Eden's life had been anything but easy. From the moment the doe-eyed brunette entered the world, she'd been brought into rickety home with barren walls and a leaking roof, James and Margaret could hardly give her more than a name. So they named her after the fictitious paradise that would eternally bloom and flourish, as they knew she would: Eden. Growing up with barely a penny to spare was hard work, but it taught Eden strength, resilience, and determination. And Eden craved knowledge, learning any and everything she could, especially different languages. Eventually Eden had been viewed as a prodigy in her hometown, and began entering the lavissh homes of rich men to tutor their children with her brilliant mind. She'd gotten herself a pretty great system, making only three dollars an hour back then, which put new shoes on her feet, and new books to teach and tutor from after a hard years work. 

At times, Eden couldn't help but wonder how she had went from that, to where she currently was now.  Flashbacks haunted the Valkyr of how everyone she had came to love back then, spat in her face calling her a demon of the night that was no longer welcomed into the Heathcliff manor. Eden had literally sacrificed herself for the Heathcliff family. Giving her kidney's to young Kalvin to save his life, which ended hers. But, with the help of Lord Caldwell, and Lord Heathcliff, one to do the surgery, and the other to turn Eden into a shadow being, everything had went well; until she died. When Eden jolted from the bed Lord Heathcliff lied her in, and burst through the doors to join the rest of the family, her eyes nearly popped out to the sight of her mother hissing at her. 

Two guards had rushed towards Eden, keeping her away from the young boy she had just saved, and Lady Heathcliff explained what was happening, only through the windows of her home as Eden stood on the street, abandoned and betrayed. Lord Caldwell figured that the least he could do, was send her to another city with a plane ticket, a fresh change of clothes, and enough money to rent herself a motel room for a few nights. He had been generous enough to let her crash at his place the night she'd been kicked out of the Heathcliff manor, but he made it very clear that he wasn't obligated to do anything more; that had meant a lot for Eden. Upon arriving to Evermore, the Valkyr had no idea what she'd do, or who she'd even turn to. The ambassador was an option, but she'd definitely put her guard up with people of importance after the ordeal with the Heathcliff's and Lord Caldwell. 

Eden remembered how skilled she had been back in her hometown though, and began bar hopping to pick out the rich men in the city. One thing led to another, and Eden now sat here with a hand full of coins, wanting nothing more than to change the lifestyle she had now adapted to. Eden knew she was beautiful, but she was so much more, and the men in her life had only ever saw her fit for one thing, but they had been paying her well for it, and that money was all she had to pay the rent on her motel room every month. The Valkyr pressed her lips into a thin line, frowning as she looked into the palm of her hand, to the coins that were supposedly meant to grant people wishes. 

Knox had truly been the only thing close to normal that Eden had ever gotten. Upon arriving to Evermore, and the motel she began living in, she had met him shortly after, since he was her neighbor. But, her neighbor had eventually turned into a shoulder to lean on. During the late nights when Eden came dragging in, hungry and full of shame for how she'd made her money each night, Knox happened to be wide awake, and usually had leftovers from whatever fast food joint he had ordered from. Their relationship had been a simple one so far. Small talk in the hallways, stopping by each others rooms to play a game of cards when they were each bored and restless, and sharing food with one another. But Eden at least felt as if someone finally appreciated her presence, and didn't only look at her for one thing. 

Sighing, she finally got to her feet, and made one simple wish before tossing one of her coins into the wishing well. Eden wasn't even sure how this worked, but this was the second time she'd came here to do this, and each time, she walked away frowning because her wishes were never granted. And, for a female like Eden, it was hard to even spare so much as a few coins, let alone waste them on wishes that would never come true.  "Why doesn't this stupid thing work?!" the Valkyr yelled out loud, muttering curse words as she roughly slammed the rest of her coins down, watching them trickle into the water along with the millions of other coins that people as senseless as her had tossed in. 

Sitting on the slab of concrete around the well, Eden frowned before looking to the sky. Watching the sunset was one of few things she really enjoyed doing. It gave her time to reflect and recollect herself. As a woman, she didn't feel as if she amounted to much.. and that wounded her pride greatly. Eden didn't realize that she wasn't here alone tonight, and now felt slightly embarrassed to think someone had saw her at the wishing well, expecting a miracle to jump out of the water or something. 

Eden could only give the red head a side view glance, feeling to embarrassed to make direct eye contact with anyone. But, the humble, down to earth side of her had never left her, and that had typically made it easy for Eden to make friends. "Here for the sunset?" she asked, giving her a faint smile. But, for whatever reason, she found her spirits uplifted just by sitting near this female. That was a first, the Valkyr would have to admit, but it was a welcomed first. 

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Recently, Argent had been leaving the manor more often, there was something about the mood there that was bringing her down, reminding her of harder times and making it harder to cope. The aspect of light was always the mood maker of the manor but that didn’t mean she was always happy, nor did she lack struggles of her own. Since the fall of Skyem, Argent had definitely felt her heart aching with questions about why this was their reality and if there was anything they could have done to make things different. One of Argent’s problems was that she just tended to care too much, which had its benefits but it also made her very easy to hurt, especially when it came to people she let get close to her.

That was the reason she tended to push new people away, it was easier than letting them get close for them to either die on her or leave down the line. The redhead hadn’t had the best of luck when it came to love but also friends. Her lover, Raven, had died over 100 years ago now and yet she still felt the sting of it, she lost her personal guard Ayra along with many of her other friends during the fall of Skye and even now she feared that wasn’t the end of the chain. She honestly believed someone was out targeting her people and she didn’t have the first idea how to stop it. Something the aspect didn’t handle well was not knowing things, ironically, being in the dark she supposed.

So she escaped out here sometimes just to think and to gather her worries and let them go, it was evening and the sky was beginning to darken which told her the sunset was soon, if there was something that Argent tried to do every day it was to watch the sunset before she slept and then wake up early enough to see the sunrise. The aspect of light felt tied to those two things in a way that was hard to explain. The sound of the fountain was soothing in her ears and she had her eyes closed for a while, just breathing the moment in and reminding herself of her duty to the world and to her family when she heard someone yell out in frustration and she opened her eyes curiously to see who it was.

She saw a brunette who was staring down into the water, she was used to people passing by every so often to throw coins into the fountain and make wishes, it was a pretty sweet sentiment she had to admit though wishing tended to be only that, wishing. Argent’s eyes remained on her just long enough to take in her aura, she could sense a usual color of yellow and pink in her, a bright and cheerful person who desired meaningful relationships and cared about others but she also noticed how it was drowned with a murky blue which Argent recognized as sadness which made her purse her lips slightly .

