The sharp sounds of gunfire sounded in the confines of the empty warehouse. Feminine screams and masculine yells bounced off the walls and made a chaos of noise. A tall, brunette male leaned against the wall, his chocolate brown/vivid purple eyes scanned the fray in front of him. There was at least six of them dead, and five injured. This young man took his chance and fired his Glock 9 mil into the melee not expecting to get hit himself.

"Shit!" Thirty-year-old Jasper Trevini yelled as he took a bullet in his thigh. He tried to fire again but went down with a cry of pain as another bullet entered his stomach. That was not where he had expected to get hit. The cry of "Trevini!" sounded from behind him and then all was silent. Nothing was heard in the warehouse, except for panicked screaming and the cries of his last name. 

"We have to get him to the hospital..." Jasper heard his Unit Chief say. "Bellamy will be there. She takes care of us all the time." His eyes flicked open, who was Bellamy? He wondered before the darkness took over. 

"Trevini! Oh my God! He's not conscious! Somebody get him in the ambulance! His blood pressure is falling!" The muffled screams of his coworkers were all that he could hear, and even that was fading. That was weird, he was immortal he couldn't die. Was this just shock? The last thing he heard before he slipped into full consciousness was the slamming of the hospital doors and terrified but steady female voice say "It's okay, I got him."

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Bellamy was in her regular shit at the hospital getting some papers complete from previous patients before wanting to take a break. She took a deep breath looking around her before sitting down on the chair getting a hand through her medium hair. Few minutes of break before something will happen. Looking into some books behind the counter near the entrance of the hospital, she heard the slams of door which made her jump off her chair into a beat with her eyes widen towards the men that she knew. "Unit Chef.." She muttered gently before seeing the man that they were caring. She cleaned her throat gently resting her hazel green eyes on them with a steady voice but worry could be written all over her Irish accent. "It's okay, I got him." She assured him before making them a sign to follow her into a empty room. 

Once they got the man inside, she got her cloves on rushing to his side to see that situation of the wounds. One in the tight and one in the stomach. She was still surprised he was holding on and that he was still breathing. No man can resist like that so it means it was a supernatural creature. " What's his name?" She asked getting all the tools that she was needing. When he heard the Unit Chief respond to her, she looked down at the man trying to see if he was still conscious to see if she can get one in extracting the bullets without any struggles." Trevini? My name is Bellamy. Do you hear me?" She asked as she opened one eyes of the man to see if his eyes response to the light. More or less. 

Lucky for her, the bullets wasn't very deep so she could extract without any complications or having troubles of getting the man into a surgery. Taking care firstly of the one from the stomach, she gently cut the shirt he was having getting the material out of her way. She asked his partners to hold his arms and legs in case he moves and hit her by any chance, she won't hurt him more then he already is. She grabbed the alcohol on a tissue and tapped the wound to take the blood away for a clear view and to make sure she won't get the place infected. Taking out a medical pliers , she gently took out the bullet before he even knew it. She was having a gentle hand that can hardly be felt. 

In the next half an hour, she took both bullets out, got the wounds cleaned and stitched up covering them with bandages. With a happy sigh in relief she looked at his partners before giving a nod of his head. "Don't worry. He will be fine. Will be needing some rest time in bed here under observations but he will be just fine. I am sure recovery for his body won't take long enough. " She admitted before taking her bloody gloves off. This wasn't a regular visit from people that she usually help but she was glad she could just right on time to help the man out. " You BAU agents should make a loyalty card of how often I see you." She chuckled trying to light up the mood. She was usually laughing and catching with them so they could feel more comfortable and escape the stress mode.

The unit chief gave out a loud laugh at her comment. "Maybe we should. I mean it couldn't hurt." He said to another agent. That agent cracked up and then almost died laughing as the unit chief started giving her a weird look. That was the exact moment Jasper's body chose to wake him up.

"Yo! What are you laughing at?" Jasper asked, his chocolate brown/ vivid purple eyes scanning the faces of his friends. It was extremely confusing for him to be seeing all these people laughing and he wasn't a part of the joke. "Is there something I missed?" He asked scratching his head, which caused his hair to fall in his face.

"It totally wouldn't hurt. If you come to me that often, I should start making food packs for all of you to be sure that you won't leave here unhealed and hungry." She assured him laughing along with them with a shook of her head. She was glad that she could light up the mood from that stresses and awful feeling. At least know everyone is fine. She continue to laugh along with the men before hearing the question which made Bells to rise her shoulders shocked at the sudden voice that she didn't know ad turned towards it with her eyes widen and a gentle smile." Well didn't you woke up early Trevini." She smiled gently towards him before walking to his side.

"It's a joke that I made. Don't need to worry about it that much. How are you feeling? Does anything hurt?" She asked gently looking lover to his heartbeats on the scream and scanned his features for any pain that he might experience. Even thought she was sure he was a supernatural creature, she still has to treat the man with respect like any other patient, human or non human." You're heart beats are regular and normal. It seems you will be recovering sooner then I thought." She admitted with a smile and a nod of her head.

"Oo! That would be awesome!" Said the man standing next to Jasper who looked exactly like him. "Shut up, Dane! Don't intimidate the poor girl. She can't possibly make food for you, you eat too much!" Another man said, probably Dane's brother, based on his looks. Jasper who had woken up shook his head at the two bickering men. 

"Sorry about that. My brothers are idiots. And I'm fine. Nephilim healing powers. Gotta get used to them though." Jasper said and then held out a hand. "Let me properly introduce myself. I'm Jasper Trevini. Second in command of this little bunch." He laughed and then cast a brotherly glare at Dane and Gabriel who instantly shut up, even though they were older than him.

"Food packs would be great for them, but make sure to put some extra food in there for Dane here." He pointed at the flushing blonde.

She chuckled gently at the men's words with a shook of her head. If they really want it that much, she will have to get to work. Listening to the man that just healed up, she shook her hand gently towards him smiling warmly." Oh don't worry. I am not that easy to be scared. I am way though then you can believe." She assured him before adding. " You haven't met my brother Andrew. He is the greatest eater in Ireland and he is as thin as a stick." 

At his next towards she titled her head on a side smiling before looking at the men in the room." Don't worry about it. They are little babies compared to my big brother back in Quirky Cobh so it's fine. I am sure I can handle them pretty easy." She admitted with a nod of her head smiling before raising her eyebrows." Oh, a nephilim. You're the first I had ever seen since I moved here. " She admitted with a smile before siting on a chair nearby.

When he extended his hand, she looked over to it before extending her shaking his gently." It's a pleasure Jasper. My name is Bellamy Romano, commander of today's shift." She chuckled before waving at the other men." It's a pleasure to meet you all.  I am hope you are alright and well now. I can sleep peacefully knowing no on died today."

Jasper laughed at her comment. "You have an older brother?" He looked towards his Unit Chief with a confused glance. He had never told them that.  His chocolate brown/vivid purple eyes were wide as he smiled at her. Jasper's expression was extremely confused now. 

"Well, Dane here is a massive eater, but he works out, so that works out to." He laughed and then grimaced as a shot of pain hit him in the side. "Gabriel eats a lot too but he doesn't like to admit it."


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