Hunter of the celestial species is nothing new the stars that live on earth in today's age. It is crazy to think people who have no idea how to use the celestial energy go through so much to get their hands on it. It's one of the scariest thought the young star always worry about or to even think about it. Someone as herself never got caught up with a hunter since most of her life was in a cage. Learning her powers and who she is told her to always be careful no matter what will happen next. 

Miyaza went back to book store that day to get some books about stars and to learn from the science point of view not really looking for answers about how to bring on any powers but to understand the background story of all in the sky she loves to gazing at which night falls. Walking in she went to the area she last says the book but to find out there were three books. Getting the books and put them in her book bag she felt someone watching her that given her a chill down her back. Looks like a guard or aspect is watching her took long enough. Moving to the side and looking around she didn't see anyone she knew or recognized. Miyaza thought it was very weird but she pushed the feeling out and walked out. 

It was after a few minutes she didn't felt herself being watched which made her look around once more but hear a car speeding away. Miyaza didn't understand today modern technology but the sounds of speed didn't feel good to her.  Funny how an eighteen-year-old girl would not know how to do things as most have picked up a touch screen, knows how to use headphones to listen to music. She does have a phone yes but she is still trying to figure it out. The young star thought about asking Taehyung for help but she still is unsure about going around him knowing things got complicated with them. It was not like there are in a relationship with each other it was more like a friend who has feelings for each other and no one wants to act. The last time he saw her she believed to be human now she is a light species and he is dark. Things will get better in time for the moment she does not want to reply to Taehyun to much.

The young star took the short route to get to the main road so she can walk home to the castle as she heard a car come to a halt as a man yelling. Miyaza turned around to see a male on the floor holding something. Looks like he is more worried about what he is holding then the car itself. She was about to help the man up as she saw another male getting out with a wicked smile. "A Celestial looks like I finally hit the jackpot." Miyaza looked at the male as everything frozed to her. Knowing who the other male was, A Celestial Hunter in the flash. The young star didn't want him to capture one of her own kind but what she knew about her powers. With all the honking going on in the background looks like the other male didn't care but the male in front of his car. "Come on get out of there," she said herself towards the other celestial. If anything if the other needed to get out Miyaza was afraid of stepping in. Miyaza didn't know if he knew how to use his powers or even to protect himself other herself. Putting her hands together like she is going to pray as she watched.

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Today was his day off, surprisingly he does have that. It’s almost been a month since he actually got a break from his work, the newest branch opened in Denver was basically requesting him to work back and forth. There were times when Hanseol had to go there thrice a month, which was definitely last month. Every time he went there, he always had to spend at least 3 nights minimum due to the workload. He finally came home to Evermore last night and he knew he had so many things to do but priorities first. Number one on his priority list was obviously none other than his own boyfriend, Jae. The dhampir made good on his promise to stay over at least 5 times out of the week and he felt bad that he had to leave every so often due to his work commitment. It wasn’t like this before the launch of the branch in Denver.

 Before, he only worked in the clinic here in Evermore and despite going back home a bit late sometimes, it was near. And he actually gets to go back to his arms before the day ends. But now, he could only settle for a few hours of FaceTime. Thankfully, Jae was still so understanding as usual. Even then, Han didn’t like to think he had neglected his own partner due to work. Despite taking a day off work, he still needed to check on the storage for the clinic here in Evermore, he had been paying so much attention to the newest branch opened in the other state that he may have neglected his own duties here. So here he was, rummaging into the cabinets where they stored most confidential files regarding their pet’s medical reports and invoices, grumbling to himself about how unorganized everything was, “I left for a month and all hell breaks loose” he muttered and decided to fold them neatly before arranging them accordingly. 

