Hunter of the celestial species is nothing new the stars that live on earth in today's age. It is crazy to think people who have no idea how to use the celestial energy go through so much to get their hands on it. It's one of the scariest thought the young star always worry about or to even think about it. Someone as herself never got caught up with a hunter since most of her life was in a cage. Learning her powers and who she is told her to always be careful no matter what will happen next. 

Miyaza went back to book store that day to get some books about stars and to learn from the science point of view not really looking for answers about how to bring on any powers but to understand the background story of all in the sky she loves to gazing at which night falls. Walking in she went to the area she last says the book but to find out there were three books. Getting the books and put them in her book bag she felt someone watching her that given her a chill down her back. Looks like a guard or aspect is watching her took long enough. Moving to the side and looking around she didn't see anyone she knew or recognized. Miyaza thought it was very weird but she pushed the feeling out and walked out. 

It was after a few minutes she didn't felt herself being watched which made her look around once more but hear a car speeding away. Miyaza didn't understand today modern technology but the sounds of speed didn't feel good to her.  Funny how an eighteen-year-old girl would not know how to do things as most have picked up a touch screen, knows how to use headphones to listen to music. She does have a phone yes but she is still trying to figure it out. The young star thought about asking Taehyung for help but she still is unsure about going around him knowing things got complicated with them. It was not like there are in a relationship with each other it was more like a friend who has feelings for each other and no one wants to act. The last time he saw her she believed to be human now she is a light species and he is dark. Things will get better in time for the moment she does not want to reply to Taehyun to much.

The young star took the short route to get to the main road so she can walk home to the castle as she heard a car come to a halt as a man yelling. Miyaza turned around to see a male on the floor holding something. Looks like he is more worried about what he is holding then the car itself. She was about to help the man up as she saw another male getting out with a wicked smile. "A Celestial looks like I finally hit the jackpot." Miyaza looked at the male as everything frozed to her. Knowing who the other male was, A Celestial Hunter in the flash. The young star didn't want him to capture one of her own kind but what she knew about her powers. With all the honking going on in the background looks like the other male didn't care but the male in front of his car. "Come on get out of there," she said herself towards the other celestial. If anything if the other needed to get out Miyaza was afraid of stepping in. Miyaza didn't know if he knew how to use his powers or even to protect himself other herself. Putting her hands together like she is going to pray as she watched.

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Panic attacks were not as frequent to the Celestial, not ever since he got them dialed down as of late but the thumping against his chest right now indicated that it could easily come back at any time of the day if it intends to. There was anything Hanseol could actually do to make sure it doesn't happen again, it was something that was completely out of his control. He inhaled and exhaled slowly while clutching his chest. The call he made to Jae was a good call, seeing as the only person who could calm him down the easiest was Jae, it helps that the dhampir had experience with his previous attacks too. So by the time he was heaving his sighs properly and was so sure he wasn't going to collapse any moment longer, he murmured and soft thank you to him and told him he'll tell everything when he gets back home. 

Jae was in his class and according to his schedule, if Han got it right, he would only come back in the late evening. Enough time for him to find out why a hunter would hunt a Celestial, well, Celestials, so openly? In a public area, no less. Either they're very bold or just plain stupid. Or desperate, there's that too. When he caught a glimpse of her tearing up, Han went alarmed, "Hey, are you okay? Did you get hurt? Why are you crying?" He was worried that she sustained any injury too. "It's the same reason as others, greedy people will never be satisfied with what they have. They will always want more. That's their… nature."

 It left a bitter feeling in his mouth when he said it because there was no clear reason to say they're justifying this cruel act of predator and prey hunt. If they were in the lower food chain, then it would be understandable but they were humans, just like any others. At least, they live like one. Wouldn't that make them close to one? They eat, sleep, get exhausted, exactly like a regular human. The nickname took him off guard but he responded with a small reassuring smile, "Don't fret, it's fine by me. Yeah, little guy, I'm gonna take you home and then we'll patch you real good, okay?" he cooed at the kitten and kissed the crown of the head gently. "You're from Korea? Where?" 

Hearing that this was her first run with a hunter made him grimace, "I'm sorry you had to experience that when you thought everything was safe. This wasn't my first… not even in Evermore, but I grew used to them. It gets harder for first-timers." When asked where he would take the kitten after treating him, he pursed his lips and shrugged, "I have a clinic. Actually, I was just coming home from it. I was settling some papers. I could put this guy with the rest, someone is bound to adopt it. Or I may be the one doing that. Why? Would you like him?" The clinic was a joint pet shop too, which allowed adoptions to be made through just as well. 

During the other’s phone call the young star’s mind went to her life problems. She wanted to do good in the world and be someone who anyone can rely on. To be that shoulder for anyone to cry on but reality hit her as it’s not the perfect world she wanted. It was dark and there were so many wrongs in her world now the most. Hunters or even someone she cares about that is the walking dead now Miyaza could never know how to tell someone about her problems, she can’t do anything to help only to protect but with what she is learning how helpful would it be. She can’t protect the one she loves from death. That is the harsh reality she is facing beyond what happened today for both her and Hanseol. 