Argent was a little surprised when she spoke but she smiled encouragingly at her “Always” she responded brightly as her eyes turned towards the sky “There’s no better place to watch it from I’ve found” she laughed “Well except perhaps from the top of the mountains but that would be awfully cold” she patted the spot on the bench next to her as though to imply that she didn’t need to sit on the edge of the fountain and risk falling in “You know the key to actually making it work is positivity, nothing’s going to go your way if you don’t believe it will” Argent believed in positivity breeding good things which is why she lived by optimism when most other people allowed themselves to be consumed by the negativity.

“I remember the single lowest point in my life, I was 20 and married” she spoke it as she continued looking out at the sky “Not by choice though, didn’t even really like the guy I was married to but what I hated so much more was the way that men got to control how I lived my life and the person I was, I was rightfully angry” she smiled softly and glanced over at the brunette “For a while I wished there was another way until eventually, I realized the only way I would get out of there is by pushing a new path for it” she nodded “So I did” the green-eyed aspect chuckled softly “So you can hate the system and you can hate the world but fight it anyway” she hoped that meant something to her.

“I’m Argent, by the way, and much like you, I’m a lot older than I look” which was her way of admitting that she knew how to spot someone supernatural from their aura, along with a general idea of how old their spirit was, at least she could tell when someone wasn’t born in the modern world and also that they had died.

Eden's gaze was averted back to the sunset after giving the redhead a faint smile, noting how happy she seemed. IT was like a fresh breath of air in all honesty. Someone like Eden always needed people like this in her presence. It reminded her that this city wasn't full of cold hearted bastards after all. Eden had continuosly encountered men who only saw her fit for one purpose, and those men seemed to rank high enough to give the Valkyr a big enough reputation, so that each new man she met, was just the same as the last. IT'd been a vicious cycle for Eden, and there was no escaping that. Once you earned a name in a city like this, it stuck with you. And for females, this was an entirely different ball game. 

Eden nodded in agreement, her smile turning a little more genuine when the other female spoke of there not being a better place to watch the sunset. "I don't think ive found a spot better than here myself. Watching the sunset is a must for me too" the Valkyr chuckled a little, having a feeling that the female patting the empty space on the bench had made this part of her daily routine too. Eden didn't hesitate to sit beside of her, and leaned back,  crossing her arms before stretching her legs out to get comfortable. "Ive been on the mountain tops. The cold shouldn't even be a factor in my life, but yes, it's awwfully cold up there" she added, shaking her head. 

Eden then rose a dark brow in the females irection as she said the only thing that would make her wishes come true, was believing that they actually would. The Valkyr frowned though, "It's not just the fountain, nothing .. literally nothing seems to go right for me. At least not for long" she said, waving a hand around, making small gestures as she spoke, remembering how happy she was and how good she had it at the Heathcliff manor before shit hit the fan.

Eden couldn't help but look over at her with an expression of shock adorning her features to hear that she had lived in a controlled enviroment by men. "I'm sorry. I guess it's the very reason I'm sitting here bitter, I can't say that men control the way I live, they just haven't made living easy." she started, sighing softly. "They ironically gave me an easy out, it's just the options I was given that make it seem as though they are the ones in control, probably an entirely different situation than yours, but controlling douche bags all the same" the Valkyr chuckled, trying to make light of something that truly broke her. 

 "But, wow. Such a young age to be married" she then frowned as she glanced over to the other, "I'm assuming it was  an arranged marriage then?" she asked, since the female said she didn't even like the guy she had married. "I couldn't imagine marrying someone that I don't even like.. I guess ive had it easy in that sense, getting to pick the men i'm surrounded by and such" which wasn't the greatest thing to say, considering the men in her life, were only men who wanted to pay for her to entertain them and then they went home to their wives, the women they respected.

"I don't know if there's a way out for me though" Eden had finished high school, and she was a genious for the most part, a girl who loved soaking in whatever knowledge she could get. Learning was what Eden considered to be her 'fix', and like any kind of drug, she had to have it dail. Learning what she could, whenever she could, but it didn't change the fact that she was dirt poor, having nothing to her name except for her pride, which constantly for stomped into the ground with each new male she met. Knox was the exception to them all, but that was still a situation she was on guard about, the one good thing in her life she was terrified she'd lose, the moment he figured out what she did to make money. 

Eden grinned however when she introduced herself as Argent, calling out the fact that she knew Eden wasn't a human. "Good catch" she said a little playfully, "I'm Eden, it's actually really nice to meet you Argent. Not sure ive ever met anyone who seems so weightless" she said truthfully, breathing in a breath of fresh air. Something she'd not done in years now. "So, what did you do to get out of your situation?" she then asked, unsure if she should be so blunt but her lips began mouthing out the words before she could stop it. "I was tossed out after I died, and sent here with 200 dollars, and a small duffle bag of clothes" she then said, frowning before she continued "I had to figure something out, met a rich guy in one of the night clubs, one thing led to another, he introduced me to his friends, and I realized my beauty could be my meal ticket" Eden hung her head low, feeling shame consume her in that moment, but it felt nice to get it off her chest. 

“Sunset, sunrise, they’re pretty much staples to my day, I guess you could call me a sun girl” she laughed softly because that was an interesting alternative to her usual title of aspect of light. She lifted one leg to cross over the other as she leaned back against the bench and her eyes remained trained on the horizon. “I like to think whoever out there that decided to place this bench in this one particular spot knows they have brought a lot of happiness to people’s lives” she pursed her lips thoughtfully, it was often underestimated what a small action could do to change things for others like a chain reaction. “Plus I heard it’s not quite so desolate as it used to be anymore” she laughed knowingly.

“Well the fountain, in it’s defense, probably has no idea” she commented and nodded her head slightly “Plus with that attitude you’re only ever going to see the bad” he spoke it rationally “You’re alive and about to watch an absolutely extraordinary sunset, imagine all the people that would trade the whole world for one more sunset” she could understand feeling like the world was stacked against you though. Argent didn’t have her life perfectly together and she had made so many mistakes in her years. The only difference was that she didn’t allow herself to dwell on the past too much.

Argent’s green hues moved from the sky back over towards the brunette for a moment “Oh don’t be sorry, shit happens, as they say” if she cried every time something didn’t work out the way she wanted it to she would probably have an eternal migraine. “Well the jokes on them right? You said it yourself, you’re the one who controls your life” which Argent was glad to hear the other woman to say because she had met so many women who just bent to the will of what men wanted without any respect for themselves and that was saddening “Controlling douchebags indeed” she smiled softly “But also pretty foolish, short-sighted, douchebags” she pointed out, which was her way of saying she thought the other woman was more intelligent than she was giving herself credit for.

