By the time the night sky painted over the once blue one, Desna would've been on her way to bed. Instead, she goes out more often than she should.  Being a vampire had her out and about, bar hopping like she didn't have work the next day.  With a drink in hand, she walked around the bar admiring the vampires who were out just like her. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Alcohol was clearly a clutch for Desna. She would consume more than five to eight glasses a night. It doesn't phase her like it would if she was human but what it was the vampire's way of feeling like one. Sometimes she would hate what she had become and wished to go back to the night it happened. Martina told her not to dwell to much on the past but to embrace the present and future. Desna was stubborn and would let herself suffer from over thinking which is why she turned to a glass of alcohol to begin with. It made her relax and feel free.  As she sat on the bar stool, the sound of music began to fade and she found herself deep in thought. A sort of familiar face crossing her mind. Although it was a blur, she certainly remembered the blonde hair. The vampire shook her head and  downed the liquid that burned her throat before slamming the glass onto the bar counter. 

"Time for another one." She said but went towards the exit. The vampire was on the hunt for something else. The blood lust inside of her was growing and she couldn't ignore it any longer. The cool night air whipped passed her face as if telling her where a human may be lurking about. Desna took in a deep breath and smelled not only blood but an unfamiliar scent as well.  She followed the trail that led her into a small alleyway. Two blood thirsty vampires were ready to attack. She quickly leaned p against the brick wall and took a peak around the corner. Desna thought they had cornered a helpless human. She was going to steal the prey from them whitlist kicking their asses in order to do it. To her dismay and surprise it was Arthur. " can't be..." She whispered to herself. She took another look just to make sure and it was for sure him. The blonde hair she vaguely remembered confirmed it. "Shit..." Desna looked down on the ground to find a rock to throw as a distraction. 

After a couple of minutes of scanning she finally found a medium sized rock. She quickly picked it up and hauled it at the dumpster. It made a loud BANG! when the object collided against the metal bin. Both vampires immediately looked around for the source of the noise and that's when she jumped on one of them. The other tried to throw her off his friend but she kicked him so hard he slammed into the wall. That's when Desna twisted the arm of the one she jumped on and broke it. He cried out in pain. "Let's go!" She shouted at Arthur, taking his hand in hers. "I hope you can keep up." She said to him while running full speed in the opposite direction. She had so many questions going through her mind while they ran. Like How the hell did he end up here ? 

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Arthur had been enjoying his long walk through the various parts of Evermore City, he would be sure that he was crossing some of the unfamiliar territories he’s never been too as he would much prefer staying within his comfort zone. It had taken him nearly all day to figure out that he was now lost, he wasn’t sure what this part of the town was and it seemed to be a darker side of the whole city. As night eventually came, the stars filling the sky above him. He always loved learning about Astronomy ever since he was a small kid.

Shaking his head out of his thoughts, he concentrated as he walked through the new territory he landed in. He was an adventurer and sometimes it would lead him into dangerous things; like he had done numerous times back at home. His stomach grumbled, indicating that he was getting hungry. As he went through a dark alleyway, he noticed two figures up ahead that seemed to have not noticed him yet. Great, just like a movie, probably going to be mugged or something.

His nose wrinkled as he could smell that same odor he had once encountered on with a woman; his brow rose as he must have been in the vampire territory… Shit  I really shouldn’t have come this far. He thought to himself and then, the next minute the two vampires had noticed him, clearly they were looking at him like he was an enemy. He sighed and rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed with himself that he was within the vampire territory now. The two men chuckled, their eyes red as blood, they came closer towards Arthur, ready to strike.

A growl left his throat and he moved into a stance, one of them went straight for him and he dodged the attack; the other vampire let out a snicker and a deep growl, his fangs clearly visible to Arthur. ‘’You shouldn’t be in the vampire territory, boy’’ one of the men said. He let out a grunt, snarling at the two men before he heard the big bang, the two vampires were now distracted and obviously going to investigate. His brow raised as he saw a big rock hauled against the dumpster. Before he could even register, one of the men were attacked by a woman. He was about to get the other man who wasn’t attacked but it was too late, the woman had already thrown him against the wall. A shock expression going over him, the voice… The voice sounded familiar.

‘’Desna?!’’ He shouted as he caught up to her, running at full speed beside her, panting slightly as they ran away from the dark alleyway. After a while, they managed to escape them and he slowed down, panting heavily. ‘’Desna, how on earth are you here?’’ He obviously recognized her now, her dark brown hair and her pale skin. He rested his palms against his knees, trying to rest a bit. ‘’Th-Thanks, Desna. Appreciate what you did back there. I don’t think I could have handled them.’’ No matter how much combat skills he has, he knew vampires were the hardest ones to kill. Finally, he caught his breath and he straightened himself.

‘’It’s been what… 6 months since I last saw you?’’ He said with a small smile, immediately he engulfed her into a tight hug. He had fancied her long ago and they had gotten along so well, it was unfortunate that they lost contact together. He had missed her so much. ‘’Can’t believe we are both here,’’ he let out a chuckle.

