“Yo Jerry, anyone around this place know how to make a decent cup of coffee? I mean this drivel is just cruel and unusual punishment.”

Sniffing at the concoction that swirled around the bottom of the pot Ryker felt along the counter until he relocated the machine, placing the glass container back in its cradle. Two weeks in Evermore and all he’d learned so far was the coffee at the station growled at you and the city was filled with strange happenings. Shaking his head the young male took his white cane in hand, maneuvering through the bullpen to the best of his memory. He hadn’t gotten too much sleep over the last few days, the weirdness he felt within him mixed with the stresses of having to learn a few new environments had kept him from being able to catch more than three or four hours a night which was wearing on him.

Once outside Ryker took a deep breath of air, wrinkling his nose as the sharp smell of smog and refuse tinged the otherwise clear mountain air as he turned right. Sniffing a few more times he waited for the smell of the outdoors to become less powerful, until he caught the first hints of heaven. Following his nose he traversed the few blocks down the sidewalk to the little cafe he’d discovered on his first day in the Eternal City. His mind had become adept at identifying smells so when he’d caught the rich scent of roasting beans he’d made sure to memorize the location. Pushing through the door he greeted the young woman on duty, smiling at the flirty tone in her voice as she moved off to make his usual.

“Extra shot of espresso today?”

“Better make it two,” he replied, “Running on very little sleep and I’ve caught a case.” The pair of them made more small talk while she fixed up his coffee, adding in an extra for his unsub. He had to admit the young woman was bright and engaging, studying to be a psychologist she was hard working and smart to boot. Just his type, though he had to keep reminding himself that he had a little too much baggage at the moment. Paying for the drinks with a little extra as a tip the male balanced the drink tray in one hand while brandishing his walking cane in the other.

Weaving back through the growing crowd of people heading to work Ryker made it back inside the precinct, calling out greetings as he went. He’d started on Monday, and while most people would have spent months trying to integrate themselves into the tight knit community of police personnel he’d never had a problem with it. In fact everyone seemed to know his name and what his job was, then again it was difficult not to know who he was. Being blind made him stand out in a crowd. He didn’t mind it though, despite all the Daredevil references it was nice to be so accepted. Chuckling at yet another exaggeratedly bad joke he weaved his way to the hold area and following the voice of Detective Grainger he walked into the interview room.

“Good morning. I brought some coffee if you’d like some.”

His white cane hit the table, letting him know just where to reach to set down the drink holder and from there his memory took over. Taking his time he broke down the pieces of his cane, each segment about a foot long were held together by a stretchy nylon that enable him to bundle the whole thing into one piece. Tying the whole thing off with a bit of string the male placed the bundle on the table as he took a seat on the other side of the Unsub. Reaching across the table he took out his drink and then sat back, absorbing the silence. Sipping on his coffee he listened to the steady beat of her heart, her breathing slow and steady. There was a faint rattle of metal against metal, the cuffs on her hands scraping against the table. The sharp smell of hard liquor hung heavy in the room, underlying the faint odor of B.O. Something else wove through the woman’s aroma, something that had the inner core of himself stirring.

Shifting a bit as he sipped at his coffee his instincts screamed what this woman truly was which made him a little curious as to how much she’d actually drank. Finally, after an extended silence Ryker spoke, “That’s quite a mess you left back in that convenience store. With damage expenses plus all the merchandise you consumed it’s going to be a pretty steep bill.”

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Siobhan had woken up in the holding area, she groaned as she rocked her head back looking at the glaring light as her brain worked to recall the night before. She couldn't things were fuzzy the last detail she could recall was that she was after a man who had been spiking girls drinks. She rolled her head forward looking down to the handcuffs on her hands. She scoffed at them knowing she could easily break them but she felt a voice in the back of her head telling her to stay put.

