Eden's life had been anything but easy. From the moment the doe-eyed brunette entered the world, she'd been brought into rickety home with barren walls and a leaking roof, James and Margaret could hardly give her more than a name. So they named her after the fictitious paradise that would eternally bloom and flourish, as they knew she would: Eden. Growing up with barely a penny to spare was hard work, but it taught Eden strength, resilience, and determination. And Eden craved knowledge, learning any and everything she could, especially different languages. Eventually Eden had been viewed as a prodigy in her hometown, and began entering the lavissh homes of rich men to tutor their children with her brilliant mind. She'd gotten herself a pretty great system, making only three dollars an hour back then, which put new shoes on her feet, and new books to teach and tutor from after a hard years work. 

At times, Eden couldn't help but wonder how she had went from that, to where she currently was now.  Flashbacks haunted the Valkyr of how everyone she had came to love back then, spat in her face calling her a demon of the night that was no longer welcomed into the Heathcliff manor. Eden had literally sacrificed herself for the Heathcliff family. Giving her kidney's to young Kalvin to save his life, which ended hers. But, with the help of Lord Caldwell, and Lord Heathcliff, one to do the surgery, and the other to turn Eden into a shadow being, everything had went well; until she died. When Eden jolted from the bed Lord Heathcliff lied her in, and burst through the doors to join the rest of the family, her eyes nearly popped out to the sight of her mother hissing at her. 

Two guards had rushed towards Eden, keeping her away from the young boy she had just saved, and Lady Heathcliff explained what was happening, only through the windows of her home as Eden stood on the street, abandoned and betrayed. Lord Caldwell figured that the least he could do, was send her to another city with a plane ticket, a fresh change of clothes, and enough money to rent herself a motel room for a few nights. He had been generous enough to let her crash at his place the night she'd been kicked out of the Heathcliff manor, but he made it very clear that he wasn't obligated to do anything more; that had meant a lot for Eden. Upon arriving to Evermore, the Valkyr had no idea what she'd do, or who she'd even turn to. The ambassador was an option, but she'd definitely put her guard up with people of importance after the ordeal with the Heathcliff's and Lord Caldwell. 

Eden remembered how skilled she had been back in her hometown though, and began bar hopping to pick out the rich men in the city. One thing led to another, and Eden now sat here with a hand full of coins, wanting nothing more than to change the lifestyle she had now adapted to. Eden knew she was beautiful, but she was so much more, and the men in her life had only ever saw her fit for one thing, but they had been paying her well for it, and that money was all she had to pay the rent on her motel room every month. The Valkyr pressed her lips into a thin line, frowning as she looked into the palm of her hand, to the coins that were supposedly meant to grant people wishes. 

Knox had truly been the only thing close to normal that Eden had ever gotten. Upon arriving to Evermore, and the motel she began living in, she had met him shortly after, since he was her neighbor. But, her neighbor had eventually turned into a shoulder to lean on. During the late nights when Eden came dragging in, hungry and full of shame for how she'd made her money each night, Knox happened to be wide awake, and usually had leftovers from whatever fast food joint he had ordered from. Their relationship had been a simple one so far. Small talk in the hallways, stopping by each others rooms to play a game of cards when they were each bored and restless, and sharing food with one another. But Eden at least felt as if someone finally appreciated her presence, and didn't only look at her for one thing. 

Sighing, she finally got to her feet, and made one simple wish before tossing one of her coins into the wishing well. Eden wasn't even sure how this worked, but this was the second time she'd came here to do this, and each time, she walked away frowning because her wishes were never granted. And, for a female like Eden, it was hard to even spare so much as a few coins, let alone waste them on wishes that would never come true.  "Why doesn't this stupid thing work?!" the Valkyr yelled out loud, muttering curse words as she roughly slammed the rest of her coins down, watching them trickle into the water along with the millions of other coins that people as senseless as her had tossed in. 

