“You have no idea to have fun, Donovan.” Ayra said as she pushed him aside “Leave me alone and don’t tell me how to live my life!” she screamed at him as she rushed out of the room.

“Stop being such a brat!” Donovan called after his sister.

Donovan jolted awake looking to his alarm clock as it went off. He slammed his fist against it clicking it off moving placing his feet on the floor. His mind went to the last words he had spoken to his sister, if he would have known those are the last words to his sister he would have chosen better ones. He shook his head running his hand over his head as he moved to stand up and looked to his phone scrolling through the messages.

He had talked to Valeria the day before, she had asked him to move to a place called Evermore. He walked over to his coffee maker as it was already brewing a cup for him and poured himself a cup. He raised it to his sipping, He missed Valeria she was about the only person he had gotten close to outside of his family and even they hadn’t talked in years, and yet here he was thinking of moving his somewhat nomadic life. Maybe he needed a new home, he thought to himself, or something more stable than what he was currently doing.

So he packed up what little he had that he couldn’t part with and made his way to Evermore, Colorado. As he came into town the overwhelming sense of supernatural activity made his stomach turn. He had been hidden from this world for some long that having so many in one place was hard for him to understand at first so he stood there blinking as he looked at the people passing in front of him before he made his way towards the address she had given him.

He walked up to the door raising his hand to the door placing a sharp knock on it as he looked around the front of her home. When the door pulled open and the familiar blonde stood in front of him he couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face “Val.” He said as she took in her shocked expression sure that she didn’t think he would come. “Well come on girl give me a hug.” He chuckled opening his arms to her.

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