It took him for about an hour until he eventually finished it, his OCD self finally could take the files being arranged according to alphabetical order now. With a single glance to the clock hung across the room, he noticed it was already lunch hour and he probably should be getting home if he had any chances of surprising his boyfriend. Obviously, fate said not today, star. The moment he stepped outside after locking the front door, Han never thought he was going to land himself in trouble. Again. The Celestial noticed there was a mewling cat halfway on his path to go back, just around the corner to enter the west side of the city, where he resided at, his animal-loving self couldn’t bear to see the state it was in and was about to go and take it back home so he could nurse the poor fluff back to health when he suddenly heard a car honking at him, where the hell did that come from? 

He looked up with a confused look, holding the injured cat in his hands while looking back at the stranger who grinned at him sinisterly, “Excuse me, sir… But I was just about to take this cat-” he stopped talking when he saw the weapon in his hands, shoot. His blood went cold and his tongue was dry, not this again. “Look, I’m just gonna back away and you can go back to whatever you were doing” he murmured defensively and backed away by a few steps but the man didn’t seem like he was going to budge. He could attempt to run but will he reach his place in time? The guy could easily break into his place with no problem. Especially with such brute strength, who knows if he’s even a supernatural too? It was at that moment when he desperately wished for a miracle for him to escape this situation unscathed. 

As the young star could do is stand there watching hoping the other male would getaway. Hearing him speaking up she looked at his arms seeing a kitten in his arms which made her heart drop he saved a kitten and then this happened how unfair. Miyaza wanted to watch to see if the man will back but it looks like he won't.  Miyaza knew she had to do something, this can not happen if worst comes to worst she knows Taehyun will find her and would take the hunter out like nothing is holding him back. Seeing the hunter close his car door showing his weapon everyone in the area was running away. 

"Hey," she yelled to get the hunter's attention. "Pick on someone who actually cares and a little bit of your own size," Miyaza said with no fear. She had her phone in her hand behind her back as she pressed the calling button on the phone knowing if Taehyun hears what is going on he will find her. When the hunter got her attention she looked at the other celestial telling him to run. "Here to save your boyfriend. Two celestials what a surprise." At the moment Miyaza became scared, standing there replying on someone to pick up a phone with no knowledge of how he powers work. It is a risking move and she knew this. "He is not my boyfriend but my real boyfriend will have no problem coming down here to rip you to shreds," Miyaza said waiting for the other male to move. "Also you have no right to aim a weapon at someone who is trying to save an animal that you could've ran over."

She might be an expert when it comes to animals or even to be an owner but she is someone who loves cats. Knowing a kitten was in trouble and it if was not for another celestial picking it up from the car it would've been a sad day.  The young star watched the hunter's movements knowing Opehila showed her how to fight without her powers she can rely on it. One thing Miyaza learned is these hunters were after their powers. Humans or other supernatural should never want to be greedy and be too powerful. "Should you be on your way to whatever you were going to. You not going to get what you want here. Now leave and never come back." She took a step back when the other moved now in between both celestials. Miyaza got the feeling if he does gain one of their powers he will be using it for the wrong reasons. Going into the wrong hands will be bad and it's something Opehila will not like to hear if it does come to her attention.

"You need to go and take that kitten to safety I can handle him." the young star looks at the other celestial trying not to show how scared she is if anything she might try to find a way out of the situation without getting hurt.  "Don't worry about me, we are both alike," Miyaza said knowing she means by their species. Since she is a very young star being reckless and stupid is always the stereotype but really she is very shy and does not like conflict. Being captured changed a lot of her personality and her spirit like most of them.  From a happy and carefree girl now to a paranoid little girl.  

He wasn't sure what to make of this current situation that he had landed himself in right now, but he wasn't sure whether he had made the best decision given the current circumstances. When he stopped to rescue the poor kitten, who also happened to be injured, from being run over by a car across the street, he didn't expect to come face to face head on with a hunter. What was he supposed to do now? Everyone else in the area had scurried away, leaving Han to his untimely trouble, to face this guy alone. He wasn't gonna lie, he knew from the build of the stranger alone says that he could take on the Celestial easily with ease. Perhaps, Han could put up a fight but would it mean anything if he wasn't going to be delivering any blow? 