“Believe me it wasn’t what I wanted, but times weren’t so….” she squinted for a moment trying to think of the word she wanted to use to describe it “liberal” she added and wrinkled her nose “Well my saving grace is that he didn’t like me much either so we mostly lived our life separate” but that still wasn’t enough for the younger version of, she had wanted true freedom, not something that was made readily available to people like her, not even when she had been born a Nephilim, a natural warrior species. “And I’ll bet you have them eating from the palm of your hand” Argent commented with a wry smile, she definitely was smarter than anyone probably saw. Those who had harder lives tended to be more easily overlooked.

“Oh don’t be silly of course there is” she looked over at her and rolled her eyes “I’ve only known you for about 2 minutes and I can already tell you’re smart enough to play men for their money, you’re telling me that can’t be applied elsewhere?” the aspect had met many people like her before, people who held themselves back because they didn’t think to reach further, they doubted their own worth because of the way the world had treated them and who could really blame them. When you were constantly told something about yourself, eventually, you started to believe it was true and that meant you lowered your goals and your standards.

Argent smiled softly “Don’t mind me, I know more than I should probably know about most things” Eden was a really nice name though, meaning serenity and peace. When she called her weightless the aspect of light giggled “That’s the first time someone has described the way I am like that” she wasn’t weightless though, she was really good at hiding the weight she was holding up for the sake of pushing forward. She saw so many people get crushed by theirs because they didn’t know how to fight back.

“I ran away, spent months on the run with nothing, which definitely gave me perspective on what I had before” the redhead listened to her story and nodded her head slightly and nodded her head “Night classes are a thing, most of them are low cost or even free” he spoke softly “The shame isn’t in doing things you have to do, it’s in betraying yourself by allowing yourself to stay stuck there” for a long time Argent felt like she had to stay and be the perfect wife she never wanted to be until she realized no one owned her but herself “I found people like me and together we fought for what we believed in, a better future, I got a lot of books and I learned everything the world offer me the chance to” she twitched her lips into a smile, those were good memories.

"Sunshine. Consider it an official nickname from a perfect stranger" Eden laughed in return, a genuine smile tugging at her features. Eden had been sad for such a long time, she'd almost forgotten what a smile even looked like on her. It almost made her want to look in a mirror right now. "I get it though. After watching the sunset I feel complete different, sunrise isn't my cup of tea, but that's only because of what I am" she admitted, but that was okay with her. After years of being rejected and tossed out by everyone she loved, she had finally accepted that she was a Valkyr, and had to start over. Starting over had been hard but she was finally in an okay place with being what she was. 

Eden nodded in agreement, reaching down to slightly clutch at the bench "I think you might be right, they must have understood what it meant to watch the sunset everyday" she stated, especially since the bench had been put in, perfectly positioned to get the best view of it. Eden laughed when she commented on the bench having no idea, only to sigh, and cross her arms under her bust upon hearing about her attitude. But, at least Argent was truthful. Eden liked people who held nothing back, and this girl done in a way so that you still found a way to smile at her. "I guess you're right.. I've been stuck in such a spiral. I used to feel like if I had someone to blame other than myself for how my life turned out, that it would make me feel better, but that only made me feel worse. I don't know.. It was my kindness that killed me.. literally, and it's something after all this time, that I can't shake off" 

Eden chuckled and swiped her thumb under her eyes, hoping her mascara hadn't stained her face, which seemed to be a normal look for her lately, but to hear her say 'shit happens', for some reason sounded amusing to Eden. She enjoyed being around this female, and still had no idea why. Eden had't been much of a people person in all her years, but right now, she was pretty happy to have met someone new. Eden smiled, but still hung her head low. It was such a touchy subject, and one she had never confided in literally anyone about. To tell someone she entertained the rich bachelors of this city for their money, was just something she couldn't bare to do. Mostly because it was degrading, and she knew she'd eventually earn a reputation. That much had already started, and Eden wanted to pull herself from that, before it was too late. 

Hearing her talk about her situation, made Eden feel like maybe she hadn't had the worse of it. She wasn't exactly forced to do what she had been doing, but Argent had been forced to be with someone she couldn't even love "I can see your point, I guess that was truly the only rrewarding part for you, is that the two of you didn't have any kind of attachment with one another. " 

She laughed when Eden turned the things she was saying into a nickname and smiled “I actually really like that” she commented with a gentle smile, her eyes remaining on the sky as the two of them talked. Argent would talk to anyone who would listen usually, she liked talking and hearing people’s stories and understanding people. She had always been an extrovert who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and enjoyed the company of others, in fact, she tended to find peace in it compared with being alone. Which was probably for the best considering she had lived with the same 7 people for over a millennium now. “I enjoy the light, you enjoy the dark, guess that kinda makes us opposites” she spoke it sweetly and smiled.

“Or they understood what it was like to be in the dark constantly, unable to see a way out” she commented with a slightly hooded gaze, Argent tried to do everything she could to honor the life she’d been given a second chance at. She was by no means perfect at it through, she definitely had times when she was selfish or she just didn’t want to make the most of the day. Everyone had off days. But mostly she was happy to greet the day and see what it had in store for her. Though lately it was filled with far more sadness than she would like. “Well have you thought about where the spiral ends and begins?” she glanced over at her for a moment “I doubt it’s kindness” she commented with a shrug “Maybe you don’t think you deserve the chances that are right in front of you?” she suggested with raised brows, it was very easy to stay stuck because that was what you knew but if you looked hard enough you’d realize there were small branches you could cling to.

Argent laughed at the look she gave her after the redhead swore and she giggled slightly “Sorry I don’t really have a filter” she admitted with a laugh, she was an optimistic and breezy person but she also wasn’t the type to sugarcoat things or pretend the world was better than it was. Argent wasn’t judging her for the life she had chosen to lead but it seemed like the brunette wanted someone to tell her she could be more than she was and Argent could easily see that she could. She was clearly smart and knew how to explain herself well, she wasn’t naive about the position she had put herself in and from the sound of it, she actually had the upper hand. “You don’t have to be ashamed you know, I’ve made some choice decisions in my life too and every time I’ve been able to choose to do differently again” she nodded slightly, she wasn’t proud of what happened with the celestials, she was mad at herself for not being able to protect the girl she loved “Eventually you learn that forgiving yourself is the only way to move forward” she nodded slightly.

“I’m not sure if that made things better or worse, honestly” she admitted with a light laugh as she rolled her shoulders back a few times “But it did push me to find something I really cared about and I haven’t regretted that part since” yes it had been miserable at the time but feeling that way had pushed her to find the Ailward and join their cause which changed who she was in so many ways. “Sometimes the worst brings out the best in you, strangely” she shrugged slightly and pursed her lips because she saw the sun slowly lowering over the horizon and the sky turning a bright shade of orange which looked absolutely stunning. She sucked in a long breath unable to turn her gaze away from it as the star slowly sank downwards.

