“You have no idea to have fun, Donovan.” Ayra said as she pushed him aside “Leave me alone and don’t tell me how to live my life!” she screamed at him as she rushed out of the room.

“Stop being such a brat!” Donovan called after his sister.

Donovan jolted awake looking to his alarm clock as it went off. He slammed his fist against it clicking it off moving placing his feet on the floor. His mind went to the last words he had spoken to his sister, if he would have known those are the last words to his sister he would have chosen better ones. He shook his head running his hand over his head as he moved to stand up and looked to his phone scrolling through the messages.

He had talked to Valeria the day before, she had asked him to move to a place called Evermore. He walked over to his coffee maker as it was already brewing a cup for him and poured himself a cup. He raised it to his sipping, He missed Valeria she was about the only person he had gotten close to outside of his family and even they hadn’t talked in years, and yet here he was thinking of moving his somewhat nomadic life. Maybe he needed a new home, he thought to himself, or something more stable than what he was currently doing.

So he packed up what little he had that he couldn’t part with and made his way to Evermore, Colorado. As he came into town the overwhelming sense of supernatural activity made his stomach turn. He had been hidden from this world for some long that having so many in one place was hard for him to understand at first so he stood there blinking as he looked at the people passing in front of him before he made his way towards the address she had given him.

He walked up to the door raising his hand to the door placing a sharp knock on it as he looked around the front of her home. When the door pulled open and the familiar blonde stood in front of him he couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face “Val.” He said as she took in her shocked expression sure that she didn’t think he would come. “Well come on girl give me a hug.” He chuckled opening his arms to her.

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As she placed her phone on the table, Val could now understand how Max would have felt in making the call to her. Granted of course that he was desperate for help and needed her to come down, she felt she was desperate too- not for help but rather for sanity. Though she had made Evermore her permanent home and was rather happy here, didn't mean that things were easy. The insecurities that her father had unknowingly drilled in her reared their ugly heads from time to time and it was a task to battle them and simultaneously project a strong front for her faction. It was taking a toll on her in her quite moments when questions upon questions would plague her and she had no where to go and no one to really talk to. Being the ambassador, her members looked up to her and Valeria couldn't, even for the sake of honesty, get the courage to show them her vulnerable side. They needed strength and assurance and somedays those very things were a carefully tailored mask.

The past week especially had been hard on her. She could deal with weapons and runes and training grounds and arrogant attitudes but throw in emotions and it was like a baby bird trying to flap it's wings for the first time. It wasn't unusual for people to comment on her icy exteriors for she rarely let anyone get too close, but somedays Valeria did get exhausted fighting those battles. Her fatigue and her confusion was perhaps the driving factor that compelled her to press the call button.

It took everything in her not to blurt out a 'Where are you? I need your sane rationality. I need you. Come to Evermore' on listening to his voice. Till she heard his deep greeting on the other end, Val didn't realize just how hard she had gripped the device..the possibility of his changing his number having occurred to her a second after making the call. She had calmly exchanged pleasantries, expressed grief over Ayra and then called him to come visit her, stating that perhaps a change may be good for him. She explained to him the situation in which Max had called her over and how wonderful the Dhampir community had been. Giving him her address, she had calmly told him for her desire to see him again and ended the call. It was only then that Val allowed herself to sink into her seat. He had sounded positive and she hoped he would consider her proposition but it was too much to ask someone to drop things simply to visit someone they hadn't seen in years.

It had been a difficult day trying not to be distracted while helping her members train and in the quietness of the evening, after taking Memphis for a walk, she had snuggled on her couch and shut her eyes when the knock sounded. Usually none of her members came to her after six and seeing as it was later than that, she hurried to the door thinking it was an emergency. However the sight that met her eyes left her utterly speechless. 

He had come! A phone call was all it took after years of not being in touch and he was still here!

She struggled to swollow the tears of relief and happiness on seeing her best friend and not needing to be told twice, threw her arms around his neck hugging him tightly "Dios, you still know how to surprise me. I was half expecting another phone call and was mentally preparing  a list to convince you to come. But here you are!" Pulling apart slightly, she grinned up at him "You haven't changed at all! Strange of me to say this, when we can control our ages, but what I want to say is, you are still you" she explained stumbling over her words in relief and happiness and after hugging him once again, pulled him inside. 

"You must be so exhausted. What would you like to have?" Val inquired walking towards the cabinet and pulling glasses out. On hearing an excited bark coming down from the stairs, she gestured towards her husky as she came in view "Van, meet Memphis. Have had her for more than four years now"

Donovan chuckled as he hugged her close as she jumped into his open arms he buried his face into her blond locks holding her in the embrace for a long moment before letting her go it had been a while since they had last seen each other. He smiled because he had surprised her “Come now V, you got to know I will always come for you. Even if I don’t know it myself in that moment.” He smiled to her walking in as she opened the door wider. He walked in with his suitcase and sat it down.

“And you look just as I remember but a little more stressed.” he said as he took hold of her chin in his thumb and finger looking deep in her eyes for a long moment taking in her tired expression one he knew she could hide very well. “Care to explain to me why you look as if you have seen war and lived to tell the tale?” He asked letting her chin go as he looked down to the pup and he reached down trailing his fingers over its head “Whos a good girl.” he said softly before moving deeper into her home with her offering her a small smirk.

“You know I never though you to be one to have such a big house all alone. Whatever you got will be fine.” He looked around the house as she made them something to drink. He settled against the counter and smiled softly as he ran his hand along the back of his neck. It had been what six or more years since he had last seen her. It had been a hot minute and yet it felt like it hasn’t been a single day.

“Not that I don’t love hearing from you, Vally-pop but then tone in your voice when we spoke concerned me.” He said looking her over, after losing his sister tracking her last whereabouts to Evermore and then Val called him up things were not quite as it seemed in this town. “Is there something I should be worried about? This town...I mean its over run with supernatural beings.” He said clearing his throat as he stood up straighter and shrugged slightly.

“I plan on staying in town, I may have found some clues that prove that Ayra last known whereabouts are around this city.” He said as he crossed his arms across his chest and smiled softly “Think you have a bed I can steal for a few nights till I find something more permit. I wouldn’t want to impose fully on you. Could cramp that dating life of yours blondie.” he chuckled at her with a wink.


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