When he heard someone else exclaiming from a distance, he squinted his eyes to get a clearer view of whoever it was while clutching ghetto kitten securely against his chest, it was a girl, he swore he's met her once or twice when he visited the Celestial castle to spend some time with Ophelia. From the glow emitted on her build, it was clear that she was also a Celestial like him. Not one but two? No wonder the hunter was getting recklessly greedy. Han paid attention closely to the details that she spouted, her boyfriend was coming to save her? From her body language however, the doe-eyed Celestial could pinpoint that she wasn't telling the full extent of a truth neither was she fully lying. Either way, they needed to get out of this situation.

 It doesn't seem like her threats were getting anywhere near the hunter, who only clicked his tongue in annoyance and seemed to be aggravated more than anything. "Can you really?" he murmured apprehensively, it wasn't like him to doubt people's ability but it doesn't seem as convincing, "I'm not leaving you here to fend for your own when I'm the one who got myself in this mess" he pressed his lips together and shook his head in defiance upon being told to flee for his own life, "Besides, if anything I think you only made him more furious" he whispered and stared back at the hunter who seemed to be taking his steps casually, as if he were already surrounding his prey. "How fast can you run?"

Miyaza didn't recognize the celestial until she got a closer look. it was the boy she meets two times or less will it didn't matter at the moment since they have already seen each other and this could be there third or the second time.  Who is counting? Clouting someone she has not seen in tears was not the smart move on her part which would lead her into jumping into this without thinking. Miyaza thought she grew out of her reckless self but looks like she still had it which is no good either. This situation is bad. Not only they can be ripped to sheds from the hunter but if they use any of their powers the Guards of the Aliward's will be on their doorstep. 

Facing fear is one thing but not for the wrong reasons either. When the hunter begin to step forward to her the more she stepped back to the point to bump into the other. Just like the other male can see right through her Miyaza knew she couldn't, she is learning con to control her light. Ophelia will not be happy. "Look, if you leave or I leave either way this hunter is out for our blood and power there is nothing for if and's or but's, "Miyaza said to the other who she thinks is name is Hanseol if she remembers right. "I can stand here knowing one of my own is in danger so either way, you stuck with me. All I know is the hunter is not getting either of us and am only thinking of the positive." Miyaza didn't want to think of the negative. That mindset needs to die.  

"I tend to have that effect on people. I am young and dumb without thinking first." Miyaza admitted whispering not as it will help them but standing her talking keeping an eye on the hunter was not going to help them. They can't stand there. When she was asked how fast can see run, the star looked at the other male like are you serious. "I can run but he has a car how can we outrun him or even get rid of him by foot?" she asked. Not like she was discrediting him for the idea Miyaza just wanted to make sure they knew what will happen if it does not god as plan. "Anything is better than standing her moving backward," Miyaza said seeing the darkness in the other's eyes. They have to move quickly soon,

He probably shouldn't have used this route to get back home. It wasn't his usual route. His option was always divided into two, this road or the other where he usually used 90% of the times whenever he had late shift keeping him up all night. He should've just bailed. Yeah, that's exactly what he should've done. Instead of staying there trying at a lame attempt to talk some sense into this guy who was more thirsty and greedy for Celestial energy above everything if he was this daring. His eyes never left the hunter's and when another girl came out of nowhere, he had to admit that he was utterly confused by the setting and the situation in hand. Who is she? What is she doing here? Or better yet, what is she planning? 

