Since Vlad’s death everything Theodor had ever known seemed changed his view on life had somehow been altered, he was supposed to sit on his hands and await orders? How could he just sit back and do nothing? He wanted answers, no he needed them. Theodor had been contemplating over the last while on what the next steps were, he had to be very careful with who he spoke to about what and why. Throwing the last of his clothing into his go bag, Theodor made sure to check and recheck all he had packed making sure he had all he would need on the mission in question. Once he was satisfied Theo closed the envelope and sealed it with his signature wax seal with his family stamp in the centre. ‘Please forgive me’ he thought to himself laying the freshly sealed letter down on the pillow of his neat almost military style made up bed. Lastly, he laid the cell phone next to the letter he didn’t want anyone being able to get a hold of him or track him.

Stepping out of his room he hurried out of the manor before anyone could stop or catch him, getting into his car he tossed the bag onto the passenger side seat starting up the car and driving towards the only address he knew to be on file for a fellow Guard. As he arrived at her location he shut the car off taking a deep breath he cleared all emotion from his face and thoughts, he didn’t want her to pick up on the change in him. Pushing out of the car he ran over in his mind what he planned to say to her, given her history she would likely not ask too many questions; or so he hoped at least. Clearing his throat once more “You’ve got this.” He muttered to himself, as he locked up his car, taking long quick strides up to the front door with three loud quick knocks of his knuckles to the wooden door he waited.

Taking a step back Theodor crossed his hands behind his back and waited as he often did, when she opened the door Theo offered her a smile. “Hello Bexley, I have a mission for you.” His voice was very formal and authoritative as he often was when discussing missions. “It was brought to my attention that you have been avoiding taking on any new missions, or answering any summons.” Theo waited for her to invite him in or try and shut the door on him, He decided to continue on about the mission in any case. “so for this mission, I shall be accompanying you. There is to be no technology of any sort involved and we need a cloaking spell to conceal our location from even the other Aliwards. As well as no way for anyone to contact us,  until absolutely necessary that we contact them.” Theo hoped being one of the first Aliward Guards she wouldn’t question him or his orders, only time would tell.

His eyes searched her face for any indication to what the woman would do next, Bexley was known for being a much colder and distant Aliward. Theo wasn’t even sure if she had many friends, or if she was seeing anyone, Theo didn’t know too much about her at all come to think of it. Since the death of Vlad Theo had pretty much withdrawn from the others which made his choice with what he was doing all the much easier. “Do you have any other questions? If not I suggest you grab your mission bag and let's get on the road. If you need to go inside and grab the bag, I shall accompany you.” Theo didn’t want her to close the door and bolt to avoid him, and he hoped that Bexley trusted him enough to know he was serious.

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Bexley was rather out of touch with what happened at the Manor she had thrown herself into her business. It was rather hard for her to be around her fellow guards after they had lost so many of them. Venetus hadn’t stopped the few guards who spread out through the city, he seemed to know they all need their space to grieve one way or another. Yet That wasn’t why Bexley placed space between herself and the other guards. She was angry, Crane had yanked her off the isle while she was trying to save it, but she knew it got him off the isle also. She knew there had to be some way to reverse everything that happened.

Bexley found herself popping into the Manor to take books from Mal to study, her gift of knowing almost all languages at this point in her life came in very handy when reading the old text. Yet every book she took grew pointless in her mission to turn back time or go back in time. That evening she was flipping through the pages of one of those said books when the knock came to the door. She looked up from the pages and gave a groan being able to feel who was on the other side of the door before even opening it. She stood up only in her pj as she shoved the book in her hiding spot. Charming it before she moved the door and pulled it open.

She leaned on the door frame for a moment as her hair settled back into place from the wind of the door. She watched him take his formal stance and raised a brow. “Oh you do?” she asked back as she took a step back from the doorway allowing him to come into her home as she crossed her arms and listen to him. “Oh great I get a chaperone as if I have never done missions before.” she scoft but was taken pack at the next few details “Going Dark Mission? Those are very rare as of late.” She said as she almost didn’t believe him, but then again if she was being tested it would make sense at the same time. Bexley wasn’t one to ask many questions as she eyed Theodor. He was one of the most well respected guards so she should take him on his word. Yet she could sense an edginess in his speech.

Something was off and yet Bexley knew that she could always teleport her way to safety if she needed to do so. “Fine but when Crane chews my ass out for going dark you get to deal with him. Let me change and get my things.” She said as she turned on her heels and moved through her home, pulling her shirt off as she walked down the hall tossing it aside as she needed to change if they were to go on a mission. She moved into her room pulling on a plain tee shirt, stripping her shorts off and sliding into her jeans and then running shoes as she picked up her larger mission bag that had more clothes and Diviner items in it. Since she had no idea how long they would be gone.