They ran for what seem like twenty minutes by now, she finally stopped with him trailing close behind her. She scanned the area to make sure the two vampires didn't regain their composure and followed them all the way here. What would about a  2-3 mile walk for a human became a three minute run for them. Desna bought Arthur across town specifically to the café where she works at. Before she figured it was him in the alleyway , she heard his stomach growling earlier even while she was fending off the two vampires. 

The vampire watched as the therian placed both hands on his knees to catch his breath. He always had an unusual smell clinging onto him that she could never make out. Something about it always through her off even when they did used to hang out back in his hometown. Desna whose been in Evermore for some time now has yet to travel outside of the vampire territory. Her mentor Martina would always suggest she get to know the area around her home but the vampire would always refuse or put it off. Even when Martina would explain what lurks round besides humans in Evermore, she would listen but forget the next day. Something that was a problem when she was human that remained with her even as a vampire. 

Desna shook her head, when she heard Arthur speak, remembering him asking her a question. "I've been here. How did you end up here is the real question?" She looked at him, her eyes filled with not only worry but confusion. "Yeah well I'm glad I left the bar early enough otherwise...I don't know what those two vampires were gonna do to you. Besides that's a really bad part of town where you were." She then was caught off guard by his hug. His arms wrapped around her body and she was taken a back by it. "I um..." Her words were starting to get scrambled up in her head. She lightly pushed him away. "....It has been sometime since we last seen each other. I never thought we would meet like this." Desna was awkward when it came to showing her emotions. She did have a thing for Arthur way back when but she was afraid of rejection for the first time. He was her first crush. Since music has always been a priority in her life, she had very little time for dating or showing any kind of emotions towards another person.  "I just wanna know how you managed to get here..?" 

Arthur was taken aback when he was pushed away from her lightly and a soft frown creased his forehead, his brow arched as he listened to her and also tried to concentrate on a beating heart with his hearing but there was none; he had figured a long time ago that she was a vampire but he couldn't really bring himself to talk to her about it as he knew that vampire's could be quite touchy with the subject. Snapping out of his thoughts he turned his head as his eyes flickered over her figure then cleared his throat as he tried not to think about particular things. 

''I uh...'' He tried to think of something but he his mind went blank and he didn't know what to say, pink tinted his cheeks as he tried to regain himself at being lost for his words. ''I appreciate what you did... Honestly, I thought I was going to die back there.'' His voice was stern as he spoke and nodded at her words as he listened. ''It has been some time.'' He commented as he watched her for a moment, it was hard to read her and usually Arthur was quite good at observing emotions. Pushing his thoughts away once again, he saw a lose strand hanging near her face, he slowly reached out to tuck it behind her ear. A small smile tugged up against his lips and he let out a sigh, ''it's complicated situation, Desna.'' He began to explain to her and she didn't know that he was a Prince plus a werewolf too. 

''I've managed to find a home here in Evermore and it was a nice place, so I got that and um...'' He knitted his eyebrows together and ran a hand through his blonde locks, frustrated. ''You might not like me if I told you what I am now.'' He managed to say without stumbling over his words so much and he began to feel tense and he was afraid of rejection too. He knew how much Desna was to him. ''I'm an ugly beast, Desna. I'm a freaking werewolf and I knew this place was the most safest Supernatural city there was,'' he mumbled and his heart started to beat fast, his nostrils flared a bit to calm himself down. ''I don't like being what I am, Desna but I had no choice.'' He shrugged as he looked away from her, trying to fight his emotions. 

Desna saw how surprised or taken off guard Arthur was by her sudden reaction to his hug. She didn't mean to push the only person who actually gave a damn about her a way. That moment reminded her of the last time they saw each other. It ended on an awkward note. The vampire wasn't sure if he remembered that night but she wasn't going to bring it up either. 

Just thinking it about it opened a flood of flashbacks. They were supposed to hang out but he had to disappear to take care of some important matters. He was gone for the whole night and didn't bother to return. Desna assumed he had stood her up so it was that same night she left without telling him or leaving a note. The vampire closed her eyes shut for a quick second, so she could kick herself out of her own thoughts. "Oh yeah....well I'm glad you are still alive." She gave him a slight smile. They were both at lost for words with the way they were stumbling over their own sentences. Desna watched as pushed a strand of hair behind ear, something he used to do a lot whenever her hair would act stubborn. 

Within that quick second, she had let her guard down. Her face faltered into a softer expression.  "It can't be that complicated Arthur." She said to him. She listened to what he had to say about Evermore being a place he found and called home now. But when she saw his expression change, her body tensed up. Whenever he ran his hand through his blonde hair she knew it was something serious he wanted to tell her but sometimes couldn't find the words. 

She waited for him to eventually tell her. She wanted to comfort him but she remained in the spot she was standing in. "An ugly beast?" The vampire arched her eyebrow in confusion. Before she could continue to ask what he meant he finally dropped the bomb on her. "A werewolf?!?!?!?" It was like that's all she heard after he had mentioned it. She didn't know what else to say or think. "" Her words again became scattered. "I can't … need to leave. Now!" She yelled in his face unintentionally but now her emotions were so high. Everything she thought she knew about him shattered within seconds. He became a stranger...