Han moved out rather early compared to other Celestials in the castle, he had been living on his own for two years, closing to three, now. But he does come by the castle to visit sometimes so he wondered if he saw her there. From the glow underneath her skin, he could tell that she too, is a Celestial like him. Han tried shaking off the useless and helpless thoughts off so he could focus on the situation right now. He can focus on remembering who she is later. When she stepped back, she had bumped against his front, which was something because he towers above her significantly as he narrowed his eyes towards the hunter standing in their peripheral vision, what to do now? He doesn't want to be forced to use his abilities. He just wanted to get away from this situation unscathed. "I get that we are not supposed to be giving ourselves up on the platter for the likes of him, but what are we going to do? Do you have any plan?" 

The hunter kept getting closer by the second and he was already fidgeting in his jittery moment so when she said she tends to act before she thinks, Han couldn't help but roll his eyes at that statement, another impulsive star, great. Nothing he can help with because Hanseol was very impulsive with his actions just as well. "He does have a car but he's not a resident here. He's new. And I don't know about you but I've been in and about the city for almost three years on my own, I can bet I know the city better than he does. We can lose him" he sounded determined but he was internally panicking. "We can split up, to begin with. Then he'll have to choose which one of us he'll chase. We can meet up at a rendezvous point."

 He tried to rake his mind for a quick look through at anywhere near, the flower shop a few blocks away. One he frequently goes to. He leaned down to whisper in her ears, "There's a flower shop just a few blocks south, there are plenty of shortcuts there. But you'll get to find the flower shop, we'll meet there." He was waiting for her affirmation or disagreement, whichever she chooses. "Unless you have a better plan?"

The star always heard of being in the right place at the right time with no knowledge of how true the saying really is. Miyaza, on the other hand, this is her first time laying her eyes on a hunter. This is something she would never want to do again. Hearing types of stories about those who want the energy of a celestial made her not want to be reckless or put herself in the line. This situation is an exception the male wanted to do something nice, to save a life and for her to been around to see it go down she stepped in with no plan. That was summery and this is something she will live the rest of her life. This was not a choice but moment of her legs moved before she thought about the outcome. 

Miyaza has not met all the celestials in the castle just yet knowing she did had a Language Barrier, well she still does. So she didn't talk to anyone and stayed to herself. With the male, she is helped she does not believe she never saw him before it looks like she will get to know him more if they get out of this situation. She felt shy after backing into the male but she knew it's not the problem at hand. "I understand that but using our powers means more trouble for us," she asked does not know if he was part of the captured celestials but something within her thought she heard his voice before but she could not remember. "we have to shake him somehow with giving ourselves out," she said lightly as he watches the hunter. "Why can't I just think before acting," she said annoyed with herself. 

The young star listened to what the male had to say as she looked at him for the first time. "You sound confident and I trust you. " Miyaza does not say that to just anyone and it as not because it's her life but the only people she can trust more than anyone in her own species. There are no questions or hesitations for her to think or say. "That could work," she asked but inside of her is questioning what happens if it doesn't? would the other be alright alone? Would she be alright if she gets into trouble or out smarts her? Miyaza was now getting more scared by the minute. 

When he mentioned the flower shop Miyaza nodded. "I know where that is I might not know the short cuts but I can figure it out along the way it can't be that far from here," Miyaza said in agreement. It was a better plan then she could ever think of. Just because she looked older does not mean she is s dumb eighteen-year-old girl within. No one will never understand what she means, there were pros and cons to being one of the youngest stars but everyone expects her to act the age she looks. That is the most annoying part but maybe they were right. 

Thankfully, Han was already used to speaking English even before he was captured, making sure that he would not be experiencing any sort of troubles when it comes to conversing with anyone else. Who knows, he may get himself in trouble, as if that wasn't already his bitter reality back then. English came easy to him after a while of practicing, he didn't have any difficulty with it when he talks. His memory may not be a short term one but he doesn't always pay attention to things he seems unnecessary for him to remember, no offense applied to the situation, but if it wasn't due to the glow she emitted all over her own body, he would never have guessed she's a Celestial just like him. That happens when he only ventured over to the castle to visit or have his regular training sessions with Ophelia. He did live outside, after all. Not that far off from where the castle is located but still outside. 