Sitting on the slab of concrete around the well, Eden frowned before looking to the sky. Watching the sunset was one of few things she really enjoyed doing. It gave her time to reflect and recollect herself. As a woman, she didn't feel as if she amounted to much.. and that wounded her pride greatly. Eden didn't realize that she wasn't here alone tonight, and now felt slightly embarrassed to think someone had saw her at the wishing well, expecting a miracle to jump out of the water or something. 

Eden could only give the red head a side view glance, feeling to embarrassed to make direct eye contact with anyone. But, the humble, down to earth side of her had never left her, and that had typically made it easy for Eden to make friends. "Here for the sunset?" she asked, giving her a faint smile. But, for whatever reason, she found her spirits uplifted just by sitting near this female. That was a first, the Valkyr would have to admit, but it was a welcomed first. 

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Recently, Argent had been leaving the manor more often, there was something about the mood there that was bringing her down, reminding her of harder times and making it harder to cope. The aspect of light was always the mood maker of the manor but that didn’t mean she was always happy, nor did she lack struggles of her own. Since the fall of Skyem, Argent had definitely felt her heart aching with questions about why this was their reality and if there was anything they could have done to make things different. One of Argent’s problems was that she just tended to care too much, which had its benefits but it also made her very easy to hurt, especially when it came to people she let get close to her.

That was the reason she tended to push new people away, it was easier than letting them get close for them to either die on her or leave down the line. The redhead hadn’t had the best of luck when it came to love but also friends. Her lover, Raven, had died over 100 years ago now and yet she still felt the sting of it, she lost her personal guard Ayra along with many of her other friends during the fall of Skye and even now she feared that wasn’t the end of the chain. She honestly believed someone was out targeting her people and she didn’t have the first idea how to stop it. Something the aspect didn’t handle well was not knowing things, ironically, being in the dark she supposed.

So she escaped out here sometimes just to think and to gather her worries and let them go, it was evening and the sky was beginning to darken which told her the sunset was soon, if there was something that Argent tried to do every day it was to watch the sunset before she slept and then wake up early enough to see the sunrise. The aspect of light felt tied to those two things in a way that was hard to explain. The sound of the fountain was soothing in her ears and she had her eyes closed for a while, just breathing the moment in and reminding herself of her duty to the world and to her family when she heard someone yell out in frustration and she opened her eyes curiously to see who it was.

She saw a brunette who was staring down into the water, she was used to people passing by every so often to throw coins into the fountain and make wishes, it was a pretty sweet sentiment she had to admit though wishing tended to be only that, wishing. Argent’s eyes remained on her just long enough to take in her aura, she could sense a usual color of yellow and pink in her, a bright and cheerful person who desired meaningful relationships and cared about others but she also noticed how it was drowned with a murky blue which Argent recognized as sadness which made her purse her lips slightly .

Argent was a little surprised when she spoke but she smiled encouragingly at her “Always” she responded brightly as her eyes turned towards the sky “There’s no better place to watch it from I’ve found” she laughed “Well except perhaps from the top of the mountains but that would be awfully cold” she patted the spot on the bench next to her as though to imply that she didn’t need to sit on the edge of the fountain and risk falling in “You know the key to actually making it work is positivity, nothing’s going to go your way if you don’t believe it will” Argent believed in positivity breeding good things which is why she lived by optimism when most other people allowed themselves to be consumed by the negativity.

“I remember the single lowest point in my life, I was 20 and married” she spoke it as she continued looking out at the sky “Not by choice though, didn’t even really like the guy I was married to but what I hated so much more was the way that men got to control how I lived my life and the person I was, I was rightfully angry” she smiled softly and glanced over at the brunette “For a while I wished there was another way until eventually, I realized the only way I would get out of there is by pushing a new path for it” she nodded “So I did” the green-eyed aspect chuckled softly “So you can hate the system and you can hate the world but fight it anyway” she hoped that meant something to her.

“I’m Argent, by the way, and much like you, I’m a lot older than I look” which was her way of admitting that she knew how to spot someone supernatural from their aura, along with a general idea of how old their spirit was, at least she could tell when someone wasn’t born in the modern world and also that they had died.

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