The young star didn’t feel her tears come down her face until the other spoke up. Miyaza wiped her tears as well as looking at her hand to confirm there were tears coming down. “Am sorry if I worried you. My mind thought about someone about my boyfriend that it’s me the most. It’s hard to think about and I don’t know how to talk about it with someone.” she said with a sigh. She didn’t want to bother Hanseol about it so she ended up a conversation with that she said. It bothered Miyaza so much it even showed in her face, even if she does not know what to even say anyone can tell what she is keeping to herself is bothering her. 

Miyaza nodded but with a rolling eye. “They just need to get a life. We just want to live and be normal we are not animals or yes people.” Miyaza said about the hunters, it did scare her that no matter what time of the day it is hunters will hunt them down. Telling Taehyun puts Miyaza to think it will kill him faster if she asked for help from him. Miyaza needs someone else to help her and protect her but who would want to bother to protect someone with the power she has. “I don’t think we are saved no matter what time it is. I think Opehila would want to know about what happened. It will make her worry but her knowing will keep everyone like us on alert. So we don’t lose anyone else.” she said looking down hating how that sounds.  

The younger star watched how the male takes care of the kitten it made her smile. Any guys that go soft for something they are passionate about made Miyaza look up to them and thought it makes a male so handsome. “You’re really good with him,” she said watching him. “He is so cute, it brings me back to how much I always wanted to kitten even growing up. I grew up in a build that does not allow animals but I always went to my old friend’s house to play with her cat. Her name was Sohui, a beautiful black cat with a little white birthmark that was almost the shape of a heart behind on if her ears.” Miyaza said as she can see the cat again clear as day. “Cats are beautiful creatures,” Miyaza said with a smile looking at Hanseol. 

When the other celestial asked were in Korean she is from. “Well I think I fell in Busan but I grew up around the area. OH! Gwangalli Beach.” Miyaza said remembering where in Busan she lives the rest of her life. “ I do miss Busan though, seeing the crystal blue clear water, the food.” Miyaza was homesick but it will not be the same, not what she would remember. 

Hearing what the other said Miyaza can tell he knew how to handle hunters or at least getaway. “I never knew about the hunters or who I was until Isle. I thought I was just a human but really it was a lie not for me just believing but to my boyfriend.” Miyaza said looking at the kitten who was meowing. “I don’t know how to approach life anymore. Maybe I should’ve stayed hidden and never explore life beyond the castle all of us or some of us call home in Evermore.” Miyaza looked up at him with a nodded knowing the kitten will be in great care but the last part shocked her. “Parton?” she asked knowing she heard him the first time. Having her puppy at home name Light would be something she has to think about. “I will think about it. I have a puppy at home to consider” she said honestly. Miyaza would’ve said yes but really in her life, she does not know if she would have room for a kitten. 

Today's unexpected attack was leaving another impact on him, he knows it's inevitable that he was a part of a species that will never be able to know peace and calm because they'll still be busy running away from their predators. But he did picture a much better life here, in Evermore. There hasn't been an attack as of late so he thought he was safe. And perhaps, just perhaps, Hanseol thought the hunters would target others instead of him. He was no longer an easy target, right? But today ruined the picture for him. He'll never truly escape from this. When Miyaza teared up, Han didn't know what to do, he was hardly the best person to be consoling anothet when he too, needed his own anchor to do the same to him, just moments earlier.

 But when she said something about her relationship, a boyfriend, Han found himself nodding knowingly, "I'd offer an ear for you to talk it out if you want. I Uh… I know a few conflicts down the relationship department too. Got a boyfriend of my own" he quipped softly. Speaking of him, the Celestial knew Jae was going to come at him with plenty of questions once the dhampir is home. Questions Han dreaded answering because it was describing his attack. Remembering such things are not as good as it is traumatizing to the mind. "I wish they could… I don't like being targeted just because I'm a Celestial. I didn't actually ask for it so... " he mumbled absentmindedly while fiddling with his fingers, yes, being hunted down again sucks. Every time. And he's gotten a front seat for that plenty of times. Three times now in Evermore alone too. 

Either he was one of the easiest targets or he does have a target on his back. There was no reason for someone to paint one on him though, not that he knew of. He's always lived an honest and silent life, never pissing anybody else off, fearing trouble would brew. At the sudden mention of the Wayfinder's name, he nodded, "Yeah, Phe would wanna hear about it. I'll ring her up about it later... " He didn't want to worry her or anyone else but that's the reality of it. It's not as if he could keep this a secret. "Mhmm, cats are magnificent creatures. I've never had one personally, only ever get in touch with them when I'm visiting the local pound or treating them. I'm not sure my dogs can handle the betrayal of me bringing home another, especially a kitten" he chuckled and rubbed the kitten's ears, yeah, that would not turn out fine for Byul or Yeontan. 

Upon finding out that she fell in Busan too, his eyes lit up almost instantenously, another native! "I fell in Busan too, near the river in Buk district." It felt so long ago. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to live your life. That's why I took a step out and moved out from the castle and into a residency of my own. I had my own job, a family I care for, if I can do it, you can too." He didn't like the thought of them locking themselves down simply because the world is not as lenient to the likes of them. That's not fair. "No worries, until you make up your mind, I'll take care of this little thing. He'll be in good hands" he reassured with a bright grin, it was at times like that really made him look like a personified manifestation of a bunny. "Are you a student anywhere? Evermore University? You look like you'd be a student." Then again, with his youthful appearance, he supposed he was the same too. Technically, he is studying while working. Internship does wonders. 

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