"I don't know about you but I sure as hell can't use my powers… it's not right, even if it's for self defense reason" he murmured faintly, that was one of his biggest flaws ever apart of hubris. Hanseol couldn't even hurt a fly or an ant even if he wanted to, that's just the nature of how Hanseol Park is. And he won't start to do that now. Not even when the situation pressed him to do so. "I only sound confident because I know the area... " he muttered, if he didn't know the area as well as he does now, he probably wouldn't suggest that. He let out a relieved sigh once she affirmed that she knows where the flower shop is located at, that would make things easier. A part of him worries that she may get herself lost but then again, Celestials do have this preservation skill about them seeing as they've been running their entire life.

Before he could even attempt to move, he pressed his lips together and turned to face Miyaza, he should at least guide her, right? "Just take a quick left turn around the corner once you pass the candle store. You should be able to find another shortcut there." When he returned his gaze towards the hunter who was seemingly taking his time to taunt them as if they were sacrificial lambs, he signaled for Miyaza to make a run for it at the count of 3. "1...2…3" As soon as the number 3 slipped out, he took a quick dash to his left side so the other female could take the right side. Han was desperately hoping the plan would go well. He does not intend to be taken away today. Or any other day.

After coming to Evermore, Miyaza knew she had to learn English one way or another. It was very hard for the young star as she felt closed off to everyone but smiled and her journals since no one was going to be able to understand her. Only one person was able to understander her which she met a few months back. She knows a little bit more then what Miyaza use to but now she does not need her Korean anymore or in a way not to reply to it. Which was good in this situation, she can listen and understand the dangers of this situation and same the other's patience. Miyaza didn't want to be burned on the other knowing her actions made things worse on them. She hoped the male could forgive her after they make it a situation out alive. She never attended to have someone look down on her just for helping them out. She had to be hopeful. 

"I feel the same way even though I am learning my powers." Miyaza's first lesson with Ophelia was to bring out her light, even on that day she feels how wrong it is. She does not want to hurt anyone nor she plans to. She is too gentle and kind to do something in that way. Even still knowing an area is better than not knowing. She knew patches of the area but happy she knows the flower shop for their ticket out of the situation if it works. Even if she gets lost she knew a few tricks she can use. Growing up in Gwangalli Beach near Busan, she is used to blending into a big crowd if need to get away from danger.  She is ready to take the risk no matter what happens. 

As the young star watched from her side vision the male turned to her as she did the same. Miyaza did somewhat remember him from somewhere but didn't know where. She listened to his guide around the area as she nodded with a scared smile. " Thank you. Let's hope to see each other at the shop. Just be careful."Miyaza said trying to calm herself down not to freak the other out. They are now out of time. Hearing every word the hunter was saying bothered the young star but now she has to face this head-on, this was not the running away from their problems this is them running for their lives and they will not be taken today by anyone. 

Waiting for the signal she eyes the left side, the moment she heard 3 her legs went full force of speed. She does not want to look back knowing it could stress her out or scare her even more then she is right now.  Hearing the hunter yelled out of frustration hearing the car door she knew the hunter will make a choice who to follow.  Running and Running she was looking for the candle shop, as she did tiers from a car started speeded as she found the short cut and talking to herself to calm down focusing on the flower shop. Miyaza found a little spot for her to hide for a little bit as she dunked hearing foot's steps come up. Coving her mouth as she breathed in through her nose. "Stay clam everything will be over soon. The bad man will give up and drive away knowing she went in the direction." 

After a few minutes, the hunter got back to his car and drove off as Miyaza got out and started running again being more careful if he is watching like a hawk.  The star grew tired as she turned the corner she found the flower shop as she took a rest for a while not seeing the other star there yet. "Come on I believe in you. Please be coming any minute now," she said under her breath staying hidden but watched everything around her which left people to stare at her. 

