Sober. An unusual feeling for the Diviner these days, something than he didn’t exactly welcome into his world either. But, unfortunately, Lyndon had to make some sort of living. He wasn’t a man that needed to cash, his empire from London and his fathers demise saw to it that he’d never want for anything, but Lyndon was the type of man that needed something to do during the day when the bars were shut.

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There was an event being held, for the ‘Newbies’ of the town. Something that Lyndon loathed. It was almost as bad as a ‘get to know you’ session. But he thought there may be free alcohol…or even food. He was dressed smartly, a black suit with a crisp black shirt beneath. The shirt was left mostly open, revealing the Diviners sternum and the defining lines that etched his muscles. The low shirt also revealed more than a few of the scars that littered the Diviners being.

Tugging at his blazer sleeves, he wandered into to the 30-story buildings, checking the invitation. “Really? Top floor?” He muttered to himself, heaving a heavy sigh. Approaching the lift, he pressed the call button, glancing around. He must be late, there was no one around and for thing sort of event he’d of expected more bodies. Not that he was complaining.

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The lift creaked to the ground floor, the doors sliding open slowly and allowing Lyndon to step inside, his shoes clicking slightly on the wooden floor. The lift itself was rather small, maybe enough for four or five bodies at a time, but in Lyndon’s case, he was happy with it just being him.

Just then, a quick movement caught his eye, someone quickly approaching the lift and waving a hand…A common gesture in regards too ‘Keep the doors open’. Raising his hand, Lyndon smiled politely, yet his finger quickly began to smash the close door button, hoping that it would close in time and he could ride up alone.

Close, Close, Close – He thought over and over and the white-haired female came closer and closer…

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Madness. That was probably what it all was. Pure Madness. 

When Malory had asked her if she would like to volunteer at the city council, Val had thought that the job would entail a bunch of paperwork and an occasional meeting with members. She was good with paperworks and though math had never been her favourite subject, she was okay with figuring things out on her own. Most of her life had been nothing about a string of DIY projects on a larger scale involving topics that didn't were even closely related to arts and craft. She had uprooted herself from her life in France, traveled around for years without a home or any sense of belongingness and was now in a position of power though she often did admit to herself that leadership qualities didn't come naturally to her. It was why the reply had been an affirmative but when she found herself being dragged into sorting out a program for welcoming new people in the city, she found herself not really protesting against being a part of it. And that was certainly a surprising revelation. 

Valeria had no excuse as to why she had found herself volunteering to help out with the city council. She had a lot on her plate with the faction, the new members and Illyas. Yet here she was. Entering the building with a stack of papers and her handbag, not really a great combination considering the texture of the floor and the state of her footwear. More than once the Dhampir had an urge to just turn back and call in sick. She was not a people person and felt awkward commanding a room full of inquisitive faces, despite being known for her confident mien. It was just the sort of subtle love for Evermore that held her from backing out. She had changed, perhaps for the better, since coming here and while she was the least touristic person around, Val hoped that she could somehow help people uncover that charm of this place.

Though it didn't really bode well if the volunteer herself was late and she found herself hurrying across the lobby, almost yelling at the person to hold the lift. Having been there frequently, she knew how slow the mechanism was and how long it took for another one to come and frankly Valeria had never been a patient person. A scowl appeared on her face as she noticed the attempt of the man inside to shut the lift and propelled more by her indignation at that sight than anything else, she got inside at the last minute. "How very polite of you Monsieur to hold it for me" Val stated without preamble "I feel I should repay your kindness" 
And without warning, she proceed to press all the buttons of the elevator. If he wanted to reach the top floor early, he was going to have a hard time now.

As the female dashed into the lift, Lyndon forced a smile, that is, before she then proceeded to press every button on the panel. Now, this was a long, long lift ride anyway, let alone stopping on every floor. He grits his teeth together before turning to the female before, a look of disbelief across his features. “What are you? Three?” He snapped bluntly, his cockney accent like a snake around the words, snaking around and managing to sound almost like a cuss without the language.

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Lyndon stood for a moment, as the lift slowly etched up to the second floor, the doors half opened and closed again, not even enough for the man to get out. This sent a groan pushing through his lips and the diviner collapsed back against the side of the elevator. “Well isn’t this going to be fun.” He muttered.

After a beat, the Diviner took his phone from his pocket and clicked a few things.

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Third floor…

Fourth Floor…

Fifth Floor…The signal dropped, another groan left the diviners lips and he eyed the female before him. “I hope you’re satisfied! I can’t even get out to take the stairs…What possessed you to press EVERY button?”

Val couldn't really explain just what possessed her to act out in the way she did. In that moment, she resembled her old eighteen year old rebellious self than the cool calm composed leader people in Evermore knew her to be. But the deed was done and short of stopping the lift and breaking it open, there was nothing to be done. She slumped on the wall and closed her eyes, exhaustion evident in her features before the male next to her spoke. Her icy blue gaze turned in his direction before she nonchalantly shrugged "According to many books and experienced psychologists, it is good to get your inner child out once a while. You did it by not holding the elevator when you were asked to and I did it by..well holding it on every floor" 

She shut her eyes again thinking of the mess that the faction was in currently, what with the recent murder in their own territory and tried not to think of how she had witnessed the said murder being committed and was utterly unable to stop it. It made her feel weak and vulnerable- emotions she thought she had left far behind in France. The repercussions were ugly, many quite openly protesting against her decisions but as she had told them and herself, rules were rules and she couldn't bend and break them, no matter what the cause or who the person. At her companion's frustrated muttering, amusement etched on her features. It was not to say she really took pleasure in anyone's pain but it was an alien feeling that her stoic self could at times be petty and childish like this. And she certainly had no regrets.

"I am satisfied indeed. And you know what would add to it" she began in response, a light smile dancing across her features "obnoxious music to go with the mood. But, since I am know to be nice and polite. I will spare you this time. As to what possessed me, it could have been your actions challenging my words. I always take challenges seriously you know"  Pushing away from the corner, she studied him for a moment "Are you here for the Welcome address? You must be new in town then. How are you enjoying it so far?"

“I wouldn’t say that was childish!” He snapped back at her and narrowing his eyes slightly. 

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“You never know, I could have had severe anxiety…Or…OCD” He was grasping at straws trying to make his point, glancing back to her and sighing. “OR I just don’t like blondes!” Lyndon snapped once more before huffing and turning to face the doors of the elevator.

As she mentioned music, the Diviner scoffed slightly and glanced up, his eyes catching one of the speakers. He muttered an incantation under his breath and music slowly started to rise through the elevator at a comfortable volume. “There’s already music playing.” He trilled with a grin. She was going to the top floor, it was obvious she was supernatural of some sorts, what was the harm?

As she mentioned enjoying himself, he too took his turn at studying her. “You must be one of the ones in charge.” He murmured, catching her gaze. “You’re got your boss hat on.” He added before shrugging. “The towns fine, it feels like a slowly bubbling pot of despair and anguish. But with a large majority of the city not feeling it at all. In odd, but when I choose to ignore that it’s a city.” Once again, Lyndon shrugged and frowned, waving his hand. “Just, please, No more lectures on the town? Im sure I’ll get sick of it up there.”  

His gaze shifted back to the doors of the elevator and he stood for a moment before glancing at her from the corner of his eyes. He shifted his weight before grumbling and offering the blonde a hand. “I’m Lyndon by the way. I may as well introduce myself, we’ll be stuck in this life a while…”

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