There was a warm breeze that rustled Winter's black hair as he made his way to the bar where he worked. The Azure was really one of the only places that he avoided his hallucination of Ayno, and that was rare, but at least he felt safe making drinks for people and trying to follow the bright and cheery atmosphere. Of course, there was always that one customer that wanted to take him home with them, but he always refused, because he had a block on his heart that made it feel like he couldn't really do anything remotely related to love or sex.

To be honest, Winter was trying to get himself to forget Ayno, and sometimes going dancing or keeping himself occupied with other things really helped him forget the other boy for a little while. He was determined to forget Ayno completely tonight, and he only hoped he would succeed. The ebony-haired male could feel the looks he was getting from the curious Therianthropes and Valkyrs that hung out behind the bar, exactly where he had to enter to go into The Azure. Winter had to admit that the leather skinny jeans, see-through top,  dress boots, and a shimmery butterfly pendant on a thin strip of silk around his neck made him look like a boy you would take home for the night.

"Oi Winter! You wanna come home with me tonight? I promise I'll make you forget about lover boy." One of The Azure's regular customers, a Therian by the name of Jay called from his place by the back doors, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Winter just rolled his green eyes and smirked. "Ah," he said delicately and waved his hand. "You know my answer is always gonna be no, Jay, now move before I make you." The smaller male threatened and Jay just chuckled before moving and letting Winter go into the bar. There was something familiar about one of the patrons sitting at the end of the bar, but he shook it off as him being tired. It wasn't his place to go up to a customer and go, "Oh hey, you look familiar. Where have I seen you before?"

He didn't think about it again until he made eye contact with them again later in the night. Now that was weird. There was something definitely familiar about the person in front of him that he couldn't place and it was irritating him to no end. Winter made a face at himself in the glass he was cleaning and decided to let go of the lingering feeling that he did, in fact, know that person. His memory had faded a little bit after the accident in the woods, but the doctor had said that he would regain it soon. Was this a memory he had from before the accident? He had only been seventeen and incredibly grief-stricken. 

A few hours later, the nagging feeling came back, and he gave into it. He set the glasses he had been cleaning down, and tucked the bar rag into his belt loop before sliding out from behind the bar, and making his way towards the person at the other end of where he had been working. Winter really didn't like the fact that he had lost so many memories, and he just hoped that he could regain this one back. "Hi. I'm Winter Cha, and I was wondering if I ever knew you?" He asked with a curious cock of his head. 

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The young night breeze was brisk among the face of the young necromancer; Scarlett had taken a sometime away from tracking her eldest brother’s every move to explore the city.  The city was absolutely beautiful in every way shape and form. Aiden mentioned that the city could turn one dark because of the dangers that lurked around every corner. Scarlett knew the city could change her, but she was reluctant and stubborn to leave her eldest brother behind; like he’d done to Colten and herself.

The blonde was dressed in a tight black leather jacket with a red tank top underneath, her wavy locks in a high ponytail, and ripped jeans covering her lower half. Her bright Caribbean blue optics locked with the bartender as she entered. Lately the club had been her scene; every weekend you could find Scarlett enjoying herself to a couple drinks and dancing the night away. Being the little tease of giving men the idea that they’d be taking the vulnerable blonde home. Scarlett was greeted by a couple of the regulars who partied way too hard each weekend. She playfully giggled as she played along with their flirtatious comments.

“Aye Rico, Gin and Tonic.” She yelled at the bartender who she knew almost personally. The regular crowding around the young blonde; her optics scanning around the club as she noticed one of the males being cat-called by another. She couldn’t help, but chuckle as she pushed her stray little hairs from her features. Scarlett soon received her drink as the bartender smiled a toothy grin in her direction. “Are you going to go home with one of them tonight?” Rico chuckled quietly. “Only in their dreams.” She muttered, before taking a sip out of the glass. Rico couldn’t help, but wave his hand in her direction and call her pathetic as he went to help some other customers. Scarlett was left to toy with the heart-strings of two love-stricken puppies.

Of course the night was rather young, but Scarlett couldn’t help the strange feeling of someone watching her from across the room. She was lost in conversation with the two drunken men who flirtatiously hung all over the blonde. Her optics soon wandered the club as she found herself staring into another’s optics. Awkwardly she turned away as she tucked herself between the drunks and sipped nervously at her drink. Rico made his rounds and circled back to Scarlett and noticed her demeanor had changed. “You okay?” He questioned. “Yeah just a little off today.” She said lying about the feeling of someone watching her.  The night went on as normal as briefly she joined the guys for a dance. 

She soon returned to her seat at the very end of the bar; the drunk regulars were swept outside by the bouncer. Rico had gone for the night and she was now alone at the end of the bar finishing up her last drink. That familiar face was now making its way down the bar; Scarlett attempted to look occupied, but to her disadvantage the male approached her. “No, I’m not entirely sure we’ve ever met. I am Scarlett Hale.” She answered and introduced herself to the stranger.  Her mind was preoccupied and she wasn’t remembering much from her past. The past couple days had been torturous as she tried to convince her brother to come home. 

Dexter looked at his self in the mirror  muttering " yuck " he was dressed in a baggy black shirt and cargo trousers  the only thing that made him feel normal was his badge and pistol tucked  under his  shirt  " you ready  Malcolm's " he nodded as he turned around heading  towards a black van stepping inside with two  other detectives  the door slide shut as he looked to the passenger in front  as he began to rattle off  information " operation gryphon was an operation to make sure all clubs was  abiding by the law  and guidance of the city no underage drinkers  and dealing etc  tonight the target was club sinister as  they targeted only once club a month to  not  let any underhanded  stuff go  quiet  unluckily this time Dexter had drawn the short straw  he was the pawn and he hated it 

Dexter was kicked out of the van a block away from the club as he dusted himself down as he began to walk he constantly talked to himself in his mind not to keep his gun hand ready at his side being the pawn  Dexter had to blend in which found hard as some clearly could tell he was a cop as he moved closer the lights of the club lite up the road as he gave himself a final pep talk as he joined the queue to enter the club.

30 or so minutes later Dexter entered the club the music wasn't him  he would rather be listening to Beethoven  as he made his way to the bar he looked to the waiter " scotch on the rocks " he  chose the seat  that he could watch over the  club with ease as he  turned he caught the face of a Blond hair  girl his memory recalled she may have been the new department shrink but  he didn't really know he had only seen a  picture   as he handed over the cash  he took the drink and began to observe 

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