She looked around the room and then to the door as it opened she watched Ryker walking in and tilted her head to the side as he walked in using a white stick. She wondered what the stick was for, Siobhan had lead a very sheltered life for the first 20 years of her life she had only ever known her family and none of them had been blind, and her year in the city has been filled with many different adventures and species but he was the first blind person she had met, but she felt rude to ask him what was wrong with him.

She watched him as he stat the coffee down and the aroma filled the room causing calm to wash over the Nephilim. She waited for him to sit down and then she took the other coffee he offered and took a sip letting out a soft groan as her shoulders relaxed. She then moved her gaze back to Ryker and looked him over, she could sense he wasn't human. She listen to him speak of a convenience store and her brows knitted together as she tried to recall the events and then she sighed softly shaking her head. "I don't remember anything like that." She admitted out loud as she reached up with her hand tucking her hair behind her ear before taking another sip of the coffee.

The good thing about the supernatural healing of being a nephilim she wasn't likely to get a hang over but for some reason her head was aching. she mumbled to herself "this is strange." She looked back to the man across from him as she nodded "I will take care of the bill." She said as she sat down the coffee and then looked to her handcuffs as she watched him "I seem to be missing a space in time." she said as she tried to focus on the empty space that filled her brain. She closed her eyes as she tried to remember. "I went to a bar, to stop a man who had been spiking Neph..." She paused and looked to him again and cleared her through "Drinks of girls. I remember confronting him and then..." She looked down "After that I can't remember anything. I did have a drink." she said and then leaned back, coming to the realization that she may have been drugged herself.

She looked down to her outfit thankful she was in the same dress she went out in before she looked back up to Ryker, "Is there something else that happened? do you have footage of me damaging the convenience store? I need to see it." she said as she yanked her hands apart to roughly causing the cuffs to break in half and she muttered "shit." She then pressed her palms to the table "did they take my blood when booking me? Was there anything in my system? I think I may have been drugged like others of my kind." she stressed the last part hoping he would catch on.

Sitting on the other side of the metal table Ryker kept quiet, letting her speak and react to the things he was telling her. Using his hearing he picked up on the subtle notes of distress that colored her voice, her hesitance at naming what she was obvious to him. The Unsub also seemed confused about the convenience store, her concern though wasn't on what she had done but something more. He caught hints of it, little tale tell signs that he’d been trained to pick up on. He doubted she knew she was giving off these clues, that she was being so transparent.

Focusing on her scent the male could tell she wasn't lying, she was speaking the truth as she remembered it. Which didn't seem like much, her concern for what she had done was genuine and he believed her when she stated she would pay to replace what had been damaged. The remorse at least told him what kind of person he was dealing with which made things much easier going forward. As a forensic psychologist he dealt with so many people who  tried to explain away their sins, blaming anyone and everyone in an attempt to get out of trouble. It disgusted him how often he dealt with remorseless criminals who grasped at any olive branch or escape route they could, it was one of the reasons he took his job so seriously.

Taking another sip of coffee Ryker let her stew a bit over it all, more often then not he learned more when he didn't say as much. Finally she opened up asking if they had taken a blood culture from her, giving a clue as to why she had been intoxicated enough to not remember what she had done or how she had ended up in jail. Leaning over the male rested his arms on the table tilting his head to the side, "Are you suggesting you were drugged?" Over the last few weeks the Department had been dealing with a rash of cases that dealt with women being drugged. If the perp was using a drug strong enough to take down a Nephilim than they had a serious problem on their hands.

"Tell me what you remember, even the smallest details will help." Ryker glanced up at the camera or where he knew the camera was located and made a cutting motion with his hand across his neck. It was the universal sign to shut something off or to kill. A for moments went by when the hum went silent letting him knew the feed had been shut down. "Were you tracking this person and do you think he is specifically targeting supernaturaIs?"

