with a spell, he found out who had taken her. When he was aware of who it was, he knew he had to be smart.

So when he found a man connected to all this, Gabriel Dimitreu, he figured that he was crafty enough to get on the man’s good side. He was unaware of the man’s status of being a Guard and the history between the Guards and Celestials; the only thing he knew was that Talia was in danger and Maverick would do anything to protect her. The cunning Diviner found him in a bar and right away played it up to be chummy with him. Mav knew how to get information out and it wasn’t as if nobody knew what the Romanov family was capable of so he persuaded Gabriel to be his ally in the mission that brought him to Russia to capture one Celestial named Talia.

That was the one time Maverick felt like he truly belonged to the Romanov family because of the betrayal and backstabbing he did to Gabriel that night. He did find the man to be a good person and liked being his drinking buddy. Hell, Mav almost felt guilty at the time but he was too blinded by getting the one person he truly loved back. So, when Gabriel took him to where Talia was, he double-crossed him. The place where they hid the Celestial had a spell to keep Talia from leaving but Maverick then reversed the spell so now it was the Guard who’d be trapped. However, when he put protection on Talia he went back to that warehouse to reverse the spell and when he checked inside, the warehouse remained empty meaning he had gotten out and it was the last time he’d seen the Guard. That is until he moved to Evermore.

Now, he could see the Ailward Guard sitting in the bar as Mav stood outside the window. He didn’t know why or what reason he had to be walking into the bar but curiosity got the best of him when he should have gone the other way.

“Hello, old friend…” Mav’s Russian accent laced his words as the tone of his voice was hardly close to anything that resembled a friendly tone.

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It was that day when memories were hunting Gabriel's mind. He lived for over a million years and he had been through so much trouble then he could possibly think. But mostly, he got mad over the people that he trusted and turned their backs on him. He was too trusting that time. He was that type of person that was thinking that even a stranger that he never spoke before would have good intentions towards him. But he was so wrong for trusting that humans and creatures want t be kind. Want to be good. He was such an idiot. But those times are over. He wasn't the same silly trustful person everyone knew back then. He changed in order to protect himself. In order not to be back stabbed again. Talking about back stabbing, he was remembering every each and one of those people was he was enjoying a drink into one of his favorite bars. Every bastard that kicked him in the nose and felt his to rot in the end.  With an ironic smirk, he drank the glass like it was pure water before ordering another one. And another one.

He wasn't getting drunk but sometimes, he wished he could. Sorrow is easy to forget that way. Or that's what he heard. Walking through the painful memories that were slowly getting him sick and pissed, her remember Maverick. Ah, the Russian mafia ' drink buddy '. He frowned at the scene that role in his head all over again. Him helping Mavk to get that Thania, Tara... Or was it Talia? He didn't even remember, nor does he care now. Of course, helping him meant getting him trapped there. Of course. Why not? Believe another person that he is a friend and he would 'Never double-cross me'. Yeah, of course. Letting the glass rest on the counter for the waiter to pour another drink, he sighed deeply. He sometimes wondered if at least Mavk had got the girl to safety and if they were happy. As the glass was full again, he wanted to take a sip but stopped frowning at the tone. She shut his eyes closed as he remained motionless with his hand in the hair before turning his head as he could see the person with the corner of his eyes. 

" Oh, look what the cat dragged in." He said sarcastically before turning his head towards the bar taking a sip of his drink." Oh, we are old friends now? What do you need me to do now?" He asked with a cold, sarcastic and pissed Romanian's accent. " I hope it won't get me trapped into a spell again, that you stabbed me in that back with. So, that is checked." He admitted casually before rolling the glass on the counter." Or should I help you save another ' lady in distress ' ? " His sarcastic tone was matching his nerves as he didn't even look at Mavk. He was afraid if he looked, he would punch him in the face not even letting him speak . " Because being friends is way out of line. What do you want?" 

Gabriel was rolling a coin between his fingers as he spoke as the other was holding the glass. It was keeping his mind busy and his thought in other places other then the bastard that he once called friend that was right next to him. He hadn't been the best on happy people since he thought that maybe, just maybe, Maverick wasn't just using him. Maybe he actually found a friend in him. But he forgot friends is for idiots with high dreams. 

