Dario stood by the small spring he had discovered high in the mountains, his hands moving in smooth, semipracticed pattern he used as a focus to manipulate the water in front of him. Slowly it moved, altering into various geometric patterns and freezing before becoming liquid again and resuming motion. He had to master this if he was going to get back at the person who had murdered him. Granted, they had likely saved him from the madness that older phoenixes eventually suffered, but at the same time, he never got to finish that life. He had made plans, even set up journals with those plans, but No, Some Asshole Decided to Cut The Whole Thing SHORT!

The shape exploded into sharp edges, exposing that there had been far more water in the shifting geometry than there should have been without some sort of heavy duty container, cutting and turning over the sod and mud in front of him as he let go of the sharp collection of ice blades, letting it melt as he sat down to calm his mind.

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Leona had been avoiding the mountaintops like the plague. Everyday, she'd see the snow-covered peaks from the penthouse balcony, but for months, she lacked the courage to face what she'd considered to be the site of her worst failure. But that changed after she found Leon' in the villa, the first being up there in three and a half years. Now, she was determined to at least fix up the large structure, and she'd already made the calls to have her usual teams to bring the structure back to life.

That day, the Niveis stood outside her grounds, watching as constructors tore down the old rusted gates, and tarted to fix up the new bronze pair, a sad smile pulling upon her lips. It was then she swore she cold hear the sound of ice shards shattering. Brow furrowing as almond-shaped eyes narrowed, curiosity got the best of her, and booted feet carried her across the blanket of snow that covered the mountains.

In no time at all, she came across a spring, and above it stood a man wielding water and ice. He didn't have the pure-blood Niveis tribal markings on his body, hinting to the Venetian that he was Turned, just like her. The sight slightly amused the woman, and hooking her thumbs into the belt hoops of her black skinny denims, and made her way over to him. "You're new at this, aren't you?" she called out to the male, an eyebrow raised slightly as she approached. She was rather new to this life too, but learning how to wield water came surprisingly easier to her than she's thought. She attributed that to her age, experience, and mastery over the element of fire---maybe most of it was transferrable? By that speculation alone, she figured the man before was rather young when he died. "What exactly are you trying to do, kid?" she asked, an eyebrow still raised as she stopped a good distance away, not wanting to seem like a threat.   

Dario jumped a bit when he heard the voice, the water dropping around him as he looked to the person who spoke. "Oh, hi there, Um, yeah, pretty new. I've got the basics down, enough to defend myself in a pinch. Dad wouldn't let me leave without making sure of that, already lost me once and all." He chuckled, pulling out a water bottle and taking a sip. "It's easier than fire was for me, but I feel like there's something deeper to it. Call me crazy, but it feels like I should be able to do a lot more than just the water and basic ice. I was trying to see if I could figure out what it is that the elements are trying to show me."

He looked over his guest, seeing that she didn't seem to have the same markings he'd seen on others of their kind. "Looks like you had a similar experience to mine, got any tips?" If nothing else, he might be able to learn what it was he was feeling at the core of his powers from someone who's been at this longer.

Rhydian slammed the door to his jeep shut as he turned to the items in his trunk his latest visit to the city had some moderate success apart from  3  of the homeless he used to monitor the city had gone missing and the supplies he had not been touched but the items the tribe asked for he managed to get without fail as he picked up the one big box he looked at the grandfather clock noting h would be back for that, unfortunately, he promised Anivia the last chief to keep his jeep outside the tribe so he kept it parked the to the south to the mountain.

Rhydian began to make his way back to the tribe’s shelters the path he took to get to the jeep was now covered with fresh snow it was easy to tell if it had been snowing as he reached the split off between the tribe and a  building long since abandoned he noticed footsteps much deeper then a Nivels would make as he made his way towards the settlement his mind began to wonder “yes we do get the odd human up for skiing or they were lost “ the thoughts continued to bother him as he reached his quarters he placed his box outside of his door the footprints concerned hi to great to ignore he opened the door to grab a warm jacket to make himself look more human then if he turned up in black t-shirt and jeans

Rhydian moved at speed back to the direction of where he witnessed the footprints as he began to follow them they were indeed heading towards the abandoned home. As he arrived there   he stood watching  the building as light up from the inside   after 150 years he had learnt to hide in plain sight even if it is snow His mind called back to a Nivel he had previously encountered wondering  it was her before his mind was abruptly disturbed by  the sound of ice shards  he knew it was on of two   things making his way quickly in the direction of the noise his  markings turned icy blue  in preference to defend himself or another  as he reached the top   he saw  Dario  “ Dario everything alright “ he looked around  as he saw a female he recognised from the city 

"Oh, yeah, no things are fine, just got startled while I was trying to figure out what the core concept of our abilities is, that way I can more likely snap to if someone ever tries to drown me again... Or if I find the one who did it to me the first time." He chuckles, rubbing the back of his head. "Looks like this area in particular is pretty populated though, so I was just gonna see about potency control, try to up the quality of the ice, as making ice strong enough to do anything major still takes a few seconds for me. Dad always told me about phoenixes who could incinerate trees in a snap, or make their fire hotter than acetylene torches, but I'm having trouble matching that kind of thing with water and ice. Best I can do is extremely pressurized water so far, which I guess is pretty dangerous? I just wanted to match that kind of danger with ice, or at least make it to where I can make a strong barrier quickly if needed. Any word from my old home on that person that drowned me?"

He was somewhat familiar with Rhydian, as one of the earliest things he had done on arriving is try to find some help tracking his killer, and for that he had been pointed to the natural born, due to his being a detective. He was sure that Rhydian probably didn't fully approve of Dario wanting to find the person and seal their head in ice, but the man was still helping him try to find out who it was. Unfortunately Dario had been fairly popular, and so the (at the time) young lady couldn't write anyone off that could have had a grudge.

Rhydian nodded as he stepped forward he nodded “ I was going to say be careful there are other people about “ he turned his head to Leona  “ I take the construction workers are yours ?” “ he turned his head back to Dario “ we have covered this you are not ready and you just proved why with the demonstration” he tried not to sound harsh as he said it as he fully understood where Dario was coming from as he was once in his shoes with Roman” once you let go or learn to control that urge for vengeance you will learn to control the element “  his markings turned icey blue as an ice shard formed over his hand as he showed  Dario letting it change from ice to water see I still have my anger towards my Roman but when I come to use my ability leave it behind me till you learn that you will have ice bombs even though very handy in a crowded situation “ he chuckled 

Rhydian sat on a loose rock as he looked to Dario " you know I cant help you find  the person that done this to you  but I can't  help you find out how you ended up here today  finding the killer confronting them  you may bring the dear of god into them or if it was accidental  they may be relieved you were alive  but if you meet them with the anger you feel  and you harm them  you  become as bad as them  and you are not a bad person Dario "  he looked to  Leona " have you spoken to  Freyja about living outside the tribe   yes we have places in the city but here we have  buildings in close quarters to each other " Rhydian knew Anivia would encourage  Nivels to live in the  community but  he had not met the new Nivels Leader and how she worked  so keeping everyone close at hand was an advantage  only himself and scouts left  when they needed to  but with a new leader he knew it could all change 

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