Christmas. Christmas was a time where family came together and gave gifts to one another. For Javier, it was different for him, his parents passed away a long time ago. It was somewhat a lonely time for him; he always thought about his parents around this time of year. He remembered when he was a young man, his father would buy a leg of lamb then his mother would roast off some potatoes and vegetables then a delicious gravy poured over. It was one of his favourite meals but since his parents aren’t around, he would have to spend his time elsewhere. He was used to being alone by now but the memory still pains him till this day that his parents were no longer alive.

One of the bars in town had a festivity nightclub going on, raffles and dancing, you name it, it was happening. Javier wasn’t expecting anyone to be there but he knew for a fact that he was thinking of the night he met Ash. Ash was in trouble and he saved him, back in his era, he wouldn’t have saved him, but he knew that his gut was telling him to save him. So with that, Javier made sure that Ash was safe in his apartment, even after biting his wrist, his blood tasted sweet and delicate. It was an amazing taste. He could feel there was a connection happening between them but he wasn’t sure why there was, he hasn’t felt attracted to another male in a long time. But Ash, Ash was different. He was handsome, his personality was a hot mess but he seemed to enjoy it, he wanted to know Ash more though. He slung his jacket over his shoulder as he headed down the street of the human territory, towards the bar he had in mind.

Many people were about, celebrating the festive season even if it was still days away, but many people had early Christmas drinks or parties, or family gatherings. His feet slapped the bare concrete beneath him, it wasn’t too cold, thankfully, even if winter was one of his favourite seasons. Spotting the bar a couple of blocks away, it appeared to be one of the busiest bars around the town. He saw lots of Drag Queens, pride flags, glitter almost everywhere on the exterior. He chuckled at the thought, he was once into Drag but he hasn’t done it for years now. Approaching upon the bar, he chatted to one of the Drags, complimenting the outfit before heading inside. The place was packed to the rim, squeezing through the sea of humans, he managed to get to the bar. He ordered a whiskey like he always does and thanked the bartender once his drink was passed over. He held the glass in his hands as his eyes flickered over the sea of humans, he was used to it by now since he was turned many years ago.

A couple of men came over to Javier, flirting with him every now and then, he flirted back with them slightly but not strongly. He suddenly smelled a familiar scent that went by him, his eyes immediately started to scan the crowd of humans. His eyes soon caught a familiar handsome figure, Ash was leaning over the bar, taking a sip of an alcoholic beverage. The moment the two laid eyes upon each other, a small smirk appeared over his lips. He immediately ignored the other males around him before he pushed through them, heading near him but not too close, he sat about a person away from Ash, teasingly flirt with the male beside him, trying to see if Ash was going to react to his way of flirting. He took a sip of his whiskey drink, a couple of males, who he was talking before, came up from behind him and began flirting with him too. He seemed to be quite the catch here. He talked among them before he saw Ash standing up, walking over towards the crowd of men around Javier. His eyebrows raised him, his smirk still playing along his lips but he could sense the other was angry, very angry, to the point where he looked like he wanted to hurt someone.

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Ash couldn't believe how quickly the year had passed. Now with Christmas just around the corner, he struggled to find something appropriate for the people he saw fit of receiving a gift. He could easily just wrap himself in a bow, but that would have been a little too cocky, even for Ash himself. He'd been on a late shift this evening, one dead body after the next until the clock finally read 6 p.m. He was thankful to clock out, because the closer it got to the holidays, the more deaths that'd been piled on. It was sad really, but he assumed holidays brought the deal toll up in general. Between depression and people having feuds with one another, Ash being a forensic pathologist, he knew he'd be more busy now than any other time of the year. 

On his way home, Ash had decided to stop at the mall. He hadn't bought himself anything nice in a while, and he knew there wouldn't be many people sending gifts his way, so in the spirit of the holidays, he picked out some new clothes, a new watch and decided to grab something he thought Lucius might appreciate. He couldn't deny that a certain Valkry had been stuck in most of his thoughts lately, and found himself running his fingers over the tiny marks left on his neck from their last encounter. Ash had been dazed when someone bumped into him, telling him to move his ass, because he'd been holding a line up. Flustered, he walked along, and paid for his stuff before leaving. 

The human went home just long enough to shower and change into his new clothes, adorned by a new watch, and new cologne, and he never left his hair out, Ash probably had more hair products than a female. After giving himself a once over, Ash left his apartment, and drove himself to the bar he often found himself in when he wanted to unwind. He'd gotten into plenty of trouble in this bar already, but that was due to his choice of one night stands. Most had either been married men, or men who only saw Ash as a sugar daddy. Lucius had been different by all means. The first thing he noticed, thankfully hadn't been money. Javier either, but Javier had come along after Lucius so now the human felt conflicted. 