It felt like old times as Maverick stood looking at Gabriel in the grimy lightning of this bar. There were times back in Russia where Mav remembers slamming back shots of whiskey alongside Gabriel and the laughter that soon followed. Maverick leaned his frame against the bar’s counter as he watched the Guard’s reaction to see Maverick. Hearing the man’s words in a tone that he expected, it caused Mav to close his eyes and pinch the bridge of his nose for a brief second before looking at the bottles that lined the wall as he listened to their old dirty laundry. He had to admit that it was going better than expected though. He was expecting possibly a swift blow to his nose from Gab or for him to be in a bar fight with the man but the night isn’t over yet. Maverick always had a habit of pushing people’s buttons and sometimes his mouth would land in him fights, though it was proven well that he was more than capable of handling himself. Taking in a deep breath through his nose, he let his eyes landed on Gabriel’s pissed off expression.

“No, not today will I lock you away in some abandon storage place,” he said with a sarcastic, almost playful smirk. “Though the night is still young so,” he flashed him a wink before taking a seat next to him. “As for damsel in distresses, depends if you kidnapped anyone tonight then a rescue mission is underway,” he said just as sarcastically before flagging the bartender down. He never knew what Gabriel or whoever he worked for wanted with Talia but it was something that bothered him. He ordered two shots of Bourbon for them both.

Mav fiddled with his mother’s ring on his finger, twisting the band around his finger as he tried to think of something to say and fast. Before Gabriel could either walk away or not let him talk. “Listen...” he started as he kept fidgeting with the ring. “I didn’t come in here tonight with the attention to prod and poke fun at what happened. But rather try to smooth things out,” he said in a serious tone before the bartender came back with the two shots. Maverick took both of them but instead of throwing one back, he waited as he let his eyes on Gabriel again. He slid the shot glass closer to the other man before taking the other in his hand.

All the sarcasm fell from his features as it was replaced a serious, cold expression; his features hardening. “Accept the drink and you’re willing to hear me out or don’t and I’ll piss off,” he said as he watched the man. “You at least deserve an explanation...if you’re willing to hear it,” he said as he waited to see what the other will do. But in that moment, Mav was sure in another lifetime that him and Gabriel would have been friends and would have stayed true to the sense of the word. However, he probably would have found a friend in the man should have the circumstances been different but love is what led Maverick to do such things. Is it a good explanation? No but at least the Guard would know that double crossing led to mixed feelings that sat with the Diviner, surprisingly enough.

He could remember every moment he had spend with Maverick as it was yesterday. At that time, Maverick seemed like a brother he had never had. That close bond was so strong that at that time he considered him so. It was funny how much a thing can break a friendship so easily. He wouldn’t had been mad if it was a cut, a accidental punch, a curse or something minor. But he got locked into a abandon storage like a dog. A dog that was just an object to begin with. He was never betrayed from his family but in that moment, he felt like it.

Coming back to reality, he was fight the urge from grabbing Maverick by the collar, push him on the counter table and literally clean the table to him. To redecorate his face with purple bruises caused by punched of his strong fist. Or throw him around the room breaking the tables and break the walls of all the anger that he had kept inside. And knowing how Maverick was just loving to piss people off was making him want for him to push the limit so he could actually make his thoughts come true and feel that pleasure of making him feel how he felt when he got dumped by his ‘brother’. Rolling the coin between his fingers, he kept his eyes on his analyzing his move being careful not to be tricked again by him.

“Careful with the tone, friend. You’re walking on thin ice.” He said letting the last word pass through his teeth.” You might never know when you will get a knocked out punch that you actually deserve.” He admitted wanting that smirk of his face to vanish. He kept his free hand on the glass taking all the sip before ordering another one before seeing him sit next to him.” You really have some nerves to coming here and act like you didn’t do anything.” He admitted grabbing the glass when the man brought it to him. “ You helping me ? I would rather want to eat glass.” He admitted before seeing the Bourbon shot.

He wanted to get up but his intention was stopped by his words. “ Oh really? I thought you wanted to through a freaking fiesta.” He said sarcastic before seeing him slid the glass which made him frown looking at him. He turned his head on a other was not touching the glass. He thought for a moment if he wants an explanation. A explanation he had wanted for so damn long. Heck, he even wanted a damn apologize. Even if it was after he escaped or the next day or the next year. The words ‘ I am sorry’ might had cured Gab’s anger for Maverick.

Will he really want an explanation? Thinking about it looking at the glass, he sighed with a heavy sigh before taking the glass and turn to him.” This better worth my time Maverick because if not, you’re in really big trouble. You might have to help with the reparations of the bar if you’re story is not a freaking good one to explain you’re betrayal towards me.”

Maverick had to bite back his growing smirk and even a few sarcastic quips at Gabriel’s words. He knew if they both got into a fight, the bar would be destroyed so he decided to act civil especially if the Guard was going to give him a chance to explain his side of the story. He slammed his shot back and gulped it down as he got comfortable on the stool. “May I first say,” he said as he glanced at the empty glass. “Your self-control is impeccable. Here I was thinking you’d bash my face in,” he then glanced to Gab before letting the last of his smug attitude fall.