Pulling the duffle bag on her shoulder she let out a groan at the bruise that was on her shoulder from stopping a robber in her shop. She walked back out and moved over to him. “Alright no tech, and I figure the Ailwards know where we are going so nothing to worry about there.” she said as she reached in her bag and and held up a black bracelet to him, sliding it on then she slide hers on, holding the bracelets together speaking in a different language as the bracelets lit up for a moment then returned to being black. “Alright we are shielded along with the bracelets can tell us when the other is in trouble if we get split up. Just don’t remove it or the spell breaks.” she said as she walked out of her door waiting for him to exit before she spoke again and her house locked itself up. “After you.” she said as she followed him to his car and tossed her bag in the back sliding in the passenger seat.

Theodor watched Bexley as she reacted about the way he expected not too thrilled with the idea of having an elder Guard watching over her. “Bexxie, we all know you have done many a mission, and you have done them well.” He added, “Everyone at the manor misses you, and are worried about you, you suddenly moved out you barely come round anymore.” He continued and watched her. “Yes a going dark mission, I know it is a bit of an iffy time for such a mission this one is very much needed.” His voice tried to remain calm. “As for Crane, I can deal with him when and if necessary.” As she left to gather her things Theo simply stayed by the door waiting for her return. 

When Bexley returned and spoke of the Aliwards knowing where they were going Theodor did not respond it was better to stay silent than to lie completely to her face. As she placed a bracelet on his wrist he simply awaited the spell, “I should hope we don’t get separated that will make things much more difficult.” Once more Theo’s voice was rather flat and to the point. “Don’t remove or spell breaks got it.” He said moving his wrist around a bit not sure what to think of the foreign object around his wrist. Stepping out of the house, he walked over to the car and opened the passenger door open for Bexley. When she climbed in her simply shut the door behind her and rounded around to his side and got in.

Starting up his car he drove towards the highway exit leading out of Evermore Theo was not sure how to ask her if she knew about the mission Octavia and Vlad had been on. Did she know the area they were to be going to? He hoped not if she did she might be able to get a sense of the direction they would soon be heading. It would take a few hours to get there and they would need to change vehicles so the Aliwards could not track his. He was sure that the moment the others noticed that he is gone, they would send everyone out to look for him. Aurelia would likely be the first to notice Theodor’s absence, Theo had a pretty strict training and general routine he almost never veered off of it.

Glancing over to Bexley in the seat beside him Theo stayed silent his thoughts were so jumbled the past while and he had no idea how to even remotely sort through them all. “Why did you move out?” He asked needing a distraction from his own thoughts. It was a question that he assumed played on everyone’s mind and he was not sure if anyone had come right out and asked her yet or not.

“I seriously doubt many people in the manor miss the dark cloud.” Bexley rolled her eyes at the elder guard but knew better than to argue, at least if she did this mission it meant they would be off of her case for her while. Then she could complete her own private mission. “Ven said if anyone need space to take it. I had to create something for myself.” She said with a shrug and then thought about her ex-lover, and best friend Crane. “I don’t know Craner is pretty protective of me.” She gave a half shrug to the male.

As Bexley made her return and the pair made their way way out of her home and she sealed it against anyone but Crane she looked to Theo, if anyone in the manor was more of a killjoy then her it had to be Theo. He had been rather blunt and stale as she did what he asked. She was going to need a lot of alcohol if she was going to have to deal with him the whole time. She climbed in the car as he opened it for her and tossed her back in the back, crossing her legs she leaned her head to watch out the window as he began to drive.

It was quiet, Bexley was practicing the moves of the spell she had been learning in her head. She had to get it perfect if she was going to give her life to return all of those who lost their lives in the fall. She only had one chance. She wondered on this trip if she could get some dark diviner stones she was running short on in the shop. She was going over the part where she would have to cut her own wrist when Theo voice filled her ears. “Hmm?” she pulled her dark gaze from the window where the trees where flying by to look to him.

“Well After the fall I couldn’t handle what happened. Especially since Crane pulled me off the Isle as I was trying to cast a protection spell to save...well everyone.” She said as she reached up touching the amulet that rested around her neck, a matching one rested on Crane neck. “I couldn’t be around the mourning, I don’t mourn like the others. I don’t cry, I don’t do feelings. I get angry and destructive. After all that is how I turned dark after being claimed by the light. I figured it was safer for everyone if I was very far away. Didn’t need a dark diviner losing it with her hands on some of the most ancient magical artifacts known to the aspects within reach.” She shifted clearing her throat.  “Why do you care?” she asked as he looked to him raising her brow.

“You are not that much of a Dark Cloud Bex” he added “Yes, time and space are needed for all that is very true, and creating something that is all yours is a very good direction. It doesn’t mean to cut yourself off from those who love and care for you, MaeFlower.” He looked over at her in the passenger seat. The nickname was one Theodor had given her a while ago, it was a token to her name and the fact that when she and Theo had been off on a mission and she had fallen into a bed of flowers. It was the first time the pair had even remotely connected and laughed. The name sort of stuck after and he only used it when they were alone, he didn’t want her to be embarrassed by the private nickname.

“The fall was hard on all of us, That is a lot to take onto your shoulders.” He said. Yes, Bexley was one of the most powerful people Theodor knew, there was no way to know if the spell would have saved everyone; or if it would have killed her in the process. They couldn’t go back in time and change the course of the events no matter how badly they wanted to. Everyone just had to learn how to move on with their lives find some way to move forward.