Ash simply loved this bar. It had been literally the only one in the city that was specifically for men. Drag queens, bisexual's, the list went on, and it's the one place Ash could feel like himself without the judgement of others. But, never in a million years did he think he'd spot Javier in here. With how he had left, things were a bit awkward between them now, and even though he had decided he wouldn't approach him anymore, he couldn't help but tilt his head and observe from the distance for a moment. He could see just how tense their conversation was getting, and how Javier seemingly looked at the other male with that same glimmer in his eyes, the one his eyes had held when he had saved Ash's life. 

"Certainly he's not winning you over that easily" Ash called out, but left his gaze to drift anywhere but Javier. His comment had apparently struck a nerve in the male that'd been flirting with Javier, because the other male had placed his arm around Javier's neck, and kissed him like he had known him for a life time. Ash took just long enough to get himself a proper buzz. Before he even knew what was happening next, he had rose to his feet, and approached both Javier and his followers. "I didn't take you as the male whore type, but you seem to be doing pretty well for yourself" he expressed, smirking coyly as he gazed to the other men surrounded Javier. "Do you always indulge this much?" he finished off, unaware that his hands had flexed into fists. Ash wasn't sure what he was even doing, and the alcohol likely caused him to act a little more blunt than usual, but the fact that he was standing here acting jealous, was completely out of character for a person like him. Especially with Lucius in the picture. Things were still pretty unclear between them, but Ash did know he fancied the Celestial a lot. Now  with Javier around, it had only confused the human more than anything, and either way, he was letting his anger compromise anything promising for tonight. 

The moment he had entered the bar, the music was blasting and people were everywhere. It was one of the most active night clubs he had seen for the LGBT community in Evermore. Javier first discovered this bar when he was on a nightclub crawl through a night one night, before he stumbled across it and he had returned a few times due to it being popular and had quite interesting events that sometimes, he took part in as he wanted to explore more opportunities, the majority of the time, a lot of people loved him here and the staff knew him quite a bit too since he was more than just a regular. This time of year was where tourism started and particularly those who are into the LGBT community, often came here and that meant more event occasions. 

With being swarmed by other males, none of them were Ash, in fact, there were all strangers trying to get into him but he was honestly surprised by how busy it was tonight. The moment he saw Ash here in the bar, he was surprised to see him as he hadn’t known him to come to this bar but in the end, there he was. He was as gorgeous as always and his outfit was striking to say the least, he spotted the watch on his wrist as well, that must have been new since he hadn’t seen it last time he saw him, even if the two were awkward between each other. Deep down, he knew that there was something between them but he was still uncertain of what it was. Was it attraction or something deeper than attraction? Javier definitely felt conflicted with emotions and attraction. One of the males, continued to be pestering him, asking all sorts of questions, he would only answer them briefly as if he wasn’t nearly as interesting as Ash was. 

As the swarm of men continued to be interested in Javier, he heard Ash comment on the male who kept flirting with the elder valkyr. If any of them knew what he was, they would have definitely scrambled. Javier was quite surprised by the sudden kiss but it didn’t lead him to kiss them back, there was no way. As the stranger, released Javier, his eyes flickered over to Ash, he could see that both of his hands were flexed into fists. Somewhat excitement grew inside of him as he saw how jealous Ash was getting all of a sudden, he could hear it in his voice that was he definitely was jealous, it may have been the alcohol but he wasn’t sure. First time they met was when saved his life, so he didn’t really know his personality all that well. One of the stranger had managed to touch Ash’s shoulder, pushing him slightly with a drunken slur, the drunk stranger said, ‘’we aren’t even whores. We just love Javier’s company,’’ he said almost innocently before the man cracked up into laughter. ‘’Is the poor boy getting jealous?’’ One of them said, almost taunting Ash like a teenager back in high school. 

His eyes snapped to the stranger who said that he was getting jealous, a small growl left his lips before he grabbed his drink, he could see in the corner of his eye that Ash was getting riled up before he took anymore chances, he splashed the whiskey across to the fellow to distract him before he grabbed Ash by the hand and dragged him away from the crowds. He headed towards the back of the bar, where it was quieter. Once there was no other humans in sight, he pushed Ash against the wall in the small corridor, his eyes glancing over the human, is ever so intoxicating scent driving him slightly crazy inside. ‘’Ash,’’ he muttered as his eyes held onto the dark brown ones. ‘’Are you alright?’’ He asked, one arm was leaned against the wall as his body pressed against, almost shielding him and protecting him. ‘’Males can get out of hand around here..’’ His eyes continued to be glued onto the other males, his eyes glazing over down to Ash’s lips for a quick moment before his eyes remained on his once more. ‘’I’m sorry you saw that,’’ he apologized as he cupped the younger males cheek, his thumb running across his cheek bone. His eyes kept glazing over the younger males face, a small smile grazing upon his lips. The air between them was intense, something he had never experienced before. His face was so close to his now, his eyes remained onto Ash’s, his only focus was on him and no one else, his hand remained on the cheek. 

