It had been a while since the Valkyr had seen Chen, almost nine centuries now. But, for some reason, it felt like Chen was back. Zhan could see Chen's face in his mind, all angles and sharp cheekbones. The crescent-shaped scar on his chest was tingling, and he was pretty sure it wasn't because of his heart, that didn't beat. Kai was almost certain that he had seen the other male a few days ago, but his mind might've been playing tricks on him. He couldn't remember a time, where he hadn't been angry at Chen for making him into this. He didn't like blood when he was a human, and now that he had to drink it to survive, he was fuming whenever he thought of him. Something about his first love being the one to kill him was making him not want to be around Chen ever again, but he realized he had too, or he would never get answers.

Sighing, he swung his long legs out of the bed and stood up, already knowing that he had to go to the store today, so he could finish accessorizing that dress that he was planning on giving someone. It would be difficult to stay away from Chen if he was actually here in Evermore. The last time he had heard about him, he was in China, Kai's birthplace and the place where he was supposed to become the emperor, but that was over and done with. He stretched his arms and went to his closet, throwing out a pair of leather skinny jeans, a light blue sheer top, and his dress boots. His style was eclectic and everyone was used to it by now. Moving Xiao away from the bathroom door, he stepped inside and closed the door, mindless to the protests of his kitten. 

Thirty minutes later he was showered, dressed, and out the door. Kai had grabbed a granola bar before he left, so he wasn't hungry. Xiao had climbed into his messenger bag and was sleeping curled up next to his bunny Yang. The two actually liked each other for some strange reason. So he didn't have to worry about breaking up fights between them. He was one of the Valkyr's that didn't live near the mansion, so he was about five minutes away from his store. But, there was one thing off about the park near his house. It was way too quiet and if he had a beating heart, it would be racing.

Letting his curiosity take over him, he slowly walked over to the park, trying not to let his boots click on the pavement. That was a fail, anyway. His nose twitched as he smelled something like blood, coming from the back of the park. He could also smell the scent of a wolf. Shrugging his shoulders, he thought it might be one of them enjoying a meal or something. But the scent was laced with human and that spicy smell, he recognized as Chen's. Hissing through his teeth, he sprinted over to the place, holding onto his messenger bag carefully. 

Slowing to a stop, he noticed a few people with the Evermore CSI logo on their jackets. They were leaned over something, and guessing from the strong scent of blood, he knew it was a dead human. The scent of a wolf was coming from the tallest of the CSI's and he could feel Xiao scratching at the bag, begging to be let out so he could go see what was going on. But, Kai didn't let him. He decided to go up and ask what was going on. So he walked up to the tallest CSI and tapped on his shoulder, speaking in a soft, musical voice. "What's going on here? I live right across the street and I noticed you all." 

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It was a rare occurrence when the chief came down to the basement, the forensics lab was not the central hub you go to for lively conversations. Not unless Ash, Logan's partner was here; with it being Ash's day off Logan froze and forwarded his brow when the sent of his boss filled the lab. Carefully he put the chemicals he was working with down and removed his goggles focusing on the chief as he looked around the lab. "I have a new case for you..." the chief spoke and Logan found himself tilting his head to the side "You mean us?" He asked clearly thinking he wanted Ash working it with him. "Yes, but no one can reach him right now and I need one of you immediately. You can catch him up later..." The chief sighed as he spoke tossing a jacket at Logan. "Those came in this morning..." he put a second one of the back of Ash's chair. "... you gotta wear them to the case. I sent the rest of the team ahead so hop to it!" 

I fumbled with the jacket a little trying to get it on as I made my way to the door. 'And do not forget your camera again, will ya!' I heard the chief holler back towards me as he was already out in front trotting up the steps. I spun on my heels, grabbed my camera and spun again finally able to head out. I had a love hate with my job, proud I had something so legitimate but often meet with a heavy heart when at the crime scenes forced to examine the area. I winced at the site before taking a steadying breath and getting to work.

It took Logan once glance and a few sniffs of the air to know the was a homicide. No accident clearly, he chattered with one of the other men on his team as they examined everything. A large part of him wishing his partner were here as he was the pathologist that could accurately examine the body. He rose when a new scent entered the fray, rising to his feet and looking in that direction but when he saw the Valkyr keep walking at first he did not think much of it. He backed away from the scene a bit letting the others around do their jobs, shooting a text to his partner to fill him in on this new case. He took in a sharp breath as he felt the tap on his shoulder turning to look down at the Valkyr he forwarded his brow studying his features. 

He looked similar to the victim, too similar for me to just think this as a coincidence. I shook my head hearing his question, I was not at liberty to talk about the case while it was so freshly active. I thought to lie, say it was a training of some sort for new recruits but chances were he could smell the blood and the suspect as I could. "Active crime scene. Can not give much info." I gave a sad smirk before my eyes wandered down to the movement in his bag the scents coming from it making it clear I should not be worried about it. I was distracted a moment by one of my teammates calling me over "Excuse me." I said to not be rude by just walking away. 

Logan spoke with the man that had called him, his demeanor slowly changing as well as his facial expression. He nodded his head and thanked him before heading back to Valkyr "You said you live across the street right? Do you happen to know a  Wei Zhan? That is the victims name, if you knew them from around here any info you have could help." 

Kai's purple eyes narrowed, but the didn't say anything. It seemed like Chen was back, and he was trying to get him to stay in one place. He hated that fact and wondered why the hell Chen was in Evermore. If he had just been around at night, then he would have seen the damn older Valkyr and would've been able to ask him why he had made Kai this way. Zhan hated this fact, but he knew that it was inevitable. The other Valkyr had been his first ever lover, and he had also been the one to kill him. It was annoying that he could never find Chen in the daytime. Of course, he knew that their senses were decreased to human senses, so he couldn't use his hearing or his speed, but it would be nice if Chen would just show himself. 

