Zeus's plans had been sabotaged the moment she'd entered the woods to attend the city's annuall spring fling. And, with all of her revenge plans lately, she figured she owed it to herself to have some normal fun; whatever normal meant. The Nephilim only had one purpose from the moment her mother was gruesomely killed at the hands of the Initia. Zeus had been a tomboy from just a tender age, and couldn't remember the last time she'd been the type of female to just stay out of the way. All her life, Zeus had been a wild-card. The blonde Nephilim loved parties, drinks, and casual hook-ups; and while she wasn't picky when it came to gender, the male before her grabbed her attention in ways that no one else ever had. 

Her evening had started out pretty mellow. A few drinks, and she was ready to go home. That was until the detective sat down beside of her, running game. She was familiar with his charming, sly ways, and she enjoyed playing along. After sharing a few remarks and exchanging a couple of lingering stares, the two of them had ended up on the dance floor. One song after another, from slow to fast beats, she had ended up dancing her entire night away with him. By the end of the spring-fling, Zeus was sure she'd met someone amazing, and had even followed him back to his place. The morning after, her thoughts ran wild, and she didn't particularly regret anything, but she wasn't exactly comfortable waking up next to him either. 

She had always imagined waking up in the arms of a person who said 'I love you" to Zeus. Zeus's parents had raised her to have morals, and standards, and to set limits for herself when it came to sleeping with someone. They mainly wanted her to save herself for the right man. A man who would marry her, and love her for all eternity. She knew her mother was rolling in her grave to the things Zeus had turned out to be. But, Zeus was happy with her life, even if deep down, it hurt to wonder how disappointed they may be with her. Zeus hadn't seen her father ever since her mothers medallion had been tracked back to Evermore. She often wondered if he'd played a part of her mothers death. 

Snapping back to the here and now, Zeus's realized she'd been laying there awake, lost in thought so long that she'd forgotten he was beside her with no clothes on. With little effort, the blonde Nephilim slid out from under his arm, and hoped not to wake him as she stole the sheet that covered the two of them, to cover herself as she stumbled around his bedroom, trying to gather her clothes. "Stupid stupid stupid" she whispered, scolding herself for the events that'd taken place in this room last night. A man like Ezra, didn't seem like a man interested in commitment. With the type of job he had, she wasn't even sure he'd give her the time of day after today. 

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Waking up to the movement on his bed Ezra remembered the wild night hr had had with a sexy fox.  This little fox had uncovered him taking the sheet with her.  The hairs on his naked flesh stood as goose flesh covered him.  Smiling he opened his eyes “Let me make you some breakfast,  they say is the most important meal of the day."  Unlike her, he was not modest about his body.  Walking up to her, Ezra held her in his arms from behind whispering in her ear “not stupid, beautiful." He nibbled a little on her ear, grabbed his boxers and went to the kitchen.

Within minutes he had coffee started, eggs and bacon frying and toast on the toaster.  "You like coffee and juice for breakfast.  Would you like some fruit?"  He didn’t wait for an answer.  He just did what he always did, made breakfast.  He set the bounty of food on top of the breakfast bar, with a satisfied smile he invited Zeus to join in.  "Help yourself, it not fancy just eggs and toast."

once they have nourished their bodies, Ezra convinced her to stay a little longer.  He enjoyed her company.  She was easy to talk to.  The day however had to come to an end.  When she left he didn’t give her any promises.  Ezra had been very clear about his job and how often he worked into the late hours of the night.  The days were unpredictable so he rarely made plans to have some time to himself.  Commitment was something Ezra didn’t know how to do.  He was his job.

They had managed to have a few more dates together but as his job got more demanding Ezra stopped calling her.  He wasn’t the type of guy to be texting all the time.  She had found that out when Zeus had sent all those cute text.  He had not replied until she had stopped. He had called her and told her to leave him a message, one, no texting...he had remembered to say please.  Ezra had made it up to her with a home cooked meal, steak and potatoes.

Unexpectedly two weeks later Ezra was flown to New York on a family matter.  He was so consumed by grief Ezra never bothered to call Zeus, by the time he came back, he had put their relationship to one side.  Ezra knew from experience women didn’t like that so it was easier for him just to let things cold down on their own.  That’s he had always done and it had worked for him until now.

