Lana Jepson woke that morning preparing for the day to be like every other day, but the universe had other plans for Lana. That morning the beautiful blonde slipped into her uniform for Piper’s Cafe.  Lana was preparing herself for a morning shift at the cafe where she worked for a couple months now. Everyday was practically the same; Meaning the same customers came in wanting the same meal they had the day before. Everything at the cafe was a routine for Lana that she quickly caught onto. However her college classes always taught her something worth learning and holding onto.

While serving one of the regular customers his meal, an unfamiliar male made his way into the restaurant. “Hello, feel free to be seated anywhere.” Lana stated with a bright tone concealed in her voice.  The male stood at the counter even after Lana offered him to find himself a seat. Seeing this caught Lana off-guard making her become a little suspicious. “I’ll be right back.” She muttered to the regular as she moved towards the cash register. Upon moving toward the register Lana examined the unfamiliar male with her icy blue optics. “Welcome to Piper’s Cafe! How can I help you sir?” She asked once standing behind the counter.

Before he spat a word she saw his hand grasping onto the butt of a pistol, pulling it from his waistband and pointing it in Lana’s direction. “Give me all the money from the cash register.” He demanded while staring down the barrel of the gun in Lana’s direction.  Nothing could have ever prepared Lana for this, but luckily for reasons like this there was a panic button hidden under the counter near the register. “O-oh okay.” She said her voice shaky as she typed in her code to open the register. One of the regulars moved from his seat in attempts to apprehend the assailant, but before he could the assailant turned around and shot him at point blank range. Lana’s eyes widened as she screamed at the loudness of the gunshot. “Let’s go! Get the money out of the register!” He hissed.

Opening the register her blue optics gazed towards the male who lay bleeding out on the floor. In the distance with her heightened hearing she could hear the sirens. “Please hurry.” She thought to herself as she tried to stall as long as possible. Unfortunately the assailant too must have heard the distant sirens. “Come on hurry the f**k up!” He cursed pointing the gun at the temple of her head. Lana froze in fear feeling the cold barrel against her temple. “Okay okay!” She cried as she quickly opened the register and forced all the money in his direction. “Here! Here you go!” She said as she pushed the money in his direction.  Within moments the barrel of the gun left her temple as he began packing the money away into a backpack.  

Unfortunately before the cops arrived there she was lying unconscious on the floor, due to the assailant pistol whipping her as to hope she wouldn’t remember seeing him. Blood was pouring from the wound that the butt of the pistol inflicted onto her forehead. Lana lay unconscious as the assailant got away. By the time she woke she was staring into the eyes of a police officer…

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