He remembered the time that they used to spend together, playing around in the snow, when it snowed and making mischief. Akai was the troublemaker, while Chen was the quiet one, who really was just a fluffball on the inside. Zhan had never expected him to be the one to kill him. Ever since then, he had been trying to get rid of the memories of them together. Every kiss, every smile. It was like some demon had taken over his mind, and was snatching his memories forever.

The wolf in front of him was imposing, but he could sense the sweetness on the inside. He'd be easy to talk too, but the scent of human blood was making him wish he wasn't there. He had already fed that month, so he didn't need to do it again, but sometimes blood made his senses alight. Stepping a little bit away from the body, he smiled at the wolf but didn't say anything. It would be better if he didn't since he didn't know what the wolf would do when he saw him. In some legends, it said Valkyrs and Lycanthropes did not get along at all. But if it was up to him, he was going to break that myth. Kai was going to be friendly to this wolf since he was naturally friendly, and the small smile he had given the wolf at first glance was genuine. But right now, that blood had to be gone before he lost it.

Looking down, he saw that the human looked similar to him. Same dyed blonde hair, same purple contacts, same clothes and jewelry, and even the same birthmark. On closer examination, he saw that it had been tattooed on. Someone had been trying to frame him or at least trying to pretend he was dead already.  "That's alright." He said and smiled at him, before nodding as the wolf took off to see his partner. Sniffing the air, he knelt down in the grass, taking a pair of latex gloves from his bag. When he did, he was met with the furry face of Xiao nudging him. “嘘。我很快就让你出去。” (Hush. I'll let you out soon.) He said quietly in Chinese and patted the kitten's head. Yang was still asleep, fortunately. 

He placed two fingers on the human's neck and gently moved it to the side. There was a patch of skin that didn't look the same color as the rest of him. Brushing it with his gloved fingers, he found it was concealer. It was hiding a small tattoo on the back of the human's neck. It was how he knew that this definitely was someone trying to be him. But, the tattoo on the back of his neck was something Kai didn't have. Raising his eyebrows, he stood back up and disposed of his gloves in the nearby trash can.

Zhan nodded as the wolf came back, a slender hand placed on his messenger bag strap. "I do live across the street, yes." He replied and then looked at the human on the ground. It was definitely Chen that had killed him. Using that name, was something Chen always did. "I do know a Wei Zhan. I'm Wei Zhan. That, unfortunately, is not me. It's some poor human pretending to be me." He replied and his purple eyes widened a bit.

The boss was not going to let Logan here the end of this after he found out a civilian had tampered with the crime scene. Despite it not being his job to keep the scene clear of bystanders a pedestrians. Yet right now he was focused on the more pressing mater at hand and that was what this Valkyr had just told him. He was Wei Zhane, suddenly all the more coincidences between this Valkyr and victim flew out of the window.

"You... you should not say that too loud." I flinched as my crew mates began to glance at the both of us. My heightened senses allowing me to hear that they were starting to realize the similarities between Wei and the victim moments before. I stiffened up and mumbled under my breath and string of curses slithering past my lips.

"Well the humans I have just caught on three years later as perusal." He slightly jestted  gesturing his head to the crew behind him to show who he was speak of. "I will have to ask you a few questions for this case if what you say is true. Mind coming to the precinct with me? I promise its safe."  Naturally Lycan and Valkyr were supposed to hate each other,  except Logan hated and could not bring it within himself to hate any innocent person except maybe himself. It helped that he was not born a wolf, he offered Akai a smile that never reached his eyes and a firm handshake " I am Logan by the way. Logan Reeves, head forensics scientist for this case for now" 

Akai could tell that the other was a little wary of him, and that was a little unnerving. Normally he wouldn't be at a crime scene, even if you paid him. He hated being around blood unless it was time to feed, and even though he had studied psychology and other things revolving around murders, he hated being around them. Now that he was at a crime scene, he was immediately reminded why he hated them. The smell of human blood was everywhere, and if he was human he would've gagged. Chen was obviously taking advantage of Akai's species and putting dead humans all around where he lived. 

"Why should I not say it aloud?" Akai asked, his purple eyes widening a little bit in curiosity. He was confused as to why he couldn't say he was Wei Zhan and the other person wasn't. It was true, he was Wei Zhan. He had been since 1,115. That had been his name for a while. He had gained a Korean name and an English name, but he was still Wei Zhan. Sometimes he really wished he wasn't, but that was who he was. 

"Humans are suspicious creatures. I know cause I was one." He replied and smiled at the humans in question. They seemed to be looking him up and down as if he was the bad guy here. "Sure. Yixuan is going to shoot me. But yes I'll come with you to the precinct." He said and giggled suddenly as his leg was nudged by a bunny paw. "好吧,我会让你把肖和杨赶出去。好,好吗" (Fine I'll you out, Xiao and Yang. Be good, okay?) He said in Chinese and opened his messenger bag to let the animals free. Yang hopped out and cuddled into Kai's arms, while Xiao wrapped himself around his neck and fell back asleep. He could sense that the other was not scared of him at all and he was suprised by that fact. Normally Lycanthropes were enemies with Valkyrs, but this one seemed to want to be friends. "Wei Zhan. Or Akai if that's easier for you. I own the store down the street called MeiMei. I am also a model and a designer." He said and gave him a smile. "Also was a prince in the Jin Dynasty, and was a dancer." He added and tapped the forehead ribbon he had worn ever since he was little. 

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