Eden nodded, flashing her a playful smile when she said she liked the nickname "It certainly fits you" the Valkyr said truthfully. Argent had been like a ray of sunshine shining into Eden's dark little pit of self loathing, and it's something Eden felt she had been needing for quite a long time now with how weightless she's began to feel all of a sudden,. Eden supposed she rode the latter with being an introvert / extrovert, because while on one hand, some people couldn't get Eden to express a word of her thoughts, there was always this side of Eden, where she felt completely at ease telling someone her thoughts and spoke her mind freely. "I couldn't agree more sunshine. But, i do like to think opposites attract, not that i'm hitting on you.." she laughed before continuing "It's just been such a breeze having a conversation with you.. and that can be one of the biggest struggles.. it's the thing ive struggled with most in this city so far, just finding someone to talk to who doesn't right off the bat, point a judgemental finger at me" she sighed, and shook her head. 

There was nothing worse than a narrow minded person with opinions they had no right giving especially on someone they knew nothing about. Eden shrugged, giving it some thought, either of their thoughts could have been accurate about why this bench had been put in this particular spot "Either way, i'm happy they took the time to put something here that other people could use" she smiled. Watching the Sunset made Eden feel like she had gotten through one more day, and it made her look forward to the next day, where she would again watch the sunset, and once more be at peace. It was a welcoming cycle to say the least. 

Eden averted her gaze, locking eyes with Argent for a moment. A question she'd never even heard before, made her think the longest "That's a loaded one" she chuckled, and pursed her lips "I guess not though... not until you asked me. Because now that i'm sitting here thinking of it, it begins when I dress up and know that i'm going out, and what ill do when I get where i'm going, and it ends when i'm back in my room, around a certain dhampir" she smiled cheerfully, at least there was something to pick hr spirits up, and she was thankful that Argent had made her think on where things began and ended with her shame spirals. "But, if i don't go out to the clubs and bars, It's safe to say I won't have a roof over my head every month. The elderly lady who owns the motel I stay in, is a kind woman, but she's not gonna let anyone get over on her either, not that id' try, but God forbid there be a month where I just absolutely can't come up with rent" the Valkyr frowned, not even wanting to think of that happening to herself. 

"Oh please, don't apologize. I enjoy my company filterless" she smirked playfully, but still, found it pretty cute when she swore. A ball of sunshine who suddenly swore like that, was just a moment to find cute. "I think you may be right... in fact, I know you are. Ive always been such a pessimist about these situations, but I know that I can chose differently eventually, and when I do, ill forgive myself, and that's when ill move on. I guess ive just not been in the position to do so yet" she added, shrugging some, not minding to know she had to hang on just a little while longer. While it was depressing, the up side of it, was that when she finalyl got financially stable, she would never again in her life have to degrade herself for those rich douchebags. 

"Well, if it pushed you to find something you cared about, then it was every bit worth whatever 'bad' you wnet through to get it. She smiled sincerely, and looked back out to the sky but arched a brow when Argent said that the worse could at times, bring out the best in a person "That makes more sense to me than anything, it seems that the wors eit gets for me, the better i wanna do eventually.. and i will. I am hopeful" she chuckled, but she meant every word of that. Eden couldn't help but smile tough as a feeling of complete serenity took over when the sun began to set. And for what felt like the longest time, Eden and Argent had sat there just watching, letting the wind breeze through their hair, knocking it into a mess, especially on Eden's head, but she didn't mind. This time of day, was her favorite time of day.

It took her a bit to snap out of it, but when she did, Eden looked over to the redhead, still captivated by the view, smiling at her. She really did love to watch a beautiful sunset, and the warm glow that fell upon Argent just before the sun wnt into hiding for the evening, made her just a little more beautiful. Argent was one of those people, beautiful inside and out, someone you could only smile at when you looked at her, but someone who made you smile just by talking. "So, what are your plans after this?" Eden asked, figuring she could convince her to make this an all day girls kinda thing.  

Argent laughed and shrugged slightly because she was the aspect light and that felt ironic because of that “You have no idea” she responded with a slight grin crossing on let over the other as she looked out across the park. Eden was a bit of pessimist she had decided but then she found a lot of people tended that way because of the view they had seen of the world, it was hard to go through a lot of difficult times and still see good around you. “Sometimes all you need is someone to listen” she commented in a bright tone “To validate your feelings but also tell you that you can be more than them if you want to” she nodded slightly, because it was okay to feel down as long as you were willing to pick yourself up eventually.

“Whoever they are, I feel like I should hire them if I ever plan to build a house because I think a view of the sky would definitely be on the top of my must-haves” for now she lived in the manor with all the other aspects and guards but she definitely dreamed of having her own place someday, somewhere she could have the freedom to build her own life in. Argent gave a half-smile and flicked her gaze upwards for a moment when she said the question was a loaded one “Most of the important questions in life are” she chimed back as she leaned back in her seat. “Well now you know exactly how to end the spiral, slowly decrease the number of times you dress up knowing you’re going out and reinvest the money you get from those times into something tangible you can do the other nights” she nodded slightly “Maybe website design or accounting” she narrowed her eyes and smiled “Even if it never becomes anything more than a hobby, at least you feel like you’re taking action” because running endlessly on the spiral never actually got you anywhere.

“I know that study isn’t cheap but you can start with online courses, some subjects you don’t even need a degree, it’s more than enough to show a portfolio of your work, I’m sure you can spend a couple of hours each day looking for that passion” she would be interested to know what it would be, because Argent didn’t believe for a second it was sleeping with men, Eden struck her as the kind of person who would be spurred forward by creativity. “I’m not saying change your life overnight but change it all the same” that was the scary part she knew, everyone was afraid of change, old and young and she was sure Eden was no exception.

She shrugged her shoulders slowly “Well we can agree on that one then” she winked and smiled “I’ve seen far too much of the world to sugarcoat it, I might be a positive person but I think everyone knows the world needs saving” probably always would which is why her work would never truly be done as an aspect. “Good, I know a stranger’s advice probably isn’t going to be enough but if you can take some time to search yourself, I’m sure you’ll find you’re doing better than you originally thought” she ran a hand through her hair as she grinned effortlessly “I found mine in fashion blogging, never even knew that was a thing til recently” she laughed softly.

It was amazing how much her attitude changed throughout their conversation, she knew her aura naturally had that effect on people but it wasn’t a cure-all, someone had to want to see something positive for them to experience it which told her that Eden had the drive and the will she needed to get herself out of the bad situation she was in. “If I understand how you feel, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want anyone to swoop in and save you, so you have to be the one to save yourself” she glanced over at her and smiled “Your worth isn’t defined by any man, not even one you might actually like” and she was sure with enough determination she could turn things around.

