Coffee obsessed is how Enzo could be described to an outsider, after all not many cafes had a greenhouse attached to it to grow special blend beans. The cafe had been his mothers baby when they came to America, Enzo took it over some years ago after his mother became ill. At first he didn’t think he would enjoy working in the cafe until he learned he could create his own coffee beans with his element did his true obsession began. When his mother passed he chose to rename the cafe to Jimena’s Cafe in honor of her. 

Jimena’s cafe brought in all kinds of people, most seem to be in awe in how Enzo is able to run a cafe while being blind. Though Enzo secret was his earth element helped him see, using it to sense vibrations to tell distance or where items are. Keeping sunglasses on helped hide the green glow his eyes would let off. After time he also knew where everything was to be so mistakes became less and less. Though he preferred to be in the green house among his elements.

Enzo woke up that morning to his phone talking to him ‘New text message from James: Enzo don’t forget about the painting class that is setting up today to bring in new business.’ with a grunt Enzo rolled from his bed landing on the dirt since he didn’t bother placing a floor in his cabin so he could be connected to his element while in his home. Running his hand along the rough ground he pushed himself up and moved got ready before making his way to the cafe, with Rocky his seeing eye dog at his side.

He held onto the handle as he let his mind wonder while Rocky safely got him to the Cafe. Moving through the door after unlocking it he let Rocky go to wonder to his bed in the corner as he got to work setting up the cups sliding his glasses off for a little bit before he heard the ding of the bell telling him the door was opening. His head turn towards where the door was “Welcome to Jimena’s.” he said as he flipped on the coffee machine to begin brewing “How can I help you?” he asked following their movements with the sound of their footsteps.

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Lorenzo knew the bell above the door was loud but it helped him keep up with how many people came in and go. “Glad you could make it  Kaia.” he said as he made another cup of coffee this one sweeter than his own. “Please feel free to call me Enzo, since I have no doubt we will be seeing a lot of each other.” He smiled as he managed to make a foam art flower on top of the cup and place it in front of her. “On the house.” He smiled at her as she stood in front of him with the counter in between them.

“Of course if you follow me.” Enzo moved himself from behind the counter and moved through the row of tables like he  could see them. He moved to a door and opened to another room. He had used it as a storage room but the apartment above the Cafe had more than enough space for him to be able to allow local businesses to use the space. “I hope there is more than enough room, I cleaned it up and painted the walls with a red color.” The walls where clearly grey. “I set up a table in the corner so you can set up what you need. I have more upstairs if you need them.”

He said as he looked around the room even though he couldn’t see anything. “Well you said you were trying to get out on your own the last time we spoke. I don’t expect anything from you, I would like if your clients would come get their drinks and food from the cafe but this is your show.” He said as he moved through the space. “If it does well and your class takes off then we can talk about renting price but I would rather you put your money towards your own business to start with.” He said as he turned back looking towards her even though his eyes couldn’t see.

“Did you have any questions? Or any expectations?” He asked as his arms folded one over the other and he could hear Rocky coming into the room and sitting beside him, which caused him to reach down and rub the dog's head.

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