His voice had faintly echoed out into the room, letting Zeus know that she had definitely woke him up. Turning slightly, the blonde undressed Nephilim looked to him from over her shoulder, speechless as she stared at all the places she'd touched last night. It took her long enough to even register the fact that he offered to make breakfast. Shyly, the Nephilim tilted her head, offering a warm smile at him as a thankyou gesture instead of speaking. Zeus had never been good at being steady. And to be frank, she didn't think she was good at being with a male. After sharing her first kiss with a female, the Nephilim had strayed away from guys all together, except for the one date she'd had with a guy, on the same night she received the call from her father, that her mother had gone missing. Zeus had up and left her date suddenly and abruptly, not even telling the guy goodbye, and that was the last time she'd been with a male, until now. 

But, how harmful could breakfast be right? He wasn't dropping down on one knee or anything, she supposed she was overreacting and reading too much into it. "Breakfast sounds good" she finally breathed out, relaxing her tense body as she stood there unsure of what to say to him. As he then came behind her, and whispered something sweet, making sure to drive her insane as he nibbled her ear gently, Zeus bit her lip roughly, shaking her head at him as he walked away. Him walking away had given her time to calm down, recollect herself, and join him with a different vibe; a less panicked shameful vibe. 

Zeus chuckled though as she watched him shuffle around, asking questions, and not giving her time to answer them before deciding to make what smelled and looked like an amazing breakfast. "It looks great, I don't do fancy" she said in response, flashing him a wink. "Thank you for keeping me for breakfast Ezra" she stated, grimacing as she looked to the floor and began twiddling her thumbs. 

Zeus could remember the way she felt when their time together had finally ended. She went home and curled up in a corner, and rocked herself back and fourth for hours. When Ezra had up and stopped calling her, it had kinda burnt the Nephilim  out after how she'd been done by a certain Initia that did a beautiful portrait piece on her rib cage. "Bastard" she whispered lowly. He'd broken her, just the same as Nathaniel Leight had. All Zeus had were memories of every painful little thing that she'd allowed guys  to do to her, and she wasn't going to let Ezra be a third. She couldn't help but remember the way she felt though, each time they were together, and that time ended.. she didn't want it to end, and that fact had scared her. 

She remembered when she had finally given up on the texts to him, and had even sent him a few pics of herself that he never had responded too. The only response the Nephilim had ever gotten from Ezra was him telling her to leave him a message, one, with the exception of no texting. She'd done that, and still she hadn't heard from him. Snapping back to the present, Zeus continued walking through the bustling streets, passing by those who seemed to be in such a hurry that they couldn't even enjoy their day. 

It's not like Zeus could exactly say she was enjoying hers either, and it was only about to get worse as she spotted Ezra of all people posted up at a picnic table in the park. Public or not, her blood boiled at the site of him, and she couldn't stop herself. It almost seemed that her movements were out of her control as she stormed over and  sat down on the opposite side of him, glaring daggers through him, before speaking through gritted teeth. "Hello stranger" she said simply before leaning forward and giving his cheek a hefty enough slap to let him know she wasn't the type of female to be forgotten after being in someones bed the way she'd been in his. She had assumed things between them were flowing naturally, but he couldn't be bothered to even tell her to go to hell, as he upped and stopped calling her.

"You played me, like a coward" she added, glaring at him, before swiping away the single tear that had managed to slide down her cheek. She'd been so fucking used to being used that she'd began to feel obligated to men, only in a sexual way, feeling as if she wasn't good enough for anything more than that. "Ive replayed our time together over and over in my head, trying to figure out what I did to deserve that but nope nothing.. nothing comes to mind as to why you deserve to walk around here with your held held high, while i sit in the corner of my bedroom rocking back and fourth, feeling worhtless" she began venting, and stepped back a little as she felt the urge to slap him again. "I get it, your a workaholic whos married to his job, but you didn't even have the decency to tell me to piss off" she finished off, and leaned herself against a tree behind where she now stood. 

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