A comfortable silence fell over them as they stared out over to the sky, watching as the sun slowly disappeared over the horizon and dark set over Evermore, because they were high up they could see the lights as they started to come on in the city, triggered by the darkness which slowly faded in. She was a little surprised when Eden asked her what she was doing next and she opened her mouth before closing it again a little surprised by the question because no one ever really seemed to ask about her “I was actually planning to go to the arcade they opened downtown” she laughed softly “I’ve never actually been to an arcade but they look fun” she was wise in some was and incredibly inexperienced in other.

Eden returned a genuine grin, and followed Argent's gaze which had her looking across the park, out into the distance. The Valkyr giggled softly when Argent responded with 'you have no idea'. She guessed she didn't, but she did know one thing, the name Sunshine couldn't have fit anyone any better than it did Argent. The vibes coming off the redhead, would have made the most miserable person crack a faint smile, and there weren't many people like her. Eden was enjoying her company, and she seemingly hung onto Argent's every word, hearing each one as gospel. She supposed it was lack of people trying before now, because no one had ever bothered to tell Eden she was better than the person she turned herself into. "Thank you. It does a female like me some good to hear something like that. I truly had almost let these men define who I am and will be" she sighed softly. If there was anyone else to get through to her, it was Knox. She knew he didn't look at her the way all the rest of the men she had encountered had, but she was so afraid of ruining their adorable relationship, that she often times distanced herself from it, when in reality, she knew she was losing out, and needed to step her game up ASAP. A man like him deserved to have a womans full attention. 

Eden narrowed her gaze, Argent's advice on how to end her current shame spiral, made more sense than anything anyone had told her yet. "I think ill follow that advice exactly" she smiled genuinely, and for once, the Valkyr felt weightless. "Both of which grab my interest. And you're right, I suppose rather than spending time chasing money, I could at least divide that time, to put in a few hours searching for a passion of mine. Whether it costs money or not, I think i'd feel better just knowing I made an effort to change how my life currently is. It all sounds so simple right now" she admitted, blushing a little. It's just that she had never even thought this far into it, to realize she was capable of much more than being a rich man's entertainment to pay her bills. 

"Oh you've definitely given me some powerful advice, enough to actually act on for once" she started, before looking to the sky again, sighing contently at how pretty it was. "All ive ever heard was, 'you made your bed now lay in it'. And that comment don't get a girl like me very far, I guess your comment from earlier was more true than I thought. All anyone really needs sometimes, is someone who's willing to listen." she smiled genuinely, and gave a nod of her head, appreciating Argent more than she could really put into words. Eden grinned when Argent said she agreed with her, but the world that they lived in, truly did scare the life out of Eden. A strong immortal being like herself, who likely wasn't going to die by the hands of anyone else, feared this place more than a little, but it let her know that she still had her humanity, and that's all she could really ask for, after dying for a child that didn't even belong to her, waking as a Valkyr, and getting tossed onto the streets. 

She could still rememeber her first feed like it was yesterday, and how she had killed several people attempting to learn how to control it all. "Stranger or not, your advice has been the best advice, so ill take it and roll with it" she chuckled, but she truly had intended on trying things Argent's way. The girl had a lot of good points to make. She seeemed to know just what to say as well. "You'd make a really good psychologist" Eden smirked, "Never knew that was a thing either. It sounds interesting though .. so you're into fashion?' she asked curiously, and nodded as Argent told her she'd have to be the one to save herself. Tears had came to her eyes, but she refused to shed them. It was actually happy tears, as the words she had just spoken, reminded Eden of something her mother would say. "My mom would agree with you" she said in response, and clutched the necklace around her neck. "It was really hard losing her. Coming back as what I am though. I sometimes wonder if what I did to die, was worth it, but if I hadn't .. a little boy would be dead instead, and I don't think I could have lived with that either" 

Eden had always been so selfless, putting others above herself never taking even a moment to do anything that made her happy. But, sacrificing her life, and everything she loved, to give the Heathcliff's son a second chance, was overboard, even for Eden. "I guess that's one thing Ive always tried to realize, that a man can't define my worth, but then again, we wouldn't have had this conversation, if they hadn't ended up defining my worth. I guess hearing the things you said, made me remember that im not the girl they made me out to be though. Can't thank you enough for that" she smiled, and stretched her arms behind her, before standing to her feet. "Sorry. I get anxious if I sit much longer" she admitted. She had never really stuck around after the sun set. Normally she was at one of the bars, or night clubs by now. So, this was certainly new for Eden. 

Eden smiled and for a moment, she held a finger to her chin, putting some thought into what she should do herself, but going to an arcade definitely beat what came to mind for the Valkyr. "Well, if you'd like some company, ive never been either" she grinned from ear to ear, and made a small gesture for Argent to come on. Perhaps this would turn out to be Eden's first female friend, and she definitely already liked Argent. "So, if there was something you wanted for in life.. what do you want more than anything else?" Eden asked, figuring the questions were a good way of getting to know her, and it was a way to show her interest in Argent as a friend, wanting her to see that she did hope this could grow into something like friendship. "What's the worse lie you've ever told?" she then asked, chuckling before flashing the redhead a wink. Eden wasn't the greatest at being social, but she guessed she wasn't the worse either. "Question for question" she added, letting her know she could definitely ask anything she wanted. 

“As someone who lived through the miserable years when people weren’t even allowed to have education if they were female” she shrugged slightly, she tried to advocate to other girls about all the opportunities they had now if they wanted to take them “Learn everything you can, free, not free, doesn’t matter, everything that can broaden your mind, reach for it” she did that which is why she had so many random skills in life. She often referred to herself as a dabbler in everything but she never really mastered anything, always moving onto the next thing and reaching for every bit of information offered to her. “I find when you tell someone they will amount to nothing, either they’re strong-willed enough to want to prove you wrong or they settle for that same belief” she commented and bit her lip, more often than not the latter, unfortunately.

When she said she’d make a good psychologist, Argent laughed softly “Not the first time I’ve been told that actually” she commented with a laugh “I guess I’ve seen enough in life to see other people making the same mistakes that I did and want to help them” she definitely wouldn’t expect to be paid for giving simple advice that was for sure, she was just looking out for others. “Into it for sure” she responded with a laugh “It’s a strange thing to try and make a living out of but seeing all the trends over time is fun to me, I like trying to guess the next thing and maybe one day I’ll be able to set a trend of my one” a girl could hope right? But if not then at least she was inspiring people every day with her ideas and how she presented herself to the world, clothes had always made her more confident so why not share that. She gave a sad smile when she mentioned her mom and how much she missed her “Well I’m sure she’d want you to do something with your second chance and not sit around wondering what if” seemed like a waste of precious time if you asked her and as someone who had been killed she knew a little about making the most of a second chance.