Upon hearing that the other Celestial was also beginning to take control and learning how to control her powers, he had a feeling that she, like him, was training diligently under the guidance of Ophelia. Though, Hanseol didn't get to see her during his training sessions with the Wayfinder, which he wondered became a rather private one considering how he's never met another Celestial to train with him. Han always leaned more towards the defence side, as it suited him better compared to offence. It was strictly ingrained in his nature to never maim, much less hurt anyone. It was something he knew he will need to grow out of, eventually, some day, but that day won't be today. 

"For both our sakes, I hope to see you again" he murmured gently and eyed the route he was going to take and back to the hunter that was taking his time to enjoy the taunt, completely oblivious to what the two stars were planning. When the number 3 went off, Hanseol placed everything in his effort to sprint towards the path he chose and from the frustrated grunt he heard from the hunter earlier, he had a feeling that the choice will come down to either one of them, one way or another. He wasn't stupid enough to think that they'll be able to lose him if he decided to pursue them still but he had hoped that he'll be able to drive him our and confuse him long enough for the two of them to escape unscathed.

 His instincts proved him right when he heard the sound of the car engine distantly from behind, which made him run faster as he passed over the alley to get to his destination, but if he does that, then he'll find her too. He had to make a decision and so he did. Han decided to divert his attention away from their rendezvous so he could return there later. He was getting slightly tired from all the sprinting and the panic had set in quicker than he expected so as soon as he managed to trick the hunter, he came through the alley next to the flower shop and stopped to take a breather. Not long after, he felt his chest heaving uncontrollably as he did his best to get ahold of his breathing again. He could see Miyaza's silhouette not far from where he was but no words seemed to come out, only ragged breaths. Before long, he was on his knees while clutching his chest.

Miyaza nodded with a light smile hoping to see the other not harmed. After all the running, the star tried to calm down her breathing. Seeing the other's silhouette made miyaza closed he eyes very thankful for the other to be safe. After gaining some breath, Miyaza walked over to the star. "Are you alright?" she said putting a hand on the other's back worried but pulled it back knowing the other would not want to be touched by someone he does not know, which is fair. Miyaza didn't like feeling the hunter was still looking around. "We should go somewhere that is not on the streets and wait it out for an hour or a few minutes to make sure we will be fine to go to our own homes," Miyaza said not trusting. 

"Your fast reaction helped us out. I think it's about time we know each other's names other than our energy within us." The younger star keeps an eye out knowing the hunter will not give out that quick. "My name is Miyaza. I know my actions didn't help so you don't need to remind me how dumb I was." Miyaza didn't want the other made at her but she knew it was only right to hear out the other. The young star needed to work on herself and it's no secret that she is trying. 

She stood there as her mind went to what was in the other male's arms before they ran. "The kitten. Are they still with you? How hurt was the kitten?" Miyaza asked knowing that is how it happened. Not like she wanted the kitten to be hurt, no one should never mistreat an animal like that. Her lung was hurting now she was not moving. Sitting down next to the other closing her eyes as she took a deep breath and out from her mouth. It could've to go worst but lucky it didn't. "For what it's worth, I am sorry once again. I need to watch my choice of words... English is so hard." Miyaza said the last part under her breath. The young star looked at the other once again as she put her hand on the other back trying to comfort the other. "Hey, you don't need to worry everything will be fine. Just clam your mind and breath in and out through your mouth. Do that 10 times. You are safe." Miyaza tired to think of things to comfort the other. She didn't know what to say to someone she does not know.  

He couldn't remember the last time he suffered a panic attack, it felt so long ago that it didn't seem sane for it come back to haunt him. Hanseol had plenty of fears; claustrophobia makes his panic attacks grow gradually. And while he wasn't under a confined space, there were other triggers to drag his panic attack back to the surface with the simplest movement ever. This was one of them. He was halfway trying to get ahold of his breathing better when she came closer and placed her hand on him, causing the Celestial to grimace and back away instinctively before apologizing, "I'm sorry… just uh, give me a minute to get my breath… or two" he murmured faintly and clutched his chest in an attempt to calm his erratic breathing. He managed to get a few words out from her initial suggestion to wait it out before returning to the comfort of their homes but with the ringing in his ears, it was making it increasingly hard for Han to keep calm. 