Siobhan watched the therian across from her as she spoke the truth, the night before she had never been arrested before let alone in much trouble with the law. So fear spiked in her body as she spoke, fear of being arrested, fear of what she did in her uncontrolled state, most of all fear that the mad man was still at large. She swallowed harder looking to Ryker as he leaned closer, asking if she was saying she was drugged “What else could it be?” she asked softly. She leaned back from him as he glanced up to the camera telling them to cut it and she let out a breath.

“It all started a few weeks back.” She said as her hand held onto the cup of coffee “I had just moved back into the city from the therian woods.” she frowned slightly at that and sighed “I decided I should begin my Nephilim training once again since I was back in the city and reached out to a fellow Nephilim who owns a gym in town. I began to train with him fighting style and well with the mental side of things that come with being a Nephilim.” She said as she kept her eyes on the cup thinking of the male.

“Female Nephilims began to disappear.” she said softly as her eyes flicked up to Ryker knowing he couldn’t see her. “The guy training me began to become worried. So I began an investigation of my own. I thought for sure that these girls were just moving from town to other groups. When I began to speak to these few girls friends it became clear that these girls didn’t not plan on leaving town and the last anyone had saw them they were going to a bar in town for Nephilim night.” She said. “Free drinks for Nephilims till midnight.”

She leaned back against chair as she messed with cuffs around her wrist as she tried to focus on the night before. “So I decide to check out the bar maybe see if I could find any clues. But what I remember is this man.” She tried to focus on his looks but it was all fuzzy. “I saw him drop something in a girls drink and I stepped in that is the last thing I remember.” She frowned and looked to Ryker. “I think he is targeting supernaturals yes, female Nephilim to be exact.”

She seemed worried and sad. The dark blue swirling with pungent yellow through her aura chased one another around but at the core of her was the deepest earthy brown. Confusion. Whatever had happened to her she truly couldn’t remember, and if drugs were involved she couldn’t really be faulted for her actions. The male sat back in his chair and considered her story, the idea that someone was out there targeting female Nephilim. What in the world could a person want with a Nephilim anyway, he’d heard about their abilities with pain suppression and of course there was their ability to fly. One could force them to do those things thought, could they?

Shaking his head slightly it all confused Ryker, rattled around in his skull until he could feel a headache coming on. Finishing off the last of his coffee the male tossed it towards the corner of the room, tilting his head slightly until he heard the tale tell thump of it hitting the bottom of the bin. Grinning slightly he reached into his pocket and produced the key to the cuffs, leaning over to run his fingers lightly over the metal until he found the insert. With a quick twist he freed her wrists from the cuffs and stood up to stretch. “I’ll get the charges dropped but you will still owe the shop owner for all the damages. If you can’t afford it then you will work for him until the debt is paid.”

Walking around to the back of the chair he braced his hands on the cold metal and leaned over a bit. “Drop the investigation. You don’t have any business running around town trying to solve this on your own.” His voice was hard and sure. “Go to your Ambassador and tell her what’s going on. I’ll talk to mine and see if we can’t get a meeting together to stop this from happening anymore.” It was the right thing to do, the smart thing given someone was out there that had it out for female Neph’s. The last thing they needed was to add Siobhan’s name to the list. This was the first time she’d ever been in trouble, and if he had anything to say about it the last.

Taking her arm he gently guided her up from the chair and together they began walking out of the room. “Go home and get some rest. Go back to your training and let this drop. Before I find your body somewhere.”

Siobhan watched the man who could not see her eye around her as if he could see something deeper than her looks. She raised the coffee to her lips slowly taking a sip from the cup before setting it back on the table watching him toss the empty cup into the corner of the room slightly impressed he made it into the bin but she stayed quiet as he undid the cuffs on her wrist slowly rubbing her wrist. “I will pay for the damages, can I get his contact information?” she asked.

She stiffened as he walked behind her, she looked down as his hard voice filled her ear, she stayed quiet as he spoke of how she had no business in any of this. She nodded only slightly but he didn’t know Siobhan, she wasn’t one to drop something when people were getting hurt. “Okay.” she muttered slightly standing from the chair as he led her out of the cold interrogation room. She looked to him and offered a slight eye roll about finding her body somewhere. “Sure thing chief.” she said in a slightly mocking tone as she move over to collect her things and sign her release papers.

