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This 4 Part storyline takes place between the dates of Late December 23rd, 2021 - January 1st, 2022.


Nayoung breathed heavily as she stood over her master, her sword near his throat to show that she had successfully defeated him in combat. With a big smile on her face, she extended her hand out to her teacher and helped him to his feet. “Thank you for everything Sensei'' she commented with a bow. He smiled at her, the first time she had actually seen him smile throughout the time she had spent with him. “You have learned everything there is that I can teach you, however your biggest battle is yet to come” he began, before continuing his words; “And the battle is not what you might expect” he finished cryptically. Of course Nayoung knew that her biggest battle was out there somewhere, so she spoke in return, “I am ready for the day I face him now Sensai, your training will guide me through it” she said with a smile. “My dear, your biggest battle isn’t with your sister’s murderer” he added as he placed his hand upon her shoulder. That comment confused Nayoung more than anything, if her sister’s murderer wasn’t her biggest battle, what was it?

“Excuse me Sensai, what do you mean he’s not my biggest battle? Do you know something that you aren’t telling me?” the young Nephilim queried curiously. “I cannot tell you the answers you seek my dear, those answers will only come in time” he commented with a soft smile. It was evident that he knew something was coming for her, yet he was refusing to tell her, or even give her any further information on the subject. Nayoung bowed once more in respect for her Sensai, then left and headed home. With her training complete, she could now focus on what was in front of her, rather than worrying about her training. As she headed home, she turned on some music in her vehicle, and found herself thinking immensely on the words her teacher had said. “Your biggest battle is yet to come'' she said to herself out loud, “What did you mean by that Sensai?” she added in a curious tone. She had expected her biggest battle to be with her sister’s murderer, yet now she was told that there was something bigger than that out there. Was she even ready to face that battle?

As she pulled into the parking area of her place, Nayoung got out of the vehicle and entered the building. Once again she found herself repeating her teacher’s words aloud, “The battle is not what you might expect” she spoke, puzzled by his words. The sound of little barking broke her out of the slight trance she was in, bringing her back to reality. “LEO!” she exclaimed happily and picked him up, giving him a kiss on his head. “Guess what Leo? I finally completed my training with my teacher” she commented happily, to which she received a happy response from him. “Let me go get a shower and change my clothes on, then we can watch a movie or two to celebrate” she said before placing him on the floor. It had taken her nearly an hour to shower and dress in something more comfortable, and Leo had fallen asleep against her bedroom door while she changed. When she opened up the door, Leo stumbled slightly due to being rested against the door, which caused her to laugh a little. “Come on sleepy-head, we got a movie to watch” she commented before heading downstairs, Leo following shortly behind.

After watching two movies, and getting halfway through the third, Nayoung found herself getting rather sleepy and decided that it was time for bed. Leo had fallen asleep on his puppy bed downstairs, so she just let him sleep rather than waking him up to bring him upstairs. Once at her bedroom, she left the door ajar just in case Leo woke up and wanted to come join her. As she was leaving the living room, she looked at the Christmas tree in the corner, then to the present that was sitting under it. “Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The perfect time to give Ivy an early Christmas present. Of course I don’t mean that one either” she said to herself in a low voice so that she wouldn’t wake Leo from his nap. Given that it was late when she had gotten home, she decided to wait until tomorrow to give Ivy the good news, so of course she was excited for Christmas Eve to come. About 3:00 am, Nayoung woke from her slumber with chills going through her, a feeling she had never experienced before. After going downstairs to get something to drink, she made her way back to bed, and fell asleep once again.

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The man stood before his latest creation with a devilish grin. A large cage stood in the corner of a large basement, inside was nothing but a mattress, a toilet, and a small fridge filled with bottles of water. “Fairly soon you will contain someone that I want answers from. You are going to be their home and nightmare all at once” he said in a monotone voice as he spoke to the cage, speaking as if it was capable of hearing him. He had debated on whether or not he should add the water, but he decided that his prisoner could have water, but the food would be earned. Besides, he could always remove the fridge of water at any time if he really wanted to. He headed upstairs to the place he resided, an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere, that he had repurposed for his nefarious needs. The cabin wasn’t exactly homely to the sight, but it would suffice for the length of time he needed it for. Making the basement area wasn’t easy, and it had taken him quite some time to make. He was sure he felt the house move while he was making the basement, and the permafrost in the ground during the last month or so definitely made digging much harder than anything else. Now that the area was secure, it would very soon be the final resting place of at least one person in the next week, give or take a couple of days.

