Moving your life half-way across the country could be quite a feat and while Aster had already decided to leave a lot of her possessions in New York at the apartment, to be rented out until needed, it did mean she had a lot of shopping to do. Amid boxes, and sleeping on a mattress without a frame, that was a cheerful delight.  It would be lying to say that she didn't have an eye for beautiful things. They made her happy, almost as if she could take a deep breath in a world filled with exhaustion and smoke.  As she walked through the empty apartment which would be her home for the upcoming months, Aster could see the lovely bones of the building. There was crown molding and wooden floors throughout the space and it had several big east facing windows which she could quickly see becoming her new area for in home practice or meditation. If there was anything Aster loved more than shopping, dance would come first and sunrise second. 

She liked to wake a full thirty minutes before sunrise, so that she could watch it paint the sky. Often, as she worked, she wondered what it would be like to be as weightless as a cloud. On stage, it was practiced and choreographed and then practiced again that she could have the effect of a soaring bird, but in reality learning to dance required a lot of time and sometimes injuries. Being in the ballet core at a theatre meant that even if you were injured, it would be taped up and practiced again. The flight of fancy was her illusion and one that she'd trained her body into for many years. As she looked out over the city and then back to the emptiness of her new home, she felt torn. Half of her seemed so much to want to come home and the other half knew all her hard work was worth it. 

Despite the beautiful windows and french doors, she didn't yet feel at home. While decorating may not have been her worst fear, it seemed better to search for some help. Aster drummed her fingers along the edges of the telephone book and stopped beside the name Alexia Stromberg. The website and application seemed simple enough and it would be good to have another pair of eyes. The appointment was set for the next day. She couldn't wait until the days of mattress surfing were long in the past. The evening flew quickly by and the next morning the doorbell rang. In front of her stood a sophisticated young woman; but there was something Aster couldn't determine about her dark eyes. Did they hold a glint of mischief or of danger? "You must be Alexia." Aster held open the door. "Would you like a tour? I'm afraid it's not much yet, but I think you'll see why I chose it."

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