She watched Ryker walk away from her and she pick up her phone and walked outside as she dialed a number and she pressed the phone to her ear as the ringing thumbed in her ear she sighed softly hearing Clarissa voicemail she let out a huff “Rissa it's Sio.” she said as she began to walk down the street “Listen some things are not adding up and Well since your sister is our Ambassador maybe you can relay the message if I go missing.” She said as she bit her lower lip.

Sio and the Bradfords had a strange relationship but it was one that she wouldn’t change for the world “There are nephilims disappearing but I don’t know if they are the only one. I got arrested last night since I think I was drugged.” she said looking back to the police station over her shoulder before cutting through the park to get to her home that she kept in town for nights she couldn’t make it back to Dominic’s “Well I have a plan and it may end up badly so I just wanted someone to know what was going on just incase.” she swallowed hard “If I disappear take care of Dominic for me?” She sighed “Anyways talk later.” she hung up and walked up to her home that was on the other side of the park.

She walked inside and whipped a thin layer of dust from the entry table sighing it had been a month or two since she had been here and the last memories were not found ones. She quickly showered and did her hair and looked ot the time, night had come quickly, she had no idea how long she had been at the police station before she was finally herself once again. She tucked her hair behind her ear as she slid into a black dress and picked up her phone once again. She ran her thumb over the image of her and Dominic and sighed as she tucked it into her purse and made her way out of her home locking the door.

She looked around as she began to move back to the club she was at the night before, and as the night before there was someone on the street handing out flyers saying that Angels drink for free. Most humans would laugh off the joke but Nephilims would want to check it out. So she smiled taking hold of the Flyer and moved inside of the club looking around the the strobe lights as they flashed around she looked around her eyes searching for the man from the night before trying to see if anyone rung her memory.

There was something in her voice that told him all she needed to know. She felt remorse for the things she had done but she wasn't going to let it drop. Nodding his head as she asked for the store owners contact information he took a card out of his back pocket and handed it to her.  “Go slow with the old man. You shook him up pretty badly, tossing things around like you did.” He hadn't been able to watch the tape but he had listened to the sounds as the video had played, one of the forensic scientists he was friends with whispering the details in his ear. She'd all but destroyed the interior, tossing objects around like they weighed next to nothing. The Detectives had chalked it up to the effects of whatever drugs she been on but Ryker knew better. The drugs had only augmented what was already there, the colossal strength of the Angel's themselves flowed through her veins.

His warning was delivered in a whisper, her aura flaring with discomfort before she herded her outside. Standing at the entrance to the precinct he waited, tilting his head a bit as she walked away. Sure enough he detected the sounds of dialing and then she was whispering furiously to someone. The woman wasn't going to stop until she got herself killed. He'd seen the swell of pride in her when he had mentioned finding her body. She was firmly of the belief that she couldn't be killed.

Shaking his head the Therian took out his own cell phone, hitting the number 5, activating the speed dial number that had been programmed in the little device. A terse Male voice answered, a clipped greeting from a man of few words. “You might want to let the Nephilim Ambassador know that one of charges is walking into danger. Willingly and with little regard for her own life.” A short conversation ensued, the details delivered from one to the other before they both hung up.

Breathing out a heavy breath, his.lips vibrating with the action the Therian put his phone back I'm his pocket. There was nothing more he could do. Being blind he couldn't exactly go up against whoever was drugging Supernaturals. He wasn't exactly a fighter and couldn't control his shifting as of yet. He was tied by his own handicap and lack of skills. It was maddening. Shrugging off his turbulent thoughts and feelings the male turned and went back into the precinct. He’d need to do some paperwork before he could leave and a nice meal out sounded like just the thing to lift his spirits.


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