She shrugged slightly when she thanked her again, it seemed like she’d managed to help in some way today and Argent was glad for that, as the aspect of light perhaps she liked to think she could spread some of the light she was given to others. Argent felt like it was her responsibility to take care of the people in the world, it didn’t matter to her whether their species was light natured or dark, she saw people for people. That was why she was given the ability to read people’s auras after all, so she could be the eyes of the Ailward Aspects. But also so she could recognize when someone was hurting and help them. Which went hand in hand with her naturally uplifting persona. “Oh, me too, always here there and everywhere, my siblings always tell me it’s a miracle if I sit still longer than a few minutes” which was also probably the reason she wasn’t able to fully commit herself to one hobby and kept finding new ones she supposed.

“Sure, we can explore together, who knows we might get lucky” she laughed softly, Argent had never really won anything in her life but there was a first time for everything, if not, then she was sure the games and machines were actually fun to play and it was somewhere warm to go on this bitterly cold evening. The redhead speed-walked a little to catch up with her as she headed off towards the edge of the park so they could head into the city “Do you know your way around the city well?” she seemed to from the way she was leading the way without even thinking about it, Argent had been here for a few years now but she was still learning to find her way around she had to admit. Eden’s question about the things she wanted from life surprised the redhead who went quiet for a moment “Would it be utterly ridiculous or me to say world peace?” she asked with an amused gaze, that was what her people stood for after all.

She kept up with Eden as they walked through the city, hands in her pocket so they wouldn’t get chilled from the wind which was picking up around them, she pursed her lips about the worst lie “I told my mom I never wanted to see her again” she answered honestly and bit her lip for a moment “And I never did, so I guess there was some truth to it but” she glanced up and shrugged “Nobody really hates their parents you know” she hated what they stood for and the limitations they placed on her life but there would be a part of her that would always love them. Realizing it was her turn to ask a question she pondered for a moment “What is one thing you couldn’t live without and why?” she spoke as she noticed the way the rural area around them was slowly getting more and more built up as they walked meaning they were getting closer to the city center.

The Valkyr frowned. It simply broke her heart to hear the era Argent lived through. Eden had been around at such times herself, but she'd only ever heard about these things, never had she lived through it or experienced those rough times herself. "I hate to hear that you know what thats like" she started, and offered a faint smile as she gently patted her hand, but immediately pulled back after doing so, because some people didn't like to be touched, didn't matter if it was a friendly gesture or not "it didn't define you it seems, you seemingly turned out great, no matter what you went through" she added, and offered a more genuine smile at that. Eden nodded, now she was really talking her language. "Learning was my passion. Teaching to the kids in my village back at home, was all I really cared about. Back at home, if you didn't have the money, you didn't get to go to school, and I made a way for those like myself, to get a fair chance. I was dirt poor back then, and had very little to my name, so I charged 3 dollars per session, and eventually, after saving up, I earned enough to buy new books, those new books allowed me to start teaching to the richer families, and I found out how much I loved learning and teaching" she ranted a little, but it brought her back to little Kalvin Heathcliff, who's life she had saved by ultimately ending her own. 

"But as far as skills and such go, I could definitely use some time to learn some new ones. My one and only skill is teaching, and well, Ive learned every langauge out there" she nodded, her eyes lit up to that statement, because she was proud of all the knowledge she had soaked up over the years. "Knowing all those different languages has definitely helped. It gave me the chance to work with foreign kids back at home, there was this little girl from Turkey.. and while she didn't say much, she often told me I looked like a barbie doll, and it became the highlight of my every day, just hearing that one compliment. I didn't get to work with her long. My father died a few months after I met her, and that was the thing that caused my whole world to shift. Me and my mother losing his income, meant that I had to take on more work, so I left the village kids behind, and began tutoring the kids that belonged to rich families" she frowned, and swallowed harshly, trying to defeat the tears that pooled in her eyes. Breaking that promise to those kids, would be something she'd never forgive herself for. 

"Sorry. I took that comment pretty far" she laughed, shrugging some. Eden often let her mouth get too far ahead. Sometimes it caused an issue for the person trying to talk to her, because they simply never got a word in edgewise. The Valkyr nodded though, realizing Argent had a point "Yeah, I guess that used to be my issue. Someone told me that before, that i'd never make it, and for a while, I sat on my bed and did nothing, because I felt worthless, but when I finally got up and did something about it, I was really proud of the outcome" she nodded with a look of utter happiness adorning her features. Eden chuckled when Argent said it hadn't been the first time she'd been told that she'd be a great psychologist, she could imagine how many others that Argent had actually made an impact on, like she was with Eden. "Thats a good point. I guess you've been through so much shit and pulled yourself back up so many times, that you know how to help others when you see them falling like you did" she smiled, and sat here thankful that someone like Argent talked to her about all of this. 

"I'm sure you'll accomplish that in no time" Eden looked to Argent's outfit, and smiled brightly. "You do dress really nice, love the clothes you're wearing now, so i can just imagine all the amazing ideas you have. Ill have to follow your blogs and such, i'd like to see some of your ideas" while Eden didn't have many clothes for herself, it didn't mean she wasn't a typical female who didn't love design and fashion. Pretty clothes definitely did make a girl more confident. It just made her sad that she could pack all the clothes she owned into one small bookbag. Eden nodded, and was able to smile a little brighter when Argent told her that she was sure her mom wouldn't want her to waste her seconde chance. "She wouldn't.. but when I was turned, she basically spat in my face, i think my mom still loves the Eden she remembered before i woke up as a Valkyr" she sighed. She wasn't sure if she'd made the impression that her mother was dead or not, but in her eyes, it was the same thing. "In some ways, i still feel like my life is a curse more than anything. To wake up, and have everyone that you loved, look at you like they hate your very existence, and tell you you're no longer welcomed" she breathed out, and flexed her hands into fists and let go again. "Sorry, it's the one thing that still hurts so much. I wasn't informed of all the downfalls before I went into an eternal slumber" she grimaced as the very thought of her organs being pulled from her body, played in a loop in her head. No gratitude had been shown for it, she was tossed onto the street, with Lord Caldwell being the only one to take her in. And, that had been for just the night. After allowing her to shower, eat, and change into some fresh clothes, and get a night of sleep, he had sent Eden on her way with just a plane ticket and 200 dollars cash. 