Grief, that was a whole other ballgame, Theodor had known grief in so many ways; his current situation was one he was not sure he would ever get over. “Bex everyone grieves in their own ways, no two people grieve the same that would be absurd to think.” His eyes left the road for a moment to glance over at her. His facial features softening just a little.

“Have you not heard the stories about what I have put the house through in times of grief? Storms, and fires IN the manor…” Theo chuckled so far Theo had yet to have an episode of such nature over his brother. He was getting help from those around him, but Theo also wasn’t willing to accept that his brother was gone, therefore he had no reason to grieve. That would come in time… in the present, he just hoped that Bexley would learn to trust that the Aliwards Guards and Aspects would always be there for one another.

“I care because I care about everyone in our family, you are family MaeFlower Families stick together no matter what. Thick and Thin and all that stuff.” His eyes looking way down the road. The family was the reason he was off on this dark mission without informing the others. Theo refused to accept what the others had, not yet he needed to see things for himself.

Bexley head turned towards him as he called her MaeFlower. “You know I hate that nickname.” she chuckled slightly as it did bring a smile to her lips for a moment before she returned to her resting bitch face. She knew the reason behind him showing up to her door, after all Ery had showed up to her shop earlier that day to inform Vlad was just gone. She had brought herself to a nosebleed to try and find him. She figured Theo showing up on her doorstep was his way of asking for help. Even more so when he claimed it was undercover even from the guard and aspects. She wanting answers pretend in not wanting to go. Yet she was sure Theo had much more info then Ery gave her. And ghosting was kind of her thing.

So she would play the long quiet game. “Maybe so.” she replied about a lot on her shoulders. “Yet we both know I take a lot on my shoulders.” She said softly as she shifted crossing her legs as she looked out the window for a long moment. “Is what it is I guess.” She sighed as she picked at the strings in the hole of her jeans she was wearing. “Still wish I could do something to bring them back.” She was sad that so many good guards died and she survived all because of Crane’s attachment to her.

She turned her head slightly to him, “How does the great Dorhead grieve?” She asked with the nickname that she chose him after the Maeflower nickname. Only using it when it was just them, though it was a rare thing. “I was always a fan of making up a wonderland potion and getting lost.” She muttered as she remembered the weeks she spent on the stuff before getting clean and pulling her act together. Her feature was soft as she looked to the empty space between him not really looking at him. “I feel you lost far more than I did…” she paused for a moment thinking of Vlad before saying “in the fall.”

“You losing control? I could never believe it.” She said as she let her eyes move up to him, watching his face. Noticing how he held it together putting together he was in the denial stage of lost. She would be too if she had any siblings to care about. Though who was she to talk she planned on trying to bring back all the guards and give her life in their place. “Please tell me the tale of you losing it. I need to put it away for a rainy day to use against you.”

Bexley gave a gentle snort as she patted his hand softly. “Leave the dad speeches to your daughter Theo.” She said softly as she returned her gaze out the window for a long moment. “I know I come off cold, but when you have been through what I have it is easier that way.” she said softly as she folded her fingers together. “Being family with me is a curse waiting to happen, so maybe don’t care so much about me.” She said lightly. “You have far better to care about.”

“If I could give my life to bring back everyone we lost you know I would Maeflower but there is not much I can do about it.” When she used his nickname Dorhead he shook his head with a smirk on his face. How did he grieve? Theo was not sure how to answer that usually, he allowed himself time to process face the reality but this time he was refusing to allow it to be his reality. He was throwing all he had into solving this to make it not be true. “I wasn’t trying to dad speech you.” He gave her a sideways glance. “I am sure over the next little while you may get to see first hand one of the many great Theo losing it stories might be, and you can retell it any way you like.”

“If having you as family is a curse Bex it is a curse I welcome.” He reached over and gave her arm a gentle squeeze, it was a gentle loving gesture but one that Theo often did to those he cared about. “I know you have heard what happened to Vlad Bex, I am not naive enough to think you don’t know what is happening.” His tone changed it was calm quiet with a hint of a darker undertone. “I need to find him. I can’t accept this fate.” The road ahead seemed longer as he spoke. “I don’t know where to start other than where Oct and Vlad were at the time.” His eyes left the road to look at Bex. “You still up for helping me on this mission?”

The elder Initia Guard was not too fond of lying or deceiving those he loved but he hoped that Bexley would still be willing to help him. Theo was willing to pay any price to bring his brother back if he could. Pulling the car off down a side road until they were well out of the city, putting the car in to park turning in his seat to look at her. “Everyone wants answers but I feel like they are playing everything cautious and I get it but I just I don’t agree with the others on this. Not this time Bexley.” His face dropped as did his shoulders Theo’s entire demeanour was sad and distant not quite himself.

“I need someone who understands what I’m going through, someone who isn’t willing to accept that he is just…” Theo wiped away a tear “gone. Not willing to accept that we lost another one.” Turning to Bex he hoped she would still be on board with this off the rails wing it plan Theo was doing right now. He reached his hand over and covered hers. “Please Maeflower.” He pleaded with her.

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