"Can you uh… excuse me for a moment?" he coughed and fished his phone out from out of his pocket, pressing the number 1 for a few seconds. He had put Jae on his speed dial as well as Yeon, and the only one who's ever known to handle him during times like this was Jae. A few moments pass before the call was received, that was when Han started calling for him, "Jae? Hey…  it's me. I'm in a very bad situation right now, not one you should be too worried about, I'm not alone… but I need you… to talk me out of this" And by this, he was sure Jae understood exactly what that meant. He spared an apologetic look to Miyaza while pressing his side against the brick wall and let Jae lead the conversation, after a few minutes filled with heaved sighs of relief, he put away his phone and inhaled slowly before returning to her.

 "I'm Hanseol. I would say it's nice to meet you, Miyaza, but this isn't exactly under the best circumstances" he chuckled and nodded when she asked for the kitten. Of course, he wouldn't leave it. He pushed his coat aside and in the inner pocket, laid the kitten meowing at them, "Guy was small enough to fit in the oversized pocket. I'll treat him when I get back home, I have a few tools there anyway" He shouldn't bring his work back home but still, this was an exception. They're always an exception. When she said English is hard, he snickered because he remembered the difficulty he had back then too, "Yeah, I know the feeling all too well… I used to have the same problem, once upon a time."

 Technically since it had been decades ever since then, despite spending the rest of it being confined in a cell, he was bound to get ahold of it. "I'm sorry for earlier, sometimes I get panic attacks because I have to say, this isn't my first time being attacked or hunted ever since I got here... Paranoia beats me."

This was Miyaza's first time seeing a panic attack she had no idea what to do but to try to comfort the other male. When she touched his back watching the other getaway real quick Miyaza grew her hand away now knowing he didn't like to be touched like she though. "It's alright," she said with a smile giving him space. She did watch him make sure he will be alright.  "Just take deep breathes," she said gently to the other star. 

Miyaza nodded as she took off her jacket and sit on the ground. Seeing the other on his phone made her want to check hers. As she did Miyaza saw 5 text messages from Taehyun, her boyfriend before everything that happened. Even if she called him now, Taehyun will not understand any of her problems. He had no idea she is a celestial but his the diviner's mind she is a human who needed protection. How can you tell someone without thinking they might call you a lair? 

She put her phone away before she starts to cry, it hurt her more then anyone would understand. The young star looked at the other star who given her an apologetic look and then she looked down with a sigh. Why did he have to message her at the heat of the moment? 

The young star saw the other returning as she got up and put her jacket in her bag.  When she learned the other's name is Hanseol she smiled and nodded. "Same. The situation was out of our control so the hunter is the blame. I will never understand why they want out energy." she said annoyed. Her face softened seeing the kitten safe and alright. "Hey, there little guy. Look how handsome you are. Seol will take care of you so keep fighting." Miyaza said as she looked up at the older star. "I hope you don't mind me calling you Seol. It's comforting since I've been away from Korea," she said admitting. Hearing him has a language barrier once upon a time made Miyaza feel better. She knew she was not the only one but hearing it from someone given her more comfort then anyone could understand. 

"You don't need to be sorry I understand. Honestly, if I was alone it would in like you earlier. I've been petrified ever since being locked up. This is my first run with a Hunter." Miyaza said with a sigh. "Am sorry too, for making everything worst then what it should've been. I knew I couldn't let you fight alone so I just jumped in without thinking." She really meant it, if Miyaza didn't jump in she would've regretted that decision the rest of her life. "After you treat the little guy where will you take him?" 

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