Arthur knew that when they were seeing each other he had left on a bad note and never spoke to her ever again, he felt like a douchebag when he did that and he honestly felt depressed after he did that but he couldn’t risk getting attached to her knowing what she was almost scared him. Vampire’s and him were never good mix. It always ended badly, irony is that it happened not long ago and yet he was saved by a vampire woman whom he crushed on.

He had many reasons of why he had left her and he knew it was a jerk move but he didn’t want to risk exposing something to her and could have easily killed him if she were to found out but he knew that she wouldn’t hurt him. A small smile lifted upon his lips as he heard her words, his brow raising slightly. ‘’I’m glad I am alive too,’’ he shrugged as he had countless times where he was encountered by near death experiences. A shiver ran down his spine as he thought about and immediately he shook his thoughts away that kept him up at night.

It was like the words were difficult to say to her as much as he didn’t want to tell her, it was a secret that he kept from most people as he was quite honestly ashamed of being what he was and it’s been taking a while for him to accept what he was. His eyes fluttered shut momentarily as he heard the words from her, his heart started to pound against his chest and anger swelled up inside of himself and his eyes quickly reopened.

‘’I’m not leaving you,’’ his eyes narrowed at her and crossed his arms over his chest. His breathing was beginning to become rapid, his nostrils flaring slightly. Werewolves were quick to anger. And so far, he hadn’t taught himself how to manage that. ‘’Desna… Please, I don’t want to leave you, again.’’ His voice almost cracked at the end as if his heart was shattering. He had abandoned his family and almost everyone back at home.

He didn’t want that to happen to Desna. ‘’Give me a chance?’’ He asked, trying to calm himself down to his normal self. ‘’After my birthday I was turned - it’s completely not my fault the way I am!’’ His voice raised a bit and he hoped no other vampire’s were around here. ‘’Please…’’ He sounded like he was begging and he never was vulnerable like this. He remained where he was and his blue orbs kept firmly on her as his chest began to slow, his breathing becoming at a normal rate now.

Desna's emotions all came raining down like a bad storm.  She didn't know what to think or how to feel. Her hands began to tremble unsteadily by her sides. Eve her eye sight was becoming blurred from the amount of tears she was trying to hold back. The vampire tried to recompose herself, taking a few short breaths here and there to steady her breathing. She looked away from Arthur, not wanting to face him. Maybe this was the reason why he disappeared on her. Desna finally looked at the Arthur who began to speak after the intense words had left her mouth. 

"I can't even look at you the same Arthur..." She said, trying not to show how vulnerable she was feeling at the moment. "I really don't know how this...." Desna stopped herself, her hands balled up into fist. She was thinking about a few months ago when Martina (her guardian) was almost attacked by rogue wolf. Luckily Desna was there to stop before she was practically mauled to death by the beast. "I just wish you told me about this sooner." She let out a sigh. Her mind has now stopped racing and she finally let her guard down. 

Desna finally met with his eyes. She could tell he was very remorseful about what he has become. She stepped closer to him, placing her hand onto his cheek. The warmth of his skin burned her cold palm. The vampire let out a sigh, shaking her head. The way his blue eyes flickered so bright even under the dimly lit light post always made her feel butterflies. And if she had a heart it would probably be fluttering by now. Arthur always had that affect on her. She wasn't sure why. 

She then let her hand fall from his face, back down to her side. " can stay." She finally said after what seemed like an intense fifteen minutes between the two. "Let's go to my place. We shouldn't be out here any longer discussing this." She mentioned to him while scanning the area. Although this part of the city was quiet, there were still troublesome vampires who liked to lurk around. Luckily Desna didn't live to far from the cafe. Her apartment was only a couple of blocks up from where they were. 

Arthur watched Desna carefully as he saw the mixed emotions going through her, it was clear that the vampire was confused on him now and he knew that he shouldn’t have told her about it, but that would be lying of what he truly was and a strange feeling unsettled in his stomach that he didn’t want to lie to her anymore. He watched her look away and another small frown creased his forehead, his brow raising as he listened to her intendly.

His blue orbs darkened slightly as the words flowed from her, he wished he did tell her sooner but it was a risk he couldn’t take since he had fancied her and he also didn’t want it to become a problem. ‘’I didn’t want to risk it, Desna. You would have hated me and things weren’t good for me back at home.’’ He explained, biting his lower lip as memories took over his mind. He was snapped back to reality as he felt her hand on his cheek and he leaned into the coolness of her hand, a small spark of electricity went over his cheek and wasn’t sure why. 

He gazed at Desna for a few moments, taking in her calmed features and remembered the good times they had with each other before he disappeared. As soon as her hand was taken away, a small disappointed sigh left from his lips. He nodded at her words, unable to speak at the moment as he was trying to calm himself down. Finally after a few minutes, he cleared his throat and began to speak. ‘’Alright,’’ he murmured as he shifted in his spot. ‘’You lead the way?’’ He asked, his eyes scanning the area to check if anymore vampire’s were lurking about. He could see why she was so worried about him being here, the place was a mess and he had bad vibes about the place.

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