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Isaiah life had made him twisted, far darker than an angel child should be. Though Isaiah had come to believe he was just born with this dark spot smeared across his soul. Being tossed away like he was garbage not wanted by his mother. Bouncing throughout the system being teased for being different until finally he was tossed into a family that locked him away in the darkness beating him  every day so bad that his body was covered with the scars that showed his past. While locked away in the darkness he held onto the small shred of hope which was a photo of his father. He hoped maybe his father would want him, he just want someone to want him and love him. The longer the time went the less and less hope he had and as he was let out on his birthday that last shred of hope was burned from his life and red was all the nephilim could see. Murdering everyone in that home he wondered the world nomadic until the League of assassin gave him a new purpose in life.

Training was something most would never understand. Only a fraction of those chosen for the league made it through. Being tortured for hours on end again, going through weapons training, combat training, it was things that were just as bad as what he had been through but this time it was his choice. After he made it through his training he was placed on assignment with Clarissa another Nephilim who was apart of the League. Something about the dark haired woman with the chocolate brown eyes made him feel safe. It wasn’t something he was use to feeling around people. He was quiet around her as they were partnered together, answering whatever she asked with nods or grunts he was sure she thought he was stupid with some of the looks she caught him giving him. Though all he was trying to do was understand the feelings that were conflicting him.

They were placed in a bonk together, Something Isaiah wasn’t use to, When all the lights went off at night Isaiah had to take slow deep breaths counting out softly, hoping sleep would take him over. He knew he was safe, well safer than where he use to be and yet the darkness was still a problem with him. He hoped with time and his new focus he could overcome the challenge though he wouldn’t let his new partner know his issue. It was his issue to bare. Sleep would take over him, but morning time came quickly before the two were to set out on their first mission. Clarissa had withheld the details of the mission from him, he wasn’t even sure when she had received them. As they slide out standing on the edge of the mountain hideout he looked to the sun as it beamed down and finally spoke his first sentence to her “Where are we headed, Little Bird?” He rocked his head to let his dark chocolate orbs hold on to hers.

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“You’ll be partnered up with Isaiah, for this mission, Clarissa” Just that mere sentenced caused a riot within her - of all the members of the League that they could assign to this particular mission, they had to partner her up with him; the local psycho. In fact, Rissa was exceptionally close to comparing this to the living hell that she had to endure for the whole of her 28 years of living. She couldn’t picture this mission going well, despite somewhat understanding the rationale as to why they picked the two Angel Children - both of them were regarded the best in their field, missions were always completed quickly and swiftly with very little attention from the targeted family. However, as she stood there in the office, with arms crossed, she simply tried to picture the two working together, would there be personality clashes? They both enjoyed working alone simply because it was easier than worrying about someone else and their actions. Rissa parted her lips to protest the decision until a pair of fingers pressed her lips into a fine line in a hushing tone. “Your boss has been taken captive, you and Isaiah are the best to do the job” The man informed her, his fingers continued to press against her lips which consequently caused her brows to furrow. “With this common goal to get him back, you two not so angel children will work well together.” Rissa would have liked a more reassuring tone more than a demanding one; she wondered what would have happened if she continued to refuse them - probably a lot worse than she could ever imagine. She nodded at the final order to not let Isaiah know what the mission was until they were in Argentina.

The first night drew in, and she could hear his rapid yet soothing breaths as if he was trying to calm himself down but she knew better than to question it; even if she did, she expected silence just like every other question, or line she gave him. Eventually, the sun came up and she found herself standing on the cliff edge of the mountain that they had resided in for safety, his footsteps silent as he came to stand to her side. Upon hearing his voice, her eyes couldn’t help but widen, let alone at the very soft sound of a pet name that he had given her; Clarissa attempted to hide her shock, but knew a well trained assassin would see right through her facade, therefore, she simply cleared her throat and turned to face him. “I suppose now is a good time to tell you, after all I can tell you don’t like being left in the dark” Rissa tilted her head in the direction of the cave entrance, her tone laced with amusement before returning her gaze to the small town which resided near the bottom of the mountain. “The League have entrusted us with retrieving our boss of all bosses from The League of Assassins from Argentina” She retorted before continuing. “LoA Argentina are going after all other bosses of LoA in attempt to becoming the one and only League out there” Clarissa laughed, but knew the mission before them would not be easy and would probably have a few consequences. “Our League, believe we are the best fit for this.”

Clarissa waited for his reaction, if he had one; she knew he was very much like her - he either showed everything or absolutely nothing. “One thing, we have no idea where they are holding him, so there will be a lot of small talk with locals and the like” She mused, before turning her back to the edge of the cliff face. “You ready, Partner?” Clarissa grinned cheekily before extending her arms outward, only to fall backwards, allowing her wings to arise from their scars so that she could fly to the very bottom of the mountain, hoping that he would join her. The moment her feet made contact with the ground which shuddered at her landing, she glanced upwards to see the faint figure falling. Clarissa couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but so far so good and she, despite would never wanting to admit it, was enjoying his weird company; maybe he wasn’t as bad as many were lead to believe.

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