After completing what he believed to be a masterpiece, the unknown assailant decided that now would be the time to go and check in on his unsuspecting victim. He casually drove into the city of Evermore, careful that he didn’t draw any unwanted attention to himself, then parked a few blocks away from his victim and walked the rest of the way. As he peered through the windows of the house, there was Nayoung sitting on the couch watching movies in the living room. He watched her for hours before seeing her get up from the couch and make her way upstairs. He was extra careful not to be seen by the female, and switched positions to see where she was going. Though he had been in her house before, and he memorized it like the back of his hand. He had even gone through the trouble of copying her key, that time when she thought she had lost her key, only for it to turn up again the next day.

The man made his way to the front door, and entered the house a few hours after Nayoung had gone to bed. He wanted to make sure that she was asleep before he went inside. Once in, he walked into the living room and used a syringe to inject her dog with enough tranquilizer to make him sleep through the night. Next it was time to check in on his victim, the young Nephilim Nayoung. He crept his way upstairs where he found her bedroom door slightly ajar. As he peered through the opening, sure enough his victim was lying there sound asleep. He slowly pushed the door open, entering the room and making his way next to the bed. He smiled as he looked down at the young female, “Soon my dear. Soon you and I will officially meet. Soon you will be trapped. Soon you will tell me what I want to know. Soon you and I will surely battle. Soon one of us will no longer be part of this world” he spoke softly and menacingly before reaching out to brush her hair away and brush his hand against the skin of her cheek. “But first get your rest. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow” he commented with a grin before leaving the room.

As he left the room, the clock struck 3:00am, and he had watched Nayoung come downstairs just after leaving the same way he entered. He grinned devilishly, he knew that she had been none the wiser of his intrusion into her home. After she went back to bed, he made his way back to his vehicle and headed home for the night, pleased with what he had accomplished today. Knowing that tomorrow was going to be a long day, the man went to bed as soon as he got back to the cabin. He was going to make sure that everything went perfectly tomorrow, no mistakes would be made, nobody would be able to pin him to the kidnapping, and nobody would be able to stop what was coming.

When morning finally arose, the young Nephilim began to stir awake, the warmth of the morning sun shining upon her through the open curtains of her room window. She still couldn’t make heads or tails of what happened last night, but she wasn’t about to let that ruin the good vibes that she had going today. As she looked around her bedroom, she noticed that Leo was nowhere to be seen. “Where are you Leo?” she pondered curiously as she arose from her bed. Making her way downstairs, she found the small dog in the same position that she had left him in last night before going to bed. “Time to wake up sleepyhead” she commented with a laugh as she gave Leo a few gentle nudges. When the small dog had woken up, he was as energetic as ever, “Good Morning to you too” she said with a bright smile as they made their way to the kitchen. Nayoung got Leo’s food ready first, however when she saw how fast Leo was drinking his water, she thought it a little strange since he had never drunk it so fast before. “Slow down Leo. Your water isn’t going anywhere” she commented in a slight stern tone. With that taken care, she focused on getting her own breakfast ready.

When the young brunette finished her breakfast, she headed upstairs to shower and change clothes. She had taken nearly two hours to get ready, and now that she was, she began collecting the stuff she needed for her day. After collecting her cell phone, purse, keys, etc…, she exited her house making sure to lock the door. Given that it was a beautiful day, not too cold, she decided to walk to Ivory’s place. As she was walking by one of her favorite coffee shops, she smiled and pulled out her phone. With her phone in hand, she began texting Ivory, “Hey Ivy, I’m on my way to your place and was going to stop for some hot cocoa from that place we like. Would you like one?”. Nayoung entered the building and waited for an answer from her friend before placing her order. Of course she wanted one, which Nayoung knew would be the answer, so she placed her order and paid before leaving with the nice hot beverages. Sure she was walking, but it still wouldn’t take her long to reach Ivory’s place from the coffee shop.

As she walked through the streets of Evermore, she began to notice the lack of people wandering the streets. Usually this area of the city always had people walking around, but today there were very few people walking. Of course the young Nephilim just assumed it was because today was Christmas Eve, and everybody was with their family and friends today rather than out roaming the streets. As she was passing a rather large alley, Nayoung had a feeling she was being watched. It was almost the same creepy vibe that she had gotten last night when she woke up. She paused in her tracks, and looked around, however she didn’t see anyone at first glance. However, before she got a chance to proceed further towards her friend’s house, she was attacked…

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