The rest had been up to Eden, abnd she couldn't help but wonder if things could have been played out any differently. Eden chuckled when Argent said she was the same, and couldn't ever sit still "Well, i'm glad that im not the only one. I feel pretty cooped up in that motel sometimes. There's only so much of a room you can pace around" she shrugged, but gave a light hearted chuckle. Eden had grown accustomed to certain things, and in her opinion, she didn't live to badly. She could have very well been like some of the others in the city, who literally had no where to live except for the streets, or breaking into church's and parked cars just to get warm, with hopes of seeing someone throw scraps of food away, just for a meal. It was heart breaking, but Eden had experienced some of those things before she'd finally got settled into the motel. 

Eden glanced over her shoulder, laughing gently when she noticed Argent speed walking to catch up to her "Sorry, bad habit" she admitted before nodding "I know it pretty well by now" she said in response. Eden hadn't been here long either, but the first night she was in the city, she'd explored every little corner she could. She remembered how many hours she had actually spent walking from one shop to another, and then from one faction territory to the next. By now she could name them all, and even give an accurate address for most places if people asked. 

Eden laughed, but shrugged, and shook her head no "actually, i think even the darkest of souls want to see some peace at some point. war and hatred just gets old and tedious .. I'm right there with you, with wanting world peace" she said simply and smiled a little before tucking her own hands into her pockets. "I love this time of year, thankfully for people like me, the cold isn't a factor" she shook herhead amused, laughing a little. Things like cold weather, sleeping, and eating weren't really important in a Valkyr's world. Not to say Eden didn't sleep, in fact, she loved her naps. But, she was your average insomniac she supposed, and seemed more alive at night time. 

"How about you? from your question if i know the city well or not, i take it you're still finding your way around?" she asked, and gazed out into the distance, smiling brightly as an older woman walking two poodles, passed them by. "Ugh, such a sucker for puppies. I want one so badly, but i'm not sure if the motel owner will allow it or not, maybe a tea cup sized dog will convince her" she laughed, because those dogs were small enough to literally fit down into a tea cup. They were too adorable not to aboslutely fall in love with them.  Eden frowned however, when Argent told her the worse lie she'd ever told. "I know you didn't mean it, we never do mean things like that. I'm sorry you didn't get to tell her that though" she sighed softly, knowing how hard that must have been even to this day. "Right, I can see with how you're talking, that you loved yours. Parents can be hard to deal with, but they are the only ones we'll ever have. I miss my father more than I can ever express" she admitted, and got a little choked up, before pondering Argent's next question. 

After a few moments of being silent, she finally arched a brow, realizing her once answer was more simple than she had made it. "The one thing I couldn't possibly live without is music. Whether I live in a motel, or a ditch even.. music has been the one thing that's gotten me through so many dark moments, I'm sure that's such a weird answer... but coming from nothing, I don't have much to say I can't live without" she started, "but, there's also my will power.. I don't think i'd survive without that either. no matter how rough things have gotten for me, ive always had the will to keep pressing on, and it's kept me alive" she added, wanting to give something more as an answer than music. Eden chuckled, because her next question wasn't a serious one, but she was genuinely curious, besides, if you couldn't find moments to laugh and joke, life would be pretty miserable. "IF you were the opposite sex for a whole day, what would you do?" she asked, grinning playfully "or what's the first thing you'd do?" she then added, and peered at the building just ahead of them that was lit up with colorful lights "I'm guessing that's the arcade?" she questioned, and nearly lost her self composure as excitement washed over her. "Ive never been to an arcade, this might actually be fun" she giggled and continued walking. "Omg I hope they have a photo booth" she nearly squealed, if she'd ever dreamed of doing something silly, it was that. 

Argent remained quiet while she listened to Eden tell her story, it seemed despite the situation she found herself in she had still managed to live her life, which Argent found commendable, she had managed to travel and see a little of the world and to teach others while she was there which was pretty impressive if you asked her. “Learning is the basis of everything and being able to share that knowledge you gain in a way others understand is a talent” perhaps with the right training she might be able to be a teacher but Argent was sure she would struggle with paying the fees for university “Have you thought about tutoring? It doesn’t usually pay a lot but it might be really rewarding for you” she nodded slightly and smiled, she’d done her fair share of helping other people learn and it had been quite rewarding.

“You say it like other people know you better than yourself” she commented nonchalantly, she didn’t think for a moment that people had any right or say in the way you led your life so long as you weren’t hurting anyone or breaking the law, it made her sad when she saw people holding back their own identity for fear of judgment or because they felt like they couldn’t define their own worth. Her compliments to her outfit made the Aspect of Light smile “Probably not the most practical outfit for the time of year but” he laughed under her breath and shrugged “It makes me feel good so that works” she smiled “Lately I’m working on a challenge where I style an outfit after a different Disney character every day, it’s fun”.

“Well then that’s their loss” she spoke softly and shrugged “You can spend your time wallowing over people who are small-minded and won’t change, or you can change yourself and realize you’re worth more than that” at the end of the day, it was a simple shift in mind, those people weren’t going to change their stance so you had to find a way to move past it. She laughed as she walked quickly, almost skipping to keep up with Eden and shrugged when she apologized for going too fast to keep up with “Don’t worry, I’m used to playing catchup, the world just moves a little faster for your kind” made sense because their went quicker and she was sure it was much like everything around them feeling too slow. “I mean it’s a cheesy answer but think the world would be a better place if people could just sit back for a moment and realize how wrapped up in themselves they are” then again, it was her perspective as an aspect that allowed her to see that. “I’m a little jealous” she commented when Eden said she didn’t need to worry about the cold “I honestly hate feeling cold, usually I wear like 8 layers even at home just to eradicate all possibility of cold” she laughed softly, though heat was the real enemy, especially humidity that made her hair all frizzy.

“I don’t get out in the city all that much honestly” she confessed with a light shrug of her shoulders “But when I do, I make the effort to go and see somewhere new” she nodded a few times, her eyes scanning the area and spotting the two dogs which Eden was looking at “They get a lot bigger than that” she commented with a laugh, poodles were hunting dogs, quite large once they reached their maturity “Maybe try a Pomeranian, those are tiny and pretty cute fluff balls” she wrinkled her nose making a cute face. “Yeah me too” she responded when Eden said she was sorry she never got to tell her mother she didn’t mean it “But I think somehow she would have known, or understood eventually” she never got to make up for it but then there were a lot of things her mother never made up for either. “No matter how much you want to hate your family, it’s never that simple” she pressed her lips together for a moment.

“Music is a great choice” she replied with a nod of her head, she loved music too, though it was never something she wanted to pursue herself, she had a decent voice and would sing along to her favorites when she was in the right mood. “Ah so you’re stubborn then” she commented with a laugh, she felt like that was a good thing as long as you could listen to reason too, there was nothing wrong with being headstrong, in fact, it often helped people to survive. She had to laugh at the irony of the question about being the opposite sex “Probably pout about the fact that none of my favorite clothes fit anymore” she commented with a chuckle because that was almost exactly what she did. Looking up she saw the building Eden pointed out and nodded a few times “Looks like it” she glanced over noting how excited the other girl now seemed to be “I mean I have no idea, I’ve never been to one before, not really had any reason to just go out into the city and have fun” but today was the day to start she supposed.