This was pretty cliche, Ash would admit. While he was gay, he had never ventured into a LGBT club, simply because he hated them. Ash wasn't a social butterfly, so to be here tonight flocking behind a Valkyr of all things, was totally out of character for Ash. Ash had Lucius to worry about now too, a lawyer he had met one night on a crime scene. Ash had been examining a dead body when Lucius stormed over to hi demanding answers. Ash used his sly charm to get Lucius to buy him a drink in exchange for the information he desired. What Ash had never expected, was that he'd like the guy.

Now as he stood in the middle of this LGBT club, a whirlwind of emotions washed over him, wave after wave, nearly drowning Ash. He didn't do well with emotions as it was. But, to be sorting through emotions like these, he couldn't lie, it fucked his head up a little. Ash knew he wouldn't be a good boyfriend, not to anyone, but a small part of him couldn't help but wonder if he could at least make an attempt in making Lucius happy. He knew his talents in the bed would make any male happy, but that wasn't the important thing in a relationship, it just happened to be the one thing Ash seemingly never failed at.

Truth be told, he had thought about it with Javier, the night he had saved Ash from becoming Vampire food. Ash had never turned down a sexual encounter,, so to say that he did now suddenly, made him feel as though his feelings for Lucius had maybe grown into something more than attraction. The attraction to Javier seemed to heighten every time Ash got near him with one too many drinks in his system, but even when he'd sober up, he often thought about how Javier had been so protective over him. Ash would bring a world of crazy to anyone that should decide to be insane enough to chose to settle down with him, so he could only wonder if he was just bad news for everyone he had met lately. He had his drug dealing that also seemed to always cause issues. Ash made plenty of money to hold himself up just with being a forensic pathologist. Being a drug dealer, was something that had been etched into him as a small boy. Ash had been forced to learn the ways of Tate's Therian pack just to survive it, and not only had they all been drug dealers, but they were part of a vicious gang, one that had been at war with Vampires back then.

Ash couldn't seem to process from one second to the next as Javier intervened on what could have been a bloody battle, not realizing what was going on as he was shoved against the wall in one of the darker, more quiet corners of the club. Ash looked to Javier with an apologetic expression gracing his features. "I don't know what's gotten into me" he admitted, and ran a hand over is face, knocking Javier's away in the process. Ash could feel himself heaving as he breathed heavily from the contact of Javier's body pressing into his.

When Ash felt himself nearly panting, he shoved the Valkyr away from him and turned his back to him, leaning his forehead against the wall, while pounding his fist against it. "What are you doing here?!" he yelled at him, angered by how the chain of emotions he felt, were specifically due to what the group of men earlier had chalked up to jealousy. "I know how things have been between us.. smething like walking and tip toeing around this line I had to draw, and sometimes.. I feel myself falling over that line, but I.." he couldn't find the right words within himself to speak properly. Ash cleared his throat and turned back around after catching his breath "I can't ... do this" he finally expressed.

"Im thankful that you saved me Javier. And, ever since you ... you know" he didn't necessarily have the privacy to finish that sentence out loud, to say that Javier had fed on him. "Ever since that, I haven't been right in my head.. did you do something to me?!" he asked, angered again by unknown. Ash knew better though, it's just that blaming Javier was easier than admitting that he was sexually attracted to the man. It made him feel like shit in fact, because every time that thought crossed his mind, so did Lucius. They weren't officially dating yet, but Ash had indeed hooked up with the Celestial. And, truth be told, the anticipation of when it would happen again, had him  completely coming undone.

But the way Javier was looking at him, did the same thing. Ash wasn't sure if he should feel that way r not. Perhaps he needed Lucius to tell him one way or another, if he wanted to be exclusive with the human. Lucius was a gorgeous man, and Ash could only fear now, that he likely went through the same thing that Javier did when he'd go out into the public. And here he now stood, feeling insecure as fuck about both of them. "I need some air. Don't follow me, Javier. Please" he asked kindly .. because Javier's presence alone was enough to stir things up in Ash, that he simply didn't wish to feel. Ash stormed outside and flipped the bouncer off who told him to calm his shut or not come back inside. He didn't wanna go back in. And he now knew he was in danger out here.

The group of men that Ash had just stumbled across inside, were now gathering around him, smirking, and balling their fists up, while throwing a bunch of fucked up slurs in his direction. "Look, little bitch boy is all alone now. Who will save you now?" they asked, snickering as if they all belonged in school still. Ash smirked, and in the blink of an eye he lunged at the whole group of them, anger consuming his judgement. In any other case, he would have known that he couldn't take 5-6 men on by himself. This would certainly be a long night, one where Ash would likely end up in jail again, and it wouldn't go well for him with his job. If he ended up being fired as a Forensic Patholgist, he just knew his life would be derailed even further.

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