“Look, I know what I did was wrong. I knew it was when I was doing it but I didn’t care at the time. I didn’t care about anything back then. I wasn’t a good person,”  he said before flagging the bartender down for another refill. “I was never a good person and I wish I can say you were the only person I betrayed but I’d be lying to myself.” He wondered if Gabriel was really listening but if the man beside him was like the one he met those years ago then, he knew he’d give him a fair shot. “The man that you got to know was barely a version of who I was. When I found out that you were the one who Talia away, I knew I had to trick you into believing me I was a friend.” He explained, her name sitting heavy on his tongue.

“She was someone who I cared about deeply. More than I ever cared about someone. I loved her,” he finally stated before he was brought the refill. He nodded his head in thanks before glancing at the amber liquid in his glass. “And when someone took her from me, I was willing to do anything to get her back and safe. However, don’t think I didn’t feel a hint of regret for doing what I did.” He disclosed as he left his glass untouched as he spoke.

“I didn’t anticipate that whoever took Talia would be a good man. Or even a good friend,” he spoke as seriously as he felt about it. He felt almost uncomfortable for sharing all of this but Maverick’s been trying to work out the changes in him and what the changes brought.

“It just so happen the only person that changed me and even saw something good in me was someone I couldn’t bear losing. That meant I had to make a sacrifice.” He spoke as he thought back on Talia. However there was a piece of information that was missing from Gabriel’s narrative that Maverick thought he should tell him.

“But there is one thing you should know. After I managed to grab Talia and kept her somewhere safe, I went back to the warehouse to get you out of there. Like I said, you were a good friend and when I knew no harm would come to Talia, I went to get you out but it was empty. While I may not have been a good person or even friend, I still thought of you as a good friend.” He revealed before downing his drink. He wasn’t drunk enough to feel comfortable with sharing his side but he knew if he was drunk and heavy lidded, Gabriel would probably think it was all another ruse or lie.

He looked over to Maverick the empty glass in his palm waiting the explanation to come as he still has patience. At his words, he let out a sarcastic smirk to escape his lips before the bartender had brought him another one." Don't be so surprised. The night is still young Maverick. Even if I accept your story, you will get a punch for me so be prepared to get a purple eye when you finish talking." He assured him gently as he took a sip of his drink groaning at the burning feeling in his toast. As Maverick started to rumble through his words like a child story, he looked at his glass. He always knew he wasn't a good person he never wanted to judge anyone for it. He was many friends that were just evil villains but still they were friends when you would actually need them. 

When he mentioned Talia again, he frowned looking towards him with a subtle hiss before taking a sip of the alcohol to keep himself put to listen until the end of his story. At least he was trying to listen to him. It was never his intention to ever hurt Talia or not try to find a way to get her out that mess and he got himself into a bigger one by getting a friend like Maverick. That little time he had spend with Maverick drinking in bars and laughing and being just like.. brothers, were crawling in his mind making him frown looking at him as he looked at the bar and took a sip of his drink." I had no intention to hurt Talia when I got her there. Eve without you bugging around I would had help her escape. I never liked that job." He admitted rolling the alcohol in his glass leaning his back on the chair sighing heavily."I suppose that you and her are probably a happy couple all smiling about that night." He rolled around his eyes at his own words.

He had nothing with Talia but knowing that Maverick did that to him instead of just talking it through it was still bugging him to the core. "Oh really ? Mister Romanov regret that he stabbed my back? Now that needs to be noted in the calendar. Do you want a pinky promise to be forgiven or what?" He asked sarcastically. " And you had to sacrifice me. How pleasant for you and Talia. " He admitted gently before taking a sip ending his glass leaning on his elbows on the table. "And tell me, Maverick, how should I believe all this after what you had did? You thought that maybe let a few years pass and I will just accept this , probably lies, that you are telling me?" He asked looking at him frowning seeing he was not drunk. And usually, Maverick was serious when he wasn't drunk. " You were like a brother to me Maverick. A brother I had never had. And betrayal it's not something that you just pass. Trust is like a broken glass. You break and after you fix it, you can still see the cracks." He admitted at him before frowning.

"Tell me something, how can Talia get you so.. sentimental?" He admitted with a little chuckle seeing him so different. From the last time they seen each other, Maverick wasn't the perfect great good man. He was him being a bad man in Russia but now, he sems so.. calm. What did Talia do to him?" Or Talia just broke up with you?"

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