She wandered inside of the loud building which echoed all different upbeat music and saw several people around playing on different games, there was a wall that lined the back of the room which had row upon row of prizes you could win, she pulled her purse out and took out a few 20 dollar bills and fed them into one of the change machines which spat out a bunch of quarters. She widened her eyes realizing how many they were going to have by the time it was done “Well since you decided to make my look less sad and lonely, you can have half, our goal is to try and win a stupid prize and have fun” she laughed, at least she’d have someone to play with on the cooperative games.

The truth was, was that Eden was terrifed of trying. She knew she had gained some-what a reputation in this city for the men that she entertained for money, and she could only fear that any parent would look at that and immediately decline an offer to tutor their children. "I have actually. I guess it's about putting one foot in front of the other and just doing  it" she chuckled, and blushed slightly. It was a major embarrassment that the biggest thing holding such a smart female back, was just air and opportunity and major lack of will power. "I guess what I should do next, is go to someone to get the process started. While I know you're right about the pay, you are also right about it being rewarding. When I used to tutor the children in my village, I never felt such a sense of calmness, and happiness" She admitted, and for a brief moment, allowed herself to reflect on their happy little faces, and how grateful they were for their tutor. 

"I don't know, I guess it was just nice to know I meant so much to them" she added, referring to the kids she had tutored. She'd never saw anyone look at her, or respect her the way that those children had, and that could only be rewarding. Eden gave her a slightly serious glare for a moment, when she nonchalantly called her out for the way Eden's pessimistic comment came out. "I often feel that others do know me better, but then again, others only see what ive allowed them to, rather than the true Eden Shaw, so you're right" she sighed softly, she had to get herself out of this gloomy slump she'd been in for months now. But, admittedly, Argent's company had made her smile more than most things had lately. Knox was one of very few people who'd ever gotten to Eden and made her feel worthy of something, but now Argent was an exception to that, even with how little time she'd been with the redhead. The Valkyr tilted her head, a little amused by Argent's comment about how she'd styled an outfit every day after a Disney character, giggling softly about it "That's pretty cool, and different, but it sounds like you're having a blast with it" she noted the little twinkle in Argent's eyes when she'd said she was having fun with it. It was endearing to see people genuinely just be happy with whatever it is they're doing. 

"Got a favorite?" she then asked, arching a thin dark brow in Argent's direction, "Disney character I mean" she added, smiling brightly, knowing sometimes it meant a lot to people when you showed genuine interest in the things they had to talk about. Eden shared a laugh with her, when she told her not to worry for walking too fast, and nodded as she nailed it with the last bit of her comment "I'm sure in other peoples eyes, it's tiring, but yeah I suppose we're used to it. That was something I had to personally adjust to though, going from a simple farm girl, who never had anything going on, very slow paced life, to being an immortal who moves at the speed of lightning most of the time" she chuckled and shook her head amused. "You're right though. I think if I spend one more second wallowing in my misery, that i'll end up really losing who I am. I won't give them that satisfaction" she spoke it sternly, and had a look of determination on her features. "That's not a cheesy answer at all,  if only more people could be on your wave length with their thoughts" she grinned, but she meant that. The way Argent saw things was just refreshing. 

Eden smirked when she said she was a little jealous "Trust me, I am not complaining. I wish it worked the same for heat, because we really feel heat.. It's weird" she shrugged, but often wondered why heat was so intense for their kind. The sun, fire, etc, it was all torture. Eden listened intently, sensing that Argent had a pretty reserved side to herself once she said she didn't get out all that much "Well at least when you do, you make it count" she grinned, it was something to appreciate. Perhaps Eden could take some tips from Argent, and truly learn how to live a much more weightless lifestyle. She couldn't help but snort a little when she said poodles got much bigger than the two Eden was currently eyeing. "Noted, maybe I can con you into going with me whenever I force myself to go look. I only say force, because i knwo the day I go to the adoption center to look at puppies, they will all steal my heart, and ill struggle to pick just one. I need someone with me who has a sense of self control, and for some reason, i get the feeling you have that" she admitted, grinning playfully. But, she wouldn't have minded another girls day out with Argent. She was loving her company. 

Argent was right. No matter how much she wanted to hate her mother the day she spat at Eden and called her a demon, she could never. She knew that her mother loved her still, and that it had been simply fear talking that day, but it didn't make it hurt any less. "Yeah, I guess you're right. If it were that simple, heavens knows I'd have moved on with my life long ago. I never will be able to just move on from my mother though, she was a good one before I was turned" she frowned, remembering just how much her parents had loved her, and how equally broken they both were every time they couldn't give Eden what other kids had in her village. The love they had given to her though, had been all she ever needed. She supposed that's what she was missing the most. Eden flashed Argent a wink when she asked if she was stubborn "You bet, stubborn and proud.. and those two things together, make for a deadly combination" she shook her head, and laughed as well. Eden chuckled at Argent's answer, "That's fair. Waking up in those clothes as a man would certainly be uncomfortable" she pointed out, grinning playfully before looking back to the arcade as Argent had said she'd never been either. "Well that makes it a first for both of us" 

She didn't feel so alone anymore, and if by any miracle, Argent would want to become an actual friend of Eden's, then maybe she'd be able to get used to the feeling of not being so alone. A girl could hope right? Eden grimaced when she saw Argent pulling cash out. It was one of the times she hated herself for how low she was on cash herself. She'd managed to come up with half her rent for the next month, and decided to avoid any embarrassment, that she'd pull a 20$ out also. She figured it was only fair, but then Argent told her she could have half, and that alone made her feel a mixture of things, from gratitude, to embarrassment, she was definitely on a roller coaster. "Deal. As long as one of us wins, that's all that matters" she nodded, and scoped out their first game .."That one seems easy enough" she pointed out the basketball game, where the object of the game was to make so many hoops in a matter of time. "Shall we?" she asked, grinning excitedly. "And then you pick, we'll take turns until we've won something. But before we leave, we have to get in that!" she squealed as she finally saw exactly what she wanted to come inside of here for, the photo booth. 

Eden was happy to have Argent with her tonight. This night couldn't have turned out any better. "So what do you do for the Holiday's?" she asked curious, "any big plans?" she added, before walking alongside Argent to the basketball game. There were plenty she wanted to try, but she'd never really played basketball before, so she figured that could be a good